Monday, 2013-11-25

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UninstallStskeeps: good morning10:11
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[ol]Anybody here with admin rights on Mer OBS?15:04
dm8tbr[ol]: what seems to be the problem?15:05
[ol]Could you please create a project with name «» which has «<remoteurl></remoteurl>» in its meta?15:08
dm8tbrthat would be a question for lbt_away or Stskeeps, but why do you need that?15:09
[ol]I want to build OBS 2.4.15:11
[ol]So I need remote links to projects in OpenSuse OBS.15:11
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[ol]Currently I build OBS on mu OBS server, but I'm reluctant to allow public access to it.15:14
[ol]I can allow access to my OBS server for some trusted persons, but not to everybody. I use just chroot without any virtualisation for builds.15:15
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sledgesvery very nice, first mer child!
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Stskeepsnotmart: congrats17:22
notmartStskeeps: thx :)17:22
* sledges adds to the congrats17:23
* fk_lx also congratulates17:26
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* stephg jumps on the congratulations bandwagon!17:40
raignarokhm, how do I power SATA disks attached to the improv SATA port, I wonder?17:51
ryukafalzwhoa, improv looks cool17:51
ryukafalzI already have a beaglebone black and raspberry pi but I might just have to pick one of these up too17:52
ryukafalzI didn't expect the first EOMA-68 stuff to be so cheap :D17:53
raignarokyeah, 7417:53
raignarokyeah, 75$ is quite a good price for a modular cpu card + board. :)17:54
ryukafalzand with it being modular, we could use the CPU card in any future devices too :)18:00
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suyI wasn't expecting 2 boards for this week. Seems like hemera and improv could compete a bit against each other.18:30
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Guest35645would it be really stupid to think about putting this on a kindle?18:37
Stskeepsis it possible to load a custom 2.6.32 kernel and file system on it?18:38
Guest356452.6.32 is pretty much what it has OOTB18:38
wmarone_Guest35645: which model?18:39
Guest35645Well. the kindle touch would be the asy quick win18:39
sledgessuy: hemera is not hardware afaik18:39
Guest35645they llok at the more brickable paperwhite later...18:39
wmarone_oh, actual kindle e-ink devices, not the tablets...18:40
Guest35645I already have tizen built for the kindles but the x11 gles river is a problem18:40
*** voxadam has joined #mer18:41
Guest35645perhaps I should look at sailfish? or similar? any advice.   Oh and THANKS for answering.18:41
Guest35645The #tizen IRC was making me think my keyboard was broken18:41
StskeepsGuest35645: does it have an android adaptation?18:41
Guest35645hmm. currently no18:41
Stskeepsok, as that'd give you opengl acceleration18:42
Stskeepsah, it's real eink? hmm18:42
Guest35645I do have root though. and have run several iterations of qt on it long the years18:42
Guest35645*along the years. (heh maybe my keyboard is broken, or my fingers)18:43
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Stskeepsvgrade ran qt5 qtquick1 and wayland on his eink device18:44
Guest35645I've pretty much given up on Tizen for now for the kindle. the gles issue is a genuine issue.. transcending my skills..   but mer - or sailfish - or jolla looks good for the job18:45
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:45
Guest35645Right I have run wayland on eink18:45
Guest35645and qt518:45
Stskeepshow many mhz do you have ooi?18:45
Guest35645is the max eink speed for full screen refresh18:46
Guest35645if that is what you were asking18:46
Guest35645looks better thn it sounds18:46
Stskeepswell, i meant, cpu frequency18:49
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:49
Guest35645err about 80018:51
Guest35645its an armv7l chip freescale18:51
Guest35645new Paperwhit is like 1.218:52
Guest35645but that will be "the next step", ill test it on the near-unbrickable Touch for now18:52
