Tuesday, 2013-06-25

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xavinuxhaving problem when installing i586 vm last version on virtualbox.: ERROR : '/tmp/sysimage/di is not a subvolume. I have screenshots of /tmp/install.log logfiles02:54
xavinuxbut installer-shell install image to Hard Disk ok if I login via SSH and run the installer02:54
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xavinuxafter installation via SSH i586 boots ok03:12
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timophand it's a rainy day just like I asked for :)06:49
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timophhmmh. I don't even have the platform sdk on this machine06:54
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timophwell. looks like I'll start easy and setup the env, etc. today06:54
timophStskeeps: what would be a good target on obs to build against? mer-next?06:54
Stskeepsmer:devel latest_*06:55
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timophmipsel_latest doen't exist?07:00
timophFailed to add project or repository: Error saving package: unable to walk on path 'mer:devel/latest_mipsel'07:00
Stskeepshmm, maybe it's not supported in cobs, i'm unsure07:00
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timophnot an issue for me tough07:00
Stskeepsyeah, i was getting more than ordinarily worried about your sanity07:01
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timophrepo.pub.meego.com seems to be no more07:11
Stskeepsyeah, there's backups in some places07:11
timophthe sdk's zypper still pointed to it07:11
Stskeepscheck mer-general@ archives07:12
timophdunno if updating it removes the broken repo07:12
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timophI'll use my version of rich-core for a start. I'll look at the version you guys have in github a bit later07:30
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timophhmmh. do I need to do some extra magic to get things building for arm targets?07:33
timophall unresolvable07:34
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timophI'd guess those targets have things like gcc-c++, automake & co07:34
Stskeepsarm targets.. in obs?07:37
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Stskeeps<arch>armv8el</arch> for armv7hl , armv7el for armv7hl / armv6l07:42
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timophah. the target chooser simply sets up the archs wrong07:44
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kostolaStskeeps: ping08:25
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Stskeepsgoood morning lbt08:36
Stskeepskostola: pong08:36
kostolaStskeeps: I built Mer i486 and rebuilt armv6l and armv7hl linking to it08:37
kostolaand everything works now08:37
Stskeepsi'm glad to hear that08:37
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timophlooks like I have my environment setup for hacking on the core stuff. Now some gaming ( I'm on a vacation afterall :p )10:18
xavinuxHaving problem when installing i586 vm last version on virtualbox to Hard Disk:10:19
xavinuxERROR : '/tmp/sysimage/di is not a subvolume.10:19
xavinuxI have screenshots of /tmp/install.log logfiles10:19
xavinuxbut installer-shell install image to Hard Disk ok if I login via SSH and run the installer. After installation via SSH i586 boots ok10:19
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lbtcheckout the topic links10:25
xavinuxhave been cheked, "https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Images i586" Virtual Machine installation10:33
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KeltesethMorning folks, is there a way to record my interface so that I can make a video?12:02
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KeltesethI have tried: gst-launch-0.10 ximagesrc ! ffmpegcolorspace ! queue ! theoraenc ! mux. alsasrc ! audio/x-raw-int ! queue ! audioconvert ! vorbisenc ! mux. oggmux name=mux ! filesink location=screencast.ogv  but the video is completely black12:39
Stskeepsmay be due to composition/opengl/direct rendering in use?12:40
KeltesethBut I can make normal screenshots 0.o12:42
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Prepare for a dumb question ;):Will you see anything appear on the screen if you boot just a kernel?13:38
Stskeepsif your kernel has a framebuffer console13:39
SuperpelicanI thought I did enable framebuffer support13:40
SuperpelicanI've followed this: http://linux-sunxi.org/FirstSteps13:40
SuperpelicanBut didn't add a rootfs13:40
Superpelicanaside from the kernel modules13:40
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Do you need video drivers for framebuffer console support?13:43
vgradeSuperpelican: do you have console=tty0 in unoot config13:43
