Tuesday, 2013-07-02

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SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:I'm checking the original .zip archive I downloaded from Github (which hosts the kernel source tree)09:11
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:but there is no /drivers/gpu/mali/mali/arch folder09:12
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:but there are lots of /drivers/gpu/mali/mali/arch-* folders09:12
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:Those folders do contain a config.h09:13
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:http://ubuntuone.com/74tWcG88fRw4ngrJcayH3v09:15
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:I've extracted the arhive09:17
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:*archive09:17
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:the archive folder is a link09:18
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:However, the arch folder does contain a config.h09:18
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:So something must have gone wrong when compressing or decompressing my tar.xz09:18
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BostikSuperpelican: still sounds like over-enthusiastic .gitignore, but since I'll need some evidence first, could you point me to your OBS project so I can have a look at the files there directly?09:21
kaltsiSuperpelican: sorry, I don't know details about what should or should not be in the kernel source package09:22
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SuperpelicanBostik:The problem is that my OBS and local build aren't in sync currently09:29
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SuperpelicanBostik:I'll upload the 2 archives09:34
SuperpelicanBostik:The original and my tar.xz09:34
SuperpelicanBostik:The tar.xz misses the config.h09:34
SuperpelicanBostik:You will first need to extract both archives09:35
SuperpelicanBostik:You can't just view them in an archive manager09:35
SuperpelicanBostik:The link doesn't work then09:35
BostikI'll do some creative diffing between archive lists, for starters09:35
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SuperpelicanBostik:The original .zip archive from the kernel source tree: http://ubuntuone.com/5fN87fPEX341E928Up516q09:41
SuperpelicanBostik:I'm now going to upload my faulty tar.xz09:41
Bostiklet's see09:42
Superpelicantar.xz almost uploaded09:44
SuperpelicanBostik:My tar.xz:http://ubuntuone.com/6Qmg7puASmhc209BU68kBc09:44
lbtStskeeps: kaltsi ... just wondering about this gdb and sb2 issue09:47
lbtat the moment we need to install cross-gdb into the host and gdb into the target09:47
lbtat least on x8609:47
lbtStskeeps: is this expected? I would have thought it was not needed in the target09:47
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lbtobviously it's fine to do it as a workaround - mainly I'm wondering if it's a bug or not09:48
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Stskeepslbt: gdb into the target shouldn't be needed.. there's a wrappers gdb thing09:50
kaltsithe wrapper wants to find gdb on the target09:51
Stskeepsbut it bypasses it anyway?09:51
kaltsiexec $sbox_target_root/usr/bin/gdb -command $SBOX_SESSION_DIR/gdbinit "$@"09:52
kaltsilooks like it wants to run it from the target too09:52
kaltsiI don't know anything about the history leading to this gdb wrapper stuff09:53
lbtkaltsi: I don't know the history either - it just surprises me that the target is expected to have it09:55
Stskeepsperhaps the recipe is to not wrap gdb?09:57
lbtkaltsi: and it's more about deciding if this is a bug and needs to go on the backlog or if it expected and we just document it and move on09:57
kaltsithe wrapper is written to run gdb off the target, not from anywhere else09:57
lbtyeah - so it may simply need a cross-gdb variant09:58
kaltsiI think the wrapper is there to define and print out that sb2-prepare macro spam for gdb09:59
SuperpelicanBostik:And what do you think of the missing config.h?10:00
kaltsithen there's another script "sb2-qemu-gdbserver-prepare" which will start an arm binary with qemu in gdb server mode10:01
lbtis the cross gdb only needed for remote debugging then ?10:02
lbtthat kinda makes sense10:03
kaltsiit could be that this gdb stuff is from the time when an x86 sb2 target wasn't really the focus10:03
Stskeepsit's a bug likely, it should be able to take cross gdb into usage10:04
Stskeepsfor performance etc reasons10:04
lbthow does that work with qemu in the way?10:04
Stskeepswell ptrace is out of the question10:05
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lbtwould it be running an sb2 intercepted x86 cross-gdb which is running qemu with an sb2 intercepted arm binary10:07
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kaltsiit looks like right now you can't runa a cross-gdb from inside an sb2 session10:08
kaltsibecause it maps all gdb's to the target10:09
lbtand gdbserver ?10:09
kaltsiqemu has its own gdbserver ..10:09
Stskeepsso what we'd want to do is no matter what to use the cross gdb, it needs no matter what to connect to a gdbserver/qemu with -g10:09
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lbtah, right - that makes sense10:10
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BostikSuperpelican: I'm checking your archives against the linux-sunxi repo, cloning just finished10:20
SuperpelicanBostik:Ah nice10:20
SuperpelicanBostik:But remember that the .zip archive comes directly from the linux-sunxi repo10:21
