Friday, 2013-08-23

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kaltsilocusf: morn, did you figure out the problem from last night with your nemo target?08:04
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kaltsilocusf: from the pastie it looks like the directory where the target rootfs is/was has been removed, but you still have a reference to it inside your ~/.scratchbox2 directory08:05
locusfkaltsi: oh08:09
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locusfkaltsi: the problem is that its not removed :/08:10
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locusfrootfs is still there08:11
kaltsihas the target worked at some point?08:11
locusfyes it has08:11
locusfbut might be that I tried to install the same target on a MerSDK virtualbox machine08:12
kaltsiif you do 'sb2-init' it should show you where it wants to 'cd' to go to that target?08:12
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locusfah I needed to redo it08:14
kaltsithe mersdk virtual machine shares your home directory and if you create targets with the same name inside and outside of it, they will get mixed up08:16
locusfthat was probably the issue08:17
locusfthanks anyways :)08:17
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#401 Rejected promotion request11:29
faenilsmall lunch break :) anyone around?11:34
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fk_lxfaenil: hi11:36
faenilfk_lx, o/11:36
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faenilwill be back in the evening, have fun people!12:27
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rainerschusterI'm digging since 3 days trough the codebase to learn about the events. Currently I'm looking for how the battery change is signal. So far I traced the mce and ngfd as well as the systemui BatteryStatusIndicator and the mlite notifications, but I can't find the missing link how the signal bubbles from the low level to the UI. Can some give me a hint were to look at?13:37
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w00tafaiui: statefs uses contextkit plugins (maybe one day native statefs plugins) to retrieve the data from the hardware (e.g. upower, bme on nokia devices) - it's exposed as a statefs property13:42
rainerschusterYeah, I already found Battery.IsCharging ... so I have to dig deeper into contextkit-nemo I guess13:43
rainerschusterso there is bme > contextkit-nemo > systemui/BatteryStatusIndicator right?13:48
w00tpretty much13:50
w00tthough systemui will be going away with the qt5 move13:50
rainerschusteryes ... so right now I'm looking at the qt4 stuff.13:51
rainerschusterw00t: thx so far. Have to look at the arch of contextkit right now In order to draw a sequence diagram of all the related modules, libs, slots, signals, functions ...13:53
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deztructorrainerschuster: i am writing native statefs providers now, they will replace contextkit ones very soon13:58
deztructorduring next several weeks all contextkit staff will be removed13:58
deztructorbut all properties provided before will be the same to provide bckwd compatibility13:59
rainerschusterdeztructor: thanks for the hint13:59
deztructori hope to replace all providers in ~2 following weeks13:59
deztructorand i am planning to add more properties to the existing set14:00
rainerschusterso how is this than related to bme?14:01
rainerschusterlooking at your repo right now14:01
deztructorrainerschuster: now this flow is quite long and curved :( bme -> contextkit power-bme provider -> contextkit statefs bridge -> statefs clients14:01
rainerschusterso will the BatteryStatusIndicator than be a statefs client?14:03
deztructorbme is providing info on n9(50), on n900 bme api is different, so there is no support for it (i just do not have a time to support also n900), on other devices information is provided by upower14:03
rainerschusterah ok. That makes it much more clear! Thanks for the hint14:03
deztructoryes, it can just use contextkit api linking with statefs-contextkit libs or to use ContextProperty qml component14:04
deztructorContextProperty component is the same as it was before14:04
deztructorundser the hood it uses statefs now14:04
rainerschusterthanks for clearification!14:04
deztructorContextProperty is coming from nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit package14:05
deztructorif you need to use it in qt apps with c++ api (not qml) you can use pkgconfig(contextkit-statefs) coming from statefs-contextkit-subscriber-devel14:07
deztructorthis is all for qt5 clients but there is a similar way for qt414:08
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rainerschuster`deztructor: so following your description I guess the source to look at for me is contextkit-nemo/meego/upower14:19
rainerschusterdezstructor: thanks a lot for your help! you made my day14:22
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deztructorrainerschuster: for all std linux devices except n9(50) - yes14:31
