Saturday, 2013-08-24

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Morpog_hmmm, MOzilla had same ideas as we in here and unified its startscreen  favorites screen like on Icefox Browser concept07:20
Morpog_The new approach effectively unifies two aspects of Firefox, the browser's start page and the screen shown when users tap the address bar, Rocha said. It shows thumbnails of Web pages from a user's browsing history, bookmarks, and reading list; users can swipe side to side to switch among the different modes. The overall idea is to transform the otherwise static real estate into something that active07:22
Morpog_ly reflects what people are likely to be interested in.07:22
Stskeepsteaches you to patent those designs? ;)07:22
Morpog_lol nope :)07:23
Morpog_it's opensource07:23
Morpog_and I borrowed alot from Firefox for Icefox browser concept too ;)07:24
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w00tsledges: what needs doing?09:32
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sledgesw00t, SR accepted12:56
sledgesw00t, will test massaging theme name into packaging first12:57
sledgesStskeeps, ? :)12:57
sledgessending some ether12:58
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Morpog_isn't it morning?13:58
vgradealways morning somewhere13:59
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* Stskeeps needs coffee14:21
zmcIt's morning here. :D  And I have some coffee, if anyone wants to stop by for a cup, I have more. :)14:22
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Morpog_well, going to a bbq now and it actually rains :(14:43
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locusfhow did I install a package from certain repo with zypper?17:18
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#397 Rejected promotion request17:58
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Morpog_evening faenil22:00
faenilMorpog_, o/22:01
faenilHurrian, qwazix ping22:01
faenilgraphics guys, any update? :)22:01
Morpog_well, I had some thoughts22:01
Morpog_first we should set some standards for colors and sizes22:02
Morpog_then we should describe each component with all it's states and exact sizes. Preferable in % of screen instead of exact pixels to minimize effort for different resolutions.22:03
Morpog_Using as less as possible pixel graphics22:04
faenilHurrian said he wanted to make mockups of apps first, so that he could know which components we needed22:05
Morpog_What would be preferable for a graphics element: sliced to minimal size and repeated on x or y axis or one big graphic?22:06
Morpog_Also we should set minimal sizes for specific elements like a button. Those forward/back buttons on Icefox browser concept are a bit tiny on device.22:07
faenilMorpog_, it's usually done with BorderImage in qml22:08
Morpog_Wanted to do a blog post about that thoughts tomorrow, but now we have it here already :)22:08
Morpog_borderimage = ?22:08
Morpog_I did UI graphics only once for a UT2004 mod.22:09
Morpog_there you could repeat textures in x or y or both axis22:09
Morpog_so a rectangle would have 8 small textures22:09
faenilyeah well in games that's #1 rule22:10
Morpog_faenil, game UI, not world textures22:10
faenilah ok ;)22:11
faenilMorpog_, anyway, read
Morpog_ok, same concept :)22:12
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Morpog_so we do mockups for all apps first?22:13
faenilMorpog_, well, I wanted to hear what was missing22:14
Morpog_I don't understand22:15
Morpog_wow, core app ports are almost done now22:16
Morpog_locusf did an awesome job too22:16
Morpog_oh there was a cutefox update22:18
Morpog_i wonder how long it will take till a zypper up kills my sailfish vm :)22:19
AardMorpog_: why should it? :)22:19
Morpog_nemo devel repo added :)22:19
Aardyes, that could do it :)22:19
Morpog_works quite well since then  :)22:20
Morpog_faenil, is font package already ready?22:22
faenilMorpog_, nope, I've been very busy22:23
faeniland font package is low priority since the rest is stuck22:23
faenil(i.e. components style)22:23
Morpog_I didn't understand your question above22:23
faenilMorpog_, wanted to hear what was your (graphics guys) plan22:25
Morpog_well, didn't I wrote that already?22:25
faenilMorpog_, yes but hurrian has different plan22:26
faenilwe should merge the two :P22:26
Morpog_I think I have to start with it, since hurrian and qwazix seem to be very busy22:26
Morpog_I got some time on weekends22:26
faenilkeep me updated then :D22:26
faenilI'm off to bed22:26
Morpog_ok, night22:26
faenilhope I won't finish studying so late tomorrow22:26
faenilnight o/22:26
Morpog_lol, I got Dialer now in homescreen pulley menu and it opens nemo dialer :)22:34
specialhomescreen pully menu?22:35
Morpog_sailfish vm22:35
Morpog_I was too lazy to do a wayland nemo vm, so i test nemo devel stuff in sailfish vm :)22:35
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