Wednesday, 2013-06-26

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* timoph yawns05:36
Stskeepsgood morning timoph05:37
timophlets see if I manage to get things crashing today :p05:38
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timophhmmh. can't seem to get started doing stuff(tm) today09:25
* timoph does something else and tries again later09:26
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* dm8tbr notes, back off interval activated ;)09:35
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Superpelicanvgrade:I've now tried tinycore with my own uImage:it doesn't boot09:45
Superpelicanvgrade:So likely it's my kernel09:45
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Superpelicanvgrade:But the problem is, is that it looks like the tinycore rootfs is packed into a "uCore"09:47
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Superpelicanvgrade:So I can't just replace the tinycore default kernel's modules with my modules09:47
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Superpelicanvgrade:And what if the tinycore modules don't match the version of my own kernel?09:53
Superpelicanvgrade:So I'll never know whether it really is my kernel or the combination09:53
SuperpelicanI don't mind compiling a new kernel09:55
SuperpelicanIt's just that I'm not really looking forward to manually have to edit all those CONFIG's that Mer needs :(09:55
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:I assume when you enable an ARM errata option in make menuconfig, you enable a workaround/fix for the errata and not disable the workaround (for debugging purposes etc.)?11:40
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sledgesSuperpelican, what about this one: ?11:43
* sledges gets twitches seeing all those tens of patches among package files...11:45
Superpelicansledges:ctrl+f for "errata" doesn't find anything11:45
sledgesSuperpelican, there's an error with OBS file viewer and ctrl+f (in chromium for sure)11:46
sledgesdownload the file and search again11:46
Superpelicansledges:I'm using Firefox11:46
Superpelicanbut will download anyway11:46
sledgesSuperpelican, same problem on firefox11:47
sledges(just checked, eh..)11:47
Superpelicansledges:How do I download11:47
Superpelicansledges:I mean without downloading the whole repo11:47
sledgesCtrl+A Ctrl+C11:47
SuperpelicanI've found the button11:47
sledgesor that :P11:48
sledgeserrata is there ;)11:48
Superpelicanbut not set11:48
sledgescorrect! :D11:49
Superpelicanbut a10 is a different SoC11:49
Superpelicanand a hw bug could lead to strange things11:49
Superpelicanand if sth weird happens, you'll never be sure why11:50
sledgesa10? sorry, i thought you wanted to have nemo -flashed- on n900 (instead of µSD way)11:51
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Superpelicaneh, no11:56
SuperpelicanI'm now trying to port Mer/Nemo to my chinese android tablet11:56
Superpelicanwhich is a rebranded Point of View Protab 2 XXL11:56
Superpelicanbased on Allwinner A1011:56
SuperpelicanMight try to find a new, stronger magnet in today11:57
SuperpelicanBut gave up for now11:57
SuperpelicanNo, I can't flash Nemo to eMMC11:57
SuperpelicanIt's my only phone11:58
Superpelicanso I can't delete Maemo11:58
sledgesSuperpelican, do you have an OBS repo for a10 ?11:58
Superpelicannot yet11:58
Superpelicanbut vgrade has already worked on A10 hw adaptation11:58
Superpelicanthere are already images for some devices11:58
sledgesSuperpelican, so did notmart and mdfe11:58
SuperpelicanI know11:59
sledgesand they are pretty active on OBS, busy freshening up kernel11:59
sledges"are" :P11:59
sledgeslast change: 23 hours ago ;)11:59
Superpelicanwas getting a little scared ;)11:59
sledgesso why don't you reference their repos?11:59
SuperpelicanI thought: is sunxi so hopeless? :P11:59
sledgesone has broken u-boot, the other has broken kernel :D take the best of both worlds :D11:59
Superpelicanhmm can look at their .config12:00
Superpelicanwho has the working kernel?12:00
sledges'cause they already did most of work for you12:00
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Superpelicansledges:Have you already seen
Superpelicansledges:Sfiet_Konstantin just shared on #SailFish12:01
Superpelicancool isn't it?12:01
Sfiet_Konstantinit was shared yesterday on #JollaMobile12:01
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sledgesanyway, those guys are working on different sunxi branches12:02
SuperpelicanI'm really looking forward to Qt5 on Jolla12:02
SuperpelicanGNU/Linux future is looking awesome12:02
sledgesnotmart on sunxi-eoma6812:02
Superpelicanwith Wayland, Qt5 and Jolla12:02
Superpelicanwill check obs now ;)12:02
sledgesmdfe on stage/sunxi-3.412:03
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Superpelicansledges:Both obs repo's are on, right?12:04
Superpelicanhmm looks like mdfe has the broken u-boot12:05
Superpelicanso the kernel must work then :)12:05
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sledgesit's a fresh u-boot build, i think it's only the packaging problem12:05
sledgeslooking into the error12:05
