Thursday, 2013-06-27

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rcgany idea what could be causing this:
rcgwhen trying to create a rootfs tarball for plasma active08:27
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rcgi thought we should use --pkgmgr=zypp?08:36
Stskeepslbt: expect prerelease tonight08:36
lbtmorning - sure08:36
rcgwell, nvm, removing --pkgmgr=zypp from the command line does the trick08:41
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lbtrcg: that sounds like a bad idea in general08:42
rcglbt, leaving that option away?08:43
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lbtyes - you should use the zypp pkgmgr08:43
lbthow old is your sdk ?08:43
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rcglbt, hmm, ic, with it it fails as linked above08:43
lbtrpm -q mic08:44
rcgaha, i think i found one issue... sudo sdk-version --latest --go    has some work to do08:45
rcgnope, it still fails08:46
rcgrpm -q mic says mic-0.14-mer5.4.2.noarch08:46
rcglbt, ^08:47
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lbtrcg: certainly worth trying mic from the latest mer-tools repo before going too far in09:03
lbtrpm -U
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rcglbt, nope, same problem09:06
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lbtwhere is the ks and the commandline you use09:07
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rcgsudo mic create fs plasma-active-latest-ks/plasma-active-armv7hl-archos-gen9-pvr.ks --pack-to=plasma-active-armv7hl-2013-06-27.tar.gz --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=armv7hl --logfile=plasma-active-build.log09:08
rcgand the .ks
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SuperpelicanN900 keeps being awesome; copying pictures from N900 to my computer using scp -r :D09:22
SuperpelicanGuess where I just took pictures of ;)09:23
Superpelican &&
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Superpelicanupdate, new project:
sledgesSuperpelican, marvellous stuff! \o/10:02
SuperpelicanIt's now really anything yet10:03
SuperpelicanBut I got the kernel booting yesterday10:03
Superpelicanwith sun4i rootfs10:03
SuperpelicanSo got a shell :)10:03
sledgesand you call that not really anything? :))10:03
Superpelicanmost of the work has been done by other people10:04
Superpelicanand that work is the most difficult part ;)10:04
sledgesmeh :)10:04
sledgesbut have you seen their pictures? ;P10:05
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* sledges is now really regretting of not having bought Tunex A761C for €65...10:05
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sledgesyour fault Superpelican :D10:06
SuperpelicanMaybe you can buy a PoV Protab 2 XXL for 120 euro ;)10:07
sledgesSuperpelican, could you tweet about it? I'll retweet it from Nemo account10:07
Superpelicandon't have twitter10:07
Superpelicando have
sledgesthat's twice as expensive! :) and I really like detachable keyboard of that Tunex....10:07
Superpelicanyou mean this:
SuperpelicanI've got one for the protab 2 xxl ;)10:08
sledges:D lol look at the price10:09
SuperpelicanYeah, where did you see the Tunex?10:09
sledgessomething in the back of my mind still told me I can find cheaper (shop shelf said: €65, was €120 ;D)10:09
sledgesback home, in Lithuania10:09
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SuperpelicanI'm in NL10:10
sledgesim in UK, visited home early June, just did food shopping really when I found it :D10:10
* Superpelican looks up Lithuania on openstreetmaps.org10:11
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Superpelicanah near Scandinavia10:11
sledgesyes, you can say so :) Near the most polluted European sea unfortunately :D10:11
Superpelican:( didn't know that10:12
Superpelican7 inch10:12
SuperpelicanPoV is 10 inch10:12
Superpelicanalthought that's a matter of taste10:12
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sledgesyou read mind about my next question10:12
sledges"right, so how come the PROTAB2-Tablet costs ~20 EUR and your one 120?" ?10:13
sledgeslol, your link is just an addendum10:13
* sledges wipes his eyes10:13
Superpelicanlol, website: "Ekrano įstrižainė:10.1" (~26 cm) "10:13
Superpelican10.1 inch10:13
sledgesheh :)10:14
Superpelicanpicture of box says 7 inch :P10:14
sledgesin Eastern Europe, computer inches you :))10:15
sledgesi was looking for a traveller's replacement for my Asus EeePc (8.9")10:16
sledgesjust cracked the screen recently (and ArchBang reboot when heats up :(10:16
sledgesbut couldn't stand the idea that i might -not- be able to put Mer/Nemo/PA on it10:16
