Tuesday, 2012-03-06

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marcushmm, the website says, that the software development of tizen resides within the linux foundation and the companies are only guiding it. is the reality different or are the same companies behind this technical steering group?00:12
marcuson another topic, we are thinking about utilising linux tablets. is the spark tablet the only one using mer? do you know of other linux tablets?00:14
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Maceris the spark even out?02:13
Maceri thought it was the new pandora02:13
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Macer"I find the device/project attractive simply because it will be an open device running real linux."02:16
Macerwow will that guy be in for a surprise later02:16
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marcusthe pre-order period for the spark finished. dont know if they actually have produced and sent any out yet04:10
marcusmacer, what is your last comment aiming at?04:11
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StskeepsMacer: take the trolling outside here and stick to technical discussions, please05:43
Stskeepsmarcus: in practice tizen is governed behind closed doors and you only have to look at the irc channel logs and mailing lists and website to realize this05:44
Stskeepsmarcus: mer runs on a bunch of tegra2 tablets, exopc, etc as well05:45
cxl000lilstevie I have packaged the tegra3 softfp drivers05:50
Stskeepsmarcus: in practice Mer is a core and hardware adaptations exist in the community around the project05:51
lilsteviecxl000, ok thanks, now I just need to build a softfp image05:52
marcusthx for the info, Stskeeps and wmarone_! Mer definitly looks more appealing! :-)05:57
Stskeepsmarcus: so what are you hoping to use Mer for?05:57
Stskeeps(just woke up, so if you already said, please just repeat that :)05:57
marcusi was looking for linux tablets which we might use on top our robots05:58
marcushehe, good morning!05:58
Stskeepsmorn iekku :)05:58
Stskeepsmarcus: well, we see ourselves as the engine, people put hardware adaptation on top of the engine and a UI on top of the engine and you have an installable image05:59
marcussince we do our development in linux, they would be quite appealing compared to android tablets05:59
Stskeepsmarcus: which gives quite some appeal as you aren't tied to specific hardware types, or specific UIs05:59
kulveis there a list what EGL or GL ES extensions Mer/Nemo expects?05:59
marcusand having qt and html5 support is nice for developing ui apps05:59
kulveEGL version string: 1.4 build
kulveEGL extensions: EGL_KHR_image EGL_KHR_image_base EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image EGL_KHR_gl_texture_cubemap_image EGL_KHR_gl_renderbuffer_image EGL_KHR_vg_parent_image EGL_KHR_fence_sync EGL_KHR_reusable_sync EGL_IMG_context_priority05:59
kulvethat's what I have according to "eglinfo"05:59
Stskeepskulve: i think meegotouch-compositor is fairly authorative source in this area06:00
Stskeepsmarcus: yeah, and if you wanted to add other toolkits you could do this as well. in html5 area, people are running phonegap on top, or others add GTK+, etc06:01
marcusStskeeps: I found Mer through the Shark tablet. We probably will not get in touch with core development much, but since we are wiritng programms on top, it is important to know whats possible06:01
Stskeepswe're in the process of providing platform SDK, first for building images, next for easily cross compiling programs06:01
Stskeepsand then we'll have a qt creator integrated SDK over time06:01
marcuscross compiling? crossing what?06:02
Stskeepsmarcus: cross compiling: compiling from X86 host to ARM/MIPS targets :)06:03
marcusalso, is there a lot of html5 app developing going on although it is not fixed yet06:05
Stskeepsyou can develop your app on your PC, run it in fast virtual machine and quite easily build it for alternative targets too06:05
Stskeepswell, people are investigating PhoneGap at the moment and it works mostly06:05
marcusthat sounds nice indeed06:05
Stskeepswe have a full fledged QtWebKit06:05
Stskeepsso pretty good html5 compliance06:05
kulveStskeeps: so, I assume this is the list: http://meego.gitorious.org/meegotouch/meegotouch-compositor/blobs/master/src/mtexturefrompixmap_egl.cpp#line4206:06
Stskeepskulve: you'll also want to look at the 'meego' graphicssystem plugin06:06
Stskeepsin qt06:06
Stskeepskulve: on PC, we just ignore EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image06:07
kulvethat I have but I don't have EGL_KHR_image_pixmap06:07
Stskeepsthat's awkward06:07
Stskeepsso no texture from pixmap?06:07
kulveif missing that extensions means that, then yes06:08
Stskeepsdoesn't the GFX SDK has some demo program to this respect?06:09
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* Stskeeps ponders idly what to work on today06:15
iekkusame here06:17
iekkui can't find the button to turn work mode on06:17
iekkumore coffee needed06:17
dm8tbrcoffee that reminds me to refill...06:28
dm8tbrall day meatinks...06:28
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timophStskeeps: sb2 to sdk? ;)06:32
Stskeepstimoph: well, you were on that ;)06:32
timophyeah. I got the emulated part working but couldn't figure out why it didn't work without the emulation06:33
Stskeepsand doing quite well with it06:33
kulveStskeeps: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/RN_4_04_00_01 "[NEW] EGL_KHR_Image_Pixmap Extension support added."06:33
Stskeepskulve: and what version are you on?06:33
timophI'll try to find time to retry today/tomorrow06:34
Stskeepstimoph: OK06:34
kulvethat was the last one support officially .32 kernel. I wonder if it would be possible to get the 4_04_00_01 working with that too..06:34
Stskeepshttp://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/omap_applications_processors/f/447/t/101221.aspx claims he has 4_04 on 2.6.3206:35
Stskeepswell, .. ish06:36
Stskeepsworth a shot i'd say06:37
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kulveStskeeps: Graphics_SDK_4_04_00_01/GFX_Linux_KM/services4/3rdparty/linux_drm/drm_global.c:34:24: error: drm_global.h: No such file or directory07:09
Stskeepskulve: CONFIG_DRM maybe07:09