sledgesbasically, you branch the whole repo (or package-by-package) into your own repo12:06
sledgesand start having fun :)12:06
Superpelicansledges:hmm mdfe seems to have not set the errata's12:07
Superpelicansledges:So I won't either ;)12:07
sledgesto the awesome future of GNU/Linux!:)!12:07
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Superpelicansledges: :)12:08
Superpelicansledges:Should I set "Use ARM EABI to compile kernel" when compiling kernel in sb2 armv7hl in Mer SDK?12:09
Superpelicansledges:Or will it run an ARM emulation layer in another ARM emulation layer then?12:09
Superpelicanvgrade:Found something interesting: the default kernel command string includes console=ttyS0 !12:10
sledgessb2 *should* be equivalent to what OBS does :")12:11
sledgesor you can always osc build locally too ;)12:12
Superpelicanvgrade, Stskeeps:ah, I think I forgot to enable the "Map console to the primary display device" option ;)12:18
SuperpelicanMaybe that's why I didn't see anything on the screen12:19
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Should I enable Android drivers support for libhybris?12:22
Stskeepssorry, bit busy right now12:22
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sledgesSuperpelican, in case you're not aware: default kernel command line can be overwritten by u-boot's default bootcmd which in turn can be overwritten by boot.scr if present12:23
SuperpelicanI know12:23
SuperpelicanI had a boot.scr with console=tty012:23
SuperpelicanThe strange thing is, is that the device wouldn't boot Android when the SD card is inserted12:24
Superpelicaneven though the screen stayed black12:24
SuperpelicanSo I'm suspecting that the kernel did start12:24
Superpelicanbut it didn't turn on the screen and show something12:24
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sledgesSuperpelican, if you run out of ideas (don't think it will work, but worth a try):
Superpelicansledges:Is there also a way to automatically set all the CONFIG options Mer requires (
sledgesand you can always put android's kernel there12:31
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sledgessee if that boots on12:32
Superpelicansledges:Changing all those kernel options manually with ctrl+f isn't very fun to do12:32
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sledgesSuperpelican, absolutely12:32
SuperpelicanI've already done it once12:32
sledgessorry forgot to inform you about that tool12:32
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Superpelicansledges:Other than writing a bash script that uses sed12:33
sledgesmer_verify_kernel_config, what you just said12:34
Superpelicaneh, doesn't it only check if you have the options enabled?12:34
sledgessorry, misread your "Is there also a way to automatically...?" as "there is also a way to automatically..." :D12:35
sledgesSuperpelican, the order is not important, just add needed configs to the end of the file12:36
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sledgesafterwards you will still need to make oldconfig to pull dependencies (if any), and you'll get a nice ordered .config again12:36
Superpelicanah, of course and the ones that are not set, are commented out12:36
SuperpelicanSo you won't get the same CONFIG's double12:36
SuperpelicanWhat do you mean with to pull dependencies?12:37
sledgesif you change a config flag, other which depend on it change as well12:37
SuperpelicanAnd you do you exactly pull those dependencies?12:38
sledgeshopefully it will -just- work ;)12:39
sledgesotherwise when you make bzImage it will curse :P12:39
sledgessaying 'run make oldconfig first'12:39
Superpelicanyou mean I should just run "make oldconfig" after adding the CONFIG's?12:39
sledgesyou may need to run that, yes12:39
*** imusil has quit IRC12:39
sledgesi always run it, as it cleans up the .config file (removes commented duplicates etc)12:40
Superpelicansledges:I can't run make uImage12:41
Superpelicansledges:When it tries to create an uImage it will complain that I should install mkimage12:41
Superpelicansledges:So after I had created a zImage in Mer SDK sb212:42
Superpelicansledges:I converted it to an uImage on my host (x86_64)12:42
Superpelicansledges:openSUSE with u-boot-tools12:42
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Superpelicansledges:Now just running "make -j3" in sb212:45
*** pirut has joined #mer12:45
sledgesSuperpelican, mkimage is in the u-boot-tools package12:46
sledgesu-boot-sunxi-tools in your case12:46
Superpelicansledges:Does u-boot-sunxi-tools vs u-boot-tools matter?12:47
SuperpelicanDoes it matter whether I convert the zImage to an uImage on x86_64 or ARM (emulated)?12:48
sledgesso SUSE's u-boot-tools should be ok12:48
Superpelicanas long as -A arm flag is added to mkimage12:49
sledgeswas about to say that lol12:49
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Superpelicansledges:Now just running make, without oldconfig cleanup12:57
Superpelicanhaven't got any errors so far, so can I assume that the cleanup isn't needed?12:57
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Superpelicanvgrade_:I think the kernel is causing the problems12:59
