Tuesday, 2018-09-11

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NeoChapaylbt: obs down....again10:15
lbtNeoChapay: yeah - just got an alert10:25
lbtNeoChapay: fwiw I'm pretty sure there's something in your builds causing it10:25
lbtback now10:30
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NeoChapaylbt: but what with aarch64 sheduler ? it`s broken10:35
lbtI will take a look at it soon10:36
NeoChapaylbt: and my test gcc6 repo not public https://build.merproject.org/project/monitor/home:neochapay:mer2:core10:36
lbtwhat's the problem with aarch64?10:36
NeoChapaylbt: no that different problem10:37
NeoChapaysome repos can't public10:37
NeoChapay[10.09.18 13:39] <NeoChapay> lbt: my mips and x86_64 repo always say No build possible atm, waiting for jobs in other repositories10:42
NeoChapaylbt: oh...it's my mistake sorry....10:49
NeoChapaynow only one problem with aarch64 sheduler10:49

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