SuperpelicanBostik:There's also a .zip download button10:21
BostikSuperpelican: because the archive contents are *very* similar, diff didn't show missing config.h .. but it didn't show the gpu/mali directory either10:21
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BostikI prefer to have the whole repo, not just a flat snapshot10:21
BostikSuperpelican: I don't see any difference between your two archives, the /drivers/gpu/mali/** hierarchy has the same config.h files in both archives10:30
SuperpelicanBostik:hmmm, then something must have gone wrong when extracting the tar.xz10:31
BostikSuperpelican: and more to the point - sunxi-3.0 branch in the repository contains the exact same .../gpu/mali/**/config.h files as listed in your archives, so this breakage is from something else10:34
SuperpelicanBostik:Should just copy over the config.h then?10:37
SuperpelicanBostik:It's the only missing file10:37
Bostikthen it's worth a try, just add it as an extra source file and copy it in place at end of %prep10:47
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SuperpelicanBostik:I'm using a modified version of vgrade's sunxi .spec now10:48
SuperpelicanBostik:So probably I don't have to edit the %prep10:49
Bostikcan't go wrong with trying, even if it fails10:51
Bostikat least that shows one more way that does *not* work10:51
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Superpelicanlbt:I put 2 aliases in my .bashrc, but they don't work in the Mer SDK, they do work on the host though11:05
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lbtSuperpelican: your SDK is a login shell - you need to make sure your .profile runs your .bashrc11:12
Superpelicanlbt:And there is only one .profile?11:12
Superpelicanlbt:No separate one for the SDK?11:13
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Superpelicanlbt:So I should just add ".bashrc" to the .mersdk.profile11:24
Superpelicanlbt:And then it will be executed?11:24
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lbtSuperpelican: did that work?11:27
Superpelicanlbt:Haven't tried11:27
Superpelicanlbt:Doesn't work11:27
Superpelicanlbt:permission denied error11:27
lbtI think you need to try things a bit more before you ask questions :)11:27
lbthint - for bash you are looking for a 'source'-like command11:28
SuperpelicanThanks lbt, a "man source" was enough :)11:31
Superpelicanarggggggh, why can't you rename a folder in Ark11:33
SuperpelicanNow I have to decompress and compress the whole thing again when I have to change the name of a single folder11:33
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kostola_lbt: ping13:45
plundstrAard: http://review.merproject.org/#change,151413:47
AardStskeeps: ^^13:50
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lbtkostola_: pong13:54
kostola_I'm trying to create an image for Raspberry Pi using MIC13:55
kostola_are there any ks files that I can use as template?13:56
kostola_already configured for Raspberry Pi?13:56
kostola_I found this just now13:58
lbtthere you go13:59
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deztructorlbt: it looks like latest mer sdk still has zypper repo refs to meego.com14:41
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lbtdeztructor: yes, I've not had time to fix it properly14:43
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xavinuxlbt: May I help to fix it?14:48
lbtxavinux: sure - the code is in sdk-version in the sdk-setup src package14:49
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xavinuxok, new with this tasks. Can you give me an idea of how to approach it ?14:55
lbthttps://github.com/mer-tools/sdk-setup/blob/master/src/sdk-version#L54 :)14:56
lbtso clone on github, edit, ask for pull14:57
lbtthere are a few meego.com references14:57
xavinuxok, thanks lbt14:59
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kostola_lbt: I booted my RPi ;)15:11
lbtnot too hard I hope15:13
kostola_no I simply followed the instructions in the wiki ;)15:18
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xavinuxlbt: so in the file I must replace http://repo.pub.meego.com/ with http://releases.merproject.org/ is this ok?15:55
lbtthe path is slightly different too15:55
lbthttp://repo.merproject.org/releases/mer-tools/  is now lower case to match the new project15:56
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xavinuxok, so changes must be: baseurl=http://repo.pub.meego.com/releases/Mer-Tools/$SDK/builds/i486/packages/ to baseurl=http://repo.merproject.org/releases/mer-tools/$SDK/builds/i486/packages/ it's ok?16:04
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lbtxavinux: yes - also around lin 16216:13
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xavinuxyes found all lines that link to meego...16:14
xavinuxthere are five lines poinitng to that repo16:16
xavinuxwill change them...16:16
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SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:I've created a new tar.xz archive from the dir that DOES contain the config.h16:33
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:Then I ran osc build ... again16:33
SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:And it complained again16:33
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SuperpelicanBostik, kaltsi:Turns out the new archive also doesn't include the config.h16:33
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xavinuxlbt: ping23:26
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