Friday, 2013-06-21

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phakoI don't suppose there'a a hardware adaptation for the XO?09:05
panda84kdeStskeeps: I think he's referring to
Stskeepsphako: which of the XO's?09:11
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phakosorry, yes. those XO09:11
Stskeepsyou can use mer armv7hl, armv7l on the armada 610 (XO 1.75?) at least09:13
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phakoah ok09:22
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kostolaStskeeps: ping10:45
Stskeepskostola: no hints so far.. i need the full build log from your local build10:48
Stskeepsand a 'ls' of the sb2-tools-armv6l package checkout10:48
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kostolaI'll send you10:59
kostolawhat the hell is happening in our OBS :)10:59
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kostolaStskeeps: I'm building11:03
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kostolaStskeeps: mail ;)11:24
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* Stskeeps reads11:29
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Stskeepskostola: in the end of %install section in the sb2-tools-armv6l.spec file, add: cat baselibs.conf12:10
Stskeepsneed to verify it gets created correctly12:11
Stskeepswhat does rpm -q --info build-mkbaselibs say:?12:12
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xavinuxStskeeps: Hi, is there any problem to access‎? I can access without problem but not https mer sites...12:27
Stskeepsxavinux: what browser do you use12:28
xavinuxfirefox and chrome12:28
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xavinuxI can access without problem12:29
Stskeepsshould work12:29
xavinuxok will keep trying but still can access, although thank you for your answer12:30
xavinux can access ok12:31
xavinuxonly with mer project https sites is the problem12:31
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xavinuxStskeeps: get this error: Proxy Error  The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET wiki/Nemo. Reason: Error reading from remote server12:39
Stskeepslbt: ^ ?12:40
lbtlooks like the wiki went down a few mins ago - I missed the alerts12:42
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lbtStskeeps: I think I'm going to need to do some phost maint soon12:46
lbtxavinux: back now12:46
xavinuxthnk you12:46
xavinuxI can access ok now12:47
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xavinux Nemo Mobile OS components12:54
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ericccgood  blog13:09
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xavinuxthanks ericcc :) writing all night, hope it's useful to others13:14
ericccyou  are  good  guys13:14
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kostolaStskeeps: ping13:25
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Stskeepskostola: pong13:26
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kostolaI was I'm trying what you said13:27
kostolaI have to issue "rpm -q --build ... " on my OBS server right13:28
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Stskeepsboth in sdk and obs server13:29
Stskeepsrpm -q --info13:29
Stskeepsrpm -q --info build-mkbaselibs, thati s ;)13:29
kostolaI think the correct line to append to the spec file is13:30
kostolacat %{_sourcedir}/baselibs.conf13:30
kostolais it correct?13:31
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kostolamaybe we got it13:34
kostola"package build-mkbaselibs is not installed"13:34
kostolaStskeeps: ^13:34
Stskeepsthat in SDK?13:35
kostolait's installed in OBS server13:35
Stskeepszypper in build-mkbaselibs in sdk and try the --baselibs thing again the13:36
kostolathat's the package info of our OBS server13:36
kostolaalso build-mkbaselibs is NOT installed in our workers13:37
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kostolaStskeeps: I've built sb2-tools-armv6l before installing the package13:53
kostolanow I've installed it and I'm rebuilding13:53
kostolaso I'll send you both buildlogs13:53
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xavinuxStskeeps: may I help with package packaging? Do you need help in that point?14:00
kostolaStskeeps: I have the logs14:14
Stskeepskostola: ok, please send14:14
kostolaStskeeps: done14:16
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kostolait seems that nothing changed14:22
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Stskeeps /me looks14:26
Stskeepsthis is with --baselibs right14:27
Stskeepsthis doesn't make any sense.14:28
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Stskeepsplease ls -al /var/tmp/build-root/usr/lib/build /var/tmp/build-root/.build14:30
kostolathis is the command I used to build14:30
kostolaosc build --clean --no-verify --baselibs Core_armv6l i586 sb2-tools-armv6l.spec14:30
Stskeepsis correct14:31
kostolathe output of ls -al ...14:33
Stskeepskostola: can i ask you to try to do the same experiment, but against ?14:34
