Saturday, 2013-06-15

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ulf`CosmoHill: how goes it?00:22
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CosmoHilloverall things go well00:23
ulf`pretty good00:26
ulf`ready for weekend :)00:26
CosmoHillI'm lying in bed with a laptop so I'd say yes00:27
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GentSirCosmoHill, I like your style00:28
GentSirSomething like that00:30
ulf`CosmoHill: Proud owner of a Sailfish phone yet?00:31
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CosmoHillif by sailfish you mean an htc wildfire with the back held on by tape, then yes00:34
ulf`CosmoHill: Not quite what I was talking about, but that's one interpretation ;)00:35
CosmoHillI was more interested in the meego tablet side of things00:36
CosmoHillas long as I can talk, text and take decent pics (which I can't on the wildfire) I'm happy00:36
GentSirCosmoHill, why must the back be held on with tape?00:41
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CosmoHillbecause whenever I drop it the cover comes off and the battery comes out00:41
ulf`CosmoHill: I don't own a tablet. No use for one.00:41
CosmoHillmy mum has one, whenever I had my laptop to my parents they keep poking the screen and try to do guesters on it00:42
GentSirCosmoHill, did you say you had sailfish on the wildfire? I thought there weren't any ARM builds yet00:42
CosmoHillI don't00:43
CosmoHillI'm a scavenger, my phones are family members' old phones00:43
GentSirI had a couple Android phones and didn't like them00:43
CosmoHillthis is my first, I miss my sony w99500:43
GentSirI'm using a Nokia e7100:44
ulf`np: Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon00:44
GentSirThe w995 looks cool, but I text way too much for that phone to be a good fit for me00:45
CosmoHillI like proper buttons00:45
GentSirThat's why I love my e71, that full qwerty00:46
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CosmoHillI like computers and stuff but I don't use smart phones or tablets00:55
CosmoHilli spend £5 tops a month on my phone bill00:56
GentSirMine is $40, but I'm switching over to tmobile and will be spending $30 then00:59
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CosmoHillnight night01:30
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phaeronlbt: connect to No route to host05:50
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Stskeepsphaeron: cbe?06:45
phaeronStskeeps: yes06:46
Stskeepshmm at least i can connect to it fine from zathras06:46
Stskeepsgive me a moment to have coffee so i don't break things06:47
phaeronStskeeps: cbe is up , this error is in cbe logs. I think it can't connect to workers06:47
Stskeepshmm, that's not good either06:47
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Stskeepsmorn lbt08:16
lbtphaeron: Stskeeps  the cbe issue was last night08:17
lbtI fixed it by restarting cbe - oom08:17
Stskeepsok, what overflowed, if you know?08:17
lbtcr 348 pushed cfe up to 2.1Gb and killed stuff in cbe08:17
lbtwas able to sysrq sync08:17
lbtwe need to get obs to upstream - atm we don't even bother trying to fix this kind of thing08:18
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Stskeepsdo we have a without-sb2 branch, or?08:20
lbtno - it's all in git as a mer-deploy or something08:20
lbtgit is pretty up to date08:20
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lbtI fixed git in mer-tools btw08:24
lbtlatest 1.8.3 has additional modules in perl-Git that Require SVN::Client08:24
lbtso I've broken out perl-Git-SVN which is currently uninstallable08:25
Stskeepsyes, i had a patch that (in accordance with rest of package) rm'ed that part08:25
Stskeepsok, not patch08:25
Stskeepspackaging part08:25
lbtoh - I didn't get that bit08:25
Stskeepsno problem, seems like it's sorted anyway08:26
lbtdo you know about latrace btw?08:27
lbtis it arm only?08:27
Stskeepslatrace.. hrm08:27
Stskeepsno it shouldn't be arm only08:27
lbtseems a very fragile / non-deterministic build  :/08:27
Stskeepstry with -j1?08:27
lbtgood suggestion08:28
Stskeepssome build systems are just broken beyond repair08:28
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lbtah .. obs seems dead08:30
lbtvms responding but jobs stucj08:31
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lbtphaeron: are you doing things?08:33
lbtjust so I don't tread on toes08:33
phaeronlbt: read backlog (08:50:39 AM) phaeron: lbt: connect to No route to host08:33
phaeroncbe can't talk to workers I think08:34
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phaeroncouldn't figure out network topolgy08:34
lbtI read the backlog - that's why I asked you08:34
lbtI'll dig around then08:35
