Saturday, 2013-09-28

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faenilo/ morning peeps07:57
zbenjaminfaenil: morning07:59
rcgmorning faenil07:59
zbenjaminguess what ;)07:59
faenilzbenjamin, all went good thanks to my awesome guide07:59
faenilrcg, o/07:59
zbenjaminin the second you signed out, it went wrong ;)07:59
zbenjaminstill here: sb2 -t nemo-n950 -m sdk-install -R zypper dup07:59
faenilrcg, sorry I was afk yesterday, need anything?07:59
faenilzbenjamin, lol, what's the problem?07:59
zbenjaminbut it was either glib or gcc that refused to upgrade because of wrong architecture08:00
faenilinstalling this target is becoming too difficult...08:00
faenilwoot? :O08:00
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faenilpaste error08:00
zbenjaminSubprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: package libgcc-4.6.4-1.1.35.armv7hl is intended for a different architecture08:01
faenilStskeeps, ^08:01
faenilzbenjamin, did you create the sb2 target yourself with mic create?08:01
zbenjaminsudo mic create fs --record-pkgs=name -o /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/ --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=armv7hl <KS_FILENAME> --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel08:02
zbenjaminthats what i used08:02
zbenjaminfrom the guide08:02
rcgfaenil, np, ws just asking if there is a new tarball for nemo+wayland08:03
faenilrcg, don't know about tarballs sorry, try asking locusf and sledges :) they usually upload stuff, my connection is too slow for that08:03
rcgfaenil, aye, thx :)08:03
faenilzbenjamin, and you used this?
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rcgbtw. does anyone of you have a hint what could be going wrong when i cannot log into the sailfish sdk vms?08:12
rcgessentially, i seem to struggle with adding my key to the authorized_keys08:13
zbenjaminfaenil: where does the libgcc package check for the version?08:13
zbenjaminor is this a runtime check maybe?08:13
rcglog in via ssh, i.e.08:13
zbenjaminjust guessing, but ssh is running?08:14
rcgalready added the vm to the known_hosts08:14
zbenjaminand authorizing with keys is enabled?08:14
rcgshould be08:14
rcgam using the default sailfish sdk vms08:15
rcgonly problem is that i cannot log in via ssh08:15
zbenjaminand your key is added to authorized_keys... hmmm wasn'T there something that sshd refuses to use authorized_keys when the permissions wrong on the file or the parent dir?08:15
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zbenjaminmaybe check the logs08:16
zbenjaminrcg: how did you copy the ssh keys to the vm?08:17
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zbenjaminbecause: Tools→Options→Devices Deploy Public Key doesn't work. Instead copy the public key of your keypair to ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/nemo/authorized_keys and ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/root/authorized_keys Those files are accessed on the emulator using shared folders08:18
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zbenjaminfaenil: no idea about my problem?08:19
rcgsorry, cannot reply that quickly. gotta take care of the boy at times08:19
rcgzbenjamin, yeah, added my public key to SailfishOS/mersdk/ssh/mersdk/authorized_keys etc.08:20
zbenjaminrcg: well than i can only tell you to check the logs ...08:20
zbenjaminmaybe there is some clue why you cannot log in08:21
faenilzbenjamin, it looks strange...08:21
rcghmpf, there is no ssh log08:22
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rcgcat .ssh/ >> SailfishOS/mersdk/ssh/mersdk/authorized_keys08:23
rcgapparently missed to add a new line between the existing and the new key08:24
rcgmanually adding a line break helped08:24
zbenjaminfaenil: i have no etc/rpm/platform in the target maybe thats the problem?08:24
rcgalright, now it works08:24
rcgthx for your help :)08:24
faenilzbenjamin, you skipped some steps? :P08:25
zbenjamini did?08:25
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faenilzbenjamin, or wiki has been refactored08:27
faenilzbenjamin, try "echo -n "armv7hl-meego-linux" > etc/rpm/platform"08:29
zbenjaminworked... where did you get that from?08:30
zbenjaminyou have to add that to your guide08:33
faenilzbenjamin, I think I didn't add it for a reason...but yeah, got to add it it seems ;)08:34
faenilstrange that none had this problem though, or none said he did08:34
zbenjaminbecause your link points to far below
faenilyes I know, because I wanted to avoid messing around with different commands08:34
faenilas the sb2-init command is different08:34
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faenilI'm misremembering :)08:35
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zbenjaminfaenil: yay: hello: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, BuildID[sha1]=63d7d5b5efe39f99abfff25933880442f017b239, not stripped08:41
faenilzbenjamin, added directions
faenilzbenjamin, great :)08:43
faenilzbenjamin, so, anything else you think needs to be fixed in the wiki?08:44
* zbenjamin looks08:44
locusfrcg: I can cook one tarball right now, one moment :)08:45
zbenjaminin the .profile example there are some \ before the $08:45
zbenjamincopy & paste does not work08:45
zbenjaminline 2 , 3 and 408:46
faenilzbenjamin, how to fix that? :/08:46
zbenjaminerr no08:46
faenilcopypaste works ok here?08:46
zbenjaminremove the \08:46
faenilyou said copypaste doesn't work08:47
zbenjaminyeah but executing the .profile then breaks08:47
faenilah ok08:47
faenilneed to remove those slashes?08:47
rcglocusf, cool :)08:48
rcglocusf, but i don't want to cause you any trouble08:48
zbenjaminfaenil: yeah08:48
faenilactually now that I'm at gf's I have super fast university connettion xD08:49
faenilzbenjamin, alright, I'll trust you on that :)08:49
zbenjaminline 2 , 4 and 6 it is08:49
zbenjaminfaenil: rules ;)08:49
faenilit's been like that for ages :)08:49
locusfrcg: no trouble :)08:50
locusfI just got my internet speed upgraded so enjoying the benefits08:50
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faenilahah cool :)08:50
faenilbut yeah, I don't understand why there were \ in there..08:51
zbenjaminmaybe a older wiki version required that?08:51
faenilmm could be08:51
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faenilzbenjamin, anything else? maybe the hosts fix?08:53
zbenjaminfaenil: just out of curiosity could i now create my own image file from within the sdk?08:53
zbenjaminaaa yeah the hosts fix... that just needs to be clear it has to be in the SDK08:53
faenilzbenjamin, you already created an image from within the sdk08:53
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zbenjaminwhere is it then?08:54
faenilzbenjamin, the target you created08:54
faenilor are you talking about an image to flash the n9?08:54
zbenjaminok but i need a binary image if i want to flash it right ;)08:54
zbenjaminnow we are talking ;)08:54
faenilah ok, there is a different .ks for that08:55
zbenjaminstill need to get to know all the tools08:56
zbenjaminwould be nice if there where some overvierw that gives a brief explanation about the required tools08:56
faenilzbenjamin, feel free to write one after you get everything fixed :)08:57
faenilI've been documenting for some time this summer :P08:57
