Sunday, 2013-06-16

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tcberner_Good morning. I'm using plasma active on the nexus 7. My problem is, that ssh-connections from and to the device fail with "write failed: broken pipe" after 2-3minutes.07:46
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Stskeepsprolly networkmanager screwing up your connection on host sidd08:02
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lbtphaeron: ty for that script09:01
phaeronlbt: welcome :)09:02
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* CosmoHill waves09:24
* tango_ particles09:27
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tcberner_Stskeeps: any way to fix it?09:44
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sledgescheck your hosts09:50
sledgesbut you use wifi i gather09:50
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sledgescheck if yiu can ssh from android on n7 to host without broken pipe09:51
tango_CosmoHill: eh09:54
tango_but this is not lfs, this is mer ;-)09:54
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tango_but I will forgive you09:59
tcbernersledges: I can connect with all my other devices/systems without problem09:59
tcbernerbut just not from and to the n709:59
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sledgesrunning pa10:00
sledgescheckedvwoth android?10:00
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* lbt wonders how to get a basic wayland mer running using user sessions10:10
lbtwe have a Mer Minimal Xorg pattern10:10
tango_mir on mer10:16
tango_or mer in mir10:16
Stskeepslbt: check my work in zephyr10:17
Stskeepszephyr-session on build.merproject.org10:18
* lbt goes to look10:19
lbtah - nice10:21
lbtStskeeps: OK - that's useful stuff - and a wiki page :)10:21
Stskeepsfor once i somewhat documented things10:22
lbtI was building on the minimer stuff10:22
lbtwhich was old uxlaunch10:22
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lbtStskeeps: does the purpose of this include tutorial/documenting our steps? Or is it supposed to be pick-up and use?10:25
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lbtie do I put broken out commands in wiki or refer to build script in git :)10:25
lbtkinda feeling the latter with some notes on what it does10:26
Stskeepsso zephyr is a stale prototype10:27
Stskeepsbut it explains basics of getting a wayland qml compositor up on a mer virtualbox10:27
lbtworth reviving?10:27
lbtmy car has a tape-deck in it10:28
lbtthis needs to change ... soon10:28
Stskeepsscrap all the references to a example UI on top of it etc, storm/breeze10:28
sledges..checked with, sorry tcberner mobile talk :)10:28
Stskeepstcberner: ots10:29
Stskeepstcberner: you manually set the IP for the interface with ifconfig?10:29
sledgesStskeeps, i assume they use wifi10:30
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CosmoHilltango_: it's my QDB anyway10:31
tango_CosmoHill: I got the impression 8-D10:31
tcbernerStskeeps: no, automatic, I added the wireless network via nm10:37
Stskeepstcberner: hrm, ok10:38
Stskeepstcberner: might be the device powering off automatically then for suspend?10:38
tcbernerdisplay is on when I try10:38
tcbernerto clarify: I get the ssh login prompt for the password, then it hangs10:39
Stskeepstry iwconfig wlan0 power off on the device?10:40
tcberneryou think it powers off the wlan-dev while I try to sshd?10:42
Stskeepsno, power controls something called PSM10:42
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Stskeepsand this is sometimes broken on APs10:43
StskeepsWMM power save mode (U-APSD)10:43
tcbernerstill hangs :/10:44
Stskeepsdoes DNS resolve correctly?10:44
Stskeepson the PA images they use networkmanager instead of mer's choice for connman, so it may lay in that :/10:45
tcberneras I get the login-prompt I think it should10:45
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tcbernerStskeeps: ok I will ask in #active again10:51
Stskeepsyou can possibly see what happen with 'journalctl'10:52
Stskeepsand try to do UseDNS no in sshd_config10:52
tcbernerUseDNS is already off10:53
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kostolaStskeeps: hi ;)11:06
kostolaI sent you a mail11:06
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Stskeepslbt: around?16:18
lbtgood timing - just back16:18
Stskeepslbt: rpm2cpio /home/merreleases/public_html/obs-repos/Core\:armv7hl\:0.20130619.0.1/Core_armv7hl/armv8el/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject.rpm | cpio -idv16:19
Stskeepsgives me unexpected end of file16:19
Stskeepsso we might have to do a new release, just as a heads up16:20
Stskeepsand yes, if you wonder how on earth it worked on nemo obs, i wonder the same16:21
lbtI got 2 cpio: premature end of archive  but that's 'normal' now and both were retried16:21
Stskeepsyeah, we might want to check the one inside OBS too16:21
lbtStskeeps:  rpm2cpio  /home/prjfetcher-mertools/release-tools/obs-repos/Core:armv7l:0.20130619.0.1/Core_armv7l/armv7el/sb2-tools-armv7l-inject.rpm | cpio -itdv | wc16:27
lbtis good16:27
Stskeepsso rsync failure?16:28
Stskeepsoh, wait16:28
Stskeepsarmv7l not armv7hl16:28
* Stskeeps checks out the OBS output16:29
lbt> ll /home/prjfetcher-mertools/release-tools/obs-repos/Core:armv7hl:0.20130619.0.1/Core_armv7hl/armv8el/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject.rpm /home/merreleases/public_html/obs-repos/Core\:armv7hl\:0.20130619.0.1/Core_armv7hl/armv8el/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject.rpm16:31
lbt-rw-r--r-- 1 merreleases users 82944385 Jun 12 12:56 /home/merreleases/public_html/obs-repos/Core:armv7hl:0.20130619.0.1/Core_armv7hl/armv8el/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject.rpm16:31