Stskeeps('s api)14:34
Stskeepsand Core:armv6l sb2-tools-armv6l there14:34
kostolaok but how can I do that?14:34
Stskeepsosc -A ls14:34
kostolayes ok14:34
Stskeepstype in the login, password you used14:34
Stskeepsand just check out the package, osc build --clean --no-verify --baselibs Core_armv6l i586 sb2-tools-armv6l.spec14:35
kostolaI have to do that on my Mer SDK right?14:35
Stskeepsthen we can track the issue a little better i think14:37
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kostolaStskeeps: it's building14:38
kostolaosc -A build --clean --no-verify --baselibs Core_armv6l i586 sb2-tools-armv6l.spec14:38
Stskeepsok, lemme know when done14:40
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kostolaStskeeps: ping15:11
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kostolasorry I made a mistake15:13
kostolathe build was locked asking me to trust the packages15:13
kostolaso it did not build anything yet15:13
kostolaI'm building again :)15:13
kostolayou're linking to i486 project I see15:18
Stskeeps.. that might actually be it15:19
Stskeepsarch i486 targets armv6l:inject15:21
Stskeepsthis means turn i486 packages into armv6l packages15:21
Stskeepsin baselibs.conf15:21
Stskeepsif you get a .armv6l.rpm now when building from this is the problem15:21
Stskeepsmer builds against a Core:i486, not i586 as not everybody had atom/ssse315:21
Stskeepsso you should make a local Core:i486 build, not Core:i586; and then build arm against that15:24
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kostolaStskeeps: I built the first time and I obtained /var/tmp/build-root/home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv6l/sb2-tools-armv6l-dependency-inject-1.0-1.armv6l.rpm15:37
kostolaseems correct15:37
kostolanow I'm rebuilding saving the build log to send it to you15:37
Stskeepsyes, then it's definately that issues15:38
kostolaso what do I have to do?15:38
kostolabuild Core:i486 and then link to it on armv6l?15:38
Stskeepsi should really have seen this earlier..15:39
kostolawe have to change the Local Mer wiki page15:41
kostolachanging i586 to i48615:41
kostola(if it works)15:41
Stskeepsit changed because of people running into SDK and builder issues so15:42
xavinuxStskeeps: may I help with rpm packaging? Do you need help in that point?15:43
Stskeepsxavinux: check tasks list in ;)15:43
kostolaStskeeps: I'll start building Core:i486 immediately15:43
kostolaStskeeps, lbt: when are you planning to integrate gcc 4.7 in Mer?15:45
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xavinuxStskeeps: Login in, Now could you guide how to start verifying those bugs and what do I need? I've already installed an i486 Nemo mobile VM in virtualbox and installed it to Hard Disk16:19
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:I would like to try to port mer/nemo to a chinese android tablet, I've already collected some pretty detailed information about it. But do you have a good starting point.17:17
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is there a porting guide?17:17
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I think I should get U-boot running first?17:18
StskeepsSuperpelican: get your own kernel built and flashed and own root file system; and ideally own built android build that you can flash and it works17:18
SuperpelicanStskeeps: It's a Allwinner A10 (sun4i) tablet17:18
SuperpelicanStskeeps: but why an android build?17:18
SuperpelicanAndroid isn't compatible with Mer, right?17:19
Superpelicanbecause it doesn't use glibc and X17:19
SuperpelicanOr am I misunderstanding something?17:19
StskeepsSuperpelican: you can use libhybris to use android hw adaptation17:20
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But isn't native preferable?17:20
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Isn't there a performance penalty involved with libhybris?17:20
Stskeepsnot really, compared to the time saved in time to market17:20
SuperpelicanStskeeps:But there are already Mali 400 drivers available17:21
Stskeepsbut in practice you want something that just works, and with your hw17:22
vgradeSuperpelican: we've not been able to run mcompositor on those drivers17:22
Superpelicanvgrade:Have there already been porting efforts for porting to sunxi then?17:23
Morpog_PCso there is no performance hit using libhybris?17:23
StskeepsMorpog_PC: i've been trying to find one so far but in practice, it's just(!) a dlopen and dlsym17:23
Stskeepsand a passthrough17:23
vgradeSuperpelican: yes, I've run nemo on mele A1000, cubieboard and pengpod tablet17:23
Superpelicanlima isn't quite in a usable state yet?17:24
Stskeepsand it's working so good that i'd just recommend people to use qt5-wayland nemo + lipstick-qt5 at this point17:24
kostolaStskeeps: do you think that not having build-mkbaselibs installed on my worker will not build my i486 Mer:Core project correctly?17:24