kulvethat seems to be found only from a newer kernel than 2.6.3207:09
kulveI enabled SUPPORT_XORG and that seems to require DRM07:11
kulveI wonder if the XORG support is really needed in Nemo case..?07:13
Stskeepsyeah, you can only do sane TFP with DRI07:13
Stskeepsyeah, it is07:13
* timoph wonders why 'zypper se scratchbox' doesn't find anything in the sdk but using the full package name does07:13
Stskeepstimoph: something's broken in that area07:13
Stskeepsfile a bug so we remember07:13
* timoph files07:14
timophagainst zypper or..07:15
Sage__timoph: zypper se doesn't work07:15
Sage__we should update the whole zypper and stuff :/07:16
Stskeepsdo we know why, btw?07:16
Sage__I don't have any idea at least07:16
Sage__might be some meego specific patch issue07:16
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timophbut anyway. not being able to search stuff with patterns is a bit akward07:25
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Sage__timoph: agreed07:27
Macermarcus: i'm simply pointing out that i have yet to see a truly open device. truly open hardware is hard to come by07:27
Macerthere is always ip attached to it ;-)07:28
Maceralthough if the spark was open from the ground up that would be absolutely awesome07:28
Macerit would be great to see what can be done with jardware that doesnt have an overabundance of ip roadblocks07:29
Sage__Stskeeps: # Produce .chk files for the final stripped binaries07:30
Sage__Stskeeps: ^ what does that mean?07:30
StskeepsSage__: long story short it's a checksum/signature of the security libraries07:30
MacerThe Spark project has revealed that their new Spark tablet will run Mer, a community-based version of MeeGo Linux with the KDE Plasma Active software environment.07:33
MacerStskeeps: have you gotten a prototype?07:33
Stskeepsno, i'm not involved with the spark project beyond my role in Mer07:35
Stskeepsit does exist, though07:35
marcusMacer: Okay, now I understand! :-)07:36
Stskeepsmorn vgrae07:36
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Macerah ok. figured they may have sent you a prototype.07:38
* Sage__ ponders what he destroyed now07:39
Sage__nothing provides libfreebl3.so07:39
StskeepsMacer: i have too much equipment anyway07:40
Sage__glibc has hardcoded nss requirement?07:41
Stskeepsdefine hardcoded07:41
Stskeepsyou (probably) need to re-build glibc, yeah07:41
Stskeepsweird it's not backwards compatible07:42
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MacerStskeeps: yeah but it would be nice to see what mer is doing on andevice built on it from the ground up07:44
Sage__do we have that?07:44
Macermight help give insight as to what improvenebts can be made and help as a baseline as what to expect07:45
timophStskeeps: where the cross- stuff was again?07:45
dm8tbrreminds me to kick _av500_ for gen9 SDE07:45
Sage__ok, apparently we have that07:45
Sage__Stskeeps: so how can one recompile stuff with that enabled :D07:46
Sage__we need to disable it and then build nss and then re-enable?07:46
Macersince a spark seems like a good example as to what the goal of mer is to become07:46
jukkaeklunddm8tbr, would be nice..07:46
StskeepsMacer: they feed back to us through the mer channels for this07:47
StskeepsSage__: sounds screwed up we can't do without that07:47
Stskeepstimoph: releases.*, in /armv7l/ for instance07:47
Stskeepsand i586/ in there07:47
MacerStskeeps: but you are the lead project manager. it is like a priest touching the hand of God ;-)07:48
StskeepsMacer: i'm involved with my own device stuff too, so i keep track of what's needed, etc07:49
Sage__Stskeeps: well, our glibc is old maybe update for it needed to solve this..07:49
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StskeepsSage__: yeah.. i have a eglibc 2.15 staged07:49
Sage__Stskeeps: can you do rpm -qp --requires eglibc package and check what kind of dep it has07:50
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Sage__I hope there isnt' that one included07:51
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Stskeepshello sylv07:52
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?07:52
Sage__:/ still the same thing07:52
StskeepsSage__: what happens if you try to build glibc?07:53
sylvCuriosity first07:53
Stskeepssylv: alright, if you have any questions regarding Mer, you're more than welcome to ask :)07:54
sylvthank you :)07:54
sylvis there a roadmap for mer?07:55
Stskeepsright now we're going quite iteratively, but we're reaching a point where we have platform sdk, quite stable core with 4.8.0 and qtwebkit 2.2.1, etc07:56
Stskeepspeople are already working with the core to make interesting products with it07:56
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sylvIt sounds good to me07:57
timophStskeeps: does it make a difference to to use cross-glibc or install those into the sb2-inited rootfs07:57
Stskeepstimoph: no, just binutils and gcc07:57
timophnot sure if I understand how that works07:57
Macerhm. looks like the spark has mini usb ports07:58
sylvStskeeps: thank you, see you07:59
Macermaybe i am looking at it wrong07:59
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Stskeepstimoph: all you need on host is cross-binutils and cross-gcc08:00
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timophStskeeps: ack08:09
Sage__Stskeeps: is is ok, btw to build nss with system sqlite and zlib?08:09
StskeepsSage__: i need to see a dependency graph on what really uses nss..08:09
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Sage__how can I get builds going again?08:19
Stskeepswipebinaries, probably08:19
Sage__did wipebinaries and disabled whole nss build, publish and use for build08:19
Sage__still same problem08:19
Stskeepswipebinaries of nss itself?08:19
Sage__didn't help either08:20
Stskeepsurl to the project again?08:20
Stskeepscongrats, you managed to break obs :)08:23
jukkaeklundanyone running mer on kindle fire?08:23
Sage__Stskeeps: :D08:23
Sage__lbt: help :D08:26
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Sage__removed repos and reintroduced them and still same problem :P08:27
lbtSage__: ?08:29
Stskeepslbt: sage managed to break obs :)08:29
lbtdoes he get to keep both bits?08:29
Stskeepswell, first time i've seen it this screwed up08:30
