Thursday, 2013-08-22

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timohaon nemomobile, which package handles messages database (draft messages and saved messages into sqlite) (on contacts, it's qtcontacts-sqlite07:22
timohaor is there any?07:22
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specialtimoha: meaning IM and SMS? libcommhistory07:22
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locusfhmm my PoC doesn't work anymore ;/08:44
locusf*** glibc detected *** lipstick: free(): invalid pointer: 0x3b8cf901 ***08:44
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timohathanks, I try find easy function to just save new draft SMS, but not found yet, if anyone knows the answer (no need to search it), let me know.09:30
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locusfw00t: ping, do you know who knows about accounts?10:06
locusfI got an email account created on old nemo and I'd like to copy the data to my wayland nemo10:06
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locusfw00t: is libqmf open source?13:41
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w00tlocusf: which library exactly? but yes14:15
w00tqmf is oss14:15 is our packaging of it, upstream is at
locusfw00t: email, I got the gitorius link from faenil14:15
w00tVDVsx is the local guru14:16
VDVsxlocusf, you probably are looking for the qml-plugins:
VDVsxcan't help much atm, but ping me if you need some help later14:17
locusfVDVsx: already found and solved my problems :)14:17
locusfscp .config :)14:17
vishapw00t: how about moving meegotouch-community-l10n to github?14:19
vishapI have a translation, which I would like to contribute. for months.14:19
w00tvishap: what have you translated?14:20
w00tnothing uses that repository anymore14:20
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w00tthe settings application was the last user, but it went away14:21
vishaphmmm, sledge said that nemo interface package which has to be transalted is that package.14:21
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w00twe should look at localisation more seriously, at the moment close to nothing can be localised14:21
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vishaphmmm, okay14:21
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w00tlocusf: you are a machine btw15:02
Superpelican"we should look at localisation more seriously, at the moment close to nothing can be localised"15:03
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locusfw00t: lol :)15:05
Superpelicanglad Stskeeps teached me that lesson ;)15:05
Superpelicanat least I won't make that mistake anymore15:05
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Superpelicanw00t: I'm a novice programmer, Stskeeps teached me that I should use qsTr in my apps to enable localisation ;)15:10
w00twell, there's quite a bit more to it than that if you actually want translations, but that's a good start yes15:11
locusfI'd like import gettext as _, _("translate me")15:11
w00tI guess I should start working on the app superrepo merge tonight15:16
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locusfI have some problems with my nemo wayland target:
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w00tlocusf: let's see19:22
w00tkaltsi: ^ any clue what might be wrong there19:23
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faenil\o/ finally, hacking tiiime19:33
faenilevening people19:33
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faenilbuilding new image :)19:41
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Venemo_hey faenil :)19:47
faenilVenemo_, o/19:48
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faenilw00t, supermerge operation in progress?19:49
w00tfaenil: it will be after dinner19:56
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faenilw00t, it's late go eat something! :P19:56
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w00talready ate, just having a little relax/tv before i do anything19:58
Venemo_news: IRC Chatter is being ported to Qt519:58
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faenilw00t, oh I see :) enjoy20:00
faenilVenemo_, yay20:00
Venemo_it needs two things: 1) mobile Qt5 UI 2) use of QQuickTextDocument instead of just messing with a huge HTML string20:01
faenilVenemo_, 2 is particularly important :)20:02
Venemo_well, it worked without 2) for a very long time20:03
faenilI know :D20:03
Venemo_but then, this is a new API in Qt 5.1, so I had no choice20:04
faenilQt5 <320:04
Venemo_actually Qt5 has a very nasty bug with long HTML in a TextEdit :(20:05
w00tVenemo_: got an id?20:05
Venemo_w00t: ^20:07
Venemo_it represents the Qt mentality very well. why fix a bug if you can work around it?20:07
w00twell no20:08
w00tit is still open, after all20:08
Venemo_none of the bugs I reported for 5.0.0 have been fixed20:08
w00tVenemo_: what happens if you use renderType Text.NativeRendering?20:09
Venemo_some of them not even got commented on, for more than half a year20:09
w00tVenemo_: there are a lot of bugs, and fewer people to fix them :)20:09
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Venemo_w00t: I don't recall exactly if I tried that (it was months ago), and don't have the "bad" HTML anymore20:10
Venemo_w00t: but I was under the impression that NativeRendering is some tweak for windows20:10
w00twell you do, it's on the bug :-)20:10
w00tand - not quite20:11
Venemo_ok, let me try20:11
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Venemow00t, issue is still there when using native rendering20:14
w00tcan you easily try with QtQuick1 + Qt 5?20:15
Venemothe issue is not present in QtQuick 120:15
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VenemoI think I mentioned that on the bugreport20:15
Venemoanyway, I'm not really sure if this is only an issue with HTML or a general text rendering error20:16
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Venemoin the latter case, not even using the QTextDocument directly will save me20:17
Venemothe dragons will just eat my IRC client20:17
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faeniland your connection :D20:18
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Venemo_then there is QTBUG-28930 which simply makes the app look very stupid20:19
Venemo_and QTBUG-28932 <- makes it impractical to use behaviors20:19
Venemo_and QTBUG-28931 which makes it painful to deal with something that you want to re-position20:20
Venemo_all these are there since 5.0.0 beta120:20
Venemo_faenil: they've already eaten my connection20:20
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specialVenemo_: hm, are you using a single rich text edit for an IRC view?20:21
Venemo_special: since there's been no other viable choice in Qt Quick, yes20:22
Venemo_and yes, it doesn't perform well20:22
specialI'd think that the intuitive solution is a view with a text item per line?20:22
Venemo_then you can't select multiple lines of text20:23
specialyou could implement that on top, theoretically20:23
specialbut I'm not sure it's as important as some other things, anyway20:23
Venemo_yes, I could reinvent the wheel20:24
specialare you claiming that no wheels need reinventing in the process of using a textedit? :p20:24
Venemo_I'm not making such claims20:24
Venemo_just claiming that I don't have the necessary free time or the interest to reinvent this particular wheel20:25
Venemo_I have other wheels to reinvent for other projects20:26
specialI can sympathize20:27
Venemo_thanks special :)20:27
Venemo_but yes, the 'quality' of the TextEdit component has caused a lot of pain and suffering for a bunch of people20:29
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faenilw00t, theme should default to darko right? as base isn't still finished, iirc20:52
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cxl000special, I have a libhybris build for the nexus 7 in
cxl000This does allow running up nemo under wayland but there are still quite a few issues21:14
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* faenil pokes OBS with a stick21:15
specialcxl000: great. What kind of issues are showing up?21:15
cxl000touch axis out by 90 degrees21:17
specialexport QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS="rotate=90" for lipstick21:18
specialor whatever compositor you're using21:18
faenil\o/ 32bit wayland running on n95021:18
cxl000yes this is with lipstick21:19
Morpog_PCfaenil :D21:20
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specialare you using stock AOSP? 4.2 or 4.3?21:20
cxl000I am also seeing an assertion failure with some graphics clients21:20
cxl000This is 4.2.221:21
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cxl000There were quite some changes 4.2 to 4.321:21
cxl000so more effort than I had available to ake the bionic patch apply21:22
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faenilw00t, can you kick OBS to build qmlmail and all the other blocked packages?21:30
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faenilis there a github repo for this?
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w00tanyone with a nemo image awake atm?23:39
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