Monday, 2012-12-31

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davidqimorning all01:35
CosmoHill/ morning01:35
davidqiI met a problem when installing glibc-devel in my sb2,01:36
davidqisb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R zypper in glibc-devel, after this command, I met the error:01:36
davidqiLoading repository data...01:36
davidqiExit reason and status: signal 11 (core dumped)01:36
davidqiis there anyone met this before?01:37
davidqior , do you know what is the root's password in SB201:37
davidqinot work01:50
davidqimy target rootfs is just finished building, I can not expect its core dumped01:52
CosmoHillnight night02:06
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shmerlThere are some known bugs with this02:16
MerbotMer bug 654 in zypper "zypper: double free or corruption Aborted" [Major,Resolved: fixed]02:17
MerbotMer bug 655 in SDK "zypper refresh through sb2 fails with segfault for Nemo target" [Normal,Assigned]02:17
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situMorning all06:12
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situMorning Bostik07:23
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StskeepsBostik: so, how best to get started with your .py rewrite?08:24
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BostikStskeeps: --help :)09:40
BostikStskeeps: it doesn't really work for bootstrapping from scratch yet, and for the moment I'd like to keep that kind of functionality out; but an existing OBS project with qt5 packages in place, and an up-to-date qt5.git checkout is all you really need09:41
Bostikbasically there's room for cleanups and minor misdirection-removals before any new features should go in09:42
BostikStskeeps: perhaps the single most useful combination of switches for our day-to-day use is --skip-changelog --force-version FOO09:43
Stskeepshow do you label the git versions btw?09:43
Bostika moment, line from code...09:44
Bostik__revision_from_git_describe(self, revision-string-from-git-describe)  for all intents and purposes; uses the revision from qt5.git (!) and thus assumes that umbrella repo has correct version in place09:45
Bostiksome additional logic in place to deal with two difference string conventions, but that's about it09:45
Stskeepswe have a major screwup somewhere in mer when it comes to tilde use, i think09:46
Bostikthere's --gitref FOO option we can now call to specify the exact gitref in qt5.git we want to use, but if none is given it defaults to origin/master (just in case someone has mangled our local master)09:47
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach09:57
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Bostikhmmm... now I need to figure out the proper video options for rpi+lilliput combo so everythhing looks good12:07
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rcgBostik, the good sing i take from this is that you already got video out working ;)12:43
rcgbtw, i wish you all a good start into the new year :)12:45
Bostikoh yeah, just putting up a "this boots with video on lilliput" video :)12:45
rcgBostik, hehe :)12:46
rcghello world 2.0 xD12:46
Bostikrcg: no, apparently there have been doubts whether the combination Rpi+Lilliput (via HDMI) would work properly12:49
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rcgi see12:56
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rcgso even more reason to be cheerful ;)12:56
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vgradelbt, Stskeeps vendor asking about support for his hardware on active list,
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plfiorinihappy new year guys!15:39
plfiorinigoing to cook some grilled meat!15:40
CosmoHillhappy new year15:42
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zhxtStskeeps: night :P 2013 is here.  Happy New Year!16:19
Stskeepsthank you, zhxt16:24
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Stskeepsand happy new year to you too16:25
zhxt: )16:29
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situHappy New Year to everyone18:55
situ2013 will be unlike :)18:55
CosmoHillI wonder how many people will swap from YY to YYYY format next year19:05
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Kelteseth_hey all :)20:32
Kelteseth_does someone have experiance with qt5 on mer? I've tried to compile a new project on my wetab but it looks like the mesa dev driver is missing :/ any ideas?20:35
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Bostikmesa dev driver?20:40
Kelteseth_yeah I had the same problem on my ultrabook20:41
Kelteseth_Gl/gl.h No such file or directory20:41
Bostikah right, I've strictly built against EGL+GLESv220:42
Bostikthat looks like a debian package name, to start with20:44
Bostikjust a moment20:45
CosmoHillhi ccssnet20:45
BostikKelteseth_: the package which would match that is probably "libGLU-devel" (according to our mesa spec)20:46
Kelteseth_okay I will try thanks ;)20:47
Bostikbut if you just want to use qt5 on top of mer, feel free to peek at
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Kelteseth_I don't have a lot of experiance in obs but is this still a build with qt5 alpha?20:50
Bostikno, not alpha20:51
Bostik5.0.0 release20:51
Bostikmaybe I should update the project description, now that you mentioned it20:52
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Kelteseth_:P you're awsome now it works!20:52
* Bostik bows20:53
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ccssnetCosmoHill: hi21:06
ccssnetjust re-ordered my irc channels21:06
ccssnetthis is buffer 28 :)21:06
CosmoHill#2 for me21:07
ccssnet#2 for me is #sourcemage21:08
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CosmoHillnormally #5 is devils'panties for me (go figure)21:08
ccssnetyet another web comic strip21:09
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