Sage__lol, renamed repository and then it works08:30
Sage__so wipebinaries isn't cleaning enough?08:30
Sage__ok, so do we have something more powerfull than wipebinaries for repository? :)08:31
StskeepsSage__: heh, alsa-lib, i learn about ExtraSources :)08:31
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Sage__Stskeeps: hehe, handy :)08:32
Stskeepslbt: ok, so we can do a .0.0.1 today, preferably as early as possibly08:32
lbtStskeeps: sounds reasonable08:33
Sage__Stskeeps: there is a minor bug in extra sources though that I should fix, but it is only causing extra lines for now.08:33
Stskeepslbt: how would i push 'just tags' to a remote repo?08:34
lbtyou can push a tag iirc08:36
lbtso push --tags <tag>08:36
lbtSage__: so are you stuck?08:36
Stskeepslbt: so, what do we call our version tags? v0.20120213.0.0.1 or without v?08:37
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Sage__lbt: well no if I rename repositories between my every try :P08:38
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lbthmm skip the v ? - otherwise we'll end up stripping it in scripts08:38
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lbtSage__: OK - I'll see what I can do internally?08:39
Stskeepswasn't sure how git would like that so08:39
Sage__lbt: well I can't ping you every time. So the main question is: Is there something that does better clean than wipebinaries or should wipebinaries reasolve my conflict already?08:41
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lbtSage__: I'm looking at it08:42
StskeepsSage__: so we agree +2w is called 20120313 right?08:43
lbtStskeeps: what kind of tag too?08:43
Stskeepslbt: i was thinking annotated(?)08:43
Stskeepsshould be signed over time08:43
lbtyep - same thoughts08:44
Sage__Stskeeps: well sounds ok.08:44
StskeepsSage__: actually i meant to ask lbt, but sure ;)08:44
* lbt remembers something about thursdays08:45
lbt"RELEASEDATE = Always a Thursday"08:46
lbtalso ... same page ... "Release happens on Wednesday 00:00 UTC."08:47
lbtI was reviewing the docs (briefly) yesterday pending some edits as I did the pre-release :)08:47
Stskeepsi know, things got a bit screwed up :)08:48
lbt20120315 ?08:48
Stskeepsno, we agreed on release meeting it was +2w from that meeting08:48
Stskeepswhich was a tuesday08:48
lbttbh, even in the meeting I assumed it was 2w on thursday08:48
* Stskeeps curses08:49
lbtI'd rather try the whole cycle as per the docs... and it was set out to permit vendors to work on the prerelease on monday morning08:50
lbtso I think being nice to vendors has > prio than worrying about the meaning of a phrase :)08:51
* lbt votes for 20120315 and following the process (editing it as we go)08:52
Stskeepsokay, and 14 day cycles08:52
* Stskeeps goes find out how to remove a tag..08:52
Bostikremoving a remote tag needs a friendly -r too, I think08:53
lbtnb the whole split-personality packaging/src tree is looking really quite nice08:54
lbtmy main concern is that .spec has some deep assumptions about sources/patches08:55
Stskeepshave you considered utilizing SourceX: http:// instead of _src, btw?08:56
lbtI wanted them to be buildable as tgz+patches08:57
Stskeepseither way, let's get the prerelease/'master' dump on the way08:57
lbtSage__: http://pastie.org/353207308:58
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Stskeepslbt: obs-projects/Core> git tag -a 0.20120313.0.0.108:59
lbtI've not looked at it - will return when release is done08:59
Stskeepsgit push --tags gerrit09:00
lbtthat will push HEAD too09:00
Stskeepslbt: need push annotated tag right09:00
lbtwhich shouldn't matter09:00
Sage__lbt: yes, I know those but how to get it to rebuild? As you can see the up most repository doesn't have that problem after I did rename for the repository09:00
Stskeeps / permission09:01
Sage__lbt: https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3AMer%3Afake%3ACore%3Aarmv7hl09:01
Stskeepslbt: now http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer/project-core.git;a=summary09:01
lbtSage__: yeah , let me not bork the release first09:01
Sage__lbt: so how can I call "über clean" for it :)09:01
lbtStskeeps: yep09:01
lbtStskeeps: let me review my notes/docs and get back to you in a few mins09:04
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timophStskeeps: http://pastie.org/3532097 <- that's the status of cross09:06
*** licl has joined #mer09:06
Stskeepstimoph: ok, two sec09:07
Stskeepstimoph: is glibc-devel installed in chroot?09:07
Stskeepsin target09:07
Stskeepstry to install glibc-devel09:07
Stskeepsin the target09:07
timophdid that :)09:08
Stskeepstimoph: show me how you sb2-init'ed the target09:08
timophsb2-init -d -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic nemo /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc09:08
timoph(it's in the paste)09:08
Stskeepsok, before -c, add -L --sysroot=/ -C --sysroot=/09:08
* timoph tries09:09
timophseens to be working better09:10
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo09:11
timophat least libtool compilation didn't fail straight away09:11
liclStskeeps: Hi,Stskeeps09:11
Stskeepshi licl09:11
liclStskeeps:i try to find a window manager in mer09:12
liclbut failed09:12
timophStskeeps: \o/ http://pastie.org/353213009:12
Stskeepslicl: yeah, that's part of UI normally, we don't force you to use a certain window manager09:12
lbtStskeeps: how big is a release?09:12
Stskeepslbt: releases/ 7.8gb, obs-repos/ 3.8gb09:13
Stskeepslicl: what kind of device are you trying to do?09:14
liclStskeeps:do you mean that I should select one by myself?09:14
*** leinir has quit IRC09:14
Stskeepsyes, for instance09:14
Stskeepstimoph: try sb2 ./test too09:15
timophStskeeps: works09:15
* timoph missing new line in his hello world09:15
liclStskeeps:I'm a member of sonach's team09:15
*** dcthang has joined #mer09:16
Stskeepslicl: ok, you can probably use any kind of window manager then, maybe best ones that just fullscreen everything09:16
* timoph lunch09:17
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*** leinir has quit IRC09:18
*** leinir has joined #mer09:18
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lbtOK - pre-release is syncing09:24
*** slaine has joined #mer09:24
Stskeepsdid you verify webui-ci wasn't moving?09:24
