Monday, 2013-07-01

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lbtmorning all08:06
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello !08:09
Stskeepskostola_: i got a son on friday so i'm not going to be around the next weeks, btw08:09
kostola_Stskeeps: best wishes ;)08:10
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kostola_I didn't have any other blocking problem after we solved that build issue08:11
kostola_so you can enjoy your son ;)08:12
kostola_btw while you're here I have a question08:13
kostola_why do you build all Mer packages into one single OBS project?08:14
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kostola_because we're thinking about splitting into different projects, are there any drawbacks for you?08:14
kostola_Stskeeps: ^08:14
Stskeepsmostly because it's already a quite minimal set08:15
Stskeepsfrom system base to qt(5)08:15
stephgStskeeps congrats08:15
chriadam! congrats Stskeeps08:16
Merbot`chriadam: Error: "congrats" is not a valid command.08:16
Stskeepskostola_: mer's meant to be sliced/diced/hacked, you get to keep both pieces if it breaks :)08:17
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lbtkostola_: how would you split them and why?08:18
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kostola_lbt: we're thinking about having a "Core" project containing the minimum set of packages required to run the system as we want08:22
lbtwhat would you lose?08:22
lbtand have you studied the dependency tree?08:22
kostola_I'm studying08:23
lbtAlso - have you looked at thinks like mer-tools which also depends on Mer-core08:23
lbtif you take packages from core then you may have issues building your tools for any SDK08:23
kostola_not yet08:23
lbtjust some considerations08:23
kostola_lbt: that's why I'm asking you ;)08:24
kostola_you surely have more experience and may find some issues that we could not08:24
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lbtit's one of those "you're welcome to do it" type things ... but I would expect that you would learn more about why it is the size it is08:25
lbtwhich is no bad thing08:25
lbtdon't let me put you off - there are almost certainly some WTFs left in there08:26
lbtit would also make a big difference if you'd said "we want to lose Qt and use XXX"08:26
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lbtor "split out the toolchain"08:27
kostola_the main reason that prompted us to do this is to separate the features that we want in our system08:27
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kostola_for example08:27
kostola_you want only a minimal system -> here's the Core repo08:28
kostola_you want also multimedia features -> you add the Multimedia repo08:28
lbtwhat's in core though?08:29
kostola_at the moment only the packages included in mer-core pattern08:29
kostola_plus qtbase and qtdeclarative08:29
kostola_and all the dependencies obviously08:29
lbtthe reason is that building 2 versions of Qt, with and without multimedia would be costly08:29
lbttbh Qt dependencies strongly influence what is 'core'08:30
lbtalso - what is the benefit of not having multimedia in core?08:31
lbt(just arguing for fun and to explore it)08:31
kostola_don't worry about your questions ;)08:32
kostola_I think this one is a good point (building qt without multimedia dependencies)08:33
kostola_honestly for me at the moment there are no other reasons for not having multimedia in core except for having different repos08:34
lbtOK - and what does that get you?08:34
kostola_so it's a sort of "commercial" reason08:34
kostola_not technical08:34
lbtah - to differentiate the product offering08:34
lbtnow that's doable in post-processing08:35
lbtie take the repo - strip out stuff and redo the 'createrepo'08:35
lbtessentially that would define a supported base08:35
lbtyou may also find that the more modular Qt builds would make that easier08:36
lbt(and, thinking about it, actually may make breaking up core more feasible)08:37
kostola_well we're already building qt using modules08:37
lbt(not that I'm convinced there's a benefit to breaking up yet)08:37
kostola_now we're building qtbase, qtjsbackend and qtdeclarative for our needs08:37
lbtok - what kind of changes are you making ?08:38
kostola_also we've successfully build Qt 5.1.0 RC1 ;)08:38
kostola_well as I said I've build qt using Qt 5.1.0 RC1 sources08:39
kostola_because we need Qt 5.1.008:39
kostola_I've just modified the spec files to add new files or remove missing ones08:39
lbtok - wasn't sure if you had patches which would be interesting08:39
lbtNow this is an area I do want to explore08:40
kostola_no we didn't need to patch anyting yet08:40