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faenilzbenjamin, anything else to fix on the wiki?08:59
zbenjaminnothing i can think of atm08:59
rcglocusf, :)08:59
zbenjaminfaenil: ok i guess next step is flashing my n9 ;)09:00
faenilzbenjamin, :) so you could find the hosts fix while following the guide?09:00
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zbenjaminhm i saw it somewhere yes09:00
zbenjaminfaenil: we fixed this already
faenilyes but do you get there when following the tutorial?09:01
zbenjaminno , because you only have to read until the until the "Basic Tasks" section (excluded).09:03
faenilzbenjamin, exactly09:06
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faenilthat was my worry09:07
faenilzbenjamin, I'll just copy the command over09:08
faenilgod I hate this redundancy on Wiki09:08
faenilthings get outdated in no time and you have no way to track them09:08
faenilok, I guess we're done fixing the wiki09:13
faenillocusf, that token is temporary right?09:14
faenilwe can't put it on wiki09:14
locusffaenil: I dunno09:14
locusfget rid of em and test :)09:14
rcglocusf, cool, thx :)09:14
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locusffaenil: yeah it works without the parameters09:15
rcglocusf, just ported one of my apps to qt5. am now going to try to see if it runs on nemo wayland as well. so, the new image comes very handy. :D09:15
locusffaenil: so this
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faenilstrange, I don't know if that will last09:16
faenilbut anyway, let's try, I'll update the wiki ;)09:16
faenilzbenjamin, if you happen to remember anything that needs fixing let me know, and thank you very much for providing feedback on the tutorial :)09:18
faenillocusf, deleted button style qml file by accident yesterday evening, lol09:19
locusffaenil: lol, did you have a backup?09:19
faenilbut no problem, it's small stuff09:19
faenilI'll do it again09:19
faenilI was editing it on-device, and then installed a new package, without saving that file :D09:19
faeniland it was overwritten09:20
faenilI have to start editing on host and then scp'ing over :P09:20
zbenjaminfaenil: will do09:31
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faenilqwazix, ping09:38
qwazixfaenil, pong09:39
faenilqwazix, you know the Button may have a Menu associated to it? :D09:40
faenil"a menu component for use in menu bars, as context menu, and other popup menus."09:41
faenilnot just contextmenu09:41
aknightagain, a throwback from qwidgets09:41
qwazixwe don't have such thing, that's desktop09:41
faenilaknight, eh :/09:41
aknightremember that desktop components were made to replace widgets09:41
faenilaknight, these are not desktop components, this is what should land on iOS and Android...:/09:42
aknightfaenil: well those platforms don't have to style desktop cases09:42
aknightbut the api/functionality is there09:42
jonwilI dodn't know that QT was ever a candidate for iOS?09:42
faenilaknight, ok, so what is the official position? ignore if there is a menu assigned to it?09:43
aknightanyway it uses the same menu api. style is normally an extra triangle on the button09:43
faenilaknight, yes ;)09:43
aknightfaenil: you will want to provide a menu style as it is used elsewhere. i don't think you need to provide the menu hint on the button if you don't want to support that use case09:43
faenilaknight, ok ;)09:43
faenilof course MenuStyle will be there09:44
faenilbut ok, I'll just ignore the hint ;)09:44
qwazixfaenil, this is our menu (without the gradient header, I have to change that to black)09:44
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faenilthat's a header/toolbar, not a menu09:45
qwazixtrue, but the items in the harmattan components menu will go there09:47
faenilqwazix, ? "QML Menu Element. Menu component for selecting a menu item from a list of menu items"09:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile09:50
qwazixfaenil, it's just different visual, the header might have a menu in it or other items. I don't know if I'm making sense here09:52
faenilwhat matter is the menu attached to a button is the list one :)09:52
qwazixI'd say ignore it for now09:53
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning :)09:54
faenilhey :)09:54
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faenilwonder if we should provide a SystemPalette for Nemo09:56
faenilnah let's keep it Glacier specific09:56
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faenildear people, rejoice! \o/,6373310:13
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faenillocusf, those are dialogs10:15
faenilwe didn't have that in QtQuick2 or QQC10:15
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile10:16
faenilthough it looks very desktop-y10:16
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :O10:18
faenilthough it really looks desktop-only :/10:18
Sfiet_Konstantinimo, useful10:18
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: can't we theme them ?10:18
faenildon't think so10:19
faenilthey're QtQuick2, not QQC (yet, they plan to move dialogs to QQC)10:19
faenildon't know when that will happen though :/10:20
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ZogG_laptopfaenil, Sfiet_Konstantin o/10:23
Sfiet_Konstantinhey ZogG_laptop !10:23
faenilo/ ZogG_laptop10:23
ZogG_laptopfaenil: you never sleep ah?10:24
ZogG_laptophow your gf still with you?10:24
faenilZogG_laptop, yup, photoshopping pictures from holiday :)10:24
faenilphotoshopping is a strong word :P10:24
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faenilZogG_laptop, even less :D10:28
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: painting :D10:28
faenilkind of :D10:28
ZogG_laptopso in holiday pictures you added yourself ? as at all pictures you wasn't there coz you was here?10:30
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faenilI didn't even use the laptop during holiday10:32
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Morpog_PCmorning :)10:56
locusfquite a morning lol10:57
locusfits 2pm here :D10:57
Morpog_PC1pm here ,)10:57
locusfok :)10:57
Morpog_PCworst thing is I don't know if I should take a breakfast or have lunch, or skip it at all and just drink a coffee and prepare for dinner later :)10:59
locusfyep :)11:00
ZogG_laptopMorpog_PC: what about brunch?11:01
Morpog_PCtoo late :)11:01
Morpog_PCI went for a yoghurt11:01
ZogG_laptopi remember when dinner was middle one and supper was last one11:01
ZogG_laptopi have yougurt too11:02
ZogG_laptopi'll go with tea + cake from gf and yougurt11:02
Morpog_PCsounds good11:02
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locusfstill need to do some studying, then I'll crack on the font selection issue12:13
faenillocusf, don't talk about studying....crap, I've got to start studying for the next exam :(12:15
locusffaenil: :)12:17
faenilNemo is too tempting :P12:17
faenilI already forgot what we decided regarding the u constant xD12:22
locusflol it can happen :D12:30
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: we should use Qt's internal way to handle dpi12:35
Sfiet_Konstantinand get rid of u12:35
Sfiet_Konstantinnot get rid of you, but of u of cause12:35
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, :P12:35