Stskeepsalso, we didn't add supports in createrelease.sh for cross/ dir?09:25
lbtoop - sorry, was on cobs09:26
lbtyes, just a DBC qt build09:26
lbtno, not done any mods to scripts09:27
Stskeepsat least you can do some basic work with the released binaries09:28
liclStskeeps:I want to switch windows of sqmh and browser app.How do you think about twm as our window manager?or you have other advises?The grafics backand of browser is X1109:28
Stskeepslicl: perhaps twm, but matchbox isn't bad either09:28
Stskeepsas you can control that through matchbox-remote09:29
liclStskeeps:ok,thank u.I will try.09:29
lbtStskeeps: as part of the docs for the release I'll explain the dir structure09:30
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*** licl has quit IRC09:32
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*** InformatiQ has joined #mer09:37
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*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer09:40
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC09:42
alteregoLooking at the B2G wikipage, seems like they've got a lot of work to do getting rid of Android cruft. Can't help but think they'd be better off just using Mer09:43
Stskeepsalterego: i think they're not strictly tied to android, but it has given them a time advantage09:44
Stskeepsalterego: once we have core-toolchain split, i expect them to join the fold09:44
*** raignarok has joined #mer09:45
*** csslayer_ has joined #mer09:46
Stskeepslbt: release done?09:47
* timoph cross compiling an Qt application with the sdk09:48
*** csslayer has quit IRC09:49
timophnice. can bring up a GUI from arm build with sb2 -e ./binary09:53
Stskeepshehe, don't rely on that feature though09:53
jukkaeklundtimoph, I have a battery for you btw if you need09:54
dcthanghey any idea to imrpve network for Nemo?09:55
dcthangwrong room sorry09:55
timophjukkaeklund: got 3 of them already :)09:55
jukkaeklundok, I'll keep it then..09:56
timophStskeeps: why?09:57
timophunstable/not supported?09:57
Stskeepstimoph: unstable09:57
Stskeepstimoph: you're very likely to run into threading issues09:57
Stskeepstimoph: it's better to develop utilizing a x86 target09:57
timophneed to remember to add that disclaimer to the docs09:59
timophbasically it's the same as with sb109:59
Stskeepsif possible, test if you can do sb2 with a x86 target too09:59
alteregoMaybe we could have tighter integration with cross-compilation targets?09:59
alteregodevices, sorru.09:59
Stskeepswe're just making building blocks atm10:00
alteregoI think we need an SDK tool.10:00
Stskeepsor at least some shorthand stuff10:01
Stskeepsit's my belief any developer should learn how to build their own image, though10:01
jukkaeklundstskeeps, define which type of developer?10:01
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: if you're using platform sdk, you're likely to need it10:02
timophplatform dev I'd suppose10:02
alteregoYeah, not sure app devs will care about platform stuff ;)10:02
alteregoBut we don't cater for app devs, platforms are our apps.10:02
Stskeepssort-of, we stil want to make building blocks for qt sdk10:02
lbtStskeeps: still syncing10:02
alteregoIs madde rootfs creation still broken?10:03
Stskeepsalterego: more like no work started on it10:03
Stskeepsalterego: i'm hoping to draw inspiraton from the qtonpi work10:03
alteregoI was thinking about the raspberry pi lastnight.10:03
alteregoHow you could get one of those, a projector or large screen TV, and have a really cool platform for class room collaboration :)10:04
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC10:04
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer10:04
alteregoCan't wait to get one.10:05
timophStskeeps: I'll try the x86 sb2 setup later10:06
Stskeepstimoph: ok10:07
Stskeepslbt: http://pastie.org/3532365 is changelog10:08
timophtried compiling the Qt application without sb2 with interesting results though. seems that I'm missing something on runtime10:08
Stskeepsmake a snapshot release email10:08
lbtMDS on c.obs?10:08
Stskeepswell, that too10:08
Stskeepsmake a copy of mappings.xml this time10:09
Stskeepsand remember it's not obs-projects/Core you have to pull in10:09
*** raignarok has quit IRC10:09
slaineSigh, my RaspberryPi delivery date got bumped again10:09
slaineMid March -> Late April -> Late May10:10
alteregoWell, at least you have a delivery date :P10:10
slaineDo I really though, it keeps changing.10:12
slaineIt's probably a good sign actually10:12
*** ericlr has quit IRC10:15
timophhttp://timoph.fi/withsb2.png vs http://timoph.fi/withoutsb2.png10:19
Stskeepstimoph: missing fonts10:19
timophdoes Mer provide fonts or is that ui providers issue?10:20
Stskeepsit does, atm10:20
StskeepsSDK just doesn't10:22
*** andre__ has joined #mer10:22
*** andre__ has joined #mer10:22
timophyep. that solved it10:25
* Stskeeps heads out for lunch10:28
*** maour has quit IRC10:28
*** lizardo has joined #mer10:34
Sage__Stskeeps: http://pastie.org/353250810:38
Sage__so it is just something gone bad it seems.10:38
Sage__should be there but it isn't10:39
Stskeepscheck if it uses the version script?10:40
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC10:41
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:41
*** slaine has quit IRC10:47
*** slaine has joined #mer10:47
*** norayr has joined #mer10:50
eocanhaStskeeps: have you ever had problems with mic2 telling it to use --arch=i486 but getting errors about "Given arch 'i586' is not found from the repositories"? I'm using a local project called "mer-486" with repo called "Core_i586" and it actually has i486 binary packages. Does the "Core_i586" have some underscore magic with special meaning, or could I have called it "weird_name" aund would have been the same?10:54
lbteocanha: are you still using mic2?10:55
eocanhayes O:-)10:55
Sage__lbt: did you upstream that mic patch for the i486 btw?10:55
lbtany special reason?10:55
lbtSage__: no10:56
Sage__lbt: why? :)10:56
lbtnow on my list though10:56
Sage__Upstream first! :D10:56
*** FluxiFlax2023 has joined #mer10:57
eocanhaI'm using it because I have the .ks config files prepared for it. What's the recommended way now?10:57
lbtrelease first10:57
lbteocanha: using "mic"10:57
