Tuesday, 2014-07-29

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gryffusI have installed mer to USB flash disk in virtualbox, but the USB is not booting. I get "missing operating system" message from bios. Is it possible to install mer on USB flash disk?09:28
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tbrmer itself is just a core, it needs a hw adaptation, did you include one?09:32
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gryffustbr: I'm talking about basyskom's plasma-active09:38
gryffusit's based on mer and for x8609:38
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tbrooh, plasma, is that still around?09:39
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gryffustbr: alive and kicking... :)09:50
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tbrpart of the x86 adaptation should also be some sort of boot loader like syslinux or grub09:50
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tbralso make sure that if it wrote a partition table, that the partition is enabled09:50
tbrother than that #plasma probably knows more09:51
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gryffustbr: ok, thanks :)09:52
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Uninstalllbt: hello10:37
Uninstallcan you increase my git.merproject projects limit?10:37
Uninstall10 is not enough for me10:37
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lbtUninstall: done11:53
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Uninstalllbt: thank you11:55
Uninstalllbt: do you remember what 0011-Possibility-to-do-cross-platform-rpmrcs-with-ease.patch is useful for?11:57
Uninstallit doesn't seem possible to port it11:57
lbtlet me look11:57
lbtno - it's a Stskeeps one. since we only have patches, no commits/messages it's hard to tell11:59
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Uninstallok, I see12:01
Uninstalllbt: did you found what has to be changed to fix the --initdb issue?12:01
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lbtdidn't look yet - it's on today's list12:08
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Uninstalllbt: cool, thank you12:49
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artemmaStskeeps: sent you endurance reports, huge freezes included13:06
w00tartemma: are you on or off a charger13:09
artemmaw00t: ?13:10
w00tI'll talk later, got to go now13:10
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SK_workartemma: guess w00t want to know if your phone is plugged and charging when freezes or not13:25
artemmaSK_work w00t I was noticing huge freezes when unplugged only I think.. didn't really pay attention. Definitely happen a lot when unplugged, not sure when plugged13:26
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SK_workartemma: plugged, the cpu governor is set to performance iirc13:38
SK_workso no freezes13:38
artemmaSK_work hmm, okay, I will keep an eye on what happens when plugged13:39
artemmaI doubt governor effect though as quite often on freeze periods I notice that phone is hot - CPU is doing quite a lot then13:39
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tbrlbt: do you have op on #sailfish and can set up the redirect to #sailfishos again? (note you need to be op on _both_ channels for this to work)14:12
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gryffushow do i create initrd in mer?14:55
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Uninstallgryffus: we have a mkinitrd package15:01
Uninstallgryffus: check mer OBS, it should be there15:01
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gryffusUninstall: after invoking mkinitrd /boot/initrd.img 3.6.11-9.4.Nemo nothing happens (no output, no file created, nothing) ... any clues?15:27
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lbttbr: I don't have op there15:45
tbrk, so we just wait for carsten to come back from vacation15:50
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w00tartemma: if you're willing to be a guineapig, I may have something you can try15:53
artemmaw00t: ?15:54
artemmaI am guinea pig already - just have sent Stskeeps  my endurance reports :)15:54
artemmasure I am willing to do more15:55
artemmait's freaking annoying but I am also curious what could have caused it15:55
w00tI need to sort out dinner, ping me in say 1.5 hours?15:55
w00t(sorry.. bad day)15:55
* artemma until lately was sure his freezes are common to all the power users, he just has less tolerance15:55
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artemmaI am leaving for seceral hours at least now15:56
artemmabut I am often on this channel15:56
artemmaand well, seriously speaking, if it's really specific to few phones and I see connection-reconnection to gsm events more often than the others, the probable reason is rather clear15:57
artemmasure, proper analysis is needed to confirm or disprove15:57
artemmayet I guess it is related to reinitializing some hardware stuff (e.g. SIM card connection) and some blocking and/or heavy resource leakage during the process15:58
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artemmaso it's sorta hardware issue, but also indication that SW has little idea on how to handle it gracefully15:59
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