Friday, 2013-06-28

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SuperpelicanCould someone help me with the basics of OSC/the Open Build Service09:30
SuperpelicanI've created a project on build.merproject.org09:30
Superpelicanbut I don't understand how I can open it with the osc tool09:30
Superpelicanfor example if I need to do a local build09:31
Superpelicanhow do I "switch" the osc to my project?09:31
Superpelicanalso it seems that the osc is configured for use with the openSUSE OBS09:32
Superpelicannot the Mer OBS09:32
Superpelicanaccording to my .oscrc09:32
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Superpelicanvgrade:You have experience with the Mer OBS, right?09:34
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Superpelicanok I've now changed the .oscrc09:40
Superpelicanosc ls <myproject> now works, at least09:40
SuperpelicanI've changed the -> api.merproject.org09:40
Superpelicantimoph:So a local checkout basically switches the osc to the project you want to work on?09:41
timophafaik yes. you can also do osc chroot to work on the build environment directly on your own machine09:42
timophosc checkout if basically sort of svn like version control with build functionality09:43
timophthat said, don't count on it as your version control :)09:43
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timophfor basic usage you'll only need to setup your build targets, create packages and commit the needed files into those09:45
timophtarball + spec and obs does it's magic09:45
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Superpelicantimoph:I'm trying to build and I'm getting this error: "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error"09:56
Superpelicanand "remote error: remote error  remote error  Internal Server Error"09:56
SuperpelicanWhat can be the cause?09:56
SuperpelicanI didn't expect to work straightaway09:57
Superpelicanthis is my first OBS project09:57
Superpelicanbut I don't know what to do with this error09:57
Superpelicanit's not really helpful09:57
Superpelicanis this a error?09:59
SuperpelicanOr is this project-related?09:59
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timophhow did you configure osc? (osc -A ls)09:59
Superpelicanedit the .oscrc09:59
Superpelicanchanged to api.merproject.org09:59
Superpelicanosc ls <myproject> did work10:00
Superpelicanit did show my package within the project10:00
timophhttps or http for api url?10:00
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timophbtw are you working inside the platform sdk?10:02
SuperpelicanI can also work outside10:02
Superpelicanif that's necessary10:02
SuperpelicanI'm running openSUSE anyway ;)10:02
timophthe local build failed?10:03
Superpelicanping does work inside Mer SDK10:03
SuperpelicanI just did osc co and then osc build10:03
Superpelicanso I think that's a local build10:03
specialI'm getting "connect() timed out!" from sdk-version --latest10:05
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timophlocal build at least works for me10:07
specialnevermind, hadn't switched from for that one yet10:08
timophdunno what wrong for you but I'd try removing the .oscrc and recreating it by osc -A https://api.. ls10:10
timophthen checkout your home project and build away10:10
timophdoing things that way has always worked for me10:11
timophand check from the www-interface that you have targets configured10:11
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SuperpelicanI have targets configured10:12
Superpelicanhad already done that10:12
Superpelicanand next-armv7hl10:12
timophI did a successfull test build like this: "osc build latest_i586 i586 --no-verify"10:12
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* timoph has to run. bbl10:14
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xavinux7:00 AM here10:24
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Superpelican12:25 PM here10:25
AndIRCthe   nemo  brows  is fast10:26
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Superpelicansledges:I'm having trouble with osc and OBS10:28
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Superpelicanlbt:I can't build my OBS project, I'm getting: "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error"10:40
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Superpelicanlbt:Help needed with OBS/osc12:00
lbtSuperpelican: hey - I'm in meetings for a bit - back later though12:00
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Superpelicanlbt:Sorry for bothering you ;)12:01
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rcgkulve, ping13:06
rcgfor some reason qt-mobility does not build with the video sink patch13:07