*** FluxiFlax2022 has quit IRC10:57
lbtand yes, I have a task to update the wiki pages linked there10:57
Sage__Stskeeps: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/binary?arch=i586&filename=nss-softokn-freebl-3.13.3-13.1.i586.rpm&package=nss&project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3AMer%3Afake%3ACore%3Aarmv7hl&repository=A_Mer_Core_i586 \o/10:58
eocanhaoh, actually I'm using mic10:58
eocanha$ mic --version10:58
Sage__that is mic210:58
*** jluisn has joined #mer10:59
eocanhaforget that mic2 thing. I read it somewhere and it stuck in my head.10:59
lbteocanha: can you use the platform SDK10:59
lbtthat's pretty reliable11:00
*** ericlr has joined #mer11:00
eocanhahmmm... looks good11:01
eocanhathat might work in Ubuntu Natty out of the box, so maybe I could delete the Fedora 15 virtual machine that I have only to build the images :-)11:03
Sage__ANNOUNCEMENT: Nemo Mobile Status sync meeting now at #mer-meeting11:09
lbteocanha: yes - that's the idea11:11
lbteocanha: just make sure you understand how it uses bind mounts11:11
Sage__Stskeeps: the nss and nspr update is tightly together so both needs to go in at the same time and thus review doesn't go well11:16
lbtSage__: I'm surprised you didn't point out that Nemo's process doesn't have that problem :D11:18
Sage__lbt: ? :)11:18
Sage__ah, well I've said that already ;)11:19
Sage__BOSS on Nemo handles that yes11:19
lbtnb ... I'm still writing up release stuff - not forgotten about the OBS issue11:20
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC11:21
*** kavurt has joined #mer11:24
*** ZiQiangHuan has joined #mer11:30
Stskeepslbt: release done? read: can i start integrating more content?11:30
Stskeepsor should i wait a bit11:30
*** steff has quit IRC11:32
*** mdavey has joined #mer11:38
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #mer11:45
* Stskeeps returns11:46
*** KaIRC has quit IRC11:50
lbtStskeeps: was waiting for you to get back - release is done, not pulled to cobs MDS yet11:50
*** xnt14 has joined #mer11:54
StskeepsRelease management meeting in #mer-meeting now12:01
*** dcthang has quit IRC12:02
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer12:06
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer12:08
*** Sage__ is now known as Sage_12:10
*** pan1nx has quit IRC12:11
*** Zeroedout has quit IRC12:13
*** Zeroedout has joined #mer12:13
eocanhatried mic (from Mer SDK) with my existing .ks file, but I'm having a strange error:12:15
eocanhaError <config>: File contains no section headers.12:16
Stskeepseocanha: show the command line please12:16
eocanhaThe .ks file seems normal. Actually, it worked with Meego's mic212:16
eocanhathe line is:12:16
eocanhamic create liveusb \12:17
eocanha --verbose \12:17
eocanha --pkgmgr=yum \12:17
eocanha --config=$KSFILE \12:17
eocanha --cachedir=/rdc/mic/rpms \12:17
eocanha --arch=$KSARCH12:17
*** drussell has quit IRC12:17
*** piotr has quit IRC12:17
Stskeepseocanha: mic cr --help12:17
Stskeepseocanha: mic cr liveusb kickstartfile OPTIONS12:18
Stskeepseocanha: --config is an actual config for mic so it complains12:18
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:19
eocanhaah, ok12:19
*** vivijim has quit IRC12:19
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:19
*** vivijim has joined #mer12:19
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC12:20
*** lizardo has quit IRC12:20
*** pohly has quit IRC12:20
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC12:20
*** flywheel_ has quit IRC12:20
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC12:20
*** LoCusF has quit IRC12:20
*** rantom_ has quit IRC12:20
*** fabo has quit IRC12:20
*** Paimen has quit IRC12:20
*** drussell has joined #mer12:20
*** ZiQiangHuan has joined #mer12:23
*** lizardo has joined #mer12:23
*** pohly has joined #mer12:23
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer12:23
*** flywheel_ has joined #mer12:23
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer12:23
*** LoCusF has joined #mer12:23
*** rantom_ has joined #mer12:23
*** fabo has joined #mer12:23
*** Paimen has joined #mer12:23
*** steff has joined #mer12:26
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer12:31
*** maour has joined #mer12:36
*** maour has quit IRC12:42
*** maour has joined #mer12:42
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC12:45
*** leinir_ has joined #mer12:52
*** leinir_ has quit IRC12:52
*** leinir_ has joined #mer12:52
*** leinir has quit IRC12:53
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir12:53
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC12:55
*** pan1nx has joined #mer13:00
lbtfood 'n stuff .... bbiab13:08
*** tsdedst has joined #mer13:15
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer13:17
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:17
*** jukkaeklund_ is now known as jukkaeklund13:17
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: what platform are you using qt sdk on, btw13:18
jukkaeklundwindows and ubuntu13:19
*** marquiz has joined #mer13:21
jukkaeklundX-Fade, is tablets-dev down?13:23
*** ericlr has quit IRC13:27
timophhow's thu 14 utc for you for the sdk status meet?13:27
Stskeepsi might not be able to attend13:27
jukkaeklundso, also repository.maemo.org is down13:28
Stskeepsthat one works for me13:28
Stskeepstimoph: earlier13:28
timoph9 utc? would make it lunch time .fi13:29
timophlbt: Sage_ & co. ^13:31
Sage_I'm not entirely sure if Thu works for me at all. I might have other things todo but not sure yet13:32
Stskeepsi'm good for anything friday+, i'm on my own for 3 weeks13:32
timophI can live with fri too13:32
timophnot too late though13:33
timophanyway I'll try to announce the time for it today. current proposal fri 10utc. ping me if you disagree. I have to go for a while13:36
* kulve curses again: TI's GFX releases are not fun to use13:37
lbttimoph: whenever is fine - just finish <17:00 on friday :)13:38
lbtStskeeps: I'll do the meeting minutes when I've eaten if you like13:40
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:40
*** beford has joined #mer13:50
slaineAs seen on #fedora-arm,13:57
slaine<ctyler> jsmith, pbrobinson, etc. who have Raspi certs: they'll be fulfilled directly from the Foundation when they have boards, in about 10 days.13:57
