Monday, 2018-09-03

NeoChapayoops i think i broke obs13:54
NeoChapaylbt: ping14:02
malhow did you manage to do that?14:02
NeoChapaymal: i tryed build misp arch of mer-core14:04
malso now you can't build anything or what?14:05
NeoChapaymal: all shebuled packages can`t staty build14:06
NeoChapaysome packages unresovled but it in repo14:06
NeoChapaylike sb2-tools-armv7hl-dependency-inject - unresolvable but avaiable in my repo
r0kk3rzwhy did you do that?15:28
malother repos work fine though15:49
*** Son_Goku is now known as Conan_Kudo18:14
*** Conan_Kudo is now known as Son_Goku18:14

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