Tuesday, 2013-11-26

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Guest14385hi :)08:11
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* lbt watches http://hemera.io/ count down ...16:56
sledgesthanks for reminder!16:57
stephgwhat happens then?16:57
sledgesthe world implodes16:57
* stephg runs off to the pub16:57
lbtthis is #merweek - but I only found out about it by accident as I don't do G+ very much and the only email I got was to my gmail account :)16:58
sledgeswe tweeted a bit about make.play.live in nemomobile16:59
lbtyeah - kinda had other pressures :)16:59
sledgestoo true :))16:59
sledgesthe clock stopped..17:00
sledgesrefresh says 10days :D17:00
stephgit broke :(17:01
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sledgesthe clock is now mostly binary-inclined17:02
sledges01 day now17:02
stephgit woyks!17:02
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sledgesi read that all already in their blog17:04
sledgesbut now binary image for rpi is offered, goood :)17:04
sledgesand whole sdk!17:04
sledgesa gui frontend to mer platform sdk ;)17:04
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DocScrutinizer05universe dimensions gravity canvas crayons solution experience promise19:49
DocScrutinizer05heck what IS it?19:49
DocScrutinizer05is it a bird, a plane, a meteorite? Nooo, it's HEMERA19:50
twobob8 really cool words strung together loosely forming a sentence?19:51
DocScrutinizer05I honestly can't find out if it's hardware, software, both, or none of all that19:51
twobobits a greek goddess? okay I didnt see that coming.19:52
faenilyeah it's a bit messy19:52
faenilit seems like you choose the hardware and they help you create a software for it19:52
faenilsomething like that19:52
twobobkind of like Computer Lego huh. Sexy19:53
DocScrutinizer05faenil: I wonder how they will create software for arbitrary hardware they possibly have zilch docs for19:56
faenilDocScrutinizer05, no idea19:57
DocScrutinizer05>>..and create your own device<< cool, let's try that! 4 row hw kbd please, 4.5" screen19:57
DocScrutinizer05all chips with full documentation please19:58
faenilyou're forgetting 3k mah battery19:58
DocScrutinizer05don't you think that's a tad small for today's standards?19:59
faenilDocScrutinizer05, well, the bigger the better20:01
Stskeepsfuel cell.20:01
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faenilbut 3k should be enough to pull you through a whole day without ANY worry20:01
faenillol, I'm hearing PlayBook battery low warning20:02
faenilit's been idle for like 3 weeks xD20:02
DocScrutinizer05sure, depends only on the device20:02
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DocScrutinizer05in which respect I honestly CBA to make sense of hemera.io20:02
DocScrutinizer05so alt-F420:03
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CosmoHillhi twobob, listend to some of your music at wok :)22:05
CosmoHillhey sledges22:05
CosmoHillhttp://cross-lfs.org/~cosmo/fiesta_st/700/repair-front_removed.jpg :)22:05
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sledgesgood going CosmoHill :)22:07
CosmoHillthat's a mid way pic. I've finished the front and done 50 miles so far :)22:07
sledgesreminds me of https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwe7bqrm4z3gge9/IMG_20130721_203803.jpg22:13
CosmoHillsledges: that's not how you change the spark plugs :p22:13
sledgesgood times basically :D22:13
sledgesis it not?22:13
sledgesin a diesel that's the only way22:13
* CosmoHill has a spark plug from his nissan on his keyring22:14
sledgestwobob: what do you play? :)22:14
sledgesCosmoHill: got an all-the-way finished picture? ;)22:15
CosmoHillyeah but not yet22:16
CosmoHillI mean I have but they're not edited and uploaded22:16
sledgesnot photoshopped :D22:16
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CosmoHillcropping, rotating and editing out my number plate22:17
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CosmoHillsledges: just for you: http://cross-lfs.org/~cosmo/fiesta_st/700/repair-finished.jpg22:28
sledgeslike nothing happened ;)22:30
sledgesback on the roaring track ay?22:30
CosmoHilli may have hit 100mph on the way to work today >.>22:31
sledgesanything else?22:32
CosmoHillhehe no22:33
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CosmoHilloh wait the rev limiter in second22:33
sledgesas long as the things you hit stay within the car, all good22:33
CosmoHillit's got a mountune induction kit which makes nice sounds22:35
CosmoHillI still pootal around in 5th at 30mph sometimes :)22:35
sledgeslugging you mean?22:36
CosmoHilli mean just driving normally instead of like a dickhead22:36
sledgesiirc, v8/16 engines with dual exhaust have different lengths in their exhaust pipes, to make harmonies with engine sounds22:37
sledges5th at 30 sounds like lugging to me22:37
* w00t read v8, then saw dual exhaust, and got really confused about why there was a new js engine called v16 with an exhaust22:37
CosmoHillmy ca burbles at 2500rpm off throttle and roars above 3000 but has the standard exhaust which is kinda sporty and quite22:38
CosmoHillw00t: hehe22:38
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sledgessorry for OT w00t :$22:39
CosmoHillif I couldn't go off topic I wouldn't say anything in here  :/22:39
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*** lbt has joined #mer22:39
* CosmoHill is a distraction22:39
EztranWhat would a dual exhaust be in the context of JS engines, I wonder?22:39
CosmoHillloggin to console and a file?22:39
sledgesgarbage collector?22:39
EztranHmm, possibly :)22:40
CosmoHillwould it pop when you ease off?22:40
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sledgesCosmoHill: bya22:59
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