slainelbt, there was a cockup with my RAM upgrade order, looks like it'll be the end of the week13:58
slaineI'll harass you then ;)13:58
lbtsure :)13:58
*** flywheel_ has quit IRC13:59
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer13:59
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer13:59
lbtStskeeps: so does MDS provide the ability to build against any snapshot/pre-/release14:01
Stskeepslbt: current or mds214:01
lbtmds2 is fine14:01
Stskeepsit depends on what repositories are available in obs-repos/, i would guess14:01
* lbt restarts workers so they're reasdy14:07
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC14:08
*** Eren has joined #mer14:08
lbtthe new OBS version is not as stable with tmpfs as the version I had running :(14:09
*** tpn has joined #mer14:13
*** bergie_ has joined #mer14:25
lbtStskeeps: updatestorm is taking a loooong time14:27
lbt22mins so far14:28
*** bergie has quit IRC14:28
lbtStskeeps: also fakeobs is taking 73% of cpu14:30
Stskeepslbt: it does14:31
lbtthat's not good14:31
lbtthat's not good <- fakeobs cpu usage14:31
lbtsince it's idle right now14:32
Stskeepscheck nohup.out..14:32
lbtyeah - it's getting a hit every second or so14:32
lbttha'ts idle though isn't it?14:32
*** tsdedst has quit IRC14:33
lbtI mean one no-op http request per second shouldn't be pegging the cpu at >70% .... but if it's expected....14:35
Stskeepsyou don't see when it finishes, though14:36
lbtah, I assumed that fakeobs wouldn't be busy until updatestorm was done14:37
Stskeepsthat part of the handling isn't terribly fast as it has to go through events14:38
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:38
Stskeepsand it starts querying about packages14:38
*** steff has quit IRC14:49
lbtStskeeps: OK - that didn't work then14:49
*** norayr has quit IRC14:50
lbtshell level notes on http://airy:5001/Release%20steps14:50
lbtmain issues I think are that a) make update didn't pull in the new snapshot to obs-repos/ and b) mappings.xml doesn't mention the new repo14:51
lbtI don't know if that's a client side thing or should come in the make update14:52
Stskeepsyou used make updte?14:52
lbtI did14:52
* Stskeeps sighs14:52
lbtthis is why I'm writing it up...14:53
Stskeepsgo take a look at obs-projects/Core14:53
Stskeepsand git log14:53
Stskeepsdoes that seem right?14:53
lbtthere's 7Gig of data ... the docs are there so I know which bit to look in14:53
*** Eren has quit IRC14:53
lbtI'm following the same steps we used  last time BTW14:54
Stskeepswhich was for a full release14:54
* lbt types M-x read-stskeeps-mind .... to see if emacs can help ...14:55
*** steff has joined #mer14:56
Stskeepslbt: obs-projects/Core and git checkout 4217dfa7ed3cdc70758b54741a214a9d5c991b2d (no, we don't have a tag for that)14:57
lbtPickup mer-kickstarter-configs, 27/2/2012 ?14:58
lbttop log item is 8a9b7ba8df2799ecc032a203bf1e6b7c10524dc4  Pickup 1, 3/3/2012, remove -accel packages14:58
Stskeepsyes, because you just upgraded Mer:fake:Core to latest snapshot14:58
Stskeepsthat's the last commit in 0.20120209.1 (4217dfa)14:58
Stskeepsand since today, we started tagging the releases14:59
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC14:59
Stskeepsfor future reference: update: fetchlatestrepo updatepackages all updatecore updatesstorm15:00
*** steff has joined #mer15:00
Stskeepsfor a prerelease you manually rsync the obs-repos and git pull in obs-projects/Core-next15:00
*** djszapi has joined #mer15:00
djszapihey guys :)15:00
Stskeepsie, the obs-repos matching it15:00
djszapiI would like to package openal(-soft) since it is apparently not available yet ...15:01
djszapiwhich repository would it fit into ?15:01
Stskeepsstart with your nearest UI project15:01
djszapiit feels like a middleware stuff15:01
Stskeepslbt: make updatepackages will update packages-git/, that's ok15:02
Stskeepslbt: so: to fetch a prerelease, you updatepackages, you re-make the mappings cache, then you rsync the obs-repos matching the release, and then you git pull in Core-next, and run updatesstorm15:04
lbtStskeeps: OK ... give me a minute then15:05
Stskeepslbt: don't think any harm was done since we didn't update the binary repositories, though some linkpacs might be confused15:06
*** npm has quit IRC15:06
Stskeepssince we'll be going back in time15:07
*** npm has joined #mer15:10
*** himamura has joined #mer15:19
*** toscalix has joined #mer15:22
*** niqt has quit IRC15:23
lbtStskeeps: can you review http://airy:5001/Release%20steps#snapshot-and-pre-release15:33
Stskeepsinteresting point in https://lwn.net/Articles/485383/ btw15:33
Stskeepslooks correct15:34
lbtyes, launchpad has always seemed somewhat opaque15:34
Stskeepsit's an important argument against ubuntu core15:35
lbtif they go down, you go down15:35
lbtnow - do I need to somehow revert the git for Core ?15:36
lbtok - that's what you were saying before15:37
*** berndhs has joined #mer15:38
Stskeepsget it back on the commit it was on before15:39
lbtleaving it in detached head state .... wondering if that'll break15:39
Stskeepsprobably on next 'make update', but i'm not sure how else to get to a state "further back on master branch"15:39
lbtgit reset --hard 4217dfa7ed3cdc70758b54741a214a9d5c991b2d15:39
Stskeepsmaybe master^something15:39
lbtthat git reset does exactly what you said "set the tip further back up the branch"15:43
lbtI *could* reset origin/master but there's no real point15:43
lbt--hard  means "as if you'd done a force checkout"15:44
RaYmAndoesn't it also kind of break it for any other existing checkouts pretty much? =P (which might be ok in this case)15:45
lbtRaYmAn: it can be used as essentially "totally undo this commit" - which is bad if you've pushed to a shared repo15:47
lbtOTOH it's quite useful when you have a ref pointing to the wrong place15:48
*** flywheel_ has joined #mer15:48
lbtin this case we did a pull and ffwd'ed the local master by mistake15:48
RaYmAnah :)15:48
RaYmAnthen yeah,that's the way to do it =P15:49
lbtthere's probably something to be said for better use of symbolic refs around this area - but mds2 has a different approach anyway15:49
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC15:50
