Thursday, 2014-07-31

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tortoisedoc_hey mer guys!08:50
tortoisedoc_when compiling in the mer sdk, i get08:51
tortoisedoc_main::scan_file() called too early to check prototype at /usr/bin/aclocal line 617.08:51
tortoisedoc_(for autogen)08:51
tortoisedoc_and then it complains later about AC_PROG_LIBTOOL08:51
tortoisedoc_being missing08:51
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tortoisedoc_hmm seems i might need to run libtoolize08:53
tortoisedoc_...aand it's time for upgrade then :|08:59
lbttortoisedoc_: let us know if that works09:11
tortoisedoc_lbt : will do09:11
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tortoisedoc_i know i shouldnt09:16
tortoisedoc_..but updating the whole sdk - isnt it a bit, well, hardcore?09:16
* tortoisedoc_ *ducks*09:16
lbtsrsly - in what way?09:21
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tortoisedoc_lbt: i mean, an update process a bit more fine-grained?09:34
tortoisedoc_the vm is alinux distro in the no? i.e. pkg based update?09:34
tortoisedoc_*in the end09:34
lbtah - you mean the sailfish SDK ?09:36
lbtthe mer sdk uses zypper and dup09:37
lbtfor various reasons the jolla one doesn't do that (mainly due to the difficulty of tying that into the QtCreator package updater iirc)09:38
tortoisedoc_lbt : aah ok that makes sense09:42
tortoisedoc_is mer used somewhere else than jolla atm?09:43
tortoisedoc_i know at least raspberry pi runs it right?09:43
tortoisedoc_(or can run it)09:43
tbrI think plasma still uses it in some form09:43
lbtyes it is - at least 2 other companies are using it09:43
lbtyep - not sure what's happening in plasma - the makeplaylive project died sadly09:44
lbthopefully the mer base will still prove useful09:44
tortoisedoc_ <- this one?09:44
lbtjolla are rather dominant in mer of course - since they were able to hire quite a few people09:45
tortoisedoc_and other mobile manufacturers? :)09:46
lbtnot yet - but now jolla have demonstrated how viable it is then I'm optimistic09:47
tortoisedoc_i read from the mer site there are plans to share effort with tizen?09:48
lbtI should fix that :)09:48
lbtwe wrote some blurb at the start but tbh the only real Tizen comms was via upstream09:49
lbtit was a kind of olive branch post-meego09:49
piiramarmakes sense09:50
tortoisedoc_so tizen != mer09:50
tbrtizen cowering in some corner, waiting to be put down by its corporate overlords. Only to be resurected under $new_name with $new_corporate_partners09:50
tortoisedoc_sounds familiar? :P09:50
lbttortoisedoc_: absolutely not09:51
tbrI wonder if again "everyone is on vacation" until september/october...09:51
lbtmer is "meego done right"09:51
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lbttbr: yes09:51
tbrlbt: ugh, history repeating itself09:51
lbtyou live there09:51
piiramarlbt: that would spell "Mdr" then ...  I guess "Mer" was just easier to pronounce? ;-)09:52
lbtpiiramar: mer came before meego09:52
piiramarah, true09:52
tortoisedoc_tbr : "everyone is on vacation" ?09:53
tortoisedoc_update finished!09:54
* tortoisedoc_ *crossing fingers*09:54
tbrtortoisedoc_: when MeeGo died, intel pretended for the whole summer that things were just super slow because "everyone is on vacation"09:54
lbttbr: :P09:55
tbrwhile in reality they were forging ties with Samsung and coining Tizen09:55
tortoisedoc_nice example of professionality :P09:55
* lbt quietly hides the emails from Redmond09:55
tortoisedoc_Redmond + mer? O_o09:55
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lbtthey're considering our offer... :D09:55
SK_worklbt: why not calling mer mdr then (meego done right ?)09:55
SK_work(mdr in fr = mort de rire = lol)09:56
lbtSK_work: mainly 'cos mer came before meego09:56
SK_workah true09:57
SK_workbased on ubuntu09:57
tortoisedoc_lbt : offer to scrap winphone and swith to mer ?09:58
tbrSK_work: they didn't want to keep the old name of Nemo: developer edition. MerDE would have been fun09:58
tortoisedoc_SK_work : mer on ubuntu?09:58
tortoisedoc_wasnt it rpm based from the start?09:59
tortoisedoc_i.e. rh / suse / etc?09:59
SK_worktortoisedoc_: mer was based on ubuntu before09:59
tortoisedoc_so mer came before meego10:00