faenilof COURSE!! XD12:35
ZogG_laptopoh him12:36
faenilanyway, it's not clear if Qt's env var is what we need12:36
ZogG_laptopGET RID OF FAENIL!!!!! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!12:36
faenilbecause that only affects pixmaps from that I understood12:36
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: :D12:36
faenilZogG_laptop, lol12:36
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: imo, we need a nice QPA12:36
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, :/12:36
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: we can see12:37
Sfiet_Konstantinand experiment12:37
Sfiet_Konstantin(right now, i can't, because i'm coding simething else :()12:37
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ZogG_laptopwhat are you coding12:45
ZogG_laptoptell us the secret12:45
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: something boring for course12:46
ZogG_laptopwe love boring12:48
Sfiet_Konstantineverybody loves boring12:48
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Morpog_PCim speccing listview in 3 sizes atm13:07
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile13:07
faenilMorpog_PC, great13:07
Morpog_PCis it possible to have a listview component that can have different variations?13:08
Morpog_PClike the biggest size variation 1 = 3 colums, with headers13:08
Morpog_PCvariation 2 = 3 collums, no headers13:08
Morpog_PCand so on?13:08
Morpog_PCor do I need to spec for every variation?13:09
Morpog_PCthere are lots of combinations unfortunately13:09
faenildon't know :/13:11
faenilplease keep controls in mind13:11
faeniland try to spec those :)13:11
Morpog_PComg :(13:12
faeniltrying to make our life more difficult? :D13:13
Morpog_PCwhat would the equivalent to a listview be there?13:13
faenilwell, ListView is QtQuick, not QQC13:13
Morpog_PCthats why I ask for equivalent :)13:13
faenilyou use ListView...don't need equivalent13:14
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: wait what13:15
Sfiet_Konstantincan you describe the 3 variations ?13:15
Morpog_PCok I'm confused :)13:15
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, well there could be more variations13:16
Morpog_PCI do an example pic, second13:16
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: thanks :)13:16
Morpog_PCsee that as variation 113:17
Morpog_PCnow imagine the same list without those headers sperating13:18
Morpog_PCor a list without those icons13:18
Morpog_PCor a list without icons and only 1 textfield13:18
Morpog_PCand and and13:18
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile13:19
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: I consider that you should split into speccing 2 things13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinor 313:19
Sfiet_Konstantinspec the header13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinand spec the "delegate"13:19
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can even spec the delegate with 3 components, like spec the icon, the spec the label(s) and spec the arrow13:19
Morpog_PCatm I got all in one13:20
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, shader driving me crazy :D13:20
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :D13:20
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: better separate: the header is a component in QML, and the "delegate", another one13:21
Morpog_PCwhat do you refer to as "header"?13:21
Morpog_PCthe one above specced by qwazix? ignore it, it's just there to see how it looks like13:22
faenilMorpog_PC the top "Settings" is the header13:22
Morpog_PCjust ignore that bit13:22
Morpog_PClook at 2nd pic13:22
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: this spec is "ok", only missing is the spacing between icon and boder13:22
Sfiet_Konstantinand icon - label spacing13:22
Sfiet_Konstantinwe can deconstruct your spec to simple components13:23
Sfiet_Konstantinand if we are angry with your specs, we will ping you :P13:23
Morpog_PCso it would be enough that way?13:23
faenildon't forget font sizes13:23
Sfiet_Konstantinok for this imo13:23
faeniletc etc13:23
Morpog_PCAnd I should do all variations then?13:23
faenilopacity, bla bla bla13:23
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: forget the variations13:23
Sfiet_Konstantinwe can understand13:23
*** n9mx has quit IRC13:23
Morpog_PCfaenil, sure those will on the right side, just imagine the other specs13:24
Sfiet_Konstantinfont size indeed13:24
faenilMorpog_PC, I'd suggest: Header, ListItem, SectionItem13:24
faenilsomething like that13:24
faenilbut you should first see how it works in QQC, you have to see how it handles headers and sections, if it does13:24
Morpog_PCor I ignore that bit and let it to you figuring that out :)13:25
faenilthat wouldn't be nice, but your choice :)13:25
Morpog_PCAs I'm sure I would misinterpret some stuff anyway13:25
*** sledges has quit IRC13:25
faenilyeah but, you can't just dream,sketch,and let us do the dirty job :P13:25
Morpog_PCnot sure if that would help alot13:25
faenilyou should spec based on what's possible with QQC13:26
Morpog_PCyou see I can ;)13:26
faeniland what we have to add on top of them13:26
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile13:26
Morpog_PCfaenil sure, but It#s not easy to understand such stuff without seeing how that works in the end13:26
Morpog_PCthats a bit too abstract for me13:26
faenilMorpog_PC, that's why you have to try QQC first :)13:27
Morpog_PCand how and where shall I try that if it doesn't exist?13:27
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: IMO, Morpog_PC's specs are clearly enough here13:29
Sfiet_Konstantin(missing font size)13:29
Sfiet_Konstantinwe can manage13:29
Sfiet_Konstantinand we should use ListView13:29
Morpog_PCit's just a part of the spec :)13:29
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: ah ? font size are specced elsewhere ? ok13:29
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile13:29
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, have you watched our other specs?13:30
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: not muched, at least I don't know them by heart :)13:30
Sfiet_Konstantinso I might missed some :)13:30
Morpog_PCthats how a final spec looks like:
Morpog_PCfont size and colors, etc. are on that right bar13:31
Sfiet_Konstantinspeaking about qwazix's switch design, I wonder why is he using assets and no shaders or Rectangle for his switch13:31
Morpog_PCwell, it was my design .)13:31
Sfiet_Konstantinfor the circular switch handle it might be better to use assets though13:32
Morpog_PCcircular button has a gradient13:32
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: becase I'm thinking if glacier should be black and blue only13:32
Sfiet_Konstantinor if the blue can be replaced, just like in WP13:32
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC13:32
faenilmm maybe I don't need to create my own shader :)13:32
Morpog_PCI used rectangle for switch, but sledges proposed a circular one13:33
Morpog_PCafter discussing with qwazix and him we went curcular13:33
Morpog_PCah Sfiet_Konstantin misunderstood you13:33
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: search for graphicaleffects faenil13:34
Sfiet_Konstantinthere are a lot of nice stuff here :)13:34
