Monday, 2013-06-24

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kaltsilbt: yes, I've always run into that with ldconfig07:13
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lbtkaltsi: any fixes pending?08:31
Superpelicanlbt:How do you run mer_verify_kernel_config?08:50
Superpelicanlbt: just perl ./mer_verify_kernel_config ?08:51
lbtSuperpelican: honestly don't recall - it is called from the spec file08:51
Superpelicanlbt:ok, will check the .spec08:52
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Superpelicanlbt: make install complains about Permission denied09:31
Superpelicanlbt:I can't create files in /usr/bin09:32
Superpelicanlbt:running as superuser doesn't work either09:32
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Superpelicanlbt:Some options which are listed in aren't even listed in the .config09:43
Superpelicanlbt:like CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTRL_SWAP09:44
Superpelicanlbt:CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTRL is available and I set it to y as the says09:44
lbtSuperpelican: some of the issues you're having are not Mer related - just basic kernel compilation things09:44
Superpelicanlbt:But does mer require them?09:45
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Superpelicanlbt: the list says systemd(optional)09:46
Superpelicanlbt:So is it necessary for systemd to work?09:46
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Superpelicanlbt:oh, I interpreted as:Mer doesn't need it, unless you want Mer to be able to use systemd09:47
lbtSuperpelican: it's more "if you don't have this and hit problems then don't forget to dig around this area"09:49
Superpelicanlbt:ok, thanks09:49
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Superpelicanlbt:What to do if I find options which are required to run Mer are not in the .config?09:55
Superpelicanlbt:Will I then just not be able to run Mer on sunxi?09:56
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lbtSuperpelican: try it09:58
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lbtI'm not sure what our minimal kernel is nowadays - I think it used to be > 2.6.3209:59
lbtthat could have increased09:59
Superpelicanlbt:But I think unix sockets support is necessary09:59
Superpelicanlbt:Searching the web tells me that udev will not start09:59
Superpelicanlbt:And udev is important, right?09:59
Superpelicanlbt:I don't understand how a kernel can miss such important things10:00
lbtSuperpelican: I'm kinda busy atm - try and make it work and let us know of problems10:00
Superpelicanlbt:just find CONFIG_UNIX10:00
lbtwe do assume a 'basic working kernel' that runs linux10:00
Superpelicanlbt:ctrl+f is behaving weird ;)10:00
lbtit's not a kernel build tutorial/checker10:00
lbtgotta go now10:01
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:I'm a bit confused now, how I should compile my kernel10:18
SuperpelicanStskeeps:there was said on #mer that I should compile within the sb210:18
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But this page:
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Uses cross compiling10:19
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Superpelicanshould I still use the ARCH=arm flag in sb2?10:20
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SuperpelicanOr is that only necessary if you cross compile without sb2?10:20
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* Superpelican 's first custom kernel is compiling10:29
Superpelicanlet's hope for the best10:29
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Superpelicanvgrade:Did you build a uImage for your sunxi adaptation?10:41
Superpelicanvgrade:I can't build an uImage?10:41
Superpelicanvgrade:in the platform SDK, it says it can't find mkimage10:42
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Superpelicanvgrade:What is part of the patch and what is not:
Superpelicanvgrade: "diff --git a/scripts/ b/scripts/depmod.sh11:11
Superpelicanindex a272356..2ae4817 100755" is not part of the patch?11:11
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Superpelicansorry for the dumb question, but I've never applied patches before neither (succesfully) compiled a kernel11:12
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Superpelicanvgrade_:how should I apply this patch:
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Superpelicanvgrade_:It's the module-init-tools patch that the Mer wiki suggests11:43
Superpelicanvgrade_:When building the kernel modules I got: "Warning: you may need to install module-init-tools"11:43
Superpelicanvgrade_:But it is already installed in Mer Platform SDK11:44
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vgrade_Superpelican:not sure, I build using OBS11:54
Superpelicanvgrade_:nvm, I just deleted the whole part in that checks the module stuff ;)11:55
Superpelicanvgrade_:And now I've succesfully builded the modules11:55
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Superpelicanvgrade_:Mer Platform SDK doesn't seem to have u-boot-tools11:56
Superpelicanvgrade_:I've built a zImage in sb2 in Mer SDK11:56
Superpelicanvgrade_:Can I now just convert that zImage to an uImage on my host (x86_64) system?11:57
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Superpelicanvgrade_:Or does the conversion also need to happen on a (emulated) ARM platform?11:57
