Monday, 2014-07-28

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dr_gogeta86good morning08:46
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Uninstalllbt: Stskeeps: good morning09:20
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lbthey Uninstall09:27
Uninstallhow's going?09:27
lbtsledges: missed that - what's mer:qt:devel ?09:27
lbtUninstall: not bad - but I have a bad back so I've been afk a bit more than usual09:28
Uninstallouch :(09:28
lbtyeah - it'll go eventually09:28
Uninstallit has been already a long time, right? :/09:28
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lbtyep - slow process09:29
sledgeslbt: a project that whole nemo:mw is currently building against:
lbtsledges: right - but what is it?09:31
smoku_is there a way to build a package on cobs pulling sources from git, not tarball?09:31
lbtI thought it had a later Qt in it? in which case shouldn't mer:devel simply update Qt ?09:32
sledgeslbt: collection of state-of-the-art qt packages, was created during qt4->5 transition09:32
Uninstallouch, I'm sorry it must be quite painful09:32
lbtsledges: so... promote them?09:32
lbtUninstall: :/09:32
sledgeslbt: mer:devel is mer:mds2:Core:i586:0.20130801.0.2 :)09:32
sledgesin contrast to mer-core:devel09:33
lbtsmoku_: yes - but the solution we use is still experimental09:33
lbtsledges: we should probably drop that now09:33
lbtand have mer-devel be mer-core:devel09:33
sledges17:39 < sledges> lbt: can we smoke test building mer:qt:devel against mer:core:devel ?09:34
lbtand have mer-testing be mds releases .. need to confirm with Stskeeps09:34
lbtsledges: yeah - what I'm saying is why bother?09:35
lbtjust promote the Qt packages to mer:core:devel09:35
lbtit's not like we're not going to do that09:35
lbtI guess we can add a repo to mer:qt:devel if we think the risk is high ?09:36
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lbtw00t: ^^09:47
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w00tmer:qt grew out of the first stuff to get webhooked.. i don't know what plans Stskeeps had for it09:49
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smoku_which rpm Group: should I put Log4Qt library?10:11
gryffus_how do i link a package from to mer open build service? Is this even possible?10:11
gryffus_i.e. i want to branch package from opensuse and develop it in mer build service10:12
tbr-figryffus_: it's called copypac10:12
tbr-fiosc help copypac10:12
Uninstalllbt: what version of rpm are you using on sailfishos?10:13
tbr-fiyou can pass both APIs, source and target to it and it will copy the original package source files10:13
lbtyep - that approach is preferred10:13
gryffus_tbr-fi: so no branching and linking across OBS instances? Only copying?10:13
lbtgryffus_: you can do it but we've had problems with inter-obs links10:13
gryffus_lbt: ok, thanks10:14
lbtUninstall: rpm-
gryffus_does mer have some TTS and/or speech recognition framework? I'm planning to port simon and jovie to mer and i wouldn't like to reinvent the wheel :) Thx10:19
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lbtgryffus_: I started on that somewhere10:20
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lbtdoesn't look like I pushed the WIP though10:22
gryffusok, i'll look into it10:22
Uninstalllbt: ok, I'm working on rpm 4.10 package btw10:23
lbtUninstall: Ok - you see the patchset we have?10:25
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smoku_$ osc build sailfish_latest_armv7hl armv8el10:35
smoku_[    9s] [33/33] preinstalling rpm-libs...10:36
smoku_[    9s] chroot: failed to run command '/usr/bin/rpmdb': Exec format error10:36
smoku_what do I do wrong?10:36
dr_gogeta86can you lauch10:37
dr_gogeta86file /usr/bin/rpmdb10:37
smoku_$ /usr/bin/rpmdb RPM wersja 4.11.210:43
Uninstalllbt: I'm basically updating the patches we are using too10:43
smoku_works fine - displays help10:44
lbtUninstall: OK :)10:44
Uninstalllbt: I mostly need to test it and decide which other patch should I apply from openSUSE10:44
Uninstalllbt: now they have more than 50 patches10:44
lbtthey're as bad as us10:45
Uninstallehehe I see10:47
gryffuswhat about make-play-live? seems down. Does it mean that improv board is discontinued?10:49
lbtgryffus: it is10:50
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gryffuswhat is preferred location for documentation in mer?11:45