rcgit says something about a conflict in the .spec file13:07
rcgi temporarily removed the patch from the .yaml and .spec13:07
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kulveI guess there was a merge conflivt in the .spec file13:08
rcgif i remove the patch it builds13:08
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rcgif i re-add it it complains about a conflict in the .spec13:09
rcgonly difference is the patch being added or removed13:09
rcgi just want to let it build once now13:09
rcgeven without the patch13:09
rcgand then maybe see where that conflict is coming from13:10
kulvew00t said a month or two ago that he  will merge the patch to mer but at least the bug about that is still open13:10
rcgi see13:11
w00tyes, i kind of got a bit distracted with all the qt 5 things going on, sorry13:11
kulveI might have time to check into that later today but probably only tomorrow13:11
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rcgright now, i'm just trying to get a new rootfs tarball for pa on nexus7 ready13:15
rcgthat's why i stumbled across that one13:15
SuperpelicanIs this still alive:
Superpelicanlooks nice to me13:17
Superpelicanwith integrated forums13:17
Superpelicanand a aggregator13:17
Superpelicanjust needs to be updated and cleaned from spam13:17
Superpelicana part from that it looks pretty nice to me13:18
Superpelicanand easy to maintain13:18
Superpelicanbecause of CMS13:18
Superpelican=spending more time adding useful content and coding :)13:19
Superpelicaneveryone with an openID can login to the site13:21
Superpelicanthat explains the spam13:21
Superpelicanwell in that case13:21
SuperpelicanI'll do some cleaning up13:21
Superpelicanand updating13:21
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SuperpelicanHmm, I can only post blog entries13:24
Superpelicanlbt:Are you back already?13:32
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SuperpelicanAnyone else willing to help with OBS/osc?14:20
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Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: on what topic ?14:36
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Building my hw adaptation project14:38
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:I'm new to the OBS14:38
Sfiet_Konstantinit is so easy !14:38
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:and I'm getting "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Erro"14:38
Sfiet_Konstantinusing obs from Mer platfomr SDK ?14:38
Sfiet_Konstantintried using web ui a bit as well ?14:39
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Created the project and added the packages with Web UI14:40
Superpelicantrying to build locally14:40
SuperpelicanThis my project:
Sfiet_Konstantindid you used osc -A ls ?14:41
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Sfiet_Konstantin[16:42] <Sfiet_Konstantin> did you added repo in the web ui ?14:42
Superpelicaneh yes14:44
Superpelican&& next-armv7hl14:44
Sfiet_Konstantinpaste the result of your command ?14:45
Sfiet_Konstantini think that your repos are not configured well14:46
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Sfiet_Konstantinlook at the repo tab, you are trying to build something arm with an i[456]86 repo14:46
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Superpelican"osc build" --> ""14:48
SuperpelicanBuilding kernel-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl.spec for next_armv7hl/i58614:48
SuperpelicanGetting buildinfo from server and store to $HOME/workspace/PC1007_dev/Mer_image_creation/obs/home:Superpelican:hw-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl/kernel-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl/.osc/_buildinfo-next_armv7hl-i586.xml14:48
SuperpelicanServer returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error14:48
Superpelicanremote error: remote error  remote error  Internal Server Error14:48
Superpelicanbetter use pastebin14:48
Sfiet_Konstantinpaste bin !!14:48
Sfiet_Konstantinfun, but first, configure your repos14:48
Sfiet_Konstantinnext_armv7hl/i586 << sounds wrong14:49
Sfiet_Konstantinreally really wrong :D14:49
SuperpelicanYeah I had already noticed that14:49
Superpelicanbut don't know how to change it :(14:49
SuperpelicanI tried sb2 -t mer-target-armv7hl14:49
Superpelicanbut apparently no sb2 armv7hl package of osc is installed14:50
Sfiet_Konstantingo to the repo tab of your project14:50
Sfiet_Konstantinclick on the latest_armvs, and uncheck all the archs14:50
Sfiet_Konstantinthat you don't want14:50
SuperpelicanHow does that happen? lol14:51
SuperpelicanIsn't that a bug?14:51