Guest35645well, this all sounds very positive to me. I'll drag down an OS then18:54
Guest35645recommand Jolla or Sailfish for a low mem device?18:54
Guest35645256 mb IIRC18:54
Guest35645(Ill go check that)18:54
Guest35645Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)18:56
Guest35645BogoMIPS: 159.9018:56
Guest35645Features: swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv318:56
Guest35645Mem : 25618:56
Guest35645Linux kindle 2.6.31-rt11-lab12618:56
Guest35645Meh, I'll give it a try, what can it hurt.18:57
Stskeeps256mb might be a little low, but on the eink, you'd want custom qml components anyway18:57
Guest35645oh okay18:58
Guest35645There are a few qt developers already on the platform, I will ask them for help on that18:58
*** ortylp has quit IRC18:59
Guest35645because I am a monkey at best when it comes to these things18:59
Guest35645well I'll try both OS's then.19:01
Guest35645thanks for all your help19:01
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:02
Stskeepsfeel free to hang out, and get a proper nickname ;)19:02
*** Guest35645 is now known as twobob19:03
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Stskeepstwobob: i work at jolla/sailfish fwiw, my gut feeling is that you'd want a custom qml component set anyway19:06
Stskeepsas stuff like sailfish is very much about erm .. color19:06
Stskeepsthe same middleware is there though19:06
twobobyeah, I was thinking about implementing a dither layer19:07
twoboband by "me implementing" I mean "finding something else and jamming it in there"19:07
Stskeepsstrictly speaking you might be able to have sailfish pretty interesting on eink19:08
Stskeepsbut you should photoshop that up19:08
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:09
Stskeepsimagine that sailfish had a black background and you then turned it inverse19:09
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*** Frye has joined #mer19:10
Stskeepswhat about resolution?19:11
twoboberr... 102419:11
SpeedEvilNook simple touch - eink - nook simple touch19:12
twobobI have that on my nook19:12
twobobyeah - that video DOESNT have the dithering implemented19:12
twoboblooks like crap19:12
twobobmine has the dithering on19:12
twobobthat was one of the very early videos19:13
SpeedEvilyeah - I diddn't find the right one19:13
twobobon that19:13
shmerlHi. Was msameer around where recently?19:14
twobobI just really really want to present an alternate  native OS for the kindle - that isn;t closed source.   I'll grab the mer platform SDK and x-compile it 1st.   get step one over with.19:16
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[ol]lbt_away: Are you here?20:12
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twobobquick question20:58
twoboberr username and password? where do I go to get one?20:59
M4rtinKtwobob: I think it is the same as for mer bugzilla21:00
twobobokay. Ill go get one of those then (if I can)21:00
Stskeepsshould be able to21:01
Stskeepsalso log in on build.merproject.org21:01
twobobon that right now then21:01
Stskeeps[ol]: pong21:01
[ol]Stskeeps: pong21:02
Stskeeps[ol]: what remote link did you need?21:03
[ol]Oh, that was pong already?21:03
[ol]Could you please create a project with name «» which has «<remoteurl></remoteurl>» in its meta?21:03
[ol]Download on demand OpenSuse repos are good, but I need to link to different projects on OBS.21:04
Stskeepsdone, but be aware that obs remote links are the devil21:06
[ol]What's the problem wuth them?21:07
Stskeepsas in they sometimes block the scheduler21:08
Stskeepsfrom experience in meego.com21:08
[ol]Let's hope that 2.4 has no this problem.21:09
[ol]Anyway, thank you very much!21:10
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*** leinir_ is now known as leinir21:24
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*** pocek_ has quit IRC21:31
twobobStskeeps, your docs are great. kudos for that21:31
twobobjust spent 5 days smacking my head against the tizen ones to get a single build to complete.   Yours are like a breath of fresh air.21:32
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC21:36
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:39