Superpelicanvgrade_:Now compiling a new kernel12:59
Superpelicanvgrade_:I think I forgot to set the "Map the console to the primary display device" option13:00
Superpelicanvgrade_:Can't remember checking it the first time13:00
vgrade_Superpelican:so your tinylinux did not boot after you replaced just the uImage and your kernel modules13:02
Superpelicanbut I couldn't add my own modules13:02
Superpelicantinycore rootfs seems to be packed in an uCore file13:03
Superpelicanso I couldn't replace the modules13:03
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Superpelicansledges, vgrade:
SuperpelicanIs it overriding the options I just added for Mer support?!13:20
Superpelicanthen it says restarting config13:20
Superpelicanand it starts asking questions for the CONFIG13:20
sledgesmeans some of files that you added were not duplicates13:21
Superpelicanbut which option will "sort .config | uniq -u >> .config2 && mv .config2 .config" favor?13:21
SuperpelicanI can also just answer the questions it asks me13:22
sledgeswonder what good oldconfig would say? :)13:23
Superpelicanassuming it will only ask me questions about the flags I added manually13:23
Superpelicanyou mean "make oldconfig"13:23
SuperpelicanWon't it edit my file13:23
sledgesit will, make a backup13:23
sledgesI usually go with defaults, so do:13:24
sledgesmodify .config by hand13:24
sledgesrun make menuconfig13:24
sledgesescape escape13:24
sledgessave configuration13:24
sledgessorts everything most of time :)13:24
Superpelicanbut I do actually change options in menuconfig13:24
sledgesthat's fine. saving configuration also cleans up .config13:25
Superpelicanalso how can I check if oldconfig has chosen the right option13:25
sledgesno matter if you change options in menuconfig or not, saving config cleans up the config file13:25
Superpelicanbut how do you save a config13:25
sledgesbut I never had duplicates before13:25
Superpelicanyou mean just esc13:26
sledgesby quitting menuconfig app13:26
Superpelicanso first edit, then menuconfig13:26
Superpelicansledges:Should I enable fair group scheduler?13:27
sledgesthe best way to know for sure what's happening when you have duplicates - is to dedicate some time and go through them manually (ctrl+f, but not in OBS+browser ;))13:27
sledgesit should be marked as mandatory for such boards like pandaboard13:28
sledgesmost probably yours, too13:28
Superpelicanwhat is /dev/nvram or NVRAM?13:29
SuperpelicanI've already googled13:29
Superpelicanbut don't understand13:29
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sledgesno idea :)13:29
SuperpelicanI thought I read somewhere it's only for x86 BIOS or something like that13:29
sledgesok, i'm off, have fun!13:30
xavinuxSuperpelican: NVRAM => No volatile RAM13:30
xavinuxit don´t loss the information after the power is off13:31
xavinuxuses in Cisco routers also13:31
Superpelicanbut is it needed for a tablet or phone etc. ?13:32
*** martyone has quit IRC13:33
xavinuxtoday most NVRAM are flash Rams and yes are use in smartphones13:33
Superpelicanok, then will enable it13:34
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SuperpelicanMy new kernel is built now14:02
SuperpelicanWill try :)14:02
*** Superpelican has quit IRC14:04
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xavinux:) good luck!14:07
*** e8johan has joined #mer14:08
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Superpelicanvgrade:How do I find out what I should set as load address for my uImage (when converting from zImage to uImage with mkimage)?15:12
*** martyone has joined #mer15:12
Superpelicanvgrade:Last time I didn't specify anything, because I didn't know what to specify and then it became 015:13
Superpelicanvgrade:Maybe that's why it didn't work15:13
Superpelicanvgrade:After all I still don't know whether or not the kernel booted15:13
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Are you no longer busy? :P15:39
*** tilgovi has joined #mer15:40
*** Kelteseth has quit IRC15:44
Stskeeps /g iamer15:46
*** kavuri has joined #mer15:46
Stskeepsstill busy15:48
Superpelicanok :(15:49
Stskeepsi go on paternity leave very soon so i'm very absent15:49
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:50
AardStskeeps: I tested today with a bundled cat, it's very doable to keep that thing on the lap and continue typing. plus your child will be less mobile :p15:51
sledgesSuperpelican, on ref repos mkimage is done via script:
*** Netweaver has quit IRC15:52
BostikI can say with confidence and very recent experience that having a kid is the WORST all-around factor for productivity15:54
Bostikwhether it's the child or the mother, but someone is constantly nagging for attention15:55
Stskeepsyeah.. will be interesting to see how it's like working from home15:55
sledgesyou own paste Stskeeps :
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Bostikwould be funny if it wasn't so painfully true16:02
Stskeepsi'm actually wearing pants today16:02
Bostikand I can add one more thing on the negative side: no way to catch a beer after work with your office mates16:02