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, yes that's what I was talking about :)13:34
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: hehe :)13:34
Morpog_PCwell, as I wasn't sure about performance for rectangle that dynamically changes it'S color, I used images for it13:34
faenilI wanted to code my own shader, but it might be much easier this way :P13:34
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, feel free to use rectangle instead of those images when realising the switch.13:35
Sfiet_KonstantinRectangle is better than any asset13:35
Sfiet_Konstantinassets are bad13:35
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: should we be able to change the main color from blue ?13:36
Sfiet_Konstantincould be nice :)13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat do you think13:36
Morpog_PCthe activate color?13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: reuse is better than reinventing the wheel :)13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: you will have opportunity to do your own shader :D13:36
Morpog_PCwell, rest of UI uses that color for important stuff, not sure what other colors ypu got in mind?13:36
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, definitely, but learning is better than always taking things done by somebody else ;)13:36
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, yeah ;)13:37
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: think windows phone13:37
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, I coded some shaders in the past, but it was some time ago13:37
Sfiet_Konstantinthey allow the user to select the color they want for "highlighted" stuff13:37
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: it is more a matter of balance13:37
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, sounds nice, but won't work with all colors13:37
Sfiet_Konstantinand I'm sure that Digia's shaders are highly optimized ;)13:37
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: what colors do you have in mind ?13:38
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm just thinking about providing 6 or 12 colors, just for the sake of customization13:38
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, that would work13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinor we can use colors for an application (think harmattan this time)13:38
Morpog_PCor that too13:38
Morpog_PCbut app developers are ignoring such stuff13:39
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: not core developers13:39
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: and on harmattan, the theming was awefully done13:39
Sfiet_Konstantinwe can do better13:39
Stskeepsthere was theming in harmattan?13:39
Sfiet_Konstantinwe can also have the WP theming style13:39
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: na, just about the color change in different applications13:39
locusfwhat are shaders btw?13:40
Stskeepsopengl shaders13:41
Stskeeps / qml shadereffect13:41
faenilMorpog_PC, what about the color of the button pressed state?13:41
Morpog_PCjust look at the harmattan icon colors, everyone ignore those ctegories :)13:41
Morpog_PCI think a system wide setting for highlights would work better13:41
Morpog_PCfaenil, ?13:41
Morpog_PCthats what we are talking about13:41
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: +1 about system wide highlight13:41
Sfiet_Konstantinwe need a global Theme object IMO13:42
faenillocusf, C-ish code for GPU to modify vertices or pixels13:42
Sfiet_Konstantin(just like sailfish)13:42
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, there is already, don't worry :)13:42
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: we should include the highlight color in Theme then :)13:42
locusffaenil: oh ok13:43
qwazixMorpog_PC, Sfiet_Konstantin, faenil regarding specs let's agree to the following: It's okay to propose a solution in the spec (or better in the blog post that accompanies it) but if the developer feels strongly there is a better programming solution that achieves the same effect (or awefully similar) he is free to modify13:43
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: awesome :)13:43
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, ;) not sure I'd call it highlight, but yes13:43
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :)13:44
faenillocusf, and this is what you can do with them13:44
faenilqwazix, yes I agree with that13:44
*** Pat_o has quit IRC13:44
faenilthe thing is graphics people should have in mind which controls they're styling imho13:44
qwazixfaenil, I don't like "highlight" either. "Accent color" is better13:44
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: nice vid13:44
Morpog_PCqwazix, sounds sane!13:45
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: accentColor ?13:45
Sfiet_Konstantinsounds great13:45
*** ispn has joined #nemomobile13:45
Sfiet_Konstantinhello ispn13:45
qwazixSfiet_Konstantin, yeah13:45
*** chouchoune has quit IRC13:45
faenilqwazix, so, the important button's color is accentColor as well, right?13:45
ispnI just got redirected to Nemo a few minutes ago by a friend, who heard me ranting about Android and Google policies, so I decided to drop by and ask some questions =)13:46
qwazixispn, fire away13:46
Morpog_PCwe would need to set different colors and alter images too for those variations13:46
faenilispn, welcome aboard :)13:46
faenilispn, want me to introduce you to the Sdk, ndk, pdk, tdk?13:47
faenillol :D just kidding ;)13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: :D13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: don't frighten people :D13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: welcome :)13:47
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: what kind of images ?13:47
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, :D13:47
qwazixMorpog_PC, with the shader work faenil is doing  we might not have to use images for those things13:48
*** phako has quit IRC13:48
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: if we can use shaders we might not need to have versions of images etc.13:48
*** phako has joined #nemomobile13:48
qwazixSfiet_Konstantin, beat you!13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah :D13:48
faenilqwazix, maybe Qt has an easy solution for us so I don't have to waste time taking out shaders book :D13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinit is nice to see nemo so alive :)13:48
*** Morpog_ has joined #nemomobile13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: don't be so sure :)13:48
faenilguys, silence please, ispn has disappeared already :D13:48
ispnOKay, I'm new to mobile devices, up till now running around with a laptop. Got an ANdroid tablet by sheer accident, it's a local version of Chinese Bmorn K22, running on quad ARM, ATM7029.13:48
Sfiet_KonstantinQt have _some_ solutions13:49
Morpog_qwazix, well, if thats more performant than pre generated imnages?13:49
ispnNo, no, I'm just preparing all the stuff, because tablets are a virgin ground for me. Never touched them with a ten foot pole up till now :P13:49
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, we need RadialBlur :)13:49