lbtJun 15 08:21:18 cmds python2.7[3355]: 2013-06-15 08:21:18,677 - mds2 - INFO - ['']: returning after 150 rounds.... this is bad08:40
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phaeronlbt: that's not the reason08:41
phaeronlbt: it's a workaround until I find time to fix it properly ( and thus marked as such :D )08:42
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lbtrepserver is unhappy08:55
Stskeeps Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/lib/obs/server//bs_repserver line 612.08:56
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lbtif ($repo->{"name"} eq $repoid && $repo->{"linkedbuild"} eq "localdep") {08:58
* lbt smells a local patch08:58
lbtalso it is hanging on nemo:testing:mw:Trial:SR350 packages08:59
Stskeepslooks like a big build test08:59
lbtrestarting repserver (which needed a lot of children killed) seems to have unblocked it09:00
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lbtand repserver is dead again09:05
Stskeepskill SR530?09:06
Stskeepsor add debugging on what exactly it can't find09:06
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tango_woah, lots of people here09:27
lbtphaeron: so repserver is blocking up09:29
phaeronlbt: disk issue ?09:29
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lbtthat uninitialized value looks related to linkedbuld09:30
tango_so I have a question (I discussed this a little over at #sailfishos, but it was aptly mentioned that it would have been more appropriate here in #mer): are there any plans to include opencl in mer core?09:30
phaeronlbt: code hasn't change forever and was working fine. it's just a warning09:30
lbtif (!@bins && $cgi->{'localdep'}){            is true ... but repo->{'linkedbuild'}   has no value09:30
lbtit's hard to know if it's "just a warning" or crap data09:31
phaeronI agree but it was working and hasn't changed09:31
lbtso I have no clue why it's hanging09:32
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lbttango_: fyi just keep talking to Stskeeps ... he just meant that this chan is more on-topic from an architecture PoV09:32
phaeronlbt: in case of the trial build , linked build should be there09:33
phaeronlbt: what is
lbtwell this is why I mention it09:34
lbtworker IP09:34
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lbtprint "DEBUG: repo->name=$repo->{'name'}  repoid=$repoid repo->linkedbuild $repo->{'linkedbuild'}";09:35
lbtDEBUG: repo->name=latest_i586  repoid=latest_armv7hl repo->linkedbuild Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib/obs/server//bs_repserver line 61209:35
tango_oh lol09:35
tango_I see, lots of peope in common09:35
lbtyeah - mer is the open core OS for sailfish/jolla09:35
tango_(makes sense)09:35
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lbtand other things too09:36
phaeronlbt: worker ip . so it can't connect to workers or the other way round09:36
lbtphaeron: well, not now - repserver is blocked :D09:36
lbtphaeron: where do you see that?09:36
phaeronin the logs09:36
lbtno kidding09:37
phaeronlbt: which vlan is the works09:37
lbtwhich machine09:37
lbtOK - so I'll restart repserver and it'll work for a bit09:37
lbtthen stop09:37
lbtwe have 23 repserver instances hanging atm09:37
lbtonly vlan is 11009:38
lbtmeh - I lie but ...09:38
phaeronlbt: looking around09:44
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lbtphaeron: what ip error were you seeing in what logfile on which worker09:49
phaeronlbt: cbe , repserver.log09:53
lbtso when you said "workers" you meant "cbe" ... OK ... I'll stop looking at the worker logs now :P09:54
* Stskeeps has to leave for a wedding it seems09:54
lbtyou already did that09:54
lbtI remember09:55
lbtphaeron: I wonder if it has info about old jobs09:56
lbtand is talking to long-dead worker instances09:56
lbtobs stores the ip address/port of the worker iirc09:57
phaeronI will clean up the old jobs09:57
lbthow do you do that now?09:57
zeq1Hi, I'm trying to set up the mer Platform SDK (following the instructions here but I'm running into trouble due to no longer being around.  I'm wanting to produce armv7tnhl images to start experimenting on re-using Android adaptations for devices I have available.10:00
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phaeronlbt: removing the job files from cbe /srv/obs10:01
phaeronlbt: done10:01
phaeronlbt: starting again10:02
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phaeronlbt: now at least it should see them as idle10:05
phaerondeep check10:07
lbtphost10 is running10:07
lbtphaeron: same problem I think10:08
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lbtyou took the phost10 screen!10:13
phaeronreleased :D10:16
lbtI went to 710:16
zeq1thanks Stskeeps, I'll start again and try that hack :)10:16
lbtphaeron: so ... wtf is going on10:16
