Saturday, 2012-12-29

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TheorboIs the Mer project in any great of need of a developer with a specializing in security and networking?01:51
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situMorning everyone07:18
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lbtI think I'll replace apache with nginx today09:59
CosmoHilllbt: let me know how that goes10:00
CosmoHillwhat do you think of httpdlight?10:00
CosmoHill(or lighthttpd, I can't remember)10:01
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lbtwe used to use it - upstream dropped it so we did too. No strong opinions on this stuff10:05
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Bostiklighty is nice for something small and contained, that much I know from personal experience (replaced personal apache with it)10:11
Bostikbut wouldn't particularly want to use it for big and/or complex setups10:12
CosmoHilli have apache, php and mysql on my server10:12
CosmoHillkinda building new server and haven't gotten to the software part yet10:13
BostikI simply kicked apache off, along with all the mod_* stuff and went with lighty+ikiwiki10:17
Bostikstatic generator >> dynamic, at least for personal use :)10:17
CosmoHillmy new site is in jekyll10:19
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CosmoHillI made a nice script to download a ton of comic pages in different directories. Worked fine up until the page id numbers started having gaps in them10:21
Bostikikiwiki, jekyll, ... same recipe, different ingredients10:22
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CosmoHilli still have other sites that are php / mysql10:27
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Master-Passelihi everyone.11:10
Master-Passelii try to testrun Nemo with qemu-kvm and got it booting nice but when X is loaded all i see is just black screen with X's normal X cursor without anything else11:11
Master-Passelii suppose this is a graphic acceleration problem11:12
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Master-Passelipackage list of newest nemo image shows that there should be llvmpipe libraries which should handle this case but should i have to set it on somehow?11:14
Stskeepswhat image are you using?11:14
Stskeepsexact name please11:14
Stskeepsctrl-alt-f2 in it, root/nemo11:15
Stskeepsand journalctl11:15
Stskeepssee what error it is11:15
Master-Passelilet me check11:15
Master-Passelii can not send ctrl-alt-f2 since my host's X takes it and send me to my hosts console11:19
Stskeepswell, something has to work for the kvm :P11:19
Stskeepsi use virtualbox personally11:19
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Master-PasseliStskeeps: now i got this journalctl open11:28
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Master-Passelievent there is a lot of errors, most of them about D-bus service which is not running, i can not find any direct couse of this problem11:35
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ArtoxI got a serious problem that I dont know how to debug/solve. I generated me a new image with openssh-server included but I cnat ssh in. Error msg on client side is: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host (long version
Stskeepsrm the ssh keys on the device so it regenerates them, maybe17:33
ArtoxI did that17:33
Artoxdidnt help17:33
Artoxtook me ages to get usbnet set up properly(made a python script that sets all interfaces to manual mode)17:34
Stskeepswas this the gta04?17:34
Artoxconcerning ssh keys17:34
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Artoxit didnt regenrate the keys17:34
ArtoxI just found17:35
Stskeepscopy some in, for fun?17:35
TomaszDinteresting demo for engadget Stskeeps17:35
TomaszDI'm starting to dig it17:35
Stskeepswhat'd i do?17:35
TomaszDnot you17:35
TomaszDI think it was Vesa-Matti Hartikainen17:36
TomaszDbut also David Greaves was mentioned, isn't that lbt?17:36
Stskeepsit is17:36
Stskeepsit's from qt developer days17:36
Stskeepswell, let's go see if anybody should be fired17:37
TomaszDMiriam launched the camera app and got in trouble for it lol17:38
lbthe did indeed17:38
TomaszDisn't Miriam a she?17:38
lbterr yeah - in a confusing way :)17:39
Stskeepson the internet, you could be a dog17:39
TomaszDI'm actually one17:39
TomaszDyup that's the one17:39
TomaszDall aboard the hype train17:40
TomaszDto be fair the demo shows nothing new17:41
Stskeepsmyriam didn't get to see it in slush, so17:42
TomaszDin slush?17:42
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Stskeepsthe launch event17:43
Stskeepsevening jstaniek17:43
StskeepsTomaszD: most are completely floored that this is 1) on low end hw and 2) uses qt417:43
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TomaszDright. Now where's angry birds on this thing17:45
