Sunday, 2013-06-23

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fk_lxStskeeps: morn06:21
Stskeepsthunderstorms woke me up :P06:21
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AndIRC_the  nokia   will jion  the   jolla?the   micsoft  is   not safe:-(07:03
Stskeepsmm, you'd have to ask nokia about that07:03
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Stskeepsmorn dm8tbr :)07:12
dm8tbrmooo Stskeeps07:12
ccxvimer on N950 possible?07:23
dm8tbralready there07:23
dm8tbrsee nemomobile07:23
ccxvisailfish os, uses mer as kernel. Why stay with this mer?07:25
Stskeepsccxvi: it uses mer as a core specifically, because it makes sense to collaborate with others on basic parts07:26
Stskeepsthe amount of people who truly understand linux base systems are limited and expensive07:26
Stskeepsso we share load and effort07:26
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lbtmorning all10:01
lbtyay disks sync'ed and machine still alive10:02
lbtand mic no longer uses bad rpms from cache10:05
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phaeronlbt: did they both have the same name including version ?10:50
lbtphaeron: yes - I'm using mb2 to rebuild rpms locally10:51
phaeronah so that's why10:51
lbtyeah - good test10:51
phaeronyes i saw your patch. could it be easier to popen shasum10:52
lbtcould be - but this is all in python and no external deps10:53
lbtI suspect the #lines may be 1 less at most :)10:54
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phaeronwell I meant faster. pure C could be faster10:58
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phaeronand sha utils are probably already there for various reasons10:59
lbt"It's interesting to note that the above script is significantly faster than the "standard" sha1sum utility on GNU/Linux due to the hashlib module calling out to openssl's efficient assembly implementation"11:02
phaeronlet's hope that still stands true with all the context switching :)11:02
phaerondue to the yield stuff11:03
phaeronanyway good stuff11:03
phaeronbbl more cleaning and moving11:03
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CosmoHillerm, afternoon11:24
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aknightany suggestions for doing connman config from the command line? connmanctl doesn't seem to be available12:17
lbtaknight: what are you aiming for?12:18
aknightlbt: i just installed a wireless nic and want to configure it12:18
aknightso am a bit lost on how to do that12:19
lbtfull reference and ...12:20
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aknightlbt: ok, looks good. thanks a bunch12:21
lbtis what I use in my ks files to make an image with a preset PHRASE/SSID12:21
lbtthe pastie should just work with valid values12:21
aknightso i guess it doesn't need any info about the adapter?12:21
lbtit will apply that to the first one it gets12:22
lbtassuming modules are loaded etc12:22
lbtare you using a very recent Mer core too - we just updated a few weeks ago12:23
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aknightwell i'm using next12:26
lbtnp then12:26
aknightshould i see errors in journalctl?12:26
lbtand success12:26
aknightonly seeing info about eth0 atm12:27
lbtif you want to enable debug tracing checkout the .service file12:27
lbtthere is /etc/tracing/connman12:27
lbtwhich is a daft location :)12:27
lbtit's an env file or options or something12:28
lbtdoes dmesg show the wlan0 ?12:28
aknighthmm all I see from dmesg is that the wifi driver taints the kernel :)12:29
aknightso the module might not be functional12:29
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lbtI'd expect more about the interface if the module detected the device12:30
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aknightlbt: yep, looks like some debugging needed on the module level. thanks for the pointers though - this is clearer now12:33
aknightlbt: btw, is there lspci or similar in mer core?12:35
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lbtaknight: pciutils is in mer-tools12:35
aknightmer-tools, cool12:36
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aknighti hadn't added that repo yet to this pc12:37
lbtit's normally SDK-side but it is useful on devices for debugging12:41
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SuperpelicanStskeeps: Have the Mer SDK repos also moved during the moving from Meego OBS?13:12
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I can't install the armv7hl toolchain13:12
SuperpelicanIt says time out exceeded13:12
Superpelicanwhen accessing
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Have the Mer SDK repos moved?13:37
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Morpog_PCsuperpelican, they moved long before that13:41
Morpog_PCthey are on mer obs13:41
SuperpelicanBut what's the new repo url, then?13:41
SuperpelicanI just downloaded the latest Mer SDK image13:41
Superpelicanand wanted to install the armv7hl toolchain13:41
Superpelicanand it complains13:42
Superpelicanso it looks to me that the old repo doesn't exist anymore13:42
SuperpelicanSo I'll probably have to edit some file and change to the new repo's13:42
Superpelicanphaeron: should I just do zypper ar?13:43
phaeronyou should replace the old repos with new ones13:43
Superpelicanphaeron:I'll google it13:43
phaeronzypper rr , and zypper ar13:43