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_: it is13:49
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_: like close to no CPU consumption, everything is done in GPU13:49
Sfiet_Konstantinand no disk IO13:49
qwazixIt was Sfiet_Konstantin's turn to beat me13:49
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: ok13:50
Morpog_well, but I'm sure you cannot do everything with a shader :)13:50
ispnSo the first question is: can I get Nemo running on this?13:50
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: you want to start hacking on it ? :)13:50
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_: you can do a lot13:50
faenilispn, Stskeeps is the best person to help with that13:50
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: we don't really know: we don't know all hw out there, but you can figure out13:50
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: yes, but it... like... doesn't even have Xorg T_T Don't know how to start.13:50
qwazixMorpog_ you can also generate gradients on the fly, probably with less cost than reading from disk13:50
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: first question, that could be nice: does it have fastboot13:51
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile13:51
faenilispn, we got rid of Xorg! \o/13:51
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: ok, how? Root it, and then what?13:51
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC13:51
ispnfaenil: Yes, I know! Saw the Wayland progress link on the wiki, didn't chew through it yet.13:51
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: I don't know Android world much, but having fastboot mode (something that can be used with android SDK tool called "fastboot") is really nice13:51
qwazixispn, this might help
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: like try to boot it by holding volume down, or volume up etc.13:52
faenilispn, well, I think we got rid of lots of Qt4/x11 stuff, not sure you'll be able to get Nemo running on it using x1113:52
Sfiet_Konstantinsee if something called "fastboot mode shpws up"13:52
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: he can use Wayland though13:52
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, yes of course, I was telling him to forget x11, in a nice way :D13:52
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: X11 have to be forgotten anyway :)13:53
*** arcean has quit IRC13:53
ispnfaenil: I don't insist on Xorg, just the way stuff is done on the mobile devices with touch interfaces freaks me out, totally not used to it/not wnough knowledge yet.13:53
faenilispn, no problem, we're all newbies here apart from big heads :D13:54
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: don't be afraid if you are ready to learn13:54
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile13:54
Sfiet_Konstantinit is "simple" and lot of fun13:54
ispnSo, can I actually kick out Android completely, like you do with 'normal' computers, and install Nemo in pace of it? and tuck away the Android image somewhere safe if I need it?13:55
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: tried finding out if you can fastboot ?13:55
ispnOr do I have to use Android to boot into Nemo image?13:55
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: ok, wait a second, I have to check the term, and check the tablet.13:55
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: maybe you can use an Android bootloader13:56
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm very bad at this too13:57
Sfiet_KonstantinI don't know much about it sadly :(13:57
qwazixispn, it's improbable that there are native linux/glibc drivers for your device, so you need some parts of android13:57
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: but not an Android image13:57
qwazixSfiet_Konstantin, right13:57
Sfiet_Konstantinthe first question: how to flash a non -Android image on it13:57
Sfiet_Konstantinwe will of cause use Stskeeps's libhybris13:57
qwazixispn, also bear in mind that nemo/wayland is under heavy development and some things don't work completely13:58
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, of COURSE! XD13:58
faenilispn, yea, don't expect something daily-usable13:58
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: I got here from the Warsaw Hackerspace mailing list. Everyone, even the folk with negative attitudes towards Google, are using Droid. And 15 mails into the thread an Apple junkie sent me a ling to Nano :P So I'm afraid we are in a standard situation, sadly.13:58
ispnfaenil: I want video, books and images, so I can read stuff, watch tutorials... basically a display with some hard drive, running FAST. So nothing fancy.13:59
ispnFor fancy stuff I got a laptop :/13:59
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: don't even expect that13:59
faenilispn, heheeh ^13:59
Sfiet_Konstantinat least don't expect it now14:00
faenilispn, as said, transition to wayland broke everything, so we're building up from scratch mostly14:00
ispnokay, commandline and I'm all comfy =)))14:00
faenilispn, :D14:00
ispnI can wait =)14:00
Sfiet_Konstantinwe are still facing some challenges, and lacking of devs is one of them14:00
Sfiet_Konstantinso if ispn you want to learn and join our forces, you are really welcome14:00
Sfiet_Konstantinyou will see, we are friendly over there :)14:00
ispnYes, this is a problem everywhere :( I notice this all around FLOSS world more and more, especially since corpos started to go open source and suck in the market =(14:01
qwazixbbl    \o14:02
Sfiet_Konstantinbbl qwazix14:02
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: it is not a problem. We are also supported by a company here14:02
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: re: fastboot, I think I can get it to run, but not now. I'll start with that (Adroid wiki, duh! But I needed a search keyword) and get back here, trying to get Nemo working.14:02
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: better start with fastboot14:03
Sfiet_Konstantinafter that we will be able to easily flash a kernel into your device14:03
Sfiet_Konstantinand an image14:03
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: That's good to hear! It always good to have a bit of organization/infrastructure, puts an edge to projects.14:03
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile14:04
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: yes, this is exactly what I needed to get this started. I had no idea about the level of embedding Android holds on such devices, and none of the hacks I was searhcing for gave any definite answers.14:05
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: it is hard with a noname chinese device hjonestly14:05
Sfiet_Konstantinit is easier with a Nexus 714:05
Sfiet_Konstantingood luck with it14:05
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: Well, as long as the tablet doesn't get bricked/boots images, it's gonna be fine =)14:06
*** louisdk has quit IRC14:07
ispnI'll get back here and post the results, and drop some news on our mailinglist in the mean time. Chance is I'll get more people interested, so we can hack away at it more collectively.14:07
