Saturday, 2013-06-22

ulf`AndIRC___: Must be in Asia or Ausralia :)00:03
ulf`Using an Android IRC client? How does that work for you? :)00:06
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AndIRC___use  android app00:09
AndIRC___for is  enghot00:09
AndIRC___@you ues  web cloent?00:10
ulf`I use irssi00:11
ulf`US West Coast00:11
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AndIRC___a  nice place00:18
ulf`I agree :)00:18
AndIRC___why yo00:22
AndIRC___you  join  this  channel00:23
AndIRC___work for qt?00:23
ulf`Just curious :)00:24
AndIRC___do you kown  sailfis os00:25
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AndIRC___it just base for mer00:28
ulf`AndIRC___: I do00:31
AndIRC___do  you  unstall  nemo sdk00:34
AndIRC___  install00:34
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aknightcan someone explain why x86_64 releases don't have repodata?07:50
Stskeepsthey.. should07:56
Stskeepslbt: ^07:57
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aknightbut I don't see any x86_64 kernels in nemo anyway, so...07:58
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phaeronaknight: the kernel should be fixed soon08:28
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Superpelican_Stskeeps: So if I want to create an image for my tablet, it should be qtcompositor + wayland + qt5 based?08:49
Superpelican_Stskeeps:Or is it still to early for that?08:50
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dm8tbrSuperpelican_: that seems the way to go, really08:55
dm8tbras X11 is a no go in the light of android graphics drivers08:55
dm8tbrunless you want to do things like wayland + x emulation...08:56
Superpelican_dm8tbr:Well, I don't really want to do anything special09:00
Superpelican_dm8tbr:goal is just to use Nemo as a replacement for Android09:00
Superpelican_dm8tbr:Yes, I know probably not everything will work09:01
dm8tbrthen, libhybris + wayland + qt5 is the way to go09:02
Superpelican_and it's a bit to positive to think I'll ever get Nemo working as well as the Android that came with the tablet09:02
Superpelican_but it's a goal, right ;)09:02
Superpelican_But at least I'm already able to boot a tinycorelinux image made for a10 devices on my tablet09:03
Superpelican_I only needed to replace the script.bin with the script.bin that came with my tablet09:04
Superpelican_the usb port on the thing even just worked09:04
Superpelican_I was able to connect a usb kb and start entering commands :)09:04
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dm8tbrso we'll have an A10 hw adaptation soon?09:09
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Superpelican_Well, with libhybris yes, if I succeed09:10
Superpelican_I'm really a newbie to this09:10
Superpelican_But enough time09:11
Superpelican_dm8tbr:I forgot to mention that there is already an a10 hw adaption09:14
Superpelican_vgrade has already got mer on a cubieboard09:14
Superpelican_And there are also already images for the pengpod09:14
dm8tbrah, nice09:15
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Superpelican_dm8tbr vgrade gave me a link to the images yesterday09:16
Superpelican_search in log of 21th09:16
Superpelican_also we might want to contact the plasma active guys09:17
dm8tbrI'll hopefully be busy with the Nexus4 now that my vacation is about to start09:17
Superpelican_mine also just started :)09:17
Superpelican_That's why I finally have lots of time to start hacking on my tablet09:17
Superpelican_and finish my QML/Silica Sailfish app :D09:18
Superpelican_and I have to play around with my Arduino too ;)09:18
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aknightif I want to build a liveusb image, is there something special I need in my ks? I'm getting this "unable to find valid kernels" error for liveusb/livecd but mic works for raw/fs10:07
aknightok, adding kernel-adaptation-pc fixed the issue10:11
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Stskeepsyes, that10:12
aknightthat might explain why my raw image didn't make it past the bootloader :)10:13
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lbtStskeeps: what was the libpcap about ?11:18
lbtsystemd warnings on boot?11:19
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Stskeepslbt: and general upgrade, yes11:43
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lbtsent release notes11:45