phaeronor edit the repo files13:43
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Superpelicanphaeron, is it suppose to be devel?13:47
SuperpelicanI currently have rolling13:47
phaeronrolling is old and is broken with latest mer13:47
SuperpelicanI'd prefer to not upgrade to some experimental version13:47
phaeronas you wish13:47
Superpelicanphaeron:But won't I get conflicts etc. if I upgrade?13:48
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Superpelicanphaeron:But which arch should I choose when I add the .repo ?13:51
phaeronthe same as it was setup before13:51
SuperpelicanMy host system is x86_6413:51
phaeronirrelevant , zypper lr -u13:51
SuperpelicanOr is armv7hl for cross compiling13:51
spade`hi guys, when u run mer, which devices are you currently running it on?13:52
Superpelicanor should I add both i686 and armv7hl?13:52
spade`for testing13:52
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SuperpelicanIs there any guide/page with requirements for a Mer compatible kernel?14:14
SuperpelicanI've found this:
SuperpelicanBut don't want to build the kernel 100 times until I've got the last config set right14:14
Superpelicanand have to run the kernel checker 100 times14:14
SuperpelicanAlso the Adaptation guide ( lacks information about libhybris and Wayland14:15
SuperpelicanStskeeps said Wayland/Qt5 is the best way to go with libhybris on the A1014:16
lbttry :
lbtand it will tell you all settings the first time :)14:17
lbtSuperpelican: (and phaeron)
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Superpelicanlbt:So those options are basically the only things I should pay attention to when building a Mer compatible kernel?14:19
SuperpelicanAside from that it should just be a generic Linux kernel (with of course A10 support etc.)14:20
lbtthose are the things we know about which we need from a userspace PoV14:20
Superpelicanlbt: thanks14:20
Superpelicanlbt:Nice pun14:21
Superpelicanlbt:the tablet I'll be porting to is named "Point of View protab 2 xxl" ;)14:21
lbtah :)14:21
Superpelicanlbt:So I should run the kernel make config and building stuff in sb2 in Mer SDK?14:23
Superpelicanthen it's time to setup sb2 targets :)14:24
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Superpelicanlbt: sdk-version: "grep: /etc/zypp/repos.d/mer-tools.repo: No such file or directory"14:27
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lbthow did you setup that SDK ?14:28
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Superpelicandownloaded the latest mer sdk image today14:29
Superpelicanand then changed the mer tools repo to the new mer obs devel repo14:29
Superpelicanas above in IRC14:29
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lbtah, change it back and follow the instructions in my email link14:30
SuperpelicanI've already installed the armv7hl toolchain from the devel repo14:31
SuperpelicanSo I'll just umount and delete14:31
Superpelicanand create a new SDK14:31
Superpelicandid sdk umount, now it's saying it's mounting my home dir14:34
Superpelicanlbt:where should I download the sdk?14:39
Superpelicanlbt:phaeron said rolling is broken and outdated14:39
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lbtphaeron is grumpy14:40
Superpelicanlbt:So I should use latest rolling?14:40
lbtyes - it's not too bad :)14:41
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Superpelicanlbt:But could I use it to create an image based on the latest June Mer release?14:43
lbtyes, and you can update it once you install it14:43
lbtthe SDK is not tightly tied to the Mer release14:43
lbtthere is a tie wrt toolchain - but that's actually a bug14:44
Superpelicanlbt:So I won't have to worry about versions when building images?14:44
Superpelicanlbt:Is that "no, you won't have to" or "no, you should" ;)14:45
lbtbasically newer releases of mer have features which are useful in the SDK - eg some rpmbuild patches14:45
lbtSuperpelican: ah, the art of a good question14:46
lbtyou don't need to worry14:46
Superpelicanok :)14:46
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Superpelicanlbt: what is a kickstarter token?14:57
lbtlike a variable14:57
lbtappears as @VALUE@ in the ks file14:58
lbtand you can set a token mapping when you run mic14:58
Superpelicanoh, so it's a kind of a integrity hash?14:58
lbtso you can set @MER_RELEASE@ to 'latest'14:58
lbtit's a variable14:58
Superpelicanso you can choose which mer release the image is based on?14:59
lbtso you can use the same ks to build different images14:59
lbtyes - or other tricks14:59
Superpelicanso when I build a sb2 for my latest rolling sdk I should just use latest?14:59
lbteg I set @PHRASE@ and @SSID@ in my .ks so you can preconfigure wifi14:59
Superpelicanso @MYVARIABLENAME@ is basically the variable syntax of kickstarter files?15:00
Superpelicanjust like std::string myvariablename in c++?15:00
Superpelicanok, just learned another thing :)15:02
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Superpelicanlbt:Can I also enter my own name instead of just using that of my host account (grep :$(id -u): /etc/passwd >> etc/passwd)15:03
lbtit needs to match afair15:04
Superpelicanwith my host sys?15:04
xavinuxHi people, hope we have a good day15:04
lbtSuperpelican: just reminding myself of the docs  - I'm pretty sure that still has to match15:06