TomaszD /user17:46
jstaniekhi Stskeeps17:46
Fluttershy0success! so I finally have a set of files for the rootfs that end up in automatic ssh access possible :)17:46
StskeepsFluttershy0: congrats17:47
Fluttershy0but the PVR doesw not work yet17:47
*** Fluttershy0 is now known as Artox17:47
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Artoxanyway, working X.org17:47
TomaszDI'm sure side-loading apks is going to be the bomb17:47
Artoxso the binaries are incompatible :| sad. afk17:59
Stskeepswhat error?17:59
* lbt finds a way to expose what was blocking the mer cobs processes18:06
Stskeepsdoes it involve kill -11?18:06
lbtremoving the smtp alert stuff18:07
lbtmeans the real block seems to be visible18:07
lbtremote obs link from "somewhere in finland"18:07
Stskeepsokay, but why does that stall the OBS?18:08
Stskeepskeepalivetimeout, or the likes?18:08
lbtprobably - but at least I know what's blocking now18:08
Stskeepsshouldn't be possible for one obs on remote /public api to kill the thing :)18:09
* Stskeeps ponders idly18:09
Stskeepswe've had this conversation before18:09
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lbtalso explains why my load testing didn't cause issues18:10
Stskeeps bug 22134 in Build Service "Main meego obs down" [Major,Assigned]18:10
Stskeepsthough that's on backend18:11
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lbtthere's only one there now18:12
Stskeepshad similar-ish symptoms i believe18:12
Stskeepsmy specific comments, too18:13
rcgkulve, just in case, i have packages of rfkill and the brcm-patchram-thing ready on meego cobs18:13
rcgiirc those are needed for getting bluetooth to work18:13
kulveyeah, I remember reading something about those but had forgot already18:14
kulveI wonder if those are needed for GPS as well.. Any way, I'm about to send a mail to you18:15
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Stskeepssilly question, what kind of license terms does tegra4linux come with?18:16
rcgis bmo working again?18:16
rcgif yes i can push these to our hw:adaptation18:16
Stskeepslbt's debugging still i think18:16
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kulvercg: does your device have /dev/ttyHS1? I assume so..18:17
rcgi see, no need to hurry.. for now meego cobs should do18:17
rcgkulve, it has18:17
rcgthose are from the tegra uart18:17
rcgit's some mmio thing18:17
kulveI think the GPS is behind it18:18
rcgiirc one of it is the bluetooth device18:18
rcgkulve, oh i see18:18
rcgthat would help a lot :)18:18
lbtI am still debugging, yes18:18
RaYmAnStskeeps: sufficiently open to get into ubuntu at least =P18:18
lbtnb, we have nginx reverse proxy https now18:18
rcgi tried to speak with those (ttyHS[1-4]) via stty and cat echo18:18
rcgbut didn't get meaningful output18:18
Stskeepsyeah, i'm looking at the license and it seems fairly sane18:19
TomaszDwait a minute, is the jolla device tegra-based?18:20
TomaszDor sailfish, or something18:20
Stskeepsthis isn't #jollamobile, these guys are running plasma active on nexus 718:20
RaYmAnwasn't it st-ericsson?18:20
fk_lxlol :-)18:21
fk_lxspeculations, speculations, ...18:21
kulvercg: same here18:21
TomaszDgood enough for techcrunch18:21
Stskeepsno details on the actual SoC used in device has been actually said, st-e supports sailfish on their SoCs, doesn't mean there's not enough others :)18:21
Stskeepsnot others, i mean18:21
Artox[18:59] <Stskeeps> what error?18:22
Artoxdid it concern me?18:22
rcgkulve, do you have any clue what the 3g device could be?18:22
StskeepsArtox: ys18:22
rcgi compared /dev/* of a non-3g and 3g version but found nothing that looked like a 3g device18:23
kulvercg: mail sent. I guess it could be a good thing to test new kernel + things mentioned in the mail + that brcm-patchram-thing18:23
ArtoxI took binaries from a google seacrh and they seem to be used by beagleboard18:23
Artoxthats what pvrsrvinit says18:23
StskeepsArtox: yeah, not always a good idea to do that :P18:23
Stskeepsyou need one matching your kerne18:24
Artoxnot really18:24
ArtoxI do use the kernel by manufacturer, 2.6.3218:24
rcgkulve, got it, looks good :)18:24
Artoxand that exact kernel works iwth the binarises for a softloat system on a softfloat system18:24
Stskeepsand i presume you're using armv7l?18:24
Artoxthats why I need hardfloat ones18:25
Stskeepswell you probably should use armv7l then18:25
Artoxand searched for those18:25
Stskeepsand get it working with softfloat first18:25
RaYmAnrcg: it should be relatively easy to find out from the android ramdisk (init.rc etc)18:25
ArtoxI planned to do that18:25
Artoxafter failing18:25
rcgkulve, yesterday night i fiddled a bit more with the hw stuff: see my last comment to my blog post18:25