lbt-rw-r--r-- 1 prjfetcher  users 82944385 Jun 12 12:56 /home/prjfetcher-mertools/release-tools/obs-repos/Core:armv7hl:0.20130619.0.1/Core_armv7hl/armv8el/sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject.rpm16:31
lbtbut they differ16:32
Stskeepson a sidenote, don't run osc getbinaries in a obs project16:32
lbtand don't trust random irc cpio commands to have 't' in the options :/16:32
lbtdoing a checksum rsync dry-run16:37
lbtok that detects just that file differing16:40
lbtin 7hl16:40
Stskeepsno errors on OBS side16:40
Stskeepsand i haven't done any builds since16:40
Stskeeps(i getbinaries)16:40
lbtyeah - I'm going to blame it on rsync16:40
lbtand a random bit-flip event16:40
Stskeepssolar flare, got it16:41
phaeronso much for parity16:41
phaeronand crc16:41
lbtdon't forget the server hw we use16:41
Stskeepsso what do you think - new prerelease to correct it, or just rely on rebuilds16:43
lbtdiff /tmp/internal.od /tmp/public.od16:44
lbt< 14740300 030744 165535 074731 134522 055256 051316 061473 00250716:44
lbt> 14740300 030744 165535 074731 134522 055256 051316 061473 00350716:44
lbtI did an od on the files16:44
Stskeepsso, an actual bitflip?16:45
lbtlast word16:45
lbtfun eh?16:45
Stskeepswe had this before..16:46
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mardyStskeeps: was the kernel module used by libiphb open source?16:46
Stskeepsmardy: i .. think so16:46
mardyStskeeps: I found the source code of the client library, but so far I didn't have luck with the kernel module. Do you remember how it was called?16:47
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Stskeepsmardy: iphb as well16:48
lbtfixed now16:48
lbtphaeron: will mds2 need to re-pull it?16:48
lbtI did a plain cp so the datestamp is updated16:49 didn't have problems though16:50
Stskeepsyeah, that's the other issue - i wonder what happened there16:50
Stskeepsmagic bitflip back? :>16:50
lbtit could have happened on-disk recently16:50
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Stskeepsmardy: "net/ipv4/netfilter/iphb.c" in 2.6.28 kernel16:51
Stskeepsof n90016:52
Stskeeps.. i don't know if harmattan had it16:52
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* lbt looks at phost3 physical disk layout ... and quickly goes to do something else16:54
lbtStskeeps: we really need to burn it with fire16:54
lbtlots of cleansing fire16:54
Stskeepslbt: nod, thought we had done some prep work to move it away16:55
lbtalso don't forget various /bin got nuked too16:55
lbtwe have kinda made a start16:55
lbtsadly it actually works and so it's down the list16:55
Stskeepswell, as witnessed it doesn't too well :P16:57
lbtwell - I'm not sure the bitflip is avoidable without either raid5/6/10 or checksumming fs16:58
mardyStskeeps: thanks a lot!16:59
lbtI was going to do a raid resync on the mirror16:59
Stskeepsmardy: let me know if anybody forward ports it, it would be a good thing for all things linux mobile16:59
Bostikoh help, took a look at what libiphb is and got horrible flashbacks17:02
mardyStskeeps: I will ask in the ubuntu-devel ML if it's something we want to reuse -- but I don't know much about it myself, so it will be hard to convince other people17:03
Bostik   anything that deals with qtmobility is like having gay sex (as a catcher) with a cactus17:03
CosmoHillgay sex you say?17:04
mardyStskeeps: I'm currently trying to make meego-applauncherd build on Ubuntu (just on my spare time, on my initiative)17:04
Bostikdo you really want me to be even more graphic?17:04
mardyStskeeps: if it works out, I'll ask if we can reuse it17:04
Stskeepsmardy: you're aware we have mapplauncher-qt5?17:05
mardyStskeeps: oh, I definitely wasn't!17:05
* mardy googles17:05
mardyand the boosters use qmake \o/17:09
mardyStskeeps: so, mapplauncherd is the daemon, while mapplauncherd-booster-qtcomponents and mapplauncherd-qt are boosters17:10
Stskeepsnot sure, the guys who work on it are near the north pole atm i think17:10
mardyStskeeps: I'll have a better look and try to figure out17:11
mardyStskeeps: anyway, that's excellent news, thanks!17:11
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lbtpackaging systemd:
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lbtsb2 really needs to say command not found19:11
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Stskeepslbt: +`19:32
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lbtStskeeps: I'd like to look at updating createrepo to support filelists20:28
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lbt../backend/screen.cpp:30:25: fatal error: QtGui/qmime.h: No such file or directory20:29
*** ced117 has quit IRC20:29
Stskeepslbt: context?20:32
lbtI have a missing header - what devel package do I need20:33
lbtas it happens this isn't such a problem :)20:33
lbtso yes, I need to sort out this error - but more generally I'd like to grep filelist.xml20:34
lbtthe SDK can then suggest BR20:34
* lbt goes to find the MSOffice Clippy animations ...20:34
Stskeepssounds like a zypper thing? :P20:35
Stskeepsfairly sure it supports filelists already20:36
lbtah - OK - that's good20:37
lbtll /var/cache/zypp/raw/mer-core/repodata/20:37
lbtso it's not in the repodata pulled down - I didn't actually check the repo20:38
lbtmodern createrepo also makes <blah>-filelists.sqlite.bz220:39
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lbtrofl - the only reason I have the problem is that git-pkg pulled in the patch from the old zephyr packaging20:47
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CosmoHillnight night22:20
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lbtwell, got yat running on zephyr-compositor in vbox - but it segfaults when you press a key ... not the best console :)22:31
lbt... unless you click first22:32
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xavinuxwondering how can I restart network service....23:37
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