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lbthow do we support Mer built with Qt 5.01 *and* Qt 5.1 ?08:40
lbtwe somehow need to allow vendors to maintain a stable version of Mer08:41
lbtlets say we push ahead to Qt5.2 whilst you need to retain 5.1 for commercial reasons08:41
lbthow do you work with us (and others) to suport a 5.1 build of Mer?08:41
lbtthis is part of the reason we encourage vendors to really stay involved and close to the core08:42
lbtthe longer term costs are all related to deltas08:42
lbtso in general we want to structure mer so people avoid needing to diverge08:43
lbt(just rationalising out loud)08:44
kostola_yes that's a good poing08:44
kostola_at the moment we're in a testing phase08:45
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kostola_like "let's see if everything works without exploding"08:46
lbt*nod* ... I want you to see how easy things are to work with (and fork if needed) but we've also done some thinking about cost and risk too,08:46
kostola_that's right08:46
kostola_I'll keep you updated about our progress, so we can discuss about advantages and disadvantages08:47
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lbthave fun - also look at Nemo project structure too08:48
kostola_I'm looking08:51
kostola_the approach seems similar to our, but a little less fragmented08:52
kostola_they have several "hw" project plus a middleware one08:52
lbtyes - plus UI layer08:53
lbtUI is the form-factor specific set of apps08:53
kostola_but there's only one project08:54
lbtwe think HA (hardware abstraction in our terminology) layer is actually really important08:54
lbtyou mean only one UI project08:55
kostola_lbt: yes one UI project08:56
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lbtthey don't have the resource/desire to make more at the moment08:57
lbthowever you can see that a phone UI and a Car or Fridge UI would differ quite significantly - even if they use identical middleware08:58
kostola_ok but if there will be another form factor, they will create another UI project right?08:58
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lbtyes - also it can be as much about dev team management when you hit that area08:59
kostola_I also see that projects are build using different repos on the same project, each one linking to the correct mer:core:arch repo09:02
kostola_I did the same with our Core project09:02
kostola_so that's the wau09:02
lbtand you can do clever things too - build against old/repos and upcoming ones09:04
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kostola_lbt: I'm trying to figure out how this works09:10
kostola_let's take i48609:10
kostola_project mer:devel09:11
kostola_latest_i486 and next_i486 repos are built using different sources?09:11
lbtsame sources09:13
lbtwait - lets take something more 'real09:13
lbtah - need to be a taxi for a while ... be back later09:13
kostola_lbt: no ptob09:13
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SuperpelicanBostik:I've found the meta config page you meant, but how do I add the u-boot-sunxi repo now?10:00
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BostikSuperpelican: copy the <repository> element, change project and repo names to match u-boot-sunxi10:02
SuperpelicanBostik:ok, thanks :)10:02
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SuperpelicanBostik:As repo url should I add the full url ( or just " home:notmart:branches:home:mdfe:hw:sunxi:u-boot-sunxi"?10:05
SuperpelicanI assume the last10:05
Bostikthe "just" version10:05
Superpelicanbecause of mer:devel10:05
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SuperpelicanBostik:I added the repo, but it still complains that nothing provides u-boot-sunxi-tools10:15
SuperpelicanBostik:I've also changed it to "u-boot-sunxi-tools-2013.01+git20130413.083929-1.3.2" (the exact name of the package is u-boot-sunxi-tools-2013.01+git20130413.083929-1.3.2.armv7hl.rpm)10:16
Superpelicanbut that didn't work either10:16
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kostola_lbt: ping11:07
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kostola_I have a question ;)11:08
kostola_do you know why the qtbase package depends from gstreamer even if there are no references in the source code?11:09
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SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:I've added the u-boot-sunxi repo11:15
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SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:But it still complains about that nothing provides u-boot-sunxi-tools11:15
Sfiet_Konstantincannot really help you with just these infos ...11:15
