Sunday, 2012-12-30

Artoxare there any hints on how to deal with this on cobs?
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Artoxnvm until tomorrow00:07
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TheorboI forget, what is the nemo channel's name?03:36
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phaerongood morning06:17
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phaeronlbt: there ?06:23
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Sleepy_Coderlbt: gots lua stuffs for me to huffs :O06:39
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situMorning all07:13
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Stskeepsmorn rcg09:06
niqtmorning rcg09:07
Stskeepscan somebody help list mer-friendly hackable devices with sane hardware adaptations that are redistributable?09:07
Stskeeps* raspberry pi09:07
Stskeepsor at least redistributable through a EULA by anybody09:08
Stskeeps* snowball / snowball tablet kit09:08
Stskeeps* pandaboard?09:08
niqti have raspberry09:08
jonwilN900 would probably count if it was still in production I would guess :)09:09
SpeedEviloh, beaten09:09
Stskeepsn900/n950/n9 has a nasty hw adaptation license, so it doesn't qualify for full redistribution :/09:09
Stskeepsi guess gta04 also qualifies?09:10
SpeedEviln900s - broken ones - are still going for fairly similar pricing09:10
SpeedEvilnot similar.09:10
SpeedEvil£30 for one with a telephony error09:10
SpeedEvilI was pondering getting to reflow09:10
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Stskeepswhat else.. cotton candy?09:12
Stskeepstrim slice..09:13
Master-PasseliStskeeps: i have dreamplug which is pretty nice09:13
SpeedEvilthe various openwrt targets?09:14
SpeedEvilor is that getting too small.09:14
Stskeepsare those armv7, armv6 or armv5? (dreamplug/pogoplug)09:14
SpeedEvilI'm unsure09:14
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SpeedEvilthere was a source selling pogo at 10€, but I got to it too late09:15
Stskeepsthe allwinner boards but i'm unsure of some of the licensng09:15
SpeedEvilon the other hand, I have too many computers09:15
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SpeedEvillots of 'stick PCs' turning up.09:16
Master-Passelidreamplug is armv509:16
SpeedEvilI suspect the licence on these is nonexistant though09:17
jonwilspeaking of n09:18
SpeedEvilactually, those are freeacale09:18
SpeedEvilfree scale09:18
SpeedEvilI'm unsure how open they are09:18
jonwilwhat arch they using? 68k? arm? MIPS? something else?09:19
rcgStskeeps, what about archos g9 and nexus 7?09:19
rcgStskeeps, also what about this pengpod thing?09:19
SpeedEvilcortex a909:19
jonwilNexus devices probably aren't open enough, you need binary blobs from to get them running and I have no idea if FOSS replacements exist09:20
DrWhaxka6sox: o/09:21
ka6soxthe N7 is open enough09:21
ka6soxBlobs are a necessary part of life (for now)09:21
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Stskeepsrcg: archos g9, yes09:22
jonwilThe issue isn't blobs, its whether the blobs are redistributable or not09:22
jonwilthe ones for the Nexus are not as far as I can tell09:22
jonwilSame deal as with the N900 where the license for the hardware-adaptation bits (e.g. PowerVR blobs, WiFi/Bluetooth firmware etc) isn't free enough09:23
rcgbtw, i just found a workaround for resume issue on the archos g9 pvr image :)09:23
rcgjust, being this night at about 02:30 ;)09:24
ka6soxnot redistributable/09:24
ka6soxhmm...let me look into that.09:24
Stskeepsugh @ the licenses that some of these come with09:38
SpeedEvilis it variable per device?09:39
Stskeepsthis particular one seems a bit generic09:39
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kulveI was positively surprised that b.m.o wasn't down, but after login I get "403 Forbidden"10:00
Stskeepslbt: ^10:00
kulveI guess that's because it redirected me to http://b.m.o instead of https10:01
kulvethe https seems to work10:01
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phaeronwill have a look10:06
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phaeronmust be the reverse proxy too10:08
kulverelated to, the nexus7 HA hasn't taken anything from there as everything is got from the ubuntu. The URL above includes also binary user-space libraries, but they are not needed (OpenGL ES stuff is directly from
Stskeepsyeah, that's what i'm thinking too10:12
kulveI'm not completely sure from where ubuntu has taken the BCM firmware blobs in /lib/firmware but I think they are at least available from the android and their license allows redistribution10:12
phaeronhmm no seems an obs misconfig10:14
kulvefor the wifi part. The URL above contains the n7 package and in there is the bcm4330.hcd for BT/GPS. That blob seems to be included also in the ubuntu firmware package but I'm unsure about its license10:14