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat ?14:51
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat's a bug ?14:51
Superpelicanthat x86_64 and i586 are enabled when choosing armv7hl as target :P14:52
SuperpelicanI can't press the button14:52
Superpelican"Update latest_armv7hl"14:52
Superpelicannothing happens14:53
Sfiet_Konstantinand see what happened on the gears at the bottom14:53
Sfiet_Konstantindo that for next as well14:53
Superpelicanthanks for the tip14:53
Superpelicanref worked14:53
Sfiet_Konstantincan you build now ?14:54
SuperpelicanNow getting: "ERROR: Either wrong repo/arch as parameter or a parse error of .spec/.dsc/.kiwi file due to syntax error"14:54
SuperpelicanIt still says armv7hl/i58614:55
SuperpelicanMaybe I should rm and osc co again14:55
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Sfiet_Konstantinstrange, nothing is being built :/14:58
Superpelicanchecking out again14:58
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: better use armv8el for your arch14:59
Sfiet_Konstantinlook at that repo to see what to check14:59
Sfiet_Konstantin(honestly I did not learnt why it is checked that way, just mimicked other people :$)15:00
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: i guess that armv7l repo simply doesn't exist, try with armv8el15:01
*** Superpelican has quit IRC15:01
Sfiet_Konstantindamn :D15:02
*** Superpelican_ has joined #mer15:03
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Superpelican_Sfiet_Konstantin:Give a sec15:03
Superpelican_Sfiet_Konstantin:IRC client crashed15:03
Sfiet_Konstantinshould be better15:03
Sfiet_Konstantinhello Superpelican_ :)15:03
*** bef0rd has joined #mer15:03
Sfiet_Konstantin(so basically, use armv8el, armv7l do not seems to exist)15:03
*** Superpelican has joined #mer15:04
SuperpelicanNow using Quassel15:04
Superpelicaninstead of Konversation15:04
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC15:04
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: strange, koversation is rock solid here :/15:05
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Yeah, first time it crashed here15:05
Sfiet_Konstantindid you get the messages I sent ?15:05
Sfiet_Konstantin(using armv8el ?)15:05
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:My whole is behaving weird last hour15:05
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Will check log, sec15:06
* Superpelican is up to date again :)15:07
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Will use armv8el, then15:07
SuperpelicanHave set to armv8el now15:08
Sfiet_Konstantinbuilding !15:08
*** bef0rd has quit IRC15:08
SuperpelicanJust wanted to say that ;)15:09
Sfiet_Konstantinstrnage that next is not building :(15:09
Sfiet_Konstantinfailed !15:09
Sfiet_Konstantinosc build is your friend i guess :)15:10
Superpelicansec, I'll rm && osc co again15:10
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: nope15:10
Sfiet_Konstantindon't do that15:10
Sfiet_Konstantinfirst make it build locally15:10
Sfiet_Konstantinosc build15:10
*** Watcher7|off is now known as Watcher715:10
Sfiet_Konstantinand fix errors that way15:11
Sfiet_Konstantindon't overload mer obs15:11
SuperpelicanBut my local repo is still armv7l15:11
SuperpelicanSo it'll complain again15:11
Sfiet_Konstantin(well ... now it is ok, but it should not be done like that: mer obs is small and often busy)15:11
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: osc update ?15:11
Superpelicanhmm, will try that15:11
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:It still says armv7hl/i58615:13
Superpelicanosc update only updated revision15:13
Sfiet_Konstantinosc pull15:14
Sfiet_Konstantinor not15:14
Superpelicanalready doing osc co15:14
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:It now says next-armv7hl-i586.xml15:16
Sfiet_Konstantindo on the root15:16
Sfiet_Konstantin(aka the repo folder)15:16
Sfiet_Konstantinosc meta prj -f15:17
SuperpelicanMissing argument: build description (spec, dsc or kiwi file)15:17
Superpelicandoesn't that create a project?15:17
Sfiet_Konstantinosc meta prj ?15:17
Sfiet_Konstantinthen osc build ?15:18
Sfiet_Konstantinosc build latest_armv7hl ?15:18
SuperpelicanERROR: Either wrong repo/arch as parameter or a parse error of .spec/.dsc/.kiwi file due to syntax error15:20
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ...15:20
Superpelicanhmm, I'll just rm the repo's with Web UI15:20
Superpelicanand add again15:21
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, i would say a nice rm the folder, and then pull it from obs15:21
Sfiet_Konstantinto get something cleaner ?15:21