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SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Bostik told me to copy the <repository> section of the meta file11:17
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ... where and how etc.11:17
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: describes precisely what you have done :)11:18
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:I went to my project11:18
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Clicked the "advanced" tab11:18
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Then clicked on "meta"11:18
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ...11:18
Sfiet_KonstantinI would rather copy the package instead of just adding it in the meta11:19
Sfiet_Konstantindon't know if this work actually, I usually just copied the package11:19
Superpelicanthe repo isn't in the meta anymore11:19
Superpelicanhow did that happen11:19
*** netweaver has quit IRC11:20
Superpelicanbut will osc build find it then?11:21
Sfiet_Konstantinuse osc copypac from another repo11:23
Sfiet_Konstantinand you will get the package in your repo11:23
Sfiet_Konstantinso of cause osc will find it11:23
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SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Ok, will try, thanks for all your help :)11:28
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Where is the .bashrc of the Mer Platform SDK located?11:32
Stskeepsnot here11:32
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lbtkostola_: got called away as soon as I answered :)11:48
lbtand no - does it build if you remove the BR?11:49
lbtkostola_: it would be worth trying that kind of thing - our packaging for qt5 is not minimal up but rather is based on monolithic packages (AFAIK(11:50
Superpelicanlbt:Where is the .bashrc of the Mer SDK located?11:50
Superpelicanlbt:So that isn't the $HOME of the host?11:53
Bostikmonolithic packages?11:58
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:It worked!12:03
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:It's now installing the packages12:03
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Thanks alot! :)12:03
kostola_lbt: I built qtbase removing the BR12:06
kostola_using Mer SDK12:06
kostola_everything seems ok12:06
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:/usr/bin/patch isn't very nice to the mer-toolchain-mno-unaligned-access patch, it calls it garbage ;)12:08
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:"/usr/bin/patch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input"12:08
SfietKonstantindid you tried to patch something ?12:08
kostola_lbt: brb in 30 minutes12:09
SuperpelicanI think I forgot to actually copy paste something into the empty file I created12:09
Superpelicanbuilding again12:09
Superpelicanit was actually make'ing12:11
Superpelicanmake is throwing some error12:12
Superpelican"cc1: all warnings being treated as errors"12:13
Superpelicanthat explains it12:13
SuperpelicanI had seen that warning before when compiling the kernel [without osc]12:13
Superpelicanbut now it treats it as an error12:13
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kaltsithe package has -Werror somewhere12:15
kaltsiin compiler flags12:15
Superpelicanyeah, but how do I set it12:17
Superpelicanwhen using osc build12:17
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SfietKonstantinyou should not be able to set it12:21
SfietKonstantinI guess that the config script do that12:21
SfietKonstantindon't know that much12:21
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SfietKonstantinor patch all the warnings :D12:22
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Superpelicankaltsi:Which package has -Werror?12:30
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SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: I guess it is more related to the package you are trying to compile12:34
*** niqt_ has quit IRC12:34
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kaltsiSuperpelican: something that you are compiling has it.. it might be in the spec file or embedded in the Makefiles of the tarball12:44
Superpelicankaltsi:Ok thanks12:44
Superpelicankaltsi:But I read in the RPM Max book, that rpm was made to use the original sources12:44
Superpelicankaltsi:So should I edit the makefile then?12:45
kaltsiSuperpelican: you could untar the tarball and grep -R Werror in the directory to see if it's set there12:45
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Superpelicankaltsi:There's a "-Werror-implicit-function-declaration" flag in the Makefile, but that isn't it, right?12:57
kaltsithat will cause an error for implicit-function-declarations12:57
kaltsiotherwise it would just be a warning12:58