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CosmoHillhi leinir13:17
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xavinuxHi people, hope we have a good day13:48
CosmoHillI am okay13:49
CosmoHillwatching Le Mans atm13:49
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CosmoHillcrash 3 laps in and they've been repairing the barriers since14:02
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CosmoHilloh no, that drive that crashed 3 laps in died soon after :(16:34
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CosmoHillhow are you xavinux?16:48
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xavinuxwell, seeing the list reposrts ofr mer and nemo...and can I contribute to solve them.... :(17:13
xavinuxwell, seeing the list of reports bugs of mer and nemo...and can I contribute to solve them.... :(17:14
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CosmoHillI should do some blogging since I'll be on the sofa all day watching le mans17:25
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xavinuxgood choice18:02
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CosmoHilljust been in the garage seeing if I had anything to fix my bike with but I don't18:13
phaeronlbt: we have the same issue with bitflip of sb2-tools rpm as we had with prerelease18:15
phaeronStskeeps: ^^18:15
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Superpelicandm8tbr:I found vgrade's link:
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CosmoHillhi dm8tbr19:15
CosmoHillhow are you?19:15
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lbtphaeron: that is odd19:46
lbtI think19:46
Stskeepsyeah, we've been searching a bit and can't find it19:46
phaeronlbt: disregard , this time it is nfs on my side , or cosmic rays19:46
Stskeepslbt: do you hardlink obs-repos* btw? just out of curiousity19:46
phaeronsame file though :/19:47
lbtStskeeps: I do a lot of hardlinking, yes19:47
lbtnot git repos19:47
phaerongit repos were fine19:47
lbtchecked - yes obs-repos19:47
phaeronit was the sb2-tools rpm again.19:48
phaeronI think we should call ghostbusters19:48
lbtso ...19:52
lbtdo I need to do anything?19:52
phaeronlbt: nope , go to tango :)19:53
lbtobs-repos/Core\:armv7hl\:0.20130619.1/Core_armv7hl/armv8el/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject.rpm unpacks19:53
phaeronlbt: yes Stskeeps checked already19:53
lbtthat was last night19:53
lbttonight I get to install my 2 new 2Tb drives19:54
lbtmaking images needs way too much space :)19:54
* phaeron does fine with 60Gb19:55
* lbt is messier19:55
CosmoHillmost of my hard drives are full :/20:03
CosmoHilllaptop, server, ipod, external hard drive20:04
CosmoHillgarage :/20:04
CosmoHillhi btw20:04
Morpog_PCbuilt a 12TB raid-5 (5x 3TB) about a year ago and it's already more than 50% filled :)20:06
CosmoHillI keep meaning to buy 2 or 3 2TB drives and make RAID with them in a new server20:07
CosmoHillbut I don't like spending money on anything so I haven;t20:07
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lbtStskeeps: well, I have a super-basic user-session driven yat/qml-compositor zephyr session on vbox now20:11
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:19
* lbt decides to rename zephyr-session as Zzzz-session since it's clearly sleep inducing .... ;P20:20
Bostikso a tool listing processes and their activity within the session would then be zzzz-top?20:24
CosmoHillhi Bostik20:25
CosmoHillhow areyou?20:28
Bostiktired, and desperately trying to get little lady to sleep (2h+ so far in vain)20:28
CosmoHilldip her dummy in whiskey?20:30
Bostik.... naw20:30
lbtBostik: rofl20:35
lbtphaeron: I seem to be having issues with mic using rpms from cache with the correct filename but the wrong sha256sum20:35
phaeronlbt: :/ never seen that20:36
lbtin my ks I have :   repo --name=local    --baseurl=file:///mer/mer/personal/car/RPMS/20:37
lbtwhich works nicely20:37
phaeronmaybe cache age20:38
phaeroncheck zypper config if possible to change it ?20:38
phaeronI don't remember if it is20:38
lbtshould it not check the sha256 sum in mic?20:39
phaeronnot mic , zypper20:39
phaeronit caches both repodata and rpms20:39
lbtgrep primary.xml /var/tmp/mic/cache/local/repomd.xml20:39
lbt  <location href="repodata/a03ff148ae33dc4ab030bcbcf302de4e10737707666c85a5cb51055af7dba289-primary.xml.gz"/>20:39
lbtthat xml matches the fresh one20:40
