Sunday, 2013-11-24

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CosmoHillhi rcg17:41
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rcghey CosmoHill17:44
rcghow's it going?17:45
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CosmoHillit's going super, just finished repairing my car :)18:08
CosmoHillhow about you?18:10
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rcgah cool18:24
rcgwell, busy with phd stuff and taking care of the small boy :)18:24
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CosmoHillI was told to skip a master and do a PhD if I stayed on18:25
rcgyay, taking the fastlane, eh :)18:25
rcgi did the usual bachelor, master step and am now working on my phd topic18:26
CosmoHillI did bachelors, then unemployment, job, unemployment and a job since april :)18:27
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rcgaye :)18:28
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CosmoHillI finished uni just over 2 years ago18:30
CosmoHillwhat are you doing your PhD in?18:30
rcgcomputer networks18:31
rcgand complex event processing18:31
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rcgwell, at least i am trying :)18:31
CosmoHillI'd like to do HPC stuff18:33
rcgyeah, that's pretty interesting stuff too18:34
CosmoHillit's what my dissertation was on18:35
rcggot an origin 2400 in the basement ;)18:35
rcgi see18:35
CosmoHilloooo, a basement18:35
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CosmoHillI'm joking, I don't know what a origin 2400 is but basements aren't common in the UK18:37
rcgthose things were used for hpc in about 199618:39
rcgsomehow managed to get one rack18:39
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CosmoHillI think my friend could have gotten hold of something made by SGI but nobody has 450v power and I'm not paying to ship a rack from austrailia18:40
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rcgi was told that this rack is the biggest configuration you can run safely on a single phase18:43
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CosmoHilli think UK houses are three phase to the point of entry18:43
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CosmoHillor I could be talking out of my arse18:43
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CosmoHillrcg: what do you do with it?18:44
rcgunfortunately not much actually.. don't have that much time to play around with it :/18:45
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CosmoHillrcg: how many of your nodes went BANG! and stopped working?18:52
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CosmoHillrcg: my cluster was made up of old computers with questionable power supplies that blew up at random19:26
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rcgah well, i don't really operate a cluster. i am more a fan of the technology and sgi in particular19:50
rcggot a couple of old sgi boxes around here19:50
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CosmoHilloldest thing I have is a HP pizzabox from 1992, got a 80Mhz PA-RISA HPPA 7.1 processor19:52
rcgsweet :)19:55
CosmoHillmy ipod outperforms it19:55
CosmoHilland i mean before all this touch iphone bollocks19:55
CosmoHillipod: dual 80Mhz ARM 7 with 64MB RAM and 80GB hard drive19:56
rcgoldest box i got here is a sgi indy.. my mother has a sinclair zx81 at home though :D19:56
CosmoHillhp: single 80Mhz, 64MB RAM and 1GB SCSI drive19:56
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TechieElfHello all. I want to port mer to my device. Where do I start?21:01
wmarone_sign up for the mer wiki:
wmarone_then get the platform sdk:
wmarone_ensure you can boot off SD to start, it'll simplify testing21:03
TechieElfBoot from SD? What for?21:04
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wmarone_otherwise you'll need to figure out how to toggle between kernels and update it on-device21:05
TechieElfI'm pretty sure there's a way to install custom kernels. Do I need to toggle or do I need to install a specific kernel?21:05
wmarone_I'm not sure if the android kernels can be used directly, but you would need to pass the kernel a command line to specify the root file system21:09
wmarone_the best start would be to gather the sources for your bootloader and kernel and understand what they're doing21:09
TechieElfI have the source to cyanogenmod 10.1 for my device21:09
wmarone_ok good21:10
TechieElfI get how things work. I just need to know my first steps. Is there a porting guide?21:12
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wmarone_not really21:13
wmarone_the biggest catch tends to be setting up libhybris to utilize the Android drivers21:13
sycosoAre there successful ports to android devices?21:14
wmarone_Nexus 7 is the first that comes to mind21:15
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TechieElfwmarone_: Familiar with Ubuntu Touch? They seem to work with libhybris just fine21:15
wmarone_libhybris was written by Stskeeps21:15
wmarone_-I- am unfamiliar with it21:16
wmarone_sorry, I meant that I am unfamiliar with libhybris21:17
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TechieElfAh, as am I.21:18
wmarone_nexus 7 hwadaptation21:18
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CosmoHillngiht night23:21
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