*** phaeron has joined #mer15:52
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:52
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:53
*** N900_rus has joined #mer15:53
Stskeepslbt: "release note prep" is wrong15:53
Stskeepspickupchanges is something i use in my daily work15:53
lbtOK - I was guessing from the pastie you showed me15:55
lbtyou have said that we need a better release note maker - I guess it will naturally fall out of the MDS2 structure15:56
*** djszapi has left #mer15:57
berndhshi folks, is there something that can tell me in my .bash_profile that I am entering the mer chroot ?15:58
Stskeepsbasically something that looks at tag A & B difference in project-core, and then gives me a changelog for each package15:59
berndhsI do normally do things like ssh-add, that wont work in the chroot15:59
lbtStskeeps: yes15:59
lbtberndhs: yes, there is15:59
lbt"The environment variable MERSDK is set to 1 to allow .profile to detect the SDK."16:00
berndhsah ok, thank you16:00
lbthopefully that'll be enough :)16:00
lbtI did wonder about making it a login shell - but I think this is an OK compromise16:01
berndhsshoudl be straightforward, if [ X$MERSDK != "X! ] ...16:03
berndhsstupid german keyboard16:03
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:05
*** csslayer_ has quit IRC16:08
*** Eren has joined #mer16:08
*** maour has quit IRC16:11
*** wmarone has joined #mer16:13
*** pan1nx has quit IRC16:21
Stskeepslbt: let me know when it's updatesstorming again16:22
lbtjust doing the rsync16:22
*** maour has joined #mer16:22
* Stskeeps goes AFK for a bit16:22
*** maour has quit IRC16:22
*** maour has joined #mer16:22
*** ssirkia has left #mer16:23
berndhsha, successfully built the wrong image :)16:24
lbtbut easily I hope16:24
berndhsyes was pretty straightforward16:25
berndhsso now I know the basic tools are in place, have to figure out how to make an arm image16:25
lbtnext steps in that area for me are to link SDK with either c.obs or a private obs16:26
lbtbut I want to improve kickstarter16:26
lbtand that's a fair few days away16:26
berndhsthis working-for-a-living stuff is seriously slowing me down now16:27
lbttrust me, it's a nice problem to have :D16:27
berndhsit is yes16:27
*** aws has joined #mer16:33
*** jonwil has joined #mer16:35
awsim just testing mer on my n90016:36
awsnice work, since the last time i looked at it16:36
awsis it possible to change the keyboard layout, yet?16:37
*** leinir has quit IRC16:37
N900_rusна руский???16:37
*** maour_ has joined #mer16:38
*** maour has quit IRC16:38
*** toscalix has quit IRC16:39
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer16:40
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC16:42
*** maour_ has quit IRC16:49
*** berndhs has left #mer16:51
lbtStskeeps: make updatesstorm16:55
lbtaws: you mean at the X level ?16:56
*** N900_rus is now known as N900_rus-away16:58
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC17:00
lbtbloody OBS error messages:   publish failed: 500 remote error: remote error  Internal Server Error17:06
lbtno kidding, that's helpful17:06
*** leinir has joined #mer17:06
*** leinir has quit IRC17:06
*** leinir has joined #mer17:06
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC17:09
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:14
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer17:20
*** Free-MG has joined #mer17:20
*** Free-MG has quit IRC17:20
*** lynxis has joined #mer17:21
*** Free-MG has joined #mer17:21
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:27
*** ericlr has joined #mer17:27
*** eocanha has quit IRC17:28
*** furikku has left #mer17:30
Stskeepscheck nohup.out17:31
lbtthis is OBS bs_publish17:33
lbt"publishing home:Admin:sb2:noaccel/Core_armv7l" ... I'm guessing that package has an issue and some api call is failing17:35
*** Free-MG has quit IRC17:39
*** smoku has quit IRC17:40
awsi'm just trying to update, on the shell, like it is told in the wiki17:41
awsbut every time the first package is beeing downloaded, the download stops17:42
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:42
awswlan0 is up, the options menu says i'm connected, but the connection doesn't work17:42
Stskeepslbt: huh, where is that on17:43
Stskeepswebui-ci ?17:43
Stskeepsoh, you're trying to fix rsync17:43
Stskeepsignore that error, the project is gone on fakeobs side17:44
lbtmainly done - seeing that come up - I think it's a different .... OK17:44
Stskeepsis it causing a problem?17:44
lbtno, just red-herring on rsync publish failure17:44
lbtwaiting for some activity to see if it works17:44
lbtrepo VM had the wrong default route on reboot17:44
lbtjust doing some infra checking - dcp etc17:46
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer17:47
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:48
*** N900_rus-away is now known as N900_rus17:49
lbtStskeeps: OK, updatestorm is done ... but it's looking quiet17:50
StskeepsCore-next was pulled?17:50
Stskeepsok.. one step i forgot17:52
Stskeepsadjust mappings.xml for <mapping project="Core-next:i586" path="obs-projects/Core-next/i586" binaries="obs-repos/Core:i586:0.20120209.0.1" reponame="Core_i586" />17:52
Stskeepssee the problem?17:52
lbtyep - wondered about that17:52
Stskeepsand updatesstorm again17:52
lbtI actually wasn't sure if that happened locally or was pulled in17:53
Sage_where was the build for mer?17:55
lbtthere's a really old version in mer-core17:57
lbtI'm not sure it belongs there17:57
lbthttp://github.com/Merproject/obs-build too17:59
Sage_well mainly asking what I should install to my f16 so that it would work ok with the obs-sb2 stuff17:59
Stskeepsthat's a good question18:00
Stskeepsfile a bug please18:00
StskeepsSage_: github.com/Merproject one18:00
Stskeepslbt: "build doesn't have to be in core?"18:00
Stskeepsi think it does for mkbaselibs but i'm not sure18:00
lbtI'm using it as an experimental package for gitpkg FYI18:01
lbt-> more food18:04
*** N900_rus has quit IRC18:15
*** marquiz_ has joined #mer18:17
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer18:21
*** NIN102 has joined #mer18:21
*** bergie_ has quit IRC18:22
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:23
Sage_Error: setting up a VM requires bsdtar for security reasons.18:23