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kulvercg: sample-media-tegra3 is broken and rfkill empty?10:31
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rcgkulve, i have the packages on meego cobs atm10:43
rcgkulve, ^10:44
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello :)10:58
Stskeepsmorn Sfiet_Konstantin10:58
Sfiet_KonstantinI was wondering why X is displaying at 1024x768 on the iconia tab instead of 1280x96010:58
Sfiet_Konstantinwhere I have to look10:58
Sfiet_Konstantinprovide custom X config ?10:58
Sfiet_Konstantinor pass something in the bootloader ?10:59
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Stskeepsprobably a setting in kernel command line, vga= ?11:01
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Sfiet_KonstantinI was thinking about that11:15
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: is there any Xorg.conf like in the other linuces ?11:15
Sfiet_Konstantin(the good old one :) )11:15
Stskeeps /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d i think?11:15
Sfiet_Konstantinempty :(11:16
Sfiet_Konstantinno default Xorg.conf with autogenerated settings ?11:16
Stskeepsyou should probably add it in vga= really11:16
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Stskeepsmorn lbt11:18
Stskeepslbt: could you make a 50gb web space with rsync installed that i can point and get sage access to?11:19
Stskeepswe have to move off, we can't make releases atm11:19
Stskeepsso it's important :P11:20
phaeronlbt: morning11:21
phaeronlbt: and can I get access to the ngnix on the phost whenever you have time11:21
lbtsure - just fixing the missing http->https redirects11:22
phaeronlbt: it shouldn't redirect back to http in the first place imho. but ook11:23
Stskeepsphaeron: we tried to beat it into submission early on, in, i think11:23
Stskeepserr, build.ci11:24
lbtphaeron: it could be an nginx vs apache thing11:24
phaeronlbt: when someone logs in or logs out , it redirects to back to http11:24
phaeronlbt: yes it is some setting in nginx afair11:24
lbtproxy_redirect default;11:25
phaeronlbt: proxy_redirect     off;11:26
lbtI thought proxy_redirect handled ProxyPassReverse from apache?11:27
lbtotherwise the internal (proxy target) http address is returned11:28
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phaeronlbt: obs already sets the  correct external url, right ?11:29
lbteg proxy_pass  http://cfe.internal11:29
lbtI didn't think it did - maybe11:29
lbtbut having fwd translation in one place and reverse in another ... hmmm11:30
lbtand why did we need proxypassreverse then ?11:30
lbtand I'm 99% sure obs has a hardcoded (broken) url on logout11:30
phaeronhaven't used apache as proxy for some time so I don't remember11:30
phaeronlbt: ok11:31
lbtand we're missing the Redirect permanent /
lbtfor the port 8011:31
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lbtwhich I can't figure out in nginx11:31
lbt(which is why I always use apache, 'cos I know how to read the docs :) )11:31
lbtfuu... multiple pages down, in the middle of some text "If the replacement string begins with http:// then the client will be redirected, and any further rewrite directives are terminated"11:33
lbtphaeron: ty :)11:34
lbtI kept seeing "use rewrite" and thinking "no, I want a redirect, not a rewrite"11:35
phaeronsame thing :)11:35
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phaeronlbt: did you get my explanantion  of the death by lastevents11:39
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lbtphaeron: no, I went out11:51
lbt    return 301$request_uri;11:51
lbtnot rewrite11:51
phaeronlbt: stop thinking too much :)11:52
Stskeepsthat'd be the day11:52
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Sagelbt: Stskeeps: ping when something is ready11:55
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lbtphaeron: OK, redirect in place (using rewrite)12:00
lbthey Sleepy_Coder12:00
lbtphaeron: yes, saw CLOSE_WAIT stuff now12:00
lbtphaeron: fwiw it shows the same problem with both nginx and apache reverse proxies - and with xforward code turned off (which isn't used in that situation I think)12:01
lbtSage: do you need a shell account ?12:02
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Stskeepslbt: iamer's been working on mds2 over xmas - on mer ci obs, a linkedbuild="all" now takes 2 minutes to start building, before it was ~20 min12:02
* Stskeeps hugs iamer12:03
lbtnice work12:04
Stskeepsand 20 mins is a optimistic estimate, it might have been 40isjh12:04
phaeronlbt: yes the situation is the same and not related to xforward. for nginx there's a directive to kill connection to backend when remote client disconnects ( which is what happens when nginx replys  with a timeout)12:06