sledgesso didn't buy that Tunex10:16
SuperpelicanI've got an Eee PC 900 too10:16
Superpelicanand yes they get really hot10:17
sledgesnow you proved me wrong :)10:17
SKonstantin_N9sledges, grab a intel intel combo ?10:17
Superpelicanyou still need some information from the tablet10:17
SuperpelicanSo I'm lucky10:17
SKonstantin_N9not the newer ones but up to 2nd gen core i it is ok10:17
sledgesSKonstantin_N9, the "intel intel" bit tells me you are typing from harmattan (backs up your nickname :))10:17
SKonstantin_N9thinkpad x201 for ex10:17
Superpelicanyeah, better avoid the N2600 and N280010:17
Superpelicanpoulsbo mess10:18
sledgestrue Superpelican , that tunex is A10 SoC, but might be locked down; goot do know your protab isn't10:18
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer10:18
Superpelicanwell you need to obtain the script.bin from the tablet10:19
sledges"script.bin" roflol10:19
*** SKonstantin_N9 has quit IRC10:19
Superpelicanand someone on #linux-sunxi said that script.bin's by default miss dram info10:19
Superpelicanwhich you need to add manually10:20
SuperpelicanI was lucky that I found out that my Cherry M1007 is the same as the Protab 2 XXL10:20
Superpelicanand there was a linux-sunxi wiki page of the protab 210:20
sledgesand they support SDcard  booting(!)10:20
sledgesotherwise you're in jail most probably :)10:20
Superpelicanand that page had the missing dram info10:21
Superpelicanalthough I was able to boot tinycore linux image without editing my script.bin10:21
Superpelicanso I doubt I really needed to add that info10:21
Superpelicanall A10 devices support booting from SD card10:22
sledgesso what is the aim of your effort Superpelican ?10:22
Superpelicanthey automatically boot from SD first when inserted10:22
*** ljp has quit IRC10:22
SuperpelicanI thought I read it there10:22
Superpelicannot sure though10:22
SuperpelicanMy aim is to get Nemo Mobile working on the tablet10:23
Superpelicanas a replacement for Android10:23
sledgesthat sounds cushty10:23
Superpelicanand the fact that my N900 has hw problems with the magnet sensor etc. motivated me even more10:23
Superpelicanto get Nemo Mobile ported10:23
SuperpelicanAs it then will be the only touch screen device I can run Nemo on :(10:24
Superpelicanof course not10:24
Superpelicanpictures are in public domain ;)10:24
sledgesSuperpelican, is it Linux kernel you're running already? has Mer CONFIG_s ? still has Android patches?10:32
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Linux kernel10:32
SuperpelicanStskeeps:cloned from branch: sunxi-3.010:33
Superpelicanit has mer configs10:33
Superpelicanaside from a few optional things10:33
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SuperpelicanI've already seen :)10:44
sledgesthanks and good work :)10:44
*** rcg has quit IRC10:45
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Superpelicansledges:I forgot to mention that I'm also working on a page where I will document the progress of porting to the tablet:
Superpelicanpage is work in progress of course ;)10:52
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer10:53
sledgesand is all in the backlog of this channel for extra curious ;) so feel free to have your verbal diarrhea at will :D10:53
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sledgeslbt, Stskeeps, wondering if one can use physical hardware as Mer SDK target? yet using the power of host to cross-compile getting qemu out of the way (so e.g. a thumb build for n900 could be doable)11:02
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xavinuxHi people, hope we have a nice day.11:29
xavinux Access via SSH to Nemo VM11:29
xavinux Installing Nemo VM through root Console. Updated11:29
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* Superpelican finds out documenting the stuff you've done takes a lot of time11:31
lbtsledges: not quite sure what you mean11:32
xavinuxyes it does, but I hope is useful11:32
sledgeslbt, w00t told me that armv7tnhl build for n900 is impossible due to qemu quirks11:32
w00tnot impossible11:33
w00tit's blocked by bugs11:33
sledgessomeone had a thought that thumb on n900 would make things even faster <- if that's impossible, then ignore my prev sentences :)11:33
sledges(nothing is impossible, only impossible takes longer) :)11:33
lbtsledges: I think I recall Stskeeps saying that there was a hardware bug and not to waste your time on it11:34
sledgesn900 hw bug?11:34
lbtbut my SDK-addled brain could be wrong11:34
Stskeepsn900 has a hardware bug effectively blocking thumb2 in environments needing fast context switches and 60fps ui11:34