Artoxthough beagleboard would have been good hope since tehre is one using the same DM373018:25
rcgaccording to some sources the gps should be a bcm475118:25
kulvercg: ubuntu guys also swap the touchscreen coordinates in kernel and I don't understand why. But I think it worked for me correctly with the patch, so leave it be first18:25
rcgRaYmAn, i see.. didn't look at that one yet18:26
rcgkulve, roger that18:26
kulvercg: yeah, I read the comments but I couldn't find anything related to that in the kernel (at least briefly). And the kernel must already have the GPS driver18:26
RaYmAnrcg: actually, just look at :P18:27
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RaYmAnttyHS2 is bluetooth, ttyHS1 is GPS18:28
RaYmAnI'd guess 3G is a combination of ttyACM devices and an 'ethernet' device18:29
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kulveI think something needs to be done to enable the GPS. Maybe something related to the gpio162 but I didn't get anything out of the HS118:46
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Venemo_N9hey Stskeeps :)18:48
fk_lxhello Venemo_N918:48
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nixuserHello. Can I ask about the C71 and whether the kernel will compile for it?18:51
Venemo_N9what is the C71?18:51
nixuseramlogic have released the m3 chipset source code, but apparently zenithink modified it afterwards for their device.18:51
nixuserthe Zenithink C7118:51
nixuserie the vivaldi tablet18:52
rcgRaYmAn, that looks very good :)18:52
nixuseri bought one because i thought it was easy to put a linux distro on it, but now ive read that you can only use precompiled kernel binaries18:53
nixuseranyone have any experience on this?18:54
RaYmAnI thought vivaldi switched to allwinner actually18:59
*** NIN102 is now known as NIN10118:59
RaYmAnthough hmm, that doesn't match the specs I guess.19:00
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Artoxso armv7l version seems to work fine :)19:55
*** Aristide has joined #mer19:56
Artoxbut there is an issue with uxlaunch. it runs several times(there are multiple processes of it) maybe because there are 3 framebuffers?20:00
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC20:00
Artox /dev/fb[0..2] that is20:00
*** icota has quit IRC20:01
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Artoxbut systemctl commands just dont work by ssh20:03
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faenilStskeeps, ^20:14
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StskeepsArtox: rpm -qa | grep setuid20:25
Stskeepslbt: is there any good reason why we don't have obs-repos :next but we have :latest?20:26
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Artox<Stskeeps> Artox: rpm -qa | grep setuid20:30
Artoxwhy always setuid?20:30
Stskeepsdefine 'runs several times'20:31
Stskeepsdefine 'runs several times'20:31
Stskeepsit might just be a fork20:31
Stskeepssorry for repeat :)20:31
ArtoxFailed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.20:31
*** ali1234 has joined #mer20:31
Artoxthast whta systemctl says when I wnat to start/stop services by ssh20:31
Artoxconcerning uxlaunch, maybe it doesnt matter20:32
Stskeepsare you using root or mer/nemo login to do this?20:32
Artoxidk mer user password yet20:32
Stskeepsprobably 'mer' or 'rootme'20:32
Artoxsame error with mer user20:32
Artoxexport $(dbus-launch) does not help20:33
Stskeepswell, you shoudl be talking to the system bus20:33
ArtoxI was wondering about this uxlaunch because apparently tehre is a poblem with 3D apps inside Xorg. they work now on framebuffer20:33
Stskeepsgive it a reboot and show me entire output of 'journalctl'?20:33
ArtoxI guess I ncat do reboots20:34
Artoxlemme try20:34
Artoxthere was na issue with shutting down(possibly kernel issue)20:34
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Artoxthats after just new boot20:40
Stskeepsyeah, moment20:40
Artox(not really, I had to install openssh-clients to do scp)20:41
Stskeepssomething has disappeared from the .ks'es it seems, trying to find it20:41
Stskeepsadd that after %post20:42
Stskeepsor execute those comamnds on device, reboot20:42
Artoxwell, that solves qmlviewer not autostarting20:44
Artoxbut there is a problem20:45
Stskeepswhich might solve the restarting too20:45
Artoxqmlviewer starts, than goes into hiding20:45
Artoxand tsrats again20:45
Artoxwill reboot20:45
Stskeepssounds like CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y not enabled?20:45
Artoxthats how it is on my kernel20:46
Artoxaftr a reboot, qmlviewr is jnot starting againand again20:47
Artoxapparently just once20:47
Artoxthough there is already 2 uxlaunch20:47
*** XenGi is now known as XenGi_20:48
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Artoxcould I be right in guessing EGL_BAD_ALLOC menas I need more vram?20:48