Superpelicanosc pull or osc co ?15:23
Superpelicangive a sec15:23
Sfiet_Konstantinosc pull i would say15:23
SuperpelicanI'm going to restart my session15:23
Superpelicanthings keep freezing15:23
*** Superpelican has quit IRC15:23
*** AndIRC has joined #mer15:24
*** Superpelican has joined #mer15:27
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:I'm back :)15:27
*** AndIRC has quit IRC15:28
Sfiet_Konstantinso ?15:29
Sfiet_Konstantinhow it is now ?15:29
Superpelicana lot better15:30
Superpelicaneverything's back to normal15:30
Sfiet_Konstantincool :)15:30
Sfiet_Konstantinand about the package ?15:30
SuperpelicanI rm'd15:30
Superpelicanbut should I do osc pull or osc co?15:30
Sfiet_Konstantinosc pull i guess15:31
*** fastlane``` has quit IRC15:31
Sfiet_Konstantintry everything :D15:31
SuperpelicanIt says: "Error: '$HOME/workspace/PC1007_dev/Mer_image_creation/obs' is not an osc working copy."15:32
Sfiet_Konstantinosc update ? :D15:32
Sfiet_Konstantinosc checkout ?15:32
Superpelicanosc build latest_armv7hl -> "ERROR: Either wrong repo/arch as parameter or a parse error of .spec/.dsc/.kiwi file due to syntax error"15:34
Superpelicanand it's still talking about .....armv7hl-i586.xml15:35
Superpelicansec, going to check vgrade's sunxi kernel adaptation repo15:35
Superpelicanexactly the same15:36
SuperpelicanShould I just rm the whole project then?15:36
Sfiet_Konstantinnot sure15:37
*** pcat has joined #mer15:39
Sfiet_Konstantintried osc up in the project dir ?15:39
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:39
Sfiet_Konstantinalso do an osc meta prj -e home:<username> (and directly save)15:39
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe that can help15:40
Superpelicansame error with osc up15:41
Superpelican*after doing osc up15:41
Sfiet_Konstantinmeta prj ?15:42
Superpelicanit has x86_64 and i586 stuff15:42
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konsantin:It still has the old repo setup15:43
Sfiet_Konstantinrm all i586 and x8615:44
Sfiet_Konstantinadd armv8el15:44
Sfiet_Konstantinand save15:44
Sfiet_Konstantinand then have fun15:44
Superpelicanbut how do I save?15:44
Superpelicanis this vi?15:44
SuperpelicanI believe15:45
Superpelicancan't edit anything15:45
Sfiet_Konstantinto inser15:46
Sfiet_Konstantinescape to cancel inser t mode15:46
Sfiet_Konstantin:x in non inserting mode15:46
Sfiet_Konstantin+ nter to save15:46
SuperpelicanCan't I use another editor15:46
SuperpelicanI've never liked vi15:47
Superpelicanto complicated15:47
Superpelicanhmm maybe it's in .osc15:47
Superpelicanin my project dir15:47
Sfiet_Konstantinnope i guess you can change the editor by setting $EDITOR env var15:47
Superpelicanso setenv $EDITOR in bash?15:48
SuperpelicanMer SDK doesn't have setenv15:49
Superpelicanexport $EDITOR nano didn't work15:50
*** lamikr has quit IRC15:50
Superpelicanor do I have to exit and reenter SDK?15:50
Sfiet_Konstantinjust export EDITOR=nano15:50
Sfiet_Konstantin(if you have nano installd)15:50
Sfiet_Konstantinsudo zypper in nano15:50
Superpelicanalready installed15:51
Sfiet_Konstantinexport EDITOR=nano15:51
Sfiet_Konstantinand then redo osc meta prj -e15:51
Superpelicanworked :D15:51
Superpelicanbut that file is in /tmp15:51
Sfiet_Konstantinit is ok15:52
Sfiet_Konstantinit will be uploaded to server15:52
Sfiet_Konstantinand then osc build15:52
Superpelicanshould I also delete latest_i486 etc15:52
Superpelicanor only i586 and x86_64 from latest_armv7hl15:52
Sfiet_Konstantinyou should delete all the arch15:52
Sfiet_Konstantinand replace them by armv8el15:52
Superpelicanok done15:53
Superpelicanall the arch from latest_armv7hl?15:53
Superpelicanand next15:53
Superpelicanok done15:53
Sfiet_Konstantinand osc build latest_armv7hl15:54
Sfiet_Konstantinand see what happened15:54
SuperpelicanShouldn't I update or something first?15:55
Sfiet_Konstantini guess everything is ok15:55
Sfiet_Konstantinyou pulled your source directly from obs so15:55
Superpelicanthe same error again15:55
*** soldoKyn has quit IRC15:55
Sfiet_Konstantinwhaaa ?15:56
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat the hell ?15:56
Sfiet_Konstantinjust remove everything :D15:56
Sfiet_Konstantinshould be easer ?15:56
Sfiet_Konstantinah ?15:56
SuperpelicanI have 2 local copies15:56
Superpelicanbut ok will rm both15:56
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's your fault15:56
Superpelicanand start all over again15:56
Sfiet_Konstantinyes that's the cleanest way i guess15:56
Superpelicanbut that 2nd copy wasn't there from the beginning15:57
Sfiet_KonstantinI guess it was a wrong co15:58