twobobosc co PROJECT PACKAGE21:41
twobobi that like...21:41
Stskeepssb2 is even nicer, too21:41
*** jcm_ has quit IRC21:41
twobobosc co mer-core:armv7l:release21:42
twobobosc co  mer-core:armv7l:release21:42
twobobor something else?21:42
twobobsorry total osc noob here21:42
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:43
twobobIm reading the --help21:43
M4rtinKStskeeps: dost that OBS link make it possible to copy packages locally ? :)21:46
M4rtinKStskeeps: without that crazy cross instance osc syntax21:46
*** arcean has quit IRC21:48
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*** bef0rd has joined #mer21:53
*** amizraa has joined #mer21:53
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:54
twobob*still scratching head*21:54
twobobread  still not 100% sure what the PROJECT PACKAGE pair would be21:55
twobobI'll read it again I guess21:55
*** Eismann has quit IRC21:55
*** phdeswer has joined #mer21:55
M4rtinKOBS has a number of projects21:56
M4rtinKand the projects hold packages21:56
twobob mer-core:armv7l:release is the pject I believe21:56
twobobI checked that with: osc -A ls21:57
M4rtinKso what do you want to do with it ?21:57
M4rtinKcopy a package from it ?21:57
twobobjust not sure what the "package" bit is? or o I have that utterly wrong21:57
*** ortylp has quit IRC21:57
M4rtinKwell for example, this is my home project21:58
twobobIm trying to check out a local build21:58
*** MJD has joined #mer21:58
twobobas documented here
twobobSection: Creating an SB2 Target for any (non-x86) Mer OBS package (draft)21:59
M4rtinKand this is a package in the project:
M4rtinKalso each project can have a target set21:59
twobobamrv7l for me21:59
M4rtinKand the target can be a different project21:59
*** amizraa has quit IRC22:00
M4rtinKreally simplified22:00
M4rtinKof course different archs22:00
*** amizraa has joined #mer22:00
M4rtinKso if you want to build something for mer-core22:00
M4rtinKyou make a subproject in your home22:00
M4rtinKadd a the package to the project22:01
M4rtinKand then set the target to mer-core & the archs you care about22:01
twobobhmm.. okay - that makes perfect sense22:02
*** pocek has joined #mer22:02
*** Hurrian has joined #mer22:02
twobobhowever I am a "worked example" sort of learner so in the section where I would do:22:02
twobobosc co mer-core:armv7l:release PACKAGE22:03
twobobdo I have to then find that packages URL and replace PACKAGE with that - similar to your example abve?22:03
twobobsorry if I am being a bit dim, this is my first rodeo22:04
M4rtinKBTW, there is a osc manpage:
twoboboka so package is optional22:06
M4rtinKwell, not sure what will it do actually :)22:07
twobobpossibly check out all the packages?22:07
M4rtinKmight checkout the whole project :)22:07
twobobI am still struggling to comprehand what a "package " is22:08
twoboblike RPMS?22:08
twoboband SRPMS?22:08
twobobthat kind things?22:08
twobobthe package is monav in yours22:09
twobobI think I get it now22:09
*** shmerl has left #mer22:09
M4rtinKusually you just checkout a single package22:09
M4rtinKwork on it in your project22:09
twobobyou have jasper, espeak etc...22:10
M4rtinKand then submit it for inclusion22:10
twobobokay. so I need to figure out which package the name is for the thingy I need22:10
M4rtinKalso each project has a repository of binary packages22:10
M4rtinKthat can be used as an normal repository22:10
M4rtinKon a Nemo device, PC, etc.22:11
twobobI see (I think)22:11
M4rtinKand it is automatically updated when packages are successfully built22:11
M4rtinKreally handy for testing/package distribution22:12
twobobright - in the remote build system22:12
twobobgot you22:12
M4rtinKI think you can also do local builds22:12
twobobwell the thing that is confusing me...22:12
M4rtinKbut not sure this works on the Mer OBS22:12
twobobright! that is the thing22:13
M4rtinKworked on the old MeeGo one22:13
twobobabout your question "can I do a local build"22:13
twobobI think that is what I am trying do
twobobCreating an SB2 Target for any (non-x86) Mer OBS package (draft)22:13