lbtok, let me make space for sage12:07
Stskeepslbt: and give me a CNAME or IP to point too12:07
lbtSage: if I put this on is that OK?12:08
Stskeeps(what does that imply?)12:08
Stskeepsjust location vm-wise?12:08
lbtmainly less copying when we make images12:08
lbtand it's on a dedicated phost12:08
lbtsince img is slightly unstable due to nested kvm12:09
Stskeepslbt: was cobs's MDS on a seperate vm?12:14
lbtmer cobs12:14
lbtco-located on the same phost12:14
Stskeepsi could imagine it might make sense to share a mds2 between ci obs and mer obs, so12:14
lbtyes, I think so12:15
lbtis just for images?12:17
lbtI'd expect repos there too from the name12:17
Stskeepsa bit of both, i guess, we can probably do repos too12:18
Stskeepsrepos as in released repos12:18
lbtwe have crepo for releases of Mer:Tools etc12:20
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phaeronyes please , releases :)12:23
CosmoHillfor anyone thinking of moving to jekyll and has files containing multiple posts on their current / old system12:24
CosmoHillcsplit -k Jan2006.html /h2/ {10}12:24
lbtOK, what I'll do is make some space on vm and eventually move that to phost11 which will become our main download server (and host img too) - that way long downloands shouldn't impact normal cfe traffic12:26
lbtrepo for ci is already there12:26
ArtoxHi, I have a build error here and idk what to do about it/how to get rid of it)
Artoxit seesm to be some packaging check12:27
Artoxand I got one here too
BostikArtox:  might help, look at the %debug_package %nil  piece12:29
Artoxthx Bostik12:30
Artoxnow only building kernel is left :|it works fine with a corss compiler here12:33
Stskeepslbt: so what ip do i send it to?12:33
Stskeeps / cname12:33
lbt exists12:40
lbtI moved all the published mer cobs to
lbtI think I need to change cfe too12:41
Stskeepsok, i'll cname it to repo.merproject.org12:42
lbtwe need to review our DNS setup too12:43
lbtI think gratisdns needs to listen to a 2ndry on merproject for zone updates12:44
lbtcan you check if it's listening to zones by name ( or IP (the now dead maemo dns server)12:44
StskeepsMaster DNS:
*** merder has joined #mer12:45 -> CNAME added12:45
lbtOK, I'll get you to change that when airy is running as a public DNS12:45
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CosmoHillBostik: do you use jekyll?12:57
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BostikCosmoHill: no, ikiwiki13:13
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CosmoHillI'm using jekyll, I'm going through my blog posts and adding new thigns to the site as I find new issues to deal with13:16
CosmoHillone of the issues is posts that link to other posts13:16
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kulvedamn that b.m.o. Now I can't upload a new version:13:37
kulveTransmitting file data .SSL Error: (104, 'Connection reset by peer')13:37
kulveit seems to start transmitting but after a 30sec or so I get the error13:38
kulvesame thing every time13:38
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yuntalooks like most of mer's infra is moving target at the moment....13:40
lbtyunta: ?13:41
lbtbmo is a bit flakey13:41
yuntalike your mv * /obs13:42
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yuntalbt: do you guys have some design (description?graph?wiki?) that I could use to learn how mer infra / build systems / target dirs/servers looks and will interact?13:45
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phaeronlbt: check the nginx log, probably maximum upload size13:50
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lbtyunta: not public13:59
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lbtphaeron: ok14:05
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kulvelbt: did you check that upload size?14:14
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lbtkulve: 723 client intended to send too large body: 19714243 bytes,14:32
kulvethat's me!14:34
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lbtkulve: try now14:42
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kulvelbt: sending14:45
kulvelbt: still sending. Seems to work14:48
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lbtkulve: yell when done, I want to restart to turn on nemomobile.org14:50
kulveCommitted revision 2.14:52
kulvelbt: worked14:52
lbt is up too <- Stskeeps14:52
lbtalso Stskeeps, shouldn't there have been a release last week ?14:53
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vgradeStskeeps: cm-t3730, A10 gfx status is unclear, joggler, exopc, wetab, samsung origen?15:00
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CosmoHilllbt: sed -i -e '1i ---\nlayout: post\ndate: 2006-02-00\n---\n' xx0715:07