gryffusI'm getting "mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/share/doc/dos2unix': Permission denied" in
lbttypically packages are built without docs - if they are built then install them to standard locations but keep them in a -doc package11:47
gryffuslbt: ok11:48
lbtalso make sure you're using buildroot11:48
gryffuslbt: yes, i just changed to "%makeinstall docdir=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_defaultdocdir}/%{name}"11:48
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gryffuswhy is OBS building x86_64 and ia64 packages even if i have only i586 arch enabled? ( )12:00
phdeswergryffus: Seems they are enabled for build12:15
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gryffusphdeswer: but not for that repository... Solution i got in another place is to set targetarch in baselibs.conf12:16
phdeswergryffus: From what I can see as in the link I posted they are enabled for that repo12:19
gryffusphdeswer: only for "images", but i'm building latest_i586+kde_devel12:20
phdeswerOh yes sorry. Maybe obs gets confused by that12:21
lbtPSA: Mer OBS needs to have some downtime - probably in about 7hrs for ~1hr12:21
sledgeslbt: wats hapanin? :)12:28
lbtsledges: smart error on a disk - will replace it12:29
sledgesoh ok12:29
sledgesthanks for building qt:devel against mer-core i486, sb2 error is gone and glib2 error would now also be gone if your built nemo:mw:devel against mer:qt:devel::mer-core_devel_i48612:30
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sledgessurely other cans of worms are there, but glib2 was a pest12:31
smoku_ok. I know what did I do wrong... o_O;12:34
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locusf_so glib2 is now ok?13:10
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Uninstalllbt: rpm: --initdb: unknown option13:54
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Uninstalllbt: do you remember where this come from?13:54
lbtUninstall: I think that's standard rpm13:55
UninstallI need to check because it fails because of that13:56
lbtwhat fails?13:56
Uninstalllbt: OBS/sb213:57
Uninstallinitializing rpm db... phase13:57
UninstallAccording to the changelog:13:58
Uninstall    Rip IAM_RPMDB, ie --initdb, --rebuilddb etc modes out of rpmqv.c and librpm13:58
Uninstall    - Add popt exec aliases to rpmdb for backwards compatibility13:58
Uninstall    - Change test-suite to use 'rpmdb --initdb' instead of 'rpm --initdb'13:58
Uninstall      as popt exec aliases with absolute paths dont play very well13:58
Uninstall      with the test-suite, duh...13:58
lbtpastebin :)13:58
Uninstallsorry, you're right13:58
lbtok - I was going to ask if they're no longer used13:58
lbtso that's going to be coming from build package13:59
lbtthere's a sub-script in there which preps the rootfs for build13:59
lbtOK - I need to update osc and build on mer-tools14:00
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Uninstall(lbt: by the way I have another big change on the pipeline: qemu 2.1)14:06
gryffusI discovered a misconfiguration of mer OBS... It builts multiarch baselibs in the wrong way. Details are here: . The issue can be fixed by "ExportFilter: -x86-.*\.rpm$ ia64"14:14
gryffusshould i report it to bugzilla, or someone from here can take care of it?14:15
lbtfwiw mer is built for 64 too14:16
lbtx86 and arm14:16
lbtI see the comment though14:17
gryffuslbt: oh, so i was confused... Anyway, this should not brake it... It's used in openSUSE OBS14:17
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sledgeslocusf: glib2 error will be gone when the repo is added to
sledges(first smoke tests are only on i486)15:16
locusfsledges: okay15:16
sledgeslocusf: but we already have to start looking for reasons the remainder fails down the core:
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CosmoHillstephg: I got both stub axles off and now waiting for axle spacers19:44
lbtPSA: Mer OBS going down now for a short while19:45
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* CosmoHill is going to Ford Fair21:37
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sledgesFair play22:06
CosmoHillFord Fair play :)22:07
CosmoHilland maybe track time too22:07
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