Tuesday, 2018-09-04

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NeoChapaymal: maybe i am banned08:10
NeoChapayohhhhh kmoooon what wrong ? https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log/home:neochapay:mer:core/gobject-introspection/latest_x86_64/x86_6413:51
eduardas_mspiiroin: hello, I am a bit confused about your script you have told me about earlier - set_usb_mode.sh . Where does FUNCTION_MTP="ffs.mtp" come from? I am not able to create ffs.mtp in the functions directory14:53
eduardas_mspiiroin: mkdir: 'ffs.mtp': Device or resource busy14:53
eduardas_mit looks like some kind of kernel configuration issue, but I am not sure what to do14:54
eduardas_mI am using the Linux 4.9 kernel for i.MX6 from NXP14:55
eduardas_mlsmod says g_ffs, usb_f_fs, libcomposite and configfs are loaded14:55
eduardas_mwhat am I missing?14:55
spiiroineduardas: it is just something that I used when trying to figure out how configfs + sony xa2 + usb moded might work together. for other devices at best it gives some idea what needs to be done in what order, but details like "ffs.mtp" might not apply15:39
spiiroin... ffs.mtp is there by default in xa2. I might be completely wrong, but I think that "ffs" + "mtp" maps to that: /bin/mount -o uid=UID,gid=GID -t functionfs mtp /dev/mtp15:45

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