CosmoHillthis will add the layout and date front matter to a load of files15:07
CosmoHilluseful for jekyll posts15:07
CosmoHillalso thanks for telling me about jekyll :)15:07
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jonwilstskeeps: Does the ARM version of the OLPC count? (not sure if its available or how to get one though)15:24
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shmerlHi. Did the repo for PA/Nexus 7 change from to ?20:07
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yuntalbt: ^20:09
lbtshmerl: yes20:09
shmerllbt: I see. Why does it have nemo in the name btw?20:09
lbtshmerl: the that's the project structure in obs20:10
shmerlshouldn't it be obs/devel:/hw:...?20:10
lbtwell, yes, possibly20:10
shmerlAnd nemo:/... should point to nemo specific stuff20:10
lbtthere was some debate on this recently20:11
lbtit's still up in the air iirc20:11
shmerlI saw the e-mail about some changes, but it didn't mention the change in Tegra repos names.20:11
lbtthe obs/ prefix is new20:12
shmerlRight, it affected all of them.20:12
lbtyup - that's all that changed roday20:12
lbtsorry, just eating20:13
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yuntashmerl: are you working on nexus7 ?20:14
shmerlyunta: Trying to :)20:15
shmerlJust testing some stuff there.20:15
yuntawhich hw version?20:15
shmerl32 GB / WiFi20:16
shmerlI used molso first, but then switched to direct method, since moslo reboots twice with that version20:17
shmerlSo now it boots directly into PA20:17
yuntahm, so moslo did work for you?20:17
shmerlIt works erratically.20:17
yunta(same hw here, no luck with moslo, kexec goes to robot with red exclamation mark....)20:17
shmerlYep, I had that.20:17
shmerlBut if you let it wait - it reboots again, and then works.20:17
yuntayes, but sooo much later20:18
yuntadoes it do recovery and then only boots to real os?20:18
shmerlYep. But there is another method which doesn't requite to keep moslo.20:18
yuntasure, I just like moslo :)20:18
shmerlI'm not really sure what it does in that case.20:18
yuntawould prefere it to work20:18
shmerlSure, it's better to fix it.20:19
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shmerlYou need it for the extracting of the rootfs step anyway.20:19
*** andre__ has joined #mer20:19
shmerlBut not much for anything else really.20:19
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shmerlFor some reason PA itself loads very slowly after the boot and X is up.20:20
yuntait's slow even after it boots20:21
shmerlAfter that it's a bit sluggish, not sure why.20:22
shmerlWell, not all. Some parts of the UI are snappy.20:22
yuntamaybe, I wasn't patient enough to experiment20:23
yuntawill have to try later again20:23
shmerlAlso, it's slower on the first usage. Not sure what it does (builds some cache or etc.).20:24
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Sagelbt: well it could make transfers a bit easier at times, but not required no21:54
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Stskeepsanybody here who has played with xcomposite_egl of qt compositor?22:49
*** lpotter has joined #mer22:54
lbtStskeeps: so ... release?22:58
Stskeepslbt: we haven't been able to manually QA yet, so, when we have that..22:58
Stskeepsdid sage get the space?22:58
lbtthere is space22:59
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC22:59
Stskeepslong story short sage's been having SSD issues so he haven't been able to do images at all, so no nemo test images either22:59
Stskeeps=> i don't want to sign off on a release yet22:59
lbtah, he's talking about shell account22:59
lbtso is there23:01
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer23:01
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Stskeepsok, good23:01
lbtI dropped $PROJECT down a dir level to obs/$PROJECT23:01
Stskeepsyes, did you adjust it in obs too? some people complained links stopped working :P23:01
lbtas that's also of course23:02
lbtI did23:02
* Stskeeps has to adjust some .ks'es too but accepts it due to it being unofficial just yet..23:02
lbtyep, I thought that too, it's still pre-release23:02
*** dlewen has quit IRC23:03
Stskeepsrealistically i think we're looking at a 2/1/2013 release at this point23:03
Stskeepsor 3rd23:03
*** dlewen has joined #mer23:04
Stskeepsi486 from-scratch mer build linkedbuild=all at 4 hours, btw23:06
* Stskeeps passes iamer cookies23:06
lbtI don't understand that23:06
Stskeepsi think mds was slowing down things a bit too23:06
lbtcfe is showing correct repo links now anyway23:07
lbtand it's working too - the remote link seems to have been the issue23:07
Stskeepswe need to find and fix that :P23:07
lbtyes, islam shut it down and we're now 'stable'23:08
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