tortoisedoc_which came after maemo10:00
tortoisedoc_and mobil10:00
* tortoisedoc_ is confused10:00
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piiramarI guess lbt needs to drop all work for a couple of days, and write a proper history article  ;-)10:01
tbrthose exist already10:01
tbrfunny tree diagrams about all things10:01
tortoisedoc_yeah i saw them10:02
tbrwhoa, massive thunderstorm reaches tampere10:02
tortoisedoc_and am as clewer as I was before seeing them :10:02
tortoisedoc_tbr : lucky bast3rds :P10:02
tortoisedoc_here in espoo its +3510:02
piiramartbr: also nice thunder here in oulu currently10:02
tortoisedoc_constant sauna10:02
tortoisedoc_with no kiuas10:03
tbrsomeone left the sauna door open10:03
tbrtortoisedoc_: some of this front should reach PKS too, a bit later10:04
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piiramarpääkaupunkiseutu I guess?10:05
tortoisedoc_Espoo? :P10:06
* tbr thought that was a common abbreviation. at least saw it frequently over the last few months while going through job ads and such10:06
tortoisedoc_tbr : looking for a job?10:06
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tortoisedoc_that sucks, best of luck!10:07
tbrthanks, I'll need it10:08
tortoisedoc_plan to keep on staying in finland?=10:08
tbryes, move here years ago for good.10:10
tbrmy finncrypt codec is slowly getting there, but only slowly10:11
piiramar :-)10:11
tortoisedoc_tbr : I know what you mean10:12
SK_workha, the infamous finncrypt codec :d10:12
tortoisedoc_lbt : installing libtool from qtcreator tool (if you pass the wordplay) is the correct way right=?10:13
lbttortoisedoc_: mmm - there should be a BR for it then as it's clearly not in the build-essential base10:14
lbtwhich, afaik is ill-defined10:14
tortoisedoc_someone translate please? :P10:15
tortoisedoc_BR = build requirements?10:15
tortoisedoc_hmm libtool installed but not yet available on mersdk10:15
tortoisedoc_ah! im not in sb :D10:15
* tortoisedoc_ facepalm10:15
SK_worktortoisedoc_: I wanted to ask if you were in sdk or in sb10:16
SK_workgood you figured it out alone :)10:16
tortoisedoc_its here10:17
tortoisedoc_here we go with autogen.sh10:17
tortoisedoc_flies like the wind10:18
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UninstallSK_work: hello10:18
SK_workhi Uninstall10:18
Uninstallhow's going?10:18
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SK_workUninstall: fine10:36
UninstallSK_work: I have a question about rpm... do you remember what 0011....patch is used for?10:37
SK_workquestion about rpm ?10:37
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SK_workthat's not for me10:37
SK_workdon't know at all :D10:37
Uninstalloh, right10:39
UninstallI thought that your nick was the short version of  Stskeepz10:39
SK_workI'm Sfiet_Konstantin usually :d10:39
artemmaexcept for the airport border control :)10:40
* tbr idly ponders if it's worth booking this and if he's going to see familiar faces there -
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piiramartbr: fwiw, "Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical" is out-of-date info, he's community mgr at X-PRIZE nowadays11:05
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tbrpiiramar: I know and chuckle every time I see that11:16
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tortoisedoc_lbt: no udev?12:56
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tortoisedoc_lbt : meaning, libudev-devel cannot be found from the sdk installer13:02
tortoisedoc_*the sdk tools (damnit)13:02
tortoisedoc_hmm interesting13:03
tortoisedoc_could it be part of systemd?13:03
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tortoisedoc_bingo :)13:06
* tortoisedoc_ facepalms13:06
tortoisedoc_sometimes i type too early13:07
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tortoisedocgrr crappy irc15:54
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lbtfyi - discussing nemo bz and HA structure in #nemomobile-porters16:12
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tbrlbt: I can't download files through OBS web interface, is that expected? It just reloads the page.20:04
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