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: no problem :)14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinyou might also want to get in touch with Stskeeps14:08
Sfiet_KonstantinI will try here with the Galaxy S2 one day14:08
Sfiet_Konstantinso maybe I will face similar issues and we can collaborate14:08
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: whoa, he's from my location!14:09
ispnStskeeps: Siemasz :)14:10
Stskeepsispn: i may be in warsaw/poland but i'm not polish ;)14:10
ispnSorry :D14:10
Stskeepsno problem - good to see more people from warsaw here14:10
Stskeepsdo you have kernel source for the device?14:11
ispnStskeeps: okay, in short: a friend from the Warsaw HAckerspace gave me a link to Nemo, and I'm surprised no one in the hackerspace did anything with it yet, even though a lot of people have Android.14:11
Stskeepsispn: ah, been in hackerspace two-three times14:12
Stskeepsit's always hard to let go of working-for-daily-usage experiences14:12
Stskeepsso it blocks people contributing to those until they're ready for daily usage, it's a bit of a catch 22 :P14:13
ispnStskeeps: you mean that people are not willing to sacrifice comfort of use/user experience?14:14
Stskeepsuntil you use a sw daily and as your primary device, in mobile, it's often hard to justify working a lot on it :P14:14
* Stskeeps works at who makes commercial product based on mer core+nemo middleware14:15
Stskeepsand even for those products primary device is the most important14:15
ispnBUT WHAT ABOUT FUN D: Damn, people forget about fun. And independence. And knowing your damn software from the bottom up! argh.14:15
ispnHmm, we've had a thread about Jolla running just recently...14:16
Stskeepswell, i'm sure you'll feel right at home here14:16
faenilispn, can't agree more14:16
faenilispn, I find it hard to meet devs who believe in those things :D14:16
Stskeepsispn: at we were demoing the device at least; we had a sailfishos sdk install fest in hackerspace14:16
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: +114:17
*** sardini has joined #nemomobile14:18
Sfiet_Konstantinwoooow ... QDBusConnection::connect is strange :O14:18
ispnStskeeps: yes, there was someone who saw it as far as I rememebr... I didn't really get into this thread, because I was like EEEW MOBILE GETITOFFME, and then suddenly became part of 'the crowd' by sheer accident (T-Mobile gives away those ARM tablets for nothing recently, you may have seen the ads)14:18
ispnand now I'm playing catchup14:18
Stskeepsi've recently hacked a alcatel one touch fire, nice little kit14:18
faenilcrap, I overrode wrong button style :D14:19
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: hehe14:19
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: how is your solution to hack into Androidish devices ?14:19
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: going forward.. working with lbt to document it14:19
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm usually trying to get fastboot on it, but is there a nicer soluiton ?14:19
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: cool, awesome14:19
Stskeepswell, get to fastboot mode is pretty much requirement14:19
ispnStskeeps: q3k from HS-WAW has a six-core ARM afaik, on a board from china, with HDMI and DP, guys tried to hardwire my Dp ipad screen to it but it wouldn't boot. DP probably not working on rev1. Pity, would be a beast.14:21
ispnStskeeps: yes, I will, and I'll try to get the folks in the HS fired up about this, someone _will_ try to get it running once I'm done. I'll let you know then.14:21
Stskeepsispn: well, feel free to ask here on topics14:22
Stskeepsmobile is exciting but also challenging14:22
ispnYes, I'll get back here once I get Nemo running, or encounter issues.14:22
Stskeepshehe, trust me , you'll want to stay in here ;)14:23
ispnStskeeps: yes, whole different world for me :/ I was like 'where do I start, what do I do', completely alien ground.14:23
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: feel free to add this chan to your autoconnect :D14:23
ispnStskeeps: I want to already :D14:23
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: Stskeeps can mentor you (if he have time)14:23
Stskeepsispn: but anyway, i'm in .fi the next week, but after that i'm happy to try and help a bit in person14:24
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: I connect manually, IRC is too compulsive for me, I waste away too much time.14:24
Stskeeps(in hackerspace for example)14:24
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: ...14:24
ispnStskeeps: yes, that would be great!14:24
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: Don't worry, I'll be coming here :)14:25
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: also, I'm not much of a worthwhile addition to _anywhere_. I'm focusing on 3d modelling and animation, and _learning_ system/programming stuff in my free time.14:26
Sfiet_Konstantinispn: why not14:26
Sfiet_Konstantineverybody can hack14:26
Stskeepsispn: you should love opengl es shaders in QML then .. ;)14:26
ispnSfiet_Konstantin: so there's not much I can contribute code-wise, except for talking about it, showing it around. I can swear that if I get it running a dozen of people will get hooked on it.14:27
ispnBig if.14:27
ispnStskeeps: i've heard of people using Blender on tablets, they even get a new UI for this :D14:27
Stskeepsispn: -- with mobile technologies14:28
ispnStskeeps: full HD  <-- OH WOW :O On a raspi?! this stuff is amazing!14:33
dm8tbrhint: the RPI GPU is n-times larger than the ARM core...14:34
*** niqt has quit IRC14:35
ispndm8tbr: yes, I've heard that it sucks at a lot of tasks. Has considerable lag on audio as far as I've seen. I didn't feel driven to hack at it, time constraints won't let me :/14:36
ispnAnyway! Got to go now, I'll get the tablet fastbooted - or not, and in either case, report back.14:36
ispnFor the time being, I'll drop some info on the HS lists. If we manage I'll do a tutorial for these tablets.14:38
ispnSo, off to work :) Thanks again!14:38
faenil:) great14:38
Sfiet_Konstantinbye ispn14:38
Sfiet_Konstantinsee ya14:38
faenilalterego, there's an app on BB10 (android app) which measures your heartrate just by covering the camera with your finger14:40
*** ispn has quit IRC14:40
alteregoYeah, never really thought too much about how you can use sensors for stuff like that.14:40
faenilyeah, but I mean, camera is are they measuring pulse?14:41
faenilwith the mic maybe?14:41
faenilit's not like they can do img analysis14:41
alteregoI'd imagine the small amount of light that goes through your skin.14:41
alteregoWell, they might.14:41
alteregoIs the mic situated right next to the camera?14:41
faenilalterego, don't know if there's a secondary mic14:42
faenilalso, if it was the light it wouldn't work in the evening14:42
alteregoI guess as it's an Android app, how could the writers know anyway.14:42
faenilyeah :)14:42
faenilcool stuff anyway14:43
dm8tbrthe CMOS-sensor Geiger-counter is quite real though14:43
dm8tbrnot very good and accurate but real14:43
dm8tbrradiation causes sensor scintilation14:44
alteregoIt'd be cool if you could get at the hyper sensitive accel data from the image stabilizer in the cameras themselves.14:44