Superpelicanyou mean boot.scr?13:44
Superpelicanwhat about ttyS0?13:44
Superpelicanaccording to "setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait panic=10 ${extra}13:44
Superpelicanfatload mmc 0 0x43000000 script.bin13:44
Superpelicanfatload mmc 0 0x48000000 uImage13:44
Superpelicanbootm 0x48000000"13:44
vgradettyS0 is serial port13:44
vgradeadd console=tty013:45
SuperpelicanAnd there hasn't been anything said on that wiki page about serial13:45
SuperpelicanNothing about you should setup a serial connection or something13:45
SuperpelicanHmm, but I just used the script.bin that came with my tablet13:46
Superpelicanand added some dram stuff that was left out13:47
vgradeSuperpelican: which does not show console on boot. So you have to change something to get it to appear13:47
SuperpelicanAnd I don't think the manufacturer of the tablet wants their customers to hook up their tablet to a computer in order to use it ;)13:47
SuperpelicanOh of course13:47
SuperpelicanIf the console isn't shown13:48
Superpelicanand there is no display manager that does anything13:48
Superpelican...nothing is shown :D13:48
SuperpelicanSo if you boot a kernel, you will always get output13:48
Superpelicaneven if it fails to boot?13:48
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vgradeyour stock tablet will be outputting to serail port within your tablet.  once you redirect it to tty0 as well you should get output if uboot is working to execute the kernel13:50
Superpelicanok thanks13:50
Superpelicanread-only fs?13:51
SuperpelicanHow can my sd card suddenly have a read-only fs13:51
vgradeno problem13:51
SuperpelicanI'm root13:51
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SuperpelicanAh, looks like I've accidently hit the lock switch of my SD adapter card13:53
Superpelicanvgrade:Do I also have to change script.bin?13:55
Superpelicanvgrade:linux-sunxi wiki says boot.scr overrides script.bin13:55
Superpelicanvgrade:or at least kernel arguments do, which is boot.scr, right?13:55
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vgradewiki says check script.bin13:58
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vgradefor display settings13:58
vgradeI think it means that display settings set in boot.scr overrride display settings set in fex14:00
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Stskeepsmoo alterego_14:01
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SuperpelicanMy kernel has all the CONFIG's set right like linux-sunxi.org/Display says and my [disp_init] section in script.bin is also correct according to the Displaly page on the wiki14:10
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Superpelicanvgrade:Will you always get screen output when booting a kernel?14:56
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Superpelicanvgrade:My has the correct CONFIG's, the [disp_init] section in my script.bin is correct and I've edited the boot.scr with console=tty014:57
SuperpelicanStill the tablet doesn't show give any output14:57
Superpelicanscreen stays off14:58
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SuperpelicanI have15:01
SuperpelicanI have15:01
Superpelicanvgrade:linux-sunxi.org wiki [disp_init]: http://pastebin.com/ES5gC7Pm15:02
Superpelicanvgrade:my [disp_init]: http://pastebin.com/R36w8zfH15:03
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Superpelicanonly screen0 output_type is different, but it should be 3 is HDMI output15:05
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Superpelicanand 1 is lcd according to http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide#.5Bdisp_init.5D15:05
vgradeSuperpelican: which kernel is this with?15:08
Superpelicaneh, my own kernel15:08
SuperpelicanI can provide uImage and .config15:08
Superpelicanand dir with modules15:08
vgradeno necessary15:08
SuperpelicanI was just checking http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide#lcd.5B0.2F1.5D_configuration15:09
Superpelicanbut according to that page and my script.fex15:09
Superpelicanmy panel is probably a CLAP101NC01CW15:09
Superpelicanunless there are other panels with exactly the same lcd0 parameters15:10
vgradeSuperpelican: a bit difficult to debug in this state, no console, no serial15:11
vgradeSuperpelican: you have a good config though with tinylinux?15:12
vgradewhat happens when you replace the uImage with yours in that config does it still boot15:12
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Superpelicanvgrade:Do you have any advice?15:30
Superpelicanvgrade:How did you create a hw adaptation?15:31
Superpelicanvgrade:for sunxi15:31
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vgrade18:12 < vgrade> Superpelican: you have a good config though with tinylinux?15:35