Sage_ok, so where can one get bsdtar?18:23
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:25
Sage_pah, f16 doesn't build libarchive with bsdtar :P18:26
*** seanvk has quit IRC18:28
*** seanvk has joined #mer18:28
Sage_and confirmed :/18:29
Sage_is bsdtar requirement from sb2 or was it introduced just to some newer osc?18:30
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: Mer has also bsdtar disabled, maybe we should enable it there as well?18:32
*** raignarok has joined #mer18:33
*** Free-MG has joined #mer18:34
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC18:34
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC18:37
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:39
*** Venemo has quit IRC18:39
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:39
Sage_hmmp... does osc work in sdk without bsdtar?18:39
*** tarantism has joined #mer18:40
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer18:40
*** nsuffys has joined #mer18:41
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk18:44
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC18:44
Stskeepsget bsdtar for security reasons18:47
*** Anssi138 has joined #mer18:47
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:54
*** Anssi138 has quit IRC18:56
*** Anssi138 has joined #mer18:57
marquiz_Stskeeps: osc local build fails (haven't tried in a long time), do i need special osc or build because of the sb2 stuff?18:57
marquiz_trying to build moslo of pub.meego.com18:57
*** tpn is now known as tpn|dinner19:00
Stskeepsmarquiz_: yes, github.com/Merproject -> obs-build and osc, just make install them19:00
Stskeepswe're working to get it upstream19:00
*** alterego has quit IRC19:01
Sage_Stskeeps: ?19:01
marquiz_Stskeeps: ok, thx!19:02
StskeepsSage_: bsdtar is good for secure extraction of preinstalled packages19:07
*** asmundg has quit IRC19:08
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC19:11
* Stskeeps tests qtonpi's app sdk19:12
Stskeepswell, i think we could get this working for mer too19:12
timophwould be nice19:13
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer19:13
timophdoes it need big changes?19:14
*** asmundg has joined #mer19:16
Stskeepswell, we need to provide a sysroot, a qmake for the host, a cross compiler19:16
*** mdavey has quit IRC19:20
Stskeepslbt: so where are we at wrt prerelease?19:23
Sage_Stskeeps: ok, but should we include it to Mer core as a separate package of libarchive?19:25
Sage_*separate subpackage19:26
StskeepsSage_: yes, sure19:26
* Stskeeps wonders what deps on libarchive anyway19:26
Sage_- highlights:rebuilt: cmake contextkit libarchive libsatsolver libzypp qjson qt-mobility qtwebkit sensorfw zypper19:26
Stskeepscmake, really..19:27
Sage_hmmp... prolly not19:27
* Sage_ checks19:27
Sage_actually it seems so19:28
* Sage_ ponders where he would get bsdtar to his f1619:30
Stskeepsit's not strictly needed for obs builds though19:31
Sage_well obs-build requires it and doesn't run without19:31
Stskeepswhat error specifically?19:32
Sage_a moment19:32
Stskeepsand do you do kvm builds or chroot?19:33
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer19:34
Sage_trying to do osc build locally19:35
Stskeepssb2 builds are naturally a bsdtar yes19:36
Stskeepsit cheats and makes it into a vm19:36
Stskeepsand yes, i mean quotes19:36
Sage_ok is there way to "cheat" my way out of that without bsdtar? :D19:37
Stskeepsedit the check out in init_buildsystem19:37
Stskeepsaren't you using fedora?19:37
Sage_yes fedora 1619:38
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer19:38
Stskeepsi think i cheated and took it from opensuse binary or something19:38
Stskeepsor built it myself19:38
Stskeepsand copied the binary19:38
*** tsdedst has joined #mer19:38
Sage_there is no bsdtar in fedora16, i was added about a month ago to f1719:38
Stskeepsyeah, i use f15 or something19:39
Sage_ok, more questions.19:44
Sage_osc downloads 109 rpm's but installs only 4019:44
Sage_Stskeeps: ok so what now http://pastie.org/3535873 ?19:45
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StskeepsSage_: wth :P19:54
StskeepsSage_: ok, rm -rf your build root (var/tmp/build-root) and try again19:54
* Sage_ ponders when he has used something without asking any questions or facing any problems :D19:54
Sage_is --clean enough?19:54
*** gimli has joined #mer19:55
*** gimli has joined #mer19:55
lbtStskeeps: back now ... prerelease storm is building19:56
Stskeepslbt: seems like it's building quite a lot19:56
Sage_Stskeeps: didn't help19:56
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:57
Sage_same issue19:57
StskeepsSage_: ok, does /usr/lib/build/initscript_   sb2 something exist?19:58
StskeepsSage_: ok, can you show me the entire build log?19:59
lbtok - various silly sysadmin things fixed and configs tweaked - we have CI publishing20:01
StskeepsSage_: did you install osc too?20:02
Sage_Stskeeps: hmmp... prolly not :P20:02
* Sage_ removes old osc rpm to be sure and installs from git20:02
Stskeepsok, well, that's why20:02
Stskeepsosc generates 'sb2install:' statement so20:03
lbtSage_: are you using SDK ?20:05
Sage_lbt: no20:05
lbtOK - that's fine then :)20:06
Sage_I added filesystem package to my pandaboard branch and that didn't cause rebuild as such20:16
Stskeepsit's a "Keep" package i think20:16
Stskeepsor support, i forget20:16
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:16
Stskeepseither way, it doesn't cause rebuilds20:16
Sage_oh, ok20:17
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lbthmm no alterego and the wiki is down20:56
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lbtStskeeps: could you take a look at createrelease_lbt.sh ... it makes http://releases.merproject.org/releases/0.20120315.0.0.1/builds/i486/cross/  for 486/586   I'm not a fan of  ../../../../ style directory addressing though so I'd be tempted to rewrite chunks :)22:50
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rrixcrevetor: ping?23:53
rrixI have a Mer kernel built according to http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptation/Touchpad, but when I boot it on my device, systemd dumps all over itself as though I don't have cgroups in the kernel :\23:53
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