dm8tbrtape over the sensor and you can see those as bright blips in the pixels14:44
alteregoI like the metal detecting magnetometer :)14:44
alteregodm8tbr: yeah, similar to the search for neutrinos.14:44
dm8tbressentially, yes, same effect14:45
locusfQGuiApplication::setFont(QFont("OpenSansRegular")); <- this doesn't work out of the box :/14:46
faenillocusf, OpenSans-Regular ?14:47
alteregoI heard someone else complaining about fonts yesterday.14:47
faenilalterego, probably me asking him to investigate :D14:47
locusffaenil: tried, didn't work14:47
faenillocusf, ok, we have a test at least :D14:47
faeniltest case14:47
locusffaenil: this is btw in main.cpp of colorful-home in case you're wondering14:48
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC14:50
locusffaenil: now it worked14:57
faenilok, so this is not the bug we're looking for14:57
locusffaenil: ?14:58
faenillocusf, I don't know, I think someone said the bug was Qt not using the correct default font as specified14:59
locusffaenil: oh ok14:59
faenilw00t, ?15:00
locusfhmm the problem is that the font is applied only to application names in the launcher and lock screen and such. Launched applications don't respect colorful-homes font15:02
faenilok, that maybe :)15:04
faenillocusf, hint:
faenilso just have to make a small PR to that imho15:08
locusffaenil: ok15:09
faenilI can do that later if you want ;) no problem15:09
*** rcg has quit IRC15:09
locusfthe PR?15:09
*** arcean_ has quit IRC15:13
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile15:15
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile15:18
alteregoHmm, curry with friends then a party this evening. Woop! :)15:26
*** Morpog_N9 has joined #nemomobile15:27
faenilisn't there a way to use recursive definition in js dictionaries?15:28
faenilas in15:28
*** giucam has joined #nemomobile15:28
faenilvar dict = { test: "lol", test2: test }....15:28
faenilsomething like that15:28
alteregoNot sure what you mean.15:29
alteregoDo you mean something like: var dict = new Object(); dict.a.b.c.d = 'test'; ?15:29
faenilalterego, well, I want test2 to have same value as test15:29
alteregoSh, right15:29
Anssi|faenil, does not compile ;)15:29
alteregoThen no15:29
faenilAnssi|, I know my example doesn't compile, I'm asking if js has a way to do that :P15:30
alteregoYou'd have to do: var a = 'test'; var dict = {test: a, test2: a}15:30
faenilyeah of course15:30
faenilwas wondering if it had any language magic for my use case15:30
faenilalright, no problem15:30
Anssi|faenil, i made a custom parser for that15:30
faenilAnssi|, oh :)15:31
Anssi|if i understand what you're trying to do15:32
faenilAnssi|, yes ;)15:32
faenilI had a dict with all theme values, I don't like having to put only one value in a separate var...pff15:34
alteregoHeh, you should see some of the sick things I've been doing with JS recently ;)15:36
alteregoWell, soon enough I'll be releasing the project, so I guess anyone can ^.^15:36
faenilso using a dict makes reuse of values more to change solution15:37
alteregofaenil: there's also: var a = {}; a.test = 'test; a.test2 = a.test;15:38
alteregoOr: var a = {}; a.test = a.test2 = 'test';15:38
faenilalterego, I have all values well layed out...I don't want to scramble things just for that xD15:39
faenilimagine buttonColor = sliderColor = blaColor= anotherColor = commonColor;15:39
Anssi|faenil, maybe you just need to remake the object with all values15:42
faenilAnssi|, what do you mean?15:42
Anssi|faenil, when you said that you don't want to make extra var when values are already in dictionary/json object15:43
faenilwhat do you mean by remaking the object with all values15:43
*** chouchoune has joined #nemomobile15:44
alteregovar o = {}; ['buttonColor', 'sliderColor'].forEach(function(k) {o[k] = '#00000'});15:44
alteregoWhat about that? :P15:44
faenilalterego, no way :D15:45
alteregoYou could hack the prototype to allow something like: var o = {}; o.set(['test', 'test2'], '#000000');15:46
faenilmaybe if I use one js file for each theme I can use that extra var without messing around15:46
alteregoWell, you could hack the prototype to allow: dict.set('test', 'test2', '#000000');15:47
Anssi|faenil, when you talked about recursive of definition.  i guess json is just plain serialization without recursion so it must be plain kind-of type.15:47
faenilalterego, nah, I want it to be as clean as possible15:47
alteregofaenil: define your own dict? :)15:47
*** asterismo has quit IRC15:47
faenilyou mean the abstract data type? :D15:47
Anssi|i basically did it.15:48
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile15:48
faenilbut it shouldn't be needed here :)15:48
Anssi|added prefix so object instance knows how data is interpreted15:48
Anssi|probably is doesn't bring any added value tho.15:52
faenilI'll go the one file per theme way and see if that works out15:53
faenilit should be a good way to do it, keeping things clean15:53
faenilof doing* it15:53
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile15:53
Anssi|i thought it would be clever way but.. meh. object interprets the structure as it pleases anyway, not sure will smarter parser bring too much value. Maybe in the case when it downloads remote references or something before object is actually instanced.15:53
Anssi|faenil, yep. kiss is always good way to go.15:54
Anssi|without sexual harassment ofc. :S15:54
qwazixaw, what a scrollback! lemme catch up15:55
faenilqwazix, sorry it's me making lots of noise when I'm here :D15:55
Anssi|these chans are too quiet anyway, difficult to believe that someone is actually doing here something :D15:56
faenilmmm is there a way to dynamically import .js files? ehehehe :D16:01
faenilor maybe a wildcard on the import statement to load all js files in a folder? :D16:02
faenilasking for too much eh? XD16:03
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile16:07
*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile16:08
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*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile16:08
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*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile16:09
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*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC16:11
qwazixfaenil, there's a way to dynamically load a qml so maybe there is16:11
faenilnot same, unfortunatley16:11
qwazixdirty way: make a qml element with your dicts as properties and load that16:11
faenilyes that's the dirty way ;)16:12
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin16:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:13
qwazixbtw locusf, faenil I didn't really understand your font problem, but I think the correct font name is "Open Sans Regular" and not "OpenSansRegular"16:13
faenilqwazix, as you can read he already set the font correctly for colorful-home16:14
locusfqwazix: actuallt that filename provides "Open Sans"16:14
faenilthe problem is I remember there was a deeper Qt fonr issue16:14
qwazixyeah, that's why I said I didn't really understand the problem, as I didn't expect the camelcased one to work16:15