lbtwoah - I remembered something correctly!11:34
Stskeepsas it wipes the branch cache and other fun things on context switch11:34
sledgesso case dismissed, I'll inform the parties concerned..11:35
lbtsledges: also, in general, all mer development is cross-compiled by default11:36
sledges('twas netweaver on #nemomobile)11:36
sledgeslbt, my question was: if qemu cannot crosscompile something, but native hw can, can mersdk incorporate a native physical target?11:37
sledges(via nfs and other magic)11:37
lbtmy answer is we don't use qemu, we cross-compile ... :)11:37
lbtusing qemu is emulated-native-compile11:37
sledgesw00t, ^11:37
lbtmersdk can run on a native host though11:38
w00tlbt: sb2 does run things under qemu if they are not accelerated, correct?11:39
lbtyes, but not gcc11:39
lbtso for builds that generate intermediate tools11:39
lbtlike qmake11:39
lbt(except we know about that :) )11:39
lbtbut that is pretty rare tbh11:40
lbtit does impact testing though11:40
w00tso qemu is still the problem with the remaining failures under tnhl, which was what I was saying11:40
lbtthe phrasing/question made me thing the process was not clearly understood11:40
lbtsledges: I'm just calling you stoopid - don't worry about it ;)11:41
w00tyou're kind of jumping into a continuation of a discussion from a few days ago so it's all a little mixed :P11:41
lbt"using the power of host to cross-compile getting qemu out of the way"11:42
lbtis not really right11:42
sledgesmy, now utopian, dream: if cross-compilation is not feasible, do it natively on target, but use the power of mersdk on host (having nfs+whatnot build target)11:43
lbt"using the nativeness of the target to run native build-artifacts getting qemu out of the way" may be better11:43
sledgesmy thoughts are coming from the fact that, mersdk build target is a copy of your hw rootfs on host11:44
lbtit's not11:45
sledgeswell, I just extracted nemo n950 armv7hl image on host and used that as target no complaints11:45
lbta build target is supposed to be very minimal - essentially headers/libraries11:45
lbtah - that doesn't mean a rootfs won't work11:46
sledgesis supposed, but I ended up updating the whole rootfs via sb211:46
sledgesto get to qt5 env to be able to compile voicetalk11:46
lbtyup - the "minimal" includes zypper and a few other bits to permit that11:46
lbtI'm attempting to make a pattern to support 'minimal'11:46
sledgesstill, a build target -can- potentially be the rootfs of your hw (surely, it will get populated with -devel packages)11:47
sledgesso had a wild thought without reading the principles of native or cross-compiling, that maybe it could be nfs exported/chrooted etc11:48
sledgesbut there's a fundamental flaw in my thinking - it is impossible to natively compile using a cpu resources from elsewhere11:48
sledgesunless we talk distcc et al.11:48
sledgesnevertheless, the way mersdk is structured, stimulated me thinking otherwise11:49
sledgeshence my questions to you ;)11:49
lbtyou can install build tools on a device though11:50
lbtand simply build native11:50
sledgessurely, but then i imagined an n900 user heating up their phone for weeks :)11:50
lbtyeah - and some stuff won't build11:50
lbtlike webkit11:51
sledgesso had a thought of outsouring the build power elsewhere, yet still staying native (think, in mersdk on a powerful host, substituting qemu with native target)11:51
sledgeswhen w00t said that qemu won't build thumb things11:52
sledgeshope my train of thought is clearer now :)11:52
sledgeseven though I see that technically that is not feasible :)11:52
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sledgesright, distcc is as good as it can get in this case12:10
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* lbt lights a fire under mobs12:41
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Stskeepslbt: prerelease ready for cooking, let's make full release wednesday13:25
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* Superpelican 's finally done with the compiling the kernel section of
SuperpelicanOf course the page is still not done14:29
SuperpelicanBut at least the kernel section :)14:29
SuperpelicanNow back to creating the kernel-adaptation package ;)14:29
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kostolaStskeeps: ping16:08
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Superpelicanvgrade:You don't need to edit the .config or anything to apply a patch to a kernel, right?16:17
*** mbohlender has quit IRC16:17
Superpelicanvgrade:Aside from adding the patch to the spectacle .yaml and .spec of course16:19