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vgrade_this package has mkimage
Superpelicanvgrade_:I've already created an uImage with u-boot-tools from openSUSE (my hostsystem)12:11
Superpelicanvgrade_:Still have a question: My tablet already has U-Boot on the nand, it came with it12:11
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Superpelicanvgrade_:And I've already succesfully booted an tinycorelinux image with the U-Boot that came with the tablet12:13
Superpelicanvgrade_:So do I need to include u-boot-sunxi in my adaptation/image?12:14
vgrade_sounds like you just need to replace the tinycorelinux rootfs with a mer one12:14
vgrade_where was the tinycorelinux ? on sdcard or in nand12:15
Superpelicanvgrade_:Eh, so I don't need to build a whole kernel and adaptation after all?12:16
Superpelicanvgrade_:I flashed the tinycoreimage to my microSD12:16
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Superpelicanvgrade_:And I replaced the script.bin with the one that came with my tablet12:25
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Superpelicanvgrade_:Is there already a rootfs I can use?13:32
Superpelicanvgrade_:I have an uImage now, the modules are builded and I have the script.bin of my tablet13:33
vgrade_there were some pushed out today,13:33
Superpelicanvgrade_:Perfect timing :)13:40
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Superpelicanvgrade_:And I should use the armvhl sb2 target .ks?13:40
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Superpelicanvgrade_:is sunxi-spl.bin something device specific?14:24
Superpelicanvgrade_:Or could I just use the cubieboard sunxi-spl.bin for my tablet?14:24
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crevetorhey guys16:24
Stskeepshey crevetor16:24
crevetorI'm setting my build environment on the mer obs16:24
crevetorStskeeps: long time no speak, how's it going ?16:24
Stskeepsquite good16:25
Stskeepslibhybris and mer using it shaping quite nicely up16:25
crevetorI'm wondering what repository I should be building against ? In the doc it says Mer:MDS:Core but osc says it doesn't exist16:25
crevetorStskeeps: that's awesome :)16:25
Stskeepsyou probably want to build against mer:devel16:26
Stskeepsit has handy shortcuts16:26
crevetorBuildService API error: unknown_project (404)16:27
Stskeepsno, mer:devel, repository latest_armv7hl for example :)16:27
crevetorok I see16:29
ericccMeeFox    somebody  installed it?16:31
ericccit  look  cool16:33
Morpog_PCwrong channel?16:34
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ericccsorry   wrong  channel16:38
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crevetorHum it seems the plasma active packages haven't moved to the mer obs :(17:37
Stskeepsthey have, i believe17:38
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crevetorStskeeps: the ks for the tegra buils of PA still point to pub.meego.com17:41
crevetoroh wait17:41
crevetorthey're from 201217:41
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crevetorok they're in mer obs17:42
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crevetorStskeeps: what would be the equivalent of for mer obs ? I want to create a bootstrap.18:00
Stskeepsyou don't need that, just get mer platform sdk18:01
crevetorso I chroot myself in the platform sdk ?18:01
crevetorand then build my image ?18:02
Stskeepsenter the platform sdk, then build image, yes18:02
crevetordo you advise using it in a VM ?18:03
Stskeepswell, do you use linux as host?18:04
Stskeepsthen don't bother with a vm18:04
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* timoph will finally tomorrow try to start the core analysis stuff work18:29
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timophI hope it rains :)18:29
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Stskeepswoo :)18:29
timophlooks like I have a new nemo release to test on18:30
timophbtw, anyone know any good sources to read about crashing in general? things like what are cores, how they are produced and such technical things18:32
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* Stskeeps wonders if man pages are considered proper references in a thesis18:40
timophjust thinking about the same thing :)18:40
timophneed to ask18:40
Superpelican_the man page of gcc with gcc version 4.7.2 on distro X x86_64 with the following 100 updates installed: on 24 June 2013...18:42
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lbtStskeeps: ping - any thoughts on sb2 issue: ... current expected behaviour?20:11
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Stskeepslbt: only thing that comes to mind is enabling sb2 debugging to see what happens20:18
lbtOK - I just wanted to check before diving in. No point if you know what it is or if it doesn't happen for you20:20
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Stskeepsi suspect that something escapes cos it's a static binary20:21
Stskeepsand that ldconfig binary from our mer glibc x86 is the one needing modification20:21
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lbtdidn't I patch this?20:23
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Stskeepsnot the ~ part perhaps20:25
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lbtno, it was something else20:42
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