vgrade18:12 < vgrade> what happens when you replace the uImage with yours in that config does it still boot15:35
Superpelicaneh I just grabbed the image for Allwinner A10 from tinycorelinux.net and replaced the script.bin with the script.bin I extracted from my tablet back then15:36
SuperpelicanI can try with my uImage15:36
SuperpelicanI've also just found something really interesting15:37
Superpelicanwhen I built the linux-sunxi kernel15:37
Superpelicanit also created a folder 'rootfs'15:37
Superpelicanwhich contains a rootfs for sun4i and sun5i15:37
Superpelicanit contains .so15:37
Superpelicanand also busybox15:37
Superpelicanand a lot of other stuff15:38
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Superpelicanvgrade: here's the rootfs, so you can take a look yourself: http://ubuntuone.com/5QxxFdDjLokw2azD1wrg3Q15:40
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SuperpelicanI'm going to try my uImage with tinycore in the mean time15:40
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Superpelicanbtw vgrade, is it a good idea to bake all the modules into my kernel instead?15:42
Superpelicanif it's a device specific kernel anyway15:42
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Superpelican_my system just got a kernel panic :015:49
Superpelican_while dd'ing my sd card to an image15:50
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Superpelicantried again with "# dd if=/dev/sdb of=/path/to/place/where/I/want/my/image"17:24
Superpelicansystem kernel panicked again17:24
SuperpelicanIs there anything I'm doing wrong?17:25
*** mattaustin has quit IRC17:25
SuperpelicanI tried "# dd if=/dev/sdb of=path/to/place/where/I/want/my/image.img" too (the first time) and then it kernel panicked too17:26
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CosmoHillis the place you want to put it on /dev/sdb ?17:32
*** xavinux_ has quit IRC17:32
CosmoHillis sdb mounted?17:32
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Stskeepsmoo tripzero17:34
tripzerohi Stskeeps17:35
Stskeepshow's it going?17:35
tripzeropretty dang good!17:35
Stskeepswoop :)17:35
tripzerohow about you?17:35
Stskeepsgood good, the usual, good progress on libhybris, wayland, etc17:36
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Superpelicanvgrade:I tried the tinycore image again18:16
Superpelicanvgrade:First time with my uImage18:16
Superpelicanvgrade:It didn't work18:16
Superpelicanvgrade:Second time stock (but of course I did replace the script.bin both times)18:17
Superpelicanvgrade:But with my new script.bin18:19
Superpelicanvgrade:Which is the script.bin I grabbed from the tablet, but with dram info filled in18:20
Superpelicanvgrade:But apparently that broke it18:20
*** zz_ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox18:20
Superpelicanvgrade:I'm now trying the tinycore image again with the original script.bin of my tablet (just like I did the first time)18:20
Superpelicanvgrade:If that works I'm going to try my kernel with the original script.bin and see if that works :)18:21
Superpelicanvgrade:The battery seems to be empty now18:25
vgradeSuperpelican: good plan18:25
*** mbohlender_ has joined #mer18:25
Superpelicanvgrade:So I don't know which tests where correct and which not :/18:26
vgradeSuperpelican: moce from a working condif18:26
Superpelicanvgrade:I'll have to try at least the last 2 thing again18:26
vgrademove from a working config and change one thing at a time18:26
Superpelicanthat's how research happens ;)18:27
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:27
Superpelicanotherwise you'll never find out what's causing the problem(s)18:27
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC18:27
SuperpelicanI've booted tinycore again now18:37
Superpelicannow going to try with other script.bin18:37
Superpelicanand after that with my own uImage :)18:37
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Superpelicanyay, I've booted tinycore with my edited script.bin18:48
*** netweaver has joined #mer18:48
Superpelicanso it's not the script.bin18:48
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z180is there a mer image for n90021:03
*** NIN102 has quit IRC21:06
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z180or a mer image for N9?21:10
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC21:22
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xavinuxz180: look here: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing21:27
xavinuxthere you will be guide on installation for N9, N900 and N95021:28
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CosmoHillnight night22:03
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