kaltsithat could be it depending on the case.. can you pastebin the whole failure somewhere?12:58
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*** Kelteseth has joined #mer13:12
Superpelicankaltsi: here you go ;)13:13
*** stephg has joined #mer13:14
kaltsiSuperpelican: the compiler options clearly have -Werror: "-fno-omit-frame-pointer -ggdb3 -Wall -Wextra -std=gnu99 -Werror ..."13:15
Superpelicankaltsi:I know, but how to change it?13:16
kaltsithere's no universal way of telling how.. it varies, do you have the project somewhere in obs?13:17
Superpelicanof course13:17
*** FSCV has joined #mer13:17
kaltsisorry I must have missed it, can you give the link again :)13:17
Superpelicankaltsi:I can't remember I ever gave you the link ;)13:18
*** aurium__ is now known as Aurium13:18
kaltsiSuperpelican: it sets the Werror in many places..13:22
Superpelicankaltsi:Which file?13:22
kaltsido: "grep -R Werror ." in the unpacked kernel source dir13:23
kaltsi-R is recursive grep13:23
*** dijenerate has joined #mer13:23
kaltsiit might be enough to change one of those.. in this case I suspect it's the ./tools/perf/Makefile since your pastebin is compiling perf.c when it fails13:24
*** e8johan has quit IRC13:25
SuperpelicanMight want to use that other Unix utility too the fix all that13:25
kaltsimany of those are arch specific13:25
kaltsiyou're probably not building for sparc for example13:26
Superpelicanah, but the "error" is in compile.h13:26
kaltsithat is #included to perf.c13:26
*** ericcc has joined #mer13:26
*** ericcc_ has joined #mer13:26
Superpelicanso maybe we have to change only a few flags13:27
*** dijenerate has quit IRC13:27
Superpelicanand not of all files13:27
kaltsiyes, try the perf makefile first13:27
* Superpelican runs grep -R perf13:28
kaltsino no don't :)13:29
kaltsithere's tools/perf/Makefile13:29
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Superpelicankaltsi:I've removed -Werror from CFLAGS in tools/perf/Makefile14:20
Superpelicankaltsi:But it still throws the error14:20
*** AndIRC has joined #mer14:20
*** Netweaver has joined #mer14:20
Superpelicankaltsi:How can I remove -Werror from all those Makefiles?14:20
kaltsiis it the same place?14:20
kaltsiyou don't need to remove from all the makefiles, most of them are not used14:21
Superpelicanyep exactly the same eror14:21
kaltsido you see the Werror in the compiler options there?14:23
kaltsibut if you need to remove the werror from everywhere, then just start editing.. no shortcuts there really14:23
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC14:25
*** ericcc has joined #mer14:25
Superpelicankaltsi:It says that there are files in util/14:25
Superpelicankaltsi:But there isn't a util/ folder14:25
Superpelicankaltsi:Not in the toplevel dir14:25
kaltsiwho says?14:26
kaltsiusually the programs don't lie.. just read the output carefully :)14:27
*** PMG has joined #mer14:31
Superpelicankaltsi:Looks like the output is for when you're in the /tools/perf dir14:33
kaltsiSuperpelican: keep calm and carry on, you have all the information you need to push through this :)14:35
*** Netweaver has quit IRC14:35
Superpelicankaltsi:Is this important too?:
Superpelicanin the /tools/perf/Makefile14:36
*** zhxt has quit IRC14:37
kaltsithose are just settings that it will warn about such failures, but those would just be warnings.. the -Werror will turn a warning into an error, so that's the key option in this case14:37
Superpelicankaltsi:But I do believe that this is causing the problem:
kaltsiif that's the perf Makefile, there was one longer line which had Werror too14:40
kaltsithose ifeq's will just add those -fstack-protector.. etc options to CFLAGS, those won't cause the build to fail14:41
Superpelicankaltsi:I think you mean the CFLAGS line, I've already removed the -Werror there14:42
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:42
Superpelicankaltsi:But doesn't that ifeq statement add the -Werror flag in case of ...14:43
kaltsiinside the if-statement there's that CFLAGS = something.. it will add that something14:43
kaltsiif you removed the -Werror from the CFLAGS = line then it should not appear in the build anymore.. what did you do after removing it?14:44
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:45
Superpelicansave && run osc build again14:46
kaltsidid you recreate the tarball?14:47
SuperpelicanI understand now14:47
SuperpelicanI'm really stupid14:47
SuperpelicanI have one .tar.xz achive14:47
Superpelicanthat's it14:47
Superpelicanand one folder14:47
Superpelicanwhich = tar.xz unextracted14:47
kaltsiosc will open the tarball everytime it builds for you14:47
*** AndIRC has quit IRC14:47
SuperpelicanI know14:47
kaltsiso you need to make the changes in the tarball.. yep14:47
