Wednesday, 2018-09-12

NeoChapaylbt: broken07:40
lbtNeoChapay: yes it is08:04
lbtThat service was limited usage and hasn't been active for several years08:04
lbtThere were some issues with it due to it needing non-OSS parts and that lead to legal issues wrt re-distribution08:05
lbtit's more of a service for organisations that use mer:core (like Jolla) to do QA builds of images for testing08:06
lbtI should take it away sometime :)08:06
NeoChapaylbt: what about sheduler error on aarch64 ?08:12
lbtNeoChapay: I'm doing some work on upgrading the OBS at the moment.08:12
lbtThat will take some time (1-2 weeks)08:13
lbtbut there's no point spending too much time on the existing system unless it's a real blocker08:13
NeoChapaylbt: maybe just reboot :))) ?08:14
lbtI will take a very very quick look for you :)08:14
lbtwhat's the exact problem08:15
locusfdamn I've deprecated IMG due to having too good of a host to build images on :)08:23
lbtIt's still going strong in Jolla - key part of the QA system08:30
lbtIt was a while ago we built that wasn't it !08:30
locusf8 years blimey ...08:46
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ tweak mtp activation in devices that use android usb09:38
NeoChapaylbt: obs down again10:26

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