twobobosc provides the ability to do a "local build" where it creates a chroot within the SDK suitable for building a package.22:13
twobobwe appear to be roughly doing the same thing (albeit on utterly diffrent projects)22:14
M4rtinKI think it works like this22:15
M4rtinKfists you co the package22:15
M4rtinKthat should make you a local copy of the package22:15
twobobthat is the bit I cant do.22:15
twobobbecause when I go:22:15
twobobosc -A ls | grep mer-core:armv7l:release22:15
twobobI see the one I want22:16
twobobbut I cant figure out how that translates to be able to find the package related to that22:16
M4rtinKworks for me:22:16
M4rtinKosc co home:MartinK:nemo monav22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo/monav22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo/monav/05-drop_marchnative.patch22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo/monav/07-port_to_mapnik2.patch22:16
twobobundoubtedly pebcak22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo/monav/_service22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo/monav/monav.changes22:16
M4rtinKA    home:MartinK:nemo/monav/monav.spec22:16
M4rtinKAt revision 1.22:16
twobobsorry if I wasnt clear22:17
twobobI dont know how to find what packages are available in that project22:17
twobobis there like a "list packages" command?22:17
twobob*goes back to man page*22:18
*** PMG has quit IRC22:18
*** ortylp has joined #mer22:19
M4rtinKI've just put  mer-core:armv7l:release to the search field22:19
M4rtinKclicked on the result22:19
twobobosc ls  mer-core:armv7l:release22:19
twobobI did that !!! :(22:19
M4rtinKand then on the "monitor" tab22:19
twobobI must have screwed it up some how - DOH!22:20
M4rtinKyeah, it should also work from osc somehow22:20
twobobthanks SO ush for your help22:20
twobobvery kind of you22:20
M4rtinKthanks :)22:21
*** tilgovi has joined #mer22:21
M4rtinKwell, it took me quite some time back in 2011 when I started playing with it :)22:23
twobobwell I started at 22:11 ;) so thanks so much22:23
twoboberr 21:1122:24
twobobbut you get the joke I hope22:24
M4rtinKsure :)22:26
*** rendar has quit IRC22:30
*** TechieElf has joined #mer22:39
*** ortylp has quit IRC22:42
twobobso. I totally get it now22:43
twobobmuch obliged to M4rtin there.22:44
twobobI think the key point that I was missing is that the doc I was following specifically said that that bit of docs was for a single package22:44
twobobwhereas I am actually trying to put together an entire rootfs for a armvl (NOT armv7hl) target22:45
twobobhence my confusion,22:45
*** tmxnst has quit IRC22:50
M4rtinKdon't really have any experience with that22:51
M4rtinKbut I would say the general concept is the same :)22:51
*** trbs has quit IRC22:54
twobobI have grabbed the latest plasma active rootfs and am going to so what I can dredge up out of that22:54
CosmoHilltwobob: you have a cool nick22:55
* CosmoHill returns to lurk in the darkness22:55
twobob  <-- is me22:55
CosmoHillI'll have a listen at work22:55
twobobcheers.22:56 for me22:56
twobobsweet checking it22:57
CosmoHilli have a backlog of editing to do and I've got to write some more before the end of the month >.<22:58
twobobnice cluster22:59
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:00
*** bfederau has quit IRC23:01
*** bfederau has joined #mer23:01
twobobI have a whole bunch of kindles, keep meaning to look at clustering them. jut for kicks23:01
CosmoHillI should steal my dads so I can read 1940s / 50s sci-fi at work23:02
CosmoHilli think I've read the whole foundation series by Isac Asimov23:07
twobobreckon I did too once upon a time23:07
CosmoHilltwobob: if you like cars he's my thread:
CosmoHillI'm off to bed, cyas tomorrow. I'm always around23:07
twobobof course that time was over 20 years ago...23:08
CosmoHillnight night23:08
twobobnight dude23:08
CosmoHilllast year for me23:08
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:08
twobobnot a far of cars23:09
twobobhave to leave my cave to use them23:10
*** sledges has joined #mer23:10
*** jstaniek has quit IRC23:15
*** terietor_ has joined #mer23:41
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