ArtoxwellI certainly *could*20:48
Stskeepsthat usually means your opengl is screwed20:48
Stskeepsget mer-gfx-tests20:48
*** Morpog has joined #mer20:49
Stskeepswhen you have glestest running and eglinfo, you're game20:49
ArtoxI have eglinfo working fine20:49
Artoxputting out much20:49
Artoxand framebuffer gles test apps run too20:49
Artoxand framebuffer openvg animation too20:49
Artoxjust the x11 gles test app doesnt. I will try more vram20:49
Artoxbut I dont care too much atm20:49
Artoxgoing to get a phone UI and then look at oFono20:50
Artoxafter I made packagvfes for all my modifications so far20:50
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Artoxam I using a nonexistant macro there?20:52
Artoxrpm specfile that os20:52
*** HazardousWaster has quit IRC20:52
*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer20:54
*** HazardousWaster has quit IRC20:54
ArtoxI am pretty sure I cant just package the SGX bianries by TI or are there already sme provided by mer that I can use instead?20:55
Stskeepsyou should take whatever you can get copied in and ln -s and ln -s with20:55
Stskeepstake a look at the n900/n950/n9 common hw adaptation20:56
*** HazardousWaster has joined #mer20:56
Artoxthose symlinks do exist already, the sgx installer made them20:57
Stskeepsheh, luxry20:57
Stskeeps... luxury20:57
* Stskeeps kills his keyboard20:57
*** arcean has quit IRC21:00
Artoxthe n900 oeple have hardfloat binaries:|21:02
Stskeepsyes, i meant more the packaging21:03
*** rubdos has quit IRC21:03
Artoxah, but the TI binaries are under TI license21:03
Artoxthats why I have no clue if I may provide them in a general palce such as package them for everybody21:03
Stskeepstake it from me, you only want to take the packaging21:04
Stskeepsnot the content21:04
Stskeepsthere's evil things down that road otherwise21:04
*** Venemo has joined #mer21:04
Stskeepsevening venemo21:05
ArtoxI am still not sure I understand21:05
Stskeepsas in, don't take the n900/n950/n9 actual binaries for SGX, you really don't want to try to make it work21:06
*** faenil has quit IRC21:07
ArtoxI wont for now, they are a version I have never seen before, I would have been glad if I had since my hatrdflaot version was far newer21:07
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:11
niqtStskeeps: use SORBS the mer-general mailing list for the spam?21:14
Stskeepsmaybe, but i need to take a talk with smoku i think21:14
niqtmy email is rejected... i'm not spammer ;(21:16
*** ortylp has quit IRC21:16
*** icota has quit IRC21:24
*** arcean has joined #mer21:29
*** XenGi_ is now known as XenGi21:37
*** goldfish777 has joined #mer21:55
*** Bricker has joined #mer21:57
* Bricker waves21:57
*** goldfish777 has quit IRC21:57
Stskeepsmoo Bricker21:57
BrickerHey Sts!21:57
Brickerhow goes?21:57
Stskeepsfine fine, new apartment, happy with it21:57
Stskeeps is what i work with these days21:58
BrickerSts, do you know if there is a way to reset my password for my nick? I cant seem to identify :(21:59
Stskeepsno clue22:00
Brickerits not kicking me off, so thats good22:05
Brickerwhere are the pics of your new apartment?22:05
Stskeepsdon't have any, but it's a 4-roomer, next to metro, cinema, pizza place in the bottom of the house.. so quite nice22:05
Brickersounds nice22:06
Brickeris the pizza place good? my favorite food is pizza :D22:06
*** TomaszD has quit IRC22:06
Stskeepsit's excellent22:07
BrickerYou got married, right?22:07
Stskeepsdidn't see -that- coming22:07
*** icota has joined #mer22:10
Stskeepsbbl sleep22:16
*** Shadikka_ has quit IRC22:17
rcgStskeeps, when you talk about going to sleep i always envision you starting to code on yet another side project ;P22:17
*** tg has quit IRC22:17
*** e8johan has quit IRC22:19
*** Shadikka has joined #mer22:23
*** XenGi is now known as XenGi_22:24
phaeronlbt: ping22:27
*** ortylp has joined #mer22:29
*** phdeswer_ is now known as phdeswer22:29
*** ortylp has joined #mer22:29
*** ortylp has quit IRC22:31
*** tg has joined #mer22:34
*** mdfe has joined #mer22:45
phaeronlbt: too many connections stay in CLOSE_WAIT state. this might indicate misconfiguration in the reverse proxy. I lowered MaxRequestsPerChild to 20 attempting to recycle workers more often. I don't have access to the rev. proxy, but tomorrow we can debug it22:45
phaeronlbt: I am pretty sure it is a misconfiguration of the reverse proxy22:49
Brickerwhy does skype on linux suck so bad22:55
yuntaphaeron: is this close_wait on the same host as rev proxy or on the content-serving machine side? (if they are different at all...)22:57
*** Aristide has quit IRC22:59
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:59
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*** nyl has joined #mer23:08
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