deztructorrainerschuster: not at all :)14:31
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rainerschusterso yes, we are evaluating different platforms and trying  to integrate different libs into yocto/poky to tailor a low power device (no smartphone)14:34
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sledgesw00t, faenil, latest wayland image miced today, still mlite failing, gconftool not. let's crosscheck before i dig deeper into mlite:
sledgesaccording to faenil, this all worked fine for him ^.. ba how :D19:34
specialsledges: why are you not setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS for the gconf calls?19:40
sledgesspecial, because they just work (their getters and setters)19:41
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sledgesi can surely try with.. if otherwise it goes to other dbus socket (?)19:41
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faenilwow it's quite late today :/20:49
faenilsledges, hey :)20:49
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sledgesciao fae! :)20:51
faenilsledges, we! :)20:58
sledgescould you run the commands in your vm from a script above por favor? :))21:00
faenilsledges, doing something else atm, will do that in a bit :)21:05
sledgesthanks :)21:05
faenilanyway I put the set command in the .ks (though w00t said he would massage it into the packaging files, so maybe I'll get rid of that once the packaging is fixed)21:06
faeniland it works :)21:06
faenilused "darko" of course, not some random theme name :P21:06
sledgesas you see, fresh .ks, doesnt work for me21:06
sledgescan you confirm first lines of qmlcalc launch output Theme: "darko" ?21:07
faenilI'll try on VM21:09
faenil(I used the command without configSource there)21:09
faenilMLocalThemeDaemonClient::MLocalThemeDaemonClient(const QString&, QObject*) Theme:  "darko"21:11
faenilEGL_PLATFORM=wayland QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland EGL_DRIVER=egl_gallium EGL_DRIVER=egl_gallium QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION=1 DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket qmlcalc21:12
faenil^ command21:12
sledgesthanks, should get to the bottom of this soon..21:12
sledgesnope, doesn't work for me rrr21:13
sledgescan i get that updated .ks ?21:13
faenilsledges, it's for n95021:16
faenilsolved? :D21:17
sledgesis this what you add:
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faenilsledges, yes21:23
faenilwhere is that from?21:23
faenilI just added the one to set theme name though21:23
faenilnot all the rest21:23
sledgesis legacy21:23
sledgesok, so just first line for config path21:23
faenilyes, and where is it from?21:23
sledgesand then the theme21:23
faenilin %post section of the .ks21:23
sledgesok, will modify and see if vm starts to work...21:24
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sledgesfaenil, it works21:45
faenilsledges, great :)21:45
sledgesbut only when that line set is in %post21:45
sledgesif i execute it manually after installation of vm, it doesnt work21:45
faenilwell, in my case it worked with a simple gconftool-2 -s --type=string21:45
faenilso I don't know what happened there :)21:46
sledgesfaenil, gconftool-2 -s --type=string under root?21:46
faenildon't remember, nemo I think21:46
sledgesanyhoo, thanks faenil I'll crack on21:54
faenilsledges, :)21:55
sledgesok bug21:57
sledges/usr/bin/gconftool-2 -s /meegotouch/theme/name -t string base21:57
sledgesit won't change searched theme name under nemo user21:57
sledgesso local user overrides not possible21:57
faenilsledges, :D21:59
sledgesneither works under root21:59
sledgeswith --direct and config_src works under root ;)22:00
sledgesbut dbus needs to be restarted thereafter for changes to take effect :)22:01
sledgesanyway, we solved the main problem: to have darko and not blanco ;P thanks for that faenil !22:01
faenilsledges, np :) don't know if having darko is good though, I thought we had to get rid of it22:01
sledgeswe will, but having a -theme- now is better than no theme 5P22:02
sledgesas base does not cover it all22:02
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faenilsledges, :D22:04
sledgesalthough even darko now is not picked up wholly due to still open OBS SR (github PR merged, but not tar_git lol)22:05
sledgesso next on todo list is some theming of glacier22:06
sledgeswhat kind of effort was there with tizen guys?22:06
sledgess/not tar_git/no tar_git/22:06
faenilsledges, which SR?22:07
faenildark was updated I thought ?22:07
sledgessince it's going soon anyhow, senseless to start promoting tar_gits imo22:09
faenilow :/22:11
faenilthought it was updated already22:11
faeniland what's wrong with that SR?22:11
sledgesw00t forgot it22:11
sledgesmerged equiv PR on github, but forgot that there's no tar_git22:12
sledgesi'll prod him via guthub22:12
* sledges decided he likes a typoed 'guthub' :D22:12
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faenilsledges, ah ok :) night!22:19
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