Morpog_PCsounds like a great future for mer and nemo and of course sailfishos :)17:24
Stskeepskostola: build comes from the server17:25
Stskeepsshouldn't be a problem17:25
kostolaperfect ;)17:25
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Does Nemo Mobile already support Qt5 && Wayland?17:25
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I've been reading some things about Qt5 and Wayland lately17:25
SuperpelicanStskeeps:It sounds pretty sweet ;)17:25
Morpog_PCI've seen it running on youtube17:26
SuperpelicanStskeeps: I guess this isn't the whole Mali 400 driver stack:
Morpog_PCor here
vgradeSuperpelican: that's just the open bits, you still need the closed blobs from linux-sunxi17:27
vgradeSuperpelican: and I've not been able to make that stack work with mcompositor17:28
vgradeas Stskeeps hints, qt5 wayland with lipstick-qt5 is future17:29
kostolaStskeeps: I think on monday you'll have the reponse ;) have a nice weekend17:29
Superpelicanvgrade:But is there a Nemo build with Qt5/wayland already?17:30
Superpelicanvgrade:Or is this still nightly stuff?17:30
vgradeSuperpelican: no nemo build atm. I was waiting for next official build and I'll do one for cubie17:31
vgraderequired packages are in repos though17:31
vgradeSuperpelican: what tablet do you have17:32
Superpelicanvgrade:Well it is a long story, but it's "real" name is "Cherry Mobility M1007"17:33
Superpelicanvgrade:But there has been said that the Point of View Protab 2 XXL is the same17:33
Superpelicanvgrade:And people have also reported to have been running Protab Android ROMs succesfully on the M100717:34
Superpelicanwithout modification17:34
SuperpelicanI've also collected some information already with lsmod17:34
SuperpelicanAnd I just found out there is a whole page for the Protab 2 XXL:
Superpelicanwith Ubuntu images!17:35
Bostikvgrade, Superpelican: one thing to remember about qt5/wayland - the wayland module (qtwayland.git) is not yet part of the official qt5 release, so integrating the module may require some additional manual work17:35
SuperpelicanThere's even information about how to get the touchscreen to work :)17:35
Bostikwhere "some" really depends on the situation, but shouldn't be too much by our standards17:35
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SuperpelicanBostik: now I'm getting a little bit scared "by our standards" ;)17:36
Superpelicanwith also the awesome, hard work that has been done by you guys :)17:37
Superpelican*also = all17:37
BostikSuperpelican: I've been doing qt5 packaging for mer for ... more than two years now, so my definition of "straightforward" may be a bit off17:37
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Bostikit's the difference between "whuh?" and "not again" ;)17:38
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SuperpelicanJust created a special page for the porting process, where I will collect all information:
SuperpelicanWill be updated of course ;)17:41
vgradeSuperpelican: might be useful17:42
Superpelicanvgrade: thanks, especially u-boot may be useful, I think :)17:43
xavinuxHi people, Login in, Now could someone guide on how to start verifying those bugs and what do I need? I've already installed an i486 Nemo mobile VM in virtualbox and installed it to Hard Disk17:44
vgradeall A10 hardware boots the same way but devices have different fex file and uboot build due to different hardware specs, memory etc17:45
vgradeyou can drag boot.bin (the compiled .fex) from your device and get memory settings so you can buld your own uboot.  linux-sunxi has all details17:47
Superpelicanvgrade:I know, I've already read some stuff from linux-sunxi and rhombus-tech17:47
Superpelicanvgrade:cubieboard has the same wifi module as my tablet :)17:48
Superpelicanrealtek 8192cu17:48
Superpelicanvgrade:I also have the android kernel source, I found it on the official Cherry support forum board17:49
Superpelicanbut it's a bit weird17:52
Superpelicanit contains lots of drivers and stuff for other devices17:53
Superpelicanfor example for laptops, acer, asus, eee pc etc.17:53
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*** FlameReaper has joined #mer17:57
Superpelicanvgrade:You can use the script.bin obtained from the default Android install directly, right?18:02
Superpelicanvgrade:there is already a mem-static dump on the protab 2 xxl linux-sunxi page18:03
Superpelicanvgrade:there's even a whole partition table18:03
Superpelicanabout the sizes and fs's18:03
Superpelicanvgrade:The script.bin has also been extracted already:
Superpelicanshould I use it?18:04
SuperpelicanOr am I better of extracting my own/18:05
vgradeif your sure its the same tablet it can be used18:05
Superpelicanvgrade:Can the tablet get damaged if I use the wrong script.bin?18:07
vgradenot seen that happen myself, but remember adaptation is risky. I'm assuming your plannning to boot from sdcard18:08
Superpelicanvgrade: yes18:08