qwazixthe font names usually work by the name declared inside the font file, regardless of filename (i.e. the one shown with large size in the font viewer when you double-click the font on your desktop)16:16
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile16:16
qwazixsorry scratch that, it is indeed "Open Sans" and it is the name that appears when you click info16:16
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile16:17
faenilI'm reworking components structure, starting to differentiate from tizen choices :)16:23
faenilor maybe not....mmm16:29
*** piiramar has quit IRC16:30
ZogG_laptopfaenil: can i bug you again :)16:53
faenilwhy not :)16:53
ZogG_laptopmind if in private?16:55
*** xhaakon has joined #nemomobile16:56
faenilZogG_laptop, np16:56
*** ericcc_ has joined #nemomobile16:57
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:57
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:06
faenilQUrl::fromLocalFile("path/to/file") should return the path relative to my app folder, or am I missing something?17:13
*** rcg has quit IRC17:16
locusfnot too sure17:22
locusfit could also be relative to working dir of the app17:22
*** xhaakon has quit IRC17:23
faenilin any case, it is homePath here :(17:24
faenilboth QDir::currentPath() shows homePath17:24
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: what's your problem .17:39
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath ?17:40
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, I remember QUrl could open relative paths without using other static calls17:40
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: you shouldn't count on that17:41
Sfiet_Konstantinespecially if you embed this code in a lib and don't know where it is called etc17:41
Sfiet_KonstantinI usually only bet on absolute path17:41
Sfiet_Konstantin(just to be sure)17:41
faenileh, of course that works, bad but works17:41
Sfiet_Konstantinplease :$, absolute path all the time ?17:41
*** n9mx has quit IRC17:42
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile17:42
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, ?17:45
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:45
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: please use absolute path all the time :D17:46
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, that is not a good thing man :P17:46
Sfiet_Konstantinthat is17:46
Sfiet_Konstantina better thing than praying Qt to be able to retrieve your data17:46
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC17:51
*** faenil has quit IRC17:53
*** blam has quit IRC18:03
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile18:05
*** arcean_ has quit IRC18:28
locusfhmm interesting, commit --amend is much more flexible than I have thought19:02
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: indeed19:09
locusfI thought only commit msg's could be amended but I can just replace commit -m "message" with --amend when fixing it once changes have been staged19:11
locusfand then I would rebase -i squash it19:12
locusfqwazix: ping19:17
*** furikku has quit IRC19:28
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile19:32
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:33
zbenjaminwhich one do i need to flash my n9? one of the maemo_flasher binaries?19:35
zbenjaminah i guess flasher_3.12.1_amd64.deb19:35
zbenjaminwhat does that mean? An N950 that can flash the MOSLO, 34 and 39 work.19:36
zbenjaminwhat are those numbers?19:36
zbenjaminfaenil: there is a new image?19:37
faenilzbenjamin, latest one is on wiki19:38
faeniluploaded today by locusf19:38
faenilzbenjamin, or what image are you talking about?19:38
faenil34 and 39 are old Harmattan images19:38
zbenjaminfaenil: yeah i was talking about a new nemo n9 image19:39
zbenjaminstill can't decide if i should use dualboot or ubiboot19:39
locusfwell the dual boot doesn't really work19:40
locusfso if you want real dualboot use ubiboot19:40
zbenjaminok thanks19:40
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile19:48
*** martyone has quit IRC19:49
*** giucam has quit IRC19:52
*** Aranel has quit IRC19:53
faenilzbenjamin, also remember you have to change an env var in ubiboot .conf file19:54
zbenjaminfaenil: i just want dualboot because the wiki says single boot is not recommendet ;)19:54
faenilzbenjamin, yes but nemo will not boot if you don't modify that .conf file :P19:54
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC19:55
zbenjaminwhat about this method :
zbenjamini mean i don't need the nokia image on it ... seems this one is much less work19:55
zbenjaminand why should i waste space if i don't need to19:55
faenilcan't help, I have n950, and I've always used dualboot or ubiboot19:56
faenil(and dualboot doesn't seem to work well on n9)19:56
zbenjaminhmpf ;)19:56
zbenjaminubiboot looks like lots of work ;)19:56
locusfit probably is more work19:56
faenilyeah ubiboot's readme is a complete mess19:57
faenilit's not hard to setup, but that readme really scares the crap out of people19:57
faenil(me included, I wasted quite some time on it)19:57
zbenjaminflashing a custom android rom is a lot easier ;)19:59
faenilzbenjamin, ?19:59
faenilI don't think it's any different20:00
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile20:00
faenilah you mean on android devices20:00
locusfif you want to boot to harmattan you can just reflash the stock kernel20:00
zbenjaminfaenil: yes20:01
zbenjaminlocusf: sounds good, i just want it as a nemo development device20:01
locusfzbenjamin: ok so just go with the dualboot instructions then, don't use ubiboot20:01
*** Anssi| has quit IRC20:02
zbenjaminlocusf: thx20:02
locusfzbenjamin: np20:03
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:03
zbenjaminbbl , cinema time ;)20:03
zbenjaminlets see if the new riddick movie rocks20:04
*** Aranel has quit IRC20:07
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:12
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile20:14
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile20:14
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*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile21:10
faenilqwazix, ping21:12
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile21:17
ZogG_laptopfaenil: go to sleep :P21:19
faenilZogG_laptop, can't sleep anymore, just discovered Button doesn't expose x and y of pressed event21:20
ZogG_laptopfaenil: i made that thing i was trying in qml21:20
faenilZogG_laptop, good :)21:21
ZogG_laptopthe point is that i used quitquick1.1 only21:21
ZogG_laptopso it actually helped me to learn a little bit21:21
faenilwell qtquick2 is the same21:21
ZogG_laptopmaybe one day i'll make commits for nemo :P21:21
faeniljust backend changed21:21
faenilZogG_laptop, now you're talking, finally :P21:21
ZogG_laptopfaenil: actually i thought of lipstick alone21:22
ZogG_laptopbut as i checked it depends on a lot of nemo/meggo stuff21:22
ZogG_laptopi wanted to run it on top of other distro21:22
ZogG_laptopnot that easy21:23
faenilnope :)21:23
ZogG_laptopgotta go to sleep21:23
faenilyeah me too21:23
faenilbut I'm angry with button now xD21:23
ZogG_laptopfaenil: you can see it as you'll know what to do tomorrow :)21:23
faenilinstead of studying xD21:24
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:33
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