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zeq1I had tried changing every reference to to the backup.10:18
lbtthe what-now?10:18
zeq1that got further but still failed later on (some bits missing I think)10:19
lbtphaeron: repserver is continuing to respond to workerstatus10:19
phaeronlbt: is the external rsync server working ?10:19
phaeronlbt: so it gets a POST putjob from the worker and never replies10:19
phaeronworker is stuck trying to send back results10:20
lbtisn't that publisher10:20
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phaeronhmm actually it gets the results but never signals finished10:29
lbtsub uploadbuild  ?10:30
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phaeron'!worker POST:/putjob10:32
lbtso ... /srv/obs/events/i586/.ping|10:33
lbtI'm pretty sure the timestamp is the last write10:33
lbtnot creation time10:34
lbtsub uploadbuild  seems to get as far as saving $BSXML::buildinfo to "$jobsdir/$arch/$job"10:34
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lbtbut not as far as ping($arch);10:34
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zeq1Stskeeps: that worked much better :)11:15
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Stskeepslbt, so did things settle?12:34
lbtstill working on it12:34
lbtlooks like a rabbit issue12:34
Stskeepsok, just curioua12:34
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lbtStskeeps: fwiw ... rabbit has a feature where it stops acknowledging requests when disk falls below a minimum 'free space'13:16
lbtturns out the default is 1Gb - so a 76% full 4Gb /var is 'too full'13:16
lbtand in OBS was hanging on mq->disconnect()13:17
lbtphaeron and I have been beating our heads on it for about 4 hrs13:17
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Stskeepslbt: O_o14:11
Stskeepstell about a rabbit hole..14:11
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* Stskeeps wonders if there's such a thing as a architecture dependent requires:14:20
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Stskeepsphaeron: i think that if the qt5 rebuilds get too much, we possibly do a %ifarch %{cross architectures}   Requires: sb2-tools-blahblah-dependency-inject %endif in qmake/tools/etc packages14:22
Stskeepsor some other lightweight way that doesn't screw up images14:22
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lbt"OpenSUSE 12.1 reaches its end of life"14:59
Stskeepsis that a hint?14:59
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lbtphost1 is on 11.4 :)15:04
lbttbh I just noticed it15:05
lbtdoing SDK atm15:06
lbtfor a change15:06
lbtbefore doing carMer15:06
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Stskeepsseen in android camera api:     int32_t smile_score;15:08
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lbtmore teeth ... brighter smile?15:08
Stskeepsit has smile_degree; too15:09
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lbtah ... IP avoidance ... they do smile recognition... not facial recognition :)15:09
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RaYmAnSeems more likely it has to do with face unlock =P It (not surprising) turned out that you could unlock it with a picture of $owner15:20
RaYmAnso they added some smile/blink detection to force people to prove that they aren't just a photo =P15:21
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Venemo_does mobile data work in the hw adaptation of the Nexus 7?17:20
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CosmoHillGentSir: .o/22:22
GentSirCosmoHill, hello mate22:23
CosmoHillwhat country are you in??22:24
GentSirUS, why do you ask?22:24
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GentSirOh. Yeah, I think I'm a minority in here :)22:25
CosmoHillI'm from the uk22:25
CosmoHilloh in #lfs from time to time you'll get surrounded by brits22:26
GentSirSpeaking of brits, I've got to stock up for the 4th of July22:26
CosmoHillstock up on brits?22:27
CosmoHilldo you know when salavery was made illegal in the uk?22:27
GentSirNo, on fireworks :)22:27
CosmoHilloh crap yes, indenpances day22:27
GentSirYou see, us Americans shoot explosives into the air to remember how we shot them at the redcoats22:28
GentSirIt involves fireworks, flags, bbq and steaks, and all sorts of other great american excess22:28
CosmoHillwe shoot them into the air because that's what parliment should have looked like on the 5th of november22:28
GentSirlol, gotta love freedom22:29
CosmoHillright, I'm going to head off to bed before I end up chatting to you for 2 hours22:30
GentSirProbably a good idea22:30
CosmoHillsleep well22:30
GentSirha, I just got up22:30
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CosmoHill11:30pm here22:31
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