Thursday, 2013-06-20

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plundstr_Stskeeps: is there something holding this,149806:25
Stskeepsplundstr_: no, but we were in last part of release cycle (just before full release), so it was a bit risky; my plan is to merge that and a few other things and do a quick cycle with it06:27
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kostolaStskeeps: ping10:18
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kostolaI have a question for you10:20
kostolaI have seen that you use git to manage repos of your packages10:21
kostolais it integrated with obs?10:21
Stskeepswhich ones in particular :)10:22
kostolathe obs that you use to build Mer10:22
Stskeepsright - that's actually MDS :)10:22
kostolaso MDS includes those repos10:23
kostolaso the workflow is10:23
kostolagit push -> MDS updates -> OBS see the update and triggers rebuild10:24
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kostolaStskeeps: ^10:26
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Stskeepsright - but you'd probably be more interested in webhooks and tar_git10:26
Stskeepsfor general sw development10:26
Stskeepsit's a little more modern than mds210:26
kostolawe will need to setup a structure like yours because we're building the whole distro10:28
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kostolaI'll take a look at how MDS works ;)10:31
Stskeepsgenerally you can point packages.xml at new sha's at least10:31
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kostolaStskeeps: also I've built sb2-tools-armv6l using MerSDK10:35
Stskeepsok, so it that worked?10:35
Stskeepsvery mysterious10:35
kostolawith this command10:35
Stskeepsas in, it produced an .armv7l.rpm ?10:35
kostolaosc build --baselibs sb2-tools-armv7hl.spec10:36
kostolait didn't work10:36
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kostolathe error is "unresolvable: nothing provides cross-armv7hl-gcc, nothing provides cross-armv7hl-binutils"10:36
Stskeepsosc repos please10:37
kostolathen I tried only "osc build" and it worked, but it built the same packages that I have on OBS (no *-dependency-inject)10:37
kostolaosc repos say10:37
kostolaCore_armv6l  i58610:37
kostolaCore_armv6l  armv7el10:37
Stskeepsok, and what does osc build --clean --no-verify --baselibs Core_armv6l i586 sb2-tools-armv7hl.spec      say?10:38
kaltsiarmv6l repos and armv7hl build?10:39
Stskeepsok, and what does osc build --clean --no-verify --baselibs Core_armv6l i586 sb2-tools-armv6l.spec      say?10:39
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kostolado you want the whole build log?10:41
Stskeepsthe bottom10:41
kostolait's building ;)10:42
kostolagoing back to GIT again, can you briefly describe what you do when you have to update a package (for example cmake..)10:43
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Stskeepsbasically add a git commit and change sha in packages.xml10:44
Stskeepspackages-git/ is the one that matter10:44
lbtkostola: has some stuff to read too10:44
kostolathanks lbt10:44
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lbtkostola: that used to have a rather complex CLI10:45
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lbtso don't take the examples as valid10:45
lbtI listened to the criticism and the cli is now massively simpler10:46
lbtah - wait -wrong git repo10:46
kostolaok thanks10:46
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kostolaStskeeps: this is the build output10:50
kostolamersdk finished "build sb2-tools-armv6l.spec" at Thu Jun 20 10:48:55 UTC 2013.10:50
Stskeepskostola: ..10:50
Stskeepsok, that was a bit unexpected10:50
Stskeepswhat on earth..10:50
Stskeepsin .osc/ there's _build* files10:51
Stskeepscan you mail me them?10:51
kostolaof courds10:51
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kostolaStskeeps: sent10:58
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Stskeepskostola: i'll look at it in ~hour or so, got some small work to do firs10:58
kostolaStskeeps: thanks ;)10:59
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[ol]Stskeeps, lbt: OBS server 2.4.2 running on Fedora:
lbt[ol]: :)16:48
[ol]Warning: self-signed certificate.16:49
Stskeeps[ol]: cool16:49
[ol]Last night the first package was successfully built.16:49
Stskeepscongratulations :)16:50
[ol]I've tested linking to external repos. Both binary dosnload on demand and remote link work.16:50
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[ol]Remote link looks to be easier to use: no need to download and install primary.xml manually.16:51
lbt[ol]: I've not looked at the newer OBS code yet - just no time16:53
lbtwe're really blocked due to the patches we're carrying :/16:54
[ol]lbt: Can I build Mer with stock OBS 2.4.2? Or do I need to patch it?16:54
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[ol]I mean, for x86_64 architecture.16:54
lbtyou need patches for sb216:55
lbtI think16:56
[ol]lbt: I didnt't find OBS server with Mer patches build neither in nor in Where do you build it?16:57
lbtactually this one:
lbtit was built on but I didn't set it up on mer yet16:58
[ol]lbt: Did you backup project config and meta?16:58
lbtmer-pendng branch16:58
lbt[ol]: yeah - actually forgot to xfer it - it's coming over still16:59
[ol]I'd like to look at project's meta to learn how you link to OpenSUSE OBS.16:59
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lbtwe don't17:00
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lbtwe use DoD as it's more robust17:00
lbtit may be better nowadays17:01
[ol]From OpenSUSE repos?17:01
[ol]But DoD requires to download and update primary.xml manually.17:01
[ol]How often do you update it?17:01
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lbtWe started by using links - but they used to cause total scheduler lockups when the remote OBS went down for any reason17:02
[ol]May be it works better with OBS 2.4?17:02
lbtI saw changelog entries so I hope so17:04
lbtbut once-bitten ...17:04
[ol]Interesting. I see connections in my httpd logs from 1 IP address in Poland (Stskeeps most likely), 2 IP addresses in UK (one of them lbt most likely) and 1 IP address in Germany, don't know who was that.17:05
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vgrade_[ol]: \o, from uk17:08
[ol]vgrade_: Hi from Ireland! :-)17:09
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asknet333may I know where is application api reference docs hosted?17:14
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CosmoHillhello ladies17:15
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ali1234asknet333: Qt and QML reference is probably a good place to start17:39
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CosmoHillbeep boop18:48
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lbtStskeeps: what happened wrt release?21:33
Stskeepslbt: i think i said it rather unclearly yesterday with [19:44:02]<Stskeeps> lbt: ok, good to go21:35
Stskeepsand i was asking earlier how your rpm patch was going21:35
lbtnot had time for that - I have an ugly workaround which will have to be enough :(21:35
lbtmissed the go completely21:36
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lbtStskeeps: is pulling now OK?21:38
Stskeepstime to sleep for me though21:39
lbtyou stockpiling yet?21:39
Stskeepsstockpiling sleep? yes21:39
lbtrel is happening21:39
CosmoHilldamn you21:39
* CosmoHill hasn't slept well in 2 weeks21:40
lbtshould be OK to push to MOBS before bed21:40
lbtCosmoHill: meh sleep is overrated21:40
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CosmoHillyeah, i'm still functioning okay21:43
CosmoHillapart from the hayfever21:43
*** notmart has quit IRC21:43
CosmoHillstanding in the country side for half an hour waiting for a friend to collect me nearly did me in21:43
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