lbtit's almost totally invisible so don't worry about it15:06
Superpelicanyou mean the name?15:06
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CosmoHillhi ulf`15:32
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Superpelicanvgrade:When building the cubieboard hw adaptation, did you use sunxi-3.0 or sunxi-3.4?15:55
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Superpelicanvgrade: nice, so basically I could just use that kernel adaptation?16:15
Superpelicanvgrade:Instead of creating a whole new one16:15
Superpelicanvgrade:Will I need to modify stuff or is this truly generic sun4i?16:20
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vgradelooks like there is also u-boot and sunxi-boards  packages for pov protab2 in that repo16:21
vgradeSuperpelican: its generic, the kernel uses the fex to customise it16:21
Superpelicanvgrade: nice!16:21
Superpelicanvgrade:So I will need to use the sunxi-tools bin2fex to get the .fex from my script.bin16:22
vgradeits aleady been done here,
vgradesearch for pov_protab2_ips916:24
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Artoxsorry wrong channel17:37
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Superpelicanvgrade:Had already seen the protab 2 9 on the linux-sunxi boards project on github, but I've a rebranded PoV Protab 2 XXL17:55
Superpelicanvgrade:For example screen resolution is different17:55
Superpelicanvgrade:And probably even more17:56
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Why does the Mer SDK use Bash 3.2?17:58
SuperpelicanBut will the Mer Project keep using old versions forever?17:59
Stskeepsit might change when the system can run on top of busybox too18:00
SuperpelicanIs that doable on the long term?18:00
SuperpelicanSo you will keep avoiding GPLv3?18:00
Stskeepsyeah vendors aren't too fond of it as requirement for base system18:00
SuperpelicanAre there any vendors aside from Jolla using Mer already?18:01
dm8tbror toybox :)18:02
Bostikthere are embedded vendors using mer for their projects, but so far I don't know of a another phone18:04
Bostiksorry, not allowed to list any names18:05
SuperpelicanWell that's nice for Mer18:05
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Bostikno-frills base distro with no politically motivated, force-down-their-throats-with-compliance super-middleware ...18:07
Bostikof course there are users :)18:07
Superpelicanvgrade:My tablet's android install is based on Linux 3.018:09
Superpelicanvgrade:Is it a good idea to use 3.4 for the Mer adaptation?18:09
Superpelicanvgrade:Also my tablet already comes with u-boot18:10
Superpelicanvgrade:I've already succesfully booted a tinycorelinux image18:10
Superpelicanvgrade:So do I need to include U-Boot in my adaptation?18:11
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Aard]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]h43 /l[[[[[[[[[t\k~18:16
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dm8tbrhmm I didn't expect Aard to have a cat.18:28
Stskeepsi think somebody found his address18:28
Aarddm8tbr: she arrived today18:28
berndhsask NSA, they will explain what that means18:39
SuperpelicanOk, this is going to be the worst kernel ever made :P18:39
SuperpelicanShould I enable SATA support on a kernel that's going to run on a tablet?18:40
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dm8tbrwell, depends if the SoC has SATA and if it's going to get used18:46
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Superpelicanthe SoC has sata18:48
SuperpelicanI won't need it unless I hook up a USB sata drive, right?18:48
SuperpelicanAlso, should I enable ARM errata options18:49
Superpelicanare these important silicon errata workarounds?18:49
dm8tbrthat sounds sort of useful :)18:49
dm8tbrI'd go by vendor config and source to figure such things out though18:50
Superpelicanok, thanks I've never compiled a kernel before :)18:50
CosmoHillAard: what small sqeaking creature did you get?18:50
CosmoHillwe have a female burmese blu18:50
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phaeronlbt: please don't call me names19:06
phaeronyou called me grumpy ! :D19:06
* lbt goes to find another phaeron-like dwarf19:07
Aardjust had to stop her from trying to eat winston19:08
lbtyou pulled her ears didn't you19:08
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Aardshe's already trained to using a litter free toilet box, so I'm wondering how much effort it'd be to train her to use our toilet :p19:23
CosmoHillwe close our bathroom doors now to stop the cat going into the toilet19:24
CosmoHillyeah, she was sat in the bowl19:25
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* ljp finds more work to do on Qt5BatteryInfo because he doesn't like what they did to the API.. 21:00
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lbtStskeeps: kaltsi:  an absolutely fresh target with libsb2 results in : /sbin/ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ Permission denied21:25
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CosmoHillnight night21:41
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lbt(fyi that's with the latest version of the sb rules in mer-tools:devel21:43
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d9500is there a package search website for the core mer distribution?22:50
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