Wednesday, 2014-07-30

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artemmaw00t_: ping10:58
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w00t_artemma: pong, but about to get into a meeting.. will ping you afterwards11:01
artemmaw00t_: ok, I'll go to lunch then :) You were interested in same endurance reports (when frozen) as Stskeepz, weren't you? He's on vacation, I can send a copy to you too11:02
artemmaw00t_: just tell email address if interested11:02
w00t_artemma: robin.burchell@jolla.com11:07
artemmaw00t_: done11:07
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Uninstalllbt: I completely ported all the patches over new rpm version11:30
Uninstallthe only missing one is 0011 patch11:31
UninstallI will post a merge request soon11:31
lbtcan you verify mb2 works?11:32
lbtit makes heavy use of the various partial phases11:32
lbtkaltsi_: ping ^^^11:32
Uninstalllbt: ok, sure11:34
Uninstallyou are encouraged to test it with sailfishos sdk/on your phones for regressions too :)11:35
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lbtyep - I had some infra issues I had to sort yesterday so delayed on tools fyi11:37
Uninstallok, no problem :)11:38
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Uninstalllunch time :)11:48
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shmerlHi. Did anyone try running Mer and any derivatives on the new Nvidia shield tablet using Linux for Tegra kernel and drivers?19:24
shmerlvgrade: did you test anything like this by any chance?19:29
vgradeshmerl: \o , been busy with android ports so not got round to tegra19:49
shmerlvgrade: I see. You mean general Android, or libhybris + Android ones?19:50
shmerlDo you think there are good chances this Tegra release is useful for PlasmaActive and the like?19:50
shmerlOr they now are all moving to Wayland so without it it's of little use?19:51
vgradeshmerl: libhybris + android sailfishos-porters19:51
shmerlAnd it doesn't support Wayland I assume.19:51
shmerlI'd buy it (it's nice with HDMI port and all), but 8" size is a bit bigger than I'm used to. How does it feel in comparison to Nexus 7. Bulky or not?19:53
vgradeshmerl: I have tk1 board19:56
shmerlAh, right, that's just a raw board itself.19:56
vgradeshmerl: yep19:56
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vgradeshmerl: our guys have been working it
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shmerlvgrade: nice. That's using mer + libhybris?19:59
vgradeshmerl: nope , our guys Pelagicore20:00
vgradeQt based20:00
shmerlI.e. it's closer to hardware with pure Qt?20:00
shmerlAnd how is Sailfish / libhybris going on TK1?20:02
vgradecodethink have done some work as well which is full OSS stack,
vgradeshmerl: as I said spending my little 'non dayjob' time on other android+hybris ports20:03
shmerlIs that using the code that Nvidia contributed to the open driver? And that's using Wayland, just great.20:04
vgradefully open stack20:05
shmerlSo there is some chance that Shield will get a full open stack with Wayland too, which will enable Mer and Co. on top without libhybris :)20:05
shmerlThat's the best news in a while.20:05
vgradeshmerl: yep. but a full adaptation is more than gfx20:06
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shmerl(besides whatever it can use of course, like gyroscope and wifi etc. which are often closed).20:06
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vgradebut nvidia in my experiance have best (linux) support20:07
vgradeso you never know.20:07
vgradebest for other manufacturers is android+hybris20:07
shmerlLooking at the past - indeed. Nexus 7 (nvidia) is the only recent tablet that could run PlasmaActive consistently.20:07
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vgradeshmerl: exactly20:08
shmerlwhat do you think about freedreno for Qualcomm? Is it useful already, or it's still too much alpha?20:09
vgradeintel ones probably but they seem to be locked down to allow using OSS drivers.20:09
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vgradeshmerl: I think its getting quite advanced but again its not just gfx.20:10
vgradeCosmoHill: \o20:10
shmerlBefore it wasn't ready for mobile use because power management wasn't implemented.20:10
shmerlOther drivers besides GPU are usually needed for the same SoC to function? Or for additional stuff?20:11
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shmerlvgrade: Do you think Nvidia will unify their Linux for tegra with the open driver? Or they'll keep them separate?20:48
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vgradeshmerl: no idea really21:07
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JockyWhats up21:27
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CosmoHillbeen working mental on oh he's gone21:32
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