*** mbohlender has joined #mer16:20
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* Superpelican just did his first contribution to the Mer Wiki16:52
Superpelicanfixed broken link :)16:52
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lbtSuperpelican: thanks :)17:02
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Superpelicanlbt:There are lots of variables in the sample kernel-adaptation's .yaml file17:43
Superpelicanlbt:Should I replace those with hardcoded, actual values?17:43
Superpelicanlbt:Or should I leave them as is?17:43
*** sp3000 has quit IRC17:44
lbtlink ?17:44
lbtah, I understand ... %{kernel_version_build}  and company ?17:46
lbtno - those are set
*** netweaver has quit IRC17:47
Superpelicanand kernel_hw_target etc.17:47
lbtrpm.define("kernel_target_hw " ..  capture)17:47
*** Frye has quit IRC17:47
lbtit's rather complex spec magic using lua17:48
*** ced117 has quit IRC17:48
Superpelicanlbt:Also what does the PkgBr stuff mean?17:48
lbtit uses pkg-config to specify a BuildRequire17:49
Superpelicanlbt:And the macros17:49
Superpelicanlbt:I don't understand how I can find out which I should add or remove17:50
Superpelicanlbt:And what does builds_uImage do?17:50
lbtyou shouldn't need to touch it17:50
Superpelicanlbt:But aren't they commented out?17:50
lbtso what is breaking?17:51
*** netweaver has joined #mer17:52
SuperpelicanI haven't actually builded anything yet17:52
SuperpelicanI'm just learning how the .yaml files work first17:52
lbtok - so the best way to learn is build it17:52
lbtand if it breaks, figure out what you can adjust17:52
lbtalso, if it works, read what it does in the logs17:53
lbtand then you get to see what the macros do17:53
SuperpelicanI've one question I think is absolutely necessary: Should I replace "kernel-v%{version}-src.tar.gz"17:53
lbtset the version though17:53
*** netweaver has quit IRC17:53
Superpelican@ Version: ?17:54
lbtso read the comments in the yaml around line 12-1517:54
Superpelicanlbt:And the Adaptation Guide says that the Git Method is preferred17:54
Superpelicanlbt:And that I should create my own branch17:54
Superpelicanlbt:But I don't really have any patches17:55
Superpelicanlbt:I just use upstream kernel17:55
Superpelicanlbt:Only thing specific is my .config17:55
*** netweaver has joined #mer17:55
Superpelicanlbt:So can't I just use a .zip or tar.gz with the source instead?17:55
lbtin general uploading kernel tarballs is very wasteful of resources on the server17:56
Superpelicanlbt:So should I create my own clone of linux-sunxi 3.0 kernel on GitHub then?17:57
*** mike7b4_lenovo has joined #mer17:57
Superpelicanlbt:vgrade seems to just use a tarball for his adaptation:
lbtor just point to a tag in their git repo17:57
Superpelicanlbt:And how would I do that?17:57
lbtjust upload a tarball17:59
SuperpelicanIsn't that a waste of resources then :P18:00
lbtyeah - but I'm busy18:01
SuperpelicanI'll just upload the tarball and try to build then18:01
Superpelicanthanks for your help18:01
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:02
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:02
lbtsure - in general it's better to ask about specific problems - like your macro question18:02
SuperpelicanI'll make a tar.xz from the tar.gz then ;)18:02
lbtwell - as long as it matches the Source: setting18:03
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:03
Superpelicanmodified Source to tar.xz18:03
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:07
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SuperpelicanWow, xz compression is awesome18:13
Superpelican6.8x smaller18:13
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* Stskeeps yawns18:39
Stskeepslbt: prerelease kicked off?18:39
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lbtStskeeps: just had dinner19:22
Stskeepswas it good?19:22
lbtfloured prawns sauteed in butter with a little lemon on rice19:24
Stskeepssounds nice :)19:24
lbtyeah - rather good19:25
lbtnow I need to plan some exercise for tomorrow19:25
*** alh has quit IRC19:25
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lbtjust going to run a tools rolling release first19:27
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lbtdone - pre-release running19:48
*** bef0rd has joined #mer19:49
lbtnew rolling release has fixed git and mer-kickstarter ; also a few new debug tools19:49
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CosmoHillbehold! boring stats:
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CosmoHillnight night22:29
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