Superpelicanvgrade:So the Android install should stay undamaged also18:08
Superpelicanvgrade:It's not very necessary it keeps working, but it would be really nice18:09
Superpelicanvgrade:I won't would be nice if it isn't rendered useless, when the porting fails or certain things don't work completely18:09
Superpelican*I wouldn't18:10
Superpelicannot "won't" lol18:10
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*** fcorrea has joined #mer18:13
Superpelicanvgrade:So I should be able to use the mer rootfs straightaway as long as I get a custom U-Boot and kernel running for my specific tablet/18:14
vgradedepends on what you mean by straghtaway :) but should get commandline pretty quick18:15
vgradethen depends which way you want to go , qt4 or qt518:16
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:34
Superpelicanvgrade:I know have adb shell access (android) to the device and I've found the script.bin of the tablet and some other possibly interesting files18:57
*** Watcher7|off is now known as Watcher718:59
Superpelicanincluding boot.axf and boot.ini19:00
*** dijenerate has quit IRC19:00
*** Superpelican has quit IRC19:01
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:05
CosmoHillhello ladies, gentleman and everyone in between19:05
xavinuxHi CosmoHill, how are you...19:07
CosmoHillI'm good thanks, hayfever has been better and I've had a nice day after work :)19:07
*** Superpelican has joined #mer19:07
xavinuxgood :)19:09
xavinuxgood, have a free day so didn't have to work. Stayed all night writing on Nemo for my blog which hope can be useful :)19:12
Superpelicanvgrade:I've extracted the u-boot.bin that came with the tablet using the adb shell :)19:12
xavinuxfor others...19:13
Superpelicanvgrade:Is it useful?19:13
Superpelicanvgrade:Or will I have to create a new u-boot.ini anyway for Mer?19:13
CosmoHillxavinux: sounds good. I've been meaning to write another blog post or two and edit the three I've not published yet19:15
xavinuxas a newbe try to explain what I have learn in these week, and now breaking my head trying to learn hoe to help to fix bugs! I have just created an account in Bugzila and sea bugs reported, but don't know well what to do.....19:17
xavinuxalready installed an i486 VM and installed it to HDD in my Virtualbox...19:19
CosmoHillmine is just a blog about me and stuff19:22
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*** rcg has joined #mer19:24
Stskeepslo rcg19:24
rcghey Stskeeps, how's it going? everything alright?19:25
Stskeepsyeah, baby still in the womb19:26
Stskeeps2 weeks to go to surgery19:27
rcgalright, i'll keep my fingers crossed19:27
rcgwhat i can tell so far is that it was the best decision ever :D19:27
Stskeepshehe :)19:28
rcgyou'll lose quite some sleep, get cried at, have to change diapers all time but it's an absolutely wonderful and great experience :)19:28
Stskeepsyeah, looking forward to having him out19:29
rcgi wish you all the best :)19:29
CosmoHillhi rcg19:29
rcgmy fiancee and our son too :)19:29
rcghi CosmoHill19:29
CosmoHillStskeeps: ooo congrays19:29
CosmoHill congrats*19:29
rcg there are some pics of the small fella :)19:31
*** Watcher7 is now known as Watcher7|off19:31
CosmoHillrcg: the website looks very nice, can't speak for the content since I can't read it19:32
*** pohly has quit IRC19:33
*** Watcher7|off is now known as Watcher719:34
*** arcean has joined #mer19:34
*** furikku has quit IRC19:35
Stskeepsrcg: aww :)19:35
rcgif you click the images you can see some more pictures19:36
Superpelicanvgrade:Just booted tiny core linux image on the tablet :D19:37
Superpelicanvgrade:I replaced the script.bin that came with the image with the one I extracted from the tablet ;)19:37
rcgi think he is super cute. otoh, i am the father and i guess every father thinks his child is the cutest on the world :)19:37
SuperpelicanI now have shell19:37
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Does video acceleration also work with libhybris drivers?19:56
SuperpelicanStskeeps: nice, also I just want to say that I think you've done awesome work on libhybris20:05
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* CosmoHill has a cat on top of him20:13
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rcgbtw, how to upgrade the sdk? i tried to update via "sudo sdk-version --latest --go" but this gives me an error: "20:40
rcg"couldn't fetch latest release version, aborting"20:40
rcgmost probably because mer-tools still points to meego.com20:40
rcgam talking about the mersdk that installs itself by default to /srv20:41
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ljpinside the sdk do: echo | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts21:03
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rcgljp, thanks, that did the trick21:25
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CosmoHillugh, to hot23:03
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