lbtzgrep -C5 session /var/tmp/mic/cache/local/a03ff148ae33dc4ab030bcbcf302de4e10737707666c85a5cb51055af7dba289-primary.xml | grep checksum20:41
lbt  <checksum type="sha256" pkgid="YES">8db92a2e3f785ab7c25fcde689e9d6dbe1cb6f90bfc01ada13e74703464b62ae</checksum>20:41
lbtso looking in the primary to find the rpm checksum ....20:41
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lbtsha256sum /var/tmp/mic/cache/packages/local/zephyr-session-1-1.1.i386.rpm18203c2804dc5bc2dbb6768affafbcee15790b3cf14886ee26314ed4615c99d4  /var/tmp/mic/cache/packages/local/zephyr-session-1-1.1.i386.rpm20:42
lbtsha256sum /mer/mer/personal/car/RPMS/zephyr-session-1-1.1.i386.rpm8db92a2e3f785ab7c25fcde689e9d6dbe1cb6f90bfc01ada13e74703464b62ae  /mer/mer/personal/car/RPMS/zephyr-session-1-1.1.i386.rpm20:42
lbtso the cached rpm has the wrong checksum - the local one is correct (just showing that it should actually match using a simple sha256sum of the rpm)20:43
phaeronI'll look at the code path tomorrow , but I am fairly sure it's zypper's job20:43
lbtty - it's annoying but also a potential nasty down the road20:45
phaeronIt feels like zypper regressed sometime back .. maybe we need to check delta to upstream again20:46
lbtI'm looking at backend and it looks as if mic may be involved20:47
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phaeronmm it checks by size only20:49
phaeronlbt: do the sizes of the rpms match ?20:49
lbtif in localpkgs20:49
phaeronthe two rpms on your side they match by size ?20:49
lbtline 484 ish20:49
lbt # Check if it is cached locally20:50
lbt"Checking packages cache and packages integrity"  ROFL20:50
phaeronoh so it treats local files differently20:50
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lbtjust scanning atm - not noticed that aspect20:50
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lbtah - that's a different feature - my bad20:51
phaeronquick look too, it seems like localpackages are considered by name20:51
lbtFYI I am *not* using 'local packages'20:52
lbtI am using a repo which has a file: url20:52
lbtbig difference :)20:52
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lbtthe local-packages feature force installs them20:52
lbtfile: url simply provides a repo to provide the pkgs listed in the ks20:53
phaeronstill , it might be treating file:// differently20:53
lbtpossible - but I really don't think so20:54
lbtret = rpmmisc.checkRpmIntegrity('rpm', pkg)20:55
lbtso it checks the rpm itself is not corrupt20:55
lbtbut it doesn't check the rpm has the repo.xml checksum20:55
phaeronwhile in localpkgs code path it doesn't even do that20:58
* phaeron larts mic20:58
phaeronok if you don't get to it first I'll do it later20:59
phaeronmoving and stuff20:59
lbtgoing good?20:59
phaeronyeah, slow but sure20:59
phaeronhelp zombie Stskeeps21:00
lbtdo you think Stskeeps just fell asleep on his phone?21:00
lbtone thing I really don't like about ruby/python is that when you have weak typing you can't just say "ooh, package is a Package object, I'll go find the class definition"21:03
phaeronactually in this case you have to trace it back to libzypp c++21:04
lbtthe attributes ?21:05
lbtOK - do you know if it has access to the repo it came from?21:06
phaeroneverything in that file is from libzypp python bindings21:06
phaeronwhich is a wrapper around c++21:06
phaeronin yum it does :)21:07
phaeronin zypper I don't remember21:07
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phaeronlbt: check if the po object has checksum and location attributes21:15
phaeronlooking at libzypp-12.2.0/zypp/Package.h21:17
lbtah - I see21:17
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phaeronanyway good night , good luck :)21:24
lbt'night -ty21:25
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lbtWarning: package /var/tmp/mic/cache/packages/local/zephyr-session-1-1.1.i386.rpm sha256 checksum sha256-238169d6d624dff67b0d2e9f9a5189d4857a153ba383d36413b53991b97ab1d2 from repo.xml is not same as the cached rpm digest sha256-423d8256ba20f961d20e137b931f9283c0d222351bfd3f4e62030e7b6e763c3022:22
lbtWarning: package /var/tmp/mic/cache/packages/local/zephyr-session-1-1.1.i386.rpm checksum mismatch - redownloading22:22
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xavinuxlbt: Hi. may I help with rpm packages?22:49
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