Monday, 2018-09-10

Thaodanis mer buildservice down?01:43
birdzhang[m]obs is down03:39
Thaodanlbt: is the buildservice  in maintenance mode?05:49
NeoChapaylbt: ping obs is down06:20
* lbt gets the memo....10:02
lbtit's back - I'll have to keep an eye on it10:04
* tbr notices that lbt noticed and closes his dns zone editor again without saving a new is-obs-down hostname entry. ;-)10:38
NeoChapaylbt: aarch64 scheduler not work10:39
NeoChapaylbt: my mips and x86_64 repo always say No build possible atm, waiting for jobs in other repositories10:39
lbtNeoChapay: OK - that's something I'm going to have to find a little time to look at10:53
lbtmips is not a priority as I think there were a lot of factors getting in the way of a mips build10:54
lbtalso as far as I know we have no mips hardware10:54
lbtaarch64 should work properly and I thought it did - so that's a real bug10:54
locusfits quite rare to find mips hardware these days11:07
locusfalthough RISC-V stuff can implement it11:07
locusfshipped end of 201511:27
locusfyes I know11:39
Thaodancan somone help me on this?
ThaodanI don't have that much xp on kernel drivers13:12

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