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Superpelicansledges:Where did they get that script then, it's at least not in
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Superpelicansledges:But they also give the load address and entry point: " -A arm -O linux -C none  -T kernel -a 0x40008000 -e 0x40008000 -n 'Linux-3.4.43' -d arch/arm/boot/zImage arch/arm/boot/uImage"16:29
SuperpelicanSo what they to do is basically the same as just calling mkimage16:29
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Stskeepslbt: what was the error message exactly?17:27
Stskeepsah, found it17:29
*** Superpelican has joined #mer17:42
Stskeepslbt: i'm really wondering how on earth this can happen fwiw17:45
Stskeepsldconfig should always be executed with ldconfig -r /target ARGS17:45
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Stskeepsit even does:17:47
Stskeeps  /* Write cache first to a temporary file and rename it later.  */17:47
Stskeeps  char *temp_name = xmalloc (strlen (cache_name) + 2);17:47
Stskeeps  sprintf (temp_name, "%s~", cache_name);17:47
Stskeepsin glibc17:47
Stskeepsand rewrites cache_file with a chroot prefix17:48
Stskeepsso my gut feeling is that perhaps something manages to bypass sb217:49
Stskeepsan strace would reveal this17:49
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Do you know how to find out which load address I should enter when converting a zImage to an uImage?17:51
Superpelicanand what's an entry point?17:51
*** ced117 has quit IRC17:51
Stskeepslook at your u-boot configuration17:52
Superpelicanwhat do you mean with u-boot config?17:52
Stskeepsthe u-boot environment17:52
Stskeepsit specifies those things, load address17:52
Superpelicanand where do I find the u-boot env?17:52
*** netweaver has joined #mer17:53
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is u-boot.bin the u-boot environment?17:57
*** phdeswer_ has joined #mer17:58
Stskeepsbut it might have a predefined one17:58
Stskeepsgenerally, run 'file' on an existing uImage17:58
Stskeepsit should tell you the parameters there from what ik now17:59
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Might try that on the uImage of tinycore linux, which ran on my tablet by only replacing the script.bin17:59
Stskeepsinstall uboot-tools and make uImage in kernel sources17:59
Stskeepsvery handy17:59
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But what I don't understand is, it seems you don't need to enter the load address and entry point when running make uImage18:00
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But do need when you just run make and then do mkimage18:00
Stskeepswell, that's because the kernel is much smarter than a person is18:00
SuperpelicanStskeeps:The reason I can't run make uImage is, that the Mer SDK doesn't seem to have u-boot-tools18:00
Superpelicanor does it?18:01
Superpelicanzypper se uboot and zypper se u-boot both say no packages found in Mer SDK18:01
SuperpelicanStskeeps:The first time I compiled a kernel I did with make uImage18:01
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But at the end of making, it complained that mkimage wasn't installed18:02
Stskeepsyes, hence the uboot-tools18:03
*** kavuri has quit IRC18:03
SuperpelicanStskeeps: zypper in uboot-tools complains that the package doesn't exist18:04
SuperpelicanStskeeps:So Mer SDK doesn't have u-boot-tools?18:05
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC18:07
* lbt is back now18:08
lbthey Stskeeps18:08
lbtyes - I think the rules are missing it somehow18:09
lbt'back' is misleading ... popped in on the way to cook food :)18:10
Bostikthe most fun one have have with their pants on18:14
Bostikchicken in fridge, resting in marinade; meatballs done and now simmering in their sauce...18:15
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CosmoHillI've just ridden 8 miles on my bike non-stop without sitting down :o18:30
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Thanks for the file tip18:41
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I now know the load address and entry point address from the tinycore linux uImage that succesfully boots on my tablet :)18:42
*** Watcher7|off is now known as Watcher719:01
ccxvi_which tablet?19:01
Superpelicanccxvi_:Cherry Mobility M1007, which is a rebranded Point of View Protab 2 XXL19:03
SuperpelicanI will document the process of porting19:04
SuperpelicanWhen I at least have the Mer Core running19:04
SuperpelicanSo page will be updated19:04
*** furikku has quit IRC19:07
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SuperpelicanStskeeps, vgrade:yay, just booted my kernel on the tablet with sun4i rootfs19:14
Superpelicansome errors but I've got a shell now19:14
Superpelicanit says "chroot: can't execute '/init': No such file or directory"19:15
Superpelicanand "/bin/ash: can't access tty; job control turned off"19:15
Superpelicanusb keyboard also works :)19:16
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CosmoHillnight night21:47
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