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SuperpelicanIt's make'ing15:01
Superpelican99,6-99,9 % CPU usage :)15:01
Superpelicanpoor Core i315:02
*** rubdos has joined #mer15:03
Superpelicanwhen I manually make'd15:04
SuperpelicanI chose make -j315:04
Superpelicanbut osc seems to default to make -j100015:04
Superpelicanor something15:04
*** diegoyam has joined #mer15:05
kaltsiyou can use -j option with osc build too15:06
Bostikin %build section of spec ... "make %{?_smp_flags}" is all that is needed15:09
SuperpelicanI never saw the benefit of having a Core i5 or Core i715:11
Superpelicanuntil I recently compiled my first kernel ;)15:11
Bostikjust wait until you need to build your first webkit...15:14
pqnever try literally a 'make -j' in a kernel tree... :-p15:16
Superpelicanhit an error again15:20
Superpelican"make: *** [drivers] Error 2"15:20
Superpelicanwhy does it try to cat /dev/null ?15:21
Bostikproably because "cat /dev/null > outfile" is a highly portable way to truncate a file15:21
SuperpelicanWhat is this error:
SuperpelicanI don't understand a thing15:24
Superpelicanthere isn't a clear error15:24
Superpelicanit just says error 2 in drivers15:24
kaltsilook earlier, it's not there15:25
kaltsido an osc build with -j1 then you will get clearer output15:25
*** Kelteseth has quit IRC15:26
Superpelicanah, I do remember see it complainig about a config.h not being found from a mali gpu dir15:26
BostikI'm more and more convinced that OBS log view really should have some kind of colour coding for the best known error cases15:26
Bostikfor gcc/g++/clang and maybe python/perl invocations too, as those would probably cover a good chunk of use cases :)15:27
*** arcean has joined #mer15:28
Superpelicannext time I'll pipe osc build to a text file15:30
Superpelicanso I can grep it15:30
Superpelicanwithout copying everything15:30
*** martyone_ has joined #mer15:32
kaltsiyou can do osc lbl after the build15:32
kaltsiosc lbl | less15:32
kaltsiosc lbl > file.log15:32
*** martyone__ has joined #mer15:32
kaltsilbl = local build log15:32
Superpelicanthanks kaltsi15:32
Superpelicana osc lbl | grep -R "config.h" worked15:33
Superpelicanturns out osc build threw this error about 10 times or more: "armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/linux-sunxi-3.0.76/drivers/gpu/mali/mali/arch/config.h: No such file or directory"15:34
kaltsithere you don't need to give -R to grep.. it is only if you want to grep from multiple files in multiple directories15:34
Superpelicanoh ok15:34
SuperpelicanI don't really know much about the UNIX utilities15:34
*** stephg has left #mer15:34
SuperpelicanI now they exist15:34
Superpelicanfrom most15:34
Superpelicanand what they do15:34
Superpelicanbut that's about it15:34
kaltsiok, 'man grep' or man anything will tell you all about it :)15:35
Superpelicankaltsi, Bostik:Is it possible that the archive is faulty and that config.h is missing in the archive?15:35
kaltsiusually config.h is something that is created when the configure script is run15:36
Superpelicanthat the archive manager "made a mistake"15:36
*** martyone_ has quit IRC15:36
*** M13 has joined #mer15:36
Bostikkaltsi: config.h in a *kernel source tree* should come from somewhere else :)15:36
kaltsioh :)15:36
Bostikhmm... since config.h is autogenerated by autotools.. would it be possible for the maintainer to have "config.h" in their global gitignore?15:38
Superpelicanthe drivers/gpu/mali/mali/arch/ folder is empty15:38
Bostikbecause then the generated tarballs from git-archive would be subject to the ignore rules...15:38
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SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:This indeed seems to be an issue of the kernel source tree I'm using:
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:But what I don't understand is, that I didn't have this issue when make'ing/compiling the kernel without osc/obs18:05
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CosmoHillany brits about??20:01
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vgradehey CosmoHill20:06
CosmoHillcan you connect to ? also what ISP are you?20:06
vgradeyes, virgin20:07
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drachensun might be a silly question.  Will libreoffice or applications like that run under mer/nemo?21:21
*** Kelteseth has joined #mer21:23
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cxl000drachensun libreoffice has a lot of dependencies not in mer/nemo. Mer/Plasma active might  be a better fit.21:54
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Bozzavgrade: are you around by any chance?23:52

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