SuperpelicanI made it accidently the last time I started over again15:58
Superpelicanosc co is done15:58
Superpelicanwill try to build again15:58
Sfiet_Konstantin(but basically, please do not forget that you should always setup the repos before)15:58
Sfiet_Konstantinthere is nothing that could make it fail15:58
Superpelicannot again15:59
*** slaine has quit IRC15:59
Sfiet_Konstantinare you checking out the good rep ?16:00
Sfiet_Konstantinosc up one time ?16:01
*** fastlane``` has joined #mer16:02
Superpelicanhave done16:02
SuperpelicanBuilding kernel-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl.spec for latest-armv7hl/i58616:02
Sfiet_Konstantinlet me check16:02
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm co ing your stuff16:02
Sfiet_Konstantinosc build latest_armv7hl ? or just osc build ?16:03
Superpelicanosc build gives the same error btw16:03
Sfiet_Konstantinlet me check16:04
*** AndIRC has joined #mer16:08
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican: osc build latest_armv7hl armv8el16:09
Sfiet_Konstantinor i guess you should use sb216:09
Sfiet_Konstantinnever used it though16:09
Sfiet_Konstantinneed to read tutos about that16:09
Superpelicanbut sb2 doesn't have osc16:10
Superpelicanfew things work in sb216:10
Superpelicansudo doesn't work16:11
Superpelicanzypper does16:11
Superpelicanbut you need root privileges to use zypper16:11
Sfiet_Konstantindoes su work ?16:11
Superpelicanbut don't know the password16:11
Sfiet_Konstantindid you tried osc build latest_armv7hl armv8el16:12
Superpelicanit works!16:12
kaltsisuperpelican: what have you tried so far?16:13
kaltsiyou can use 'osc repos' to see what kind of build repos you have available16:13
Superpelicanosc build latest_armv7hl armv8el works16:13
Superpelicanit's trying to install armv7hl stuff16:14
Superpelicanbut says not found for all packages now16:14
kaltsiit will download them for you16:15
SuperpelicanBuildService API error: can't verify packages due to lack of GPG keys16:15
kaltsiuse: osc build --no-verify and then the rest16:15
SuperpelicanThe strange thing is though16:15
kaltsiosc build --no-verify latest_armv7hl armv8el16:15
Superpelicanthat is says Trying openSUSE Build Service server for pkg-x16:15
kaltsidon't worry about the printout, it's a bit backwards16:15
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, forgot noverify16:15
Superpelicanok will try16:15
kaltsimaybe it tries to say 'not found from your packagecache'16:16
Superpelicanit says that it's breaking dependencies16:16
Superpelicanis that normal?16:16
kaltsiyes.. it resolves dependency loops16:16
Superpelicanbut for important stuff like rpm, glibc etc.16:17
kaltsithat's normal16:17
Superpelicanit's now installing16:18
Superpelican113 pkgs16:18
kaltsiit fails because your spec file is looking for kernel-v3.0.76-src.tar.xz and you have linux-sunxi-3.0.tar.xz16:18
Superpelicanyeah it just did ;)16:19
Superpelicanbut that's easy to solve I think16:19
kaltsiyou'll need to match the Source0 and %setup lines to operate on the real package name16:19
kaltsitarball name16:19
*** zhxt has quit IRC16:20
Superpelicanbut should I do that locally?16:20
kaltsiyou can do it locally and work with osc until it works, then if you want, you can osc commit the changes to obs16:20
SuperpelicanHave to leave now16:20
SuperpelicanThanks for all the help16:20
kaltsiyou can give --noinit option to osc now that the chroot is all setup16:21
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin && kaltsi16:21
kaltsithen it will start building more quickly16:21
*** Superpelican has quit IRC16:21
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* CosmoHill has a laptop and cat on top of him18:21
* Stskeeps has gotten a son today \o/18:22
CosmoHillwhat's the little fella called?18:24
Stskeepshehe, we'll tell closer to baptisement :P18:26
CosmoHillfair enough18:26
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SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:I'm getting a build error18:29
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.PXa0lf: line 38: cd: kernel-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl: No such file or directory18:29
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:Seems perfectly fine path to me18:30
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:All my stuff has that name18:30
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CosmoHillAudi 80 2.8 E, yay or nay?19:45
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crevetorStskeeps: Do you have an example of a package that packages one of its Source: files directly ?23:45
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