Wednesday, 2018-09-05

spiiroinreview/testing appreciated:
spiiroin^ offload synchronous mode switch actions to a worker thread09:25
NeoChapaywho can say me - why rpm don't pack debug packages
r0kk3rzwhy are you building mips?13:05
r0kk3rzare you going to run mer on a router?13:05
NeoChapayr0kk3rz: on that device13:06
NeoChapaylbt: ping - aarch64 scheduler is broken13:10
r0kk3rzso a mips raspberry pi, interesting13:14
r0kk3rzi wonder how well it will run13:14
NeoChapayr0kk3rz: in first i must understand why build error....13:19
r0kk3rzwrong paths maybe?13:21
NeoChapayi don't think thant....maybe some macros error in rpm....13:21

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