Friday, 2013-06-14

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kavurimardy: hi, long time. Am working on integration of accounts&sso with buteo. Do you know if it is possible to retrieve passwords from sso? Did not think it was possible in harmattan times, but Aard mentioned it might be possible08:54
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stefan_schmidt_wkavuri: unrelated question. Does buteo offer carddav/caldav by now. I remember that it was syncml only. Well, and files over MTP. I can't find anything about *dav support for buteo.09:04
kostolalbt, Stskeeps, sledges: check this out
kavuristefan_schmidt_w: no carddav/caldav. But there is now a google plugin (with google specific protocol) and there are also a bunch of plugins planned to be ported for facebook, twitter09:06
lbtkostola: will do - and pong - and just in meetings for a while...09:07
stefan_schmidt_wkavuri: ok, so at least I'm not blind. Having neither a facebook or twitter account and not saving my data to google this does not really help me. But that is fine I was mostly curious :)09:08
stefan_schmidt_wMaybe I try my luck with syncevolution again09:08
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mardykavuri: hi! Retrieving passwords has always been possible, just use the "password" method and "password" mechanism09:22
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sledgeskostola, many thanks! looking forward to look through and run one09:29
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kostolasledges: honestly, the build works, but I have some problems when removing the link to MDS repo because of a missing package09:30
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kostolaI hope lbt can help be about this, and then it will be perfect09:30
kavurimardy: I added the service and the provider files, and am using the account-tool to list the accounts. But don't see any09:30
Stskeepskostola: osc meta prj yourproject please09:30
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lbtthanks Stskeeps - I'm a bit swamped atm09:33
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sledgeswe'll get there kostola :) cheers09:35
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kostolaStskeeps: I sent you a mail ;)09:46
Stskeepskostola: is sb2-tools-armv6l package there and building for i586 scheduler?09:47
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kostolabuild succeeded09:48
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kostolafrom the build log09:50
kostolaWrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SRPMS/sb2-tools-armv6l-1.0-1.1.2.src.rpm09:50
kostolaWrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/i586/sb2-tools-armv6l-1.0-1.1.2.i586.dontuse.rpm09:50
kostolaWrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/i586/sb2-tools-armv6l-dependency-1.0-1.1.2.i586.dontuse.rpm09:50
kostolaStskeeps: ^09:50
kostolais this correct?09:50
Stskeepsthat looks like a bad prjconf, there should be a .armv6l package there09:50
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kostolaStskeeps: the prjconf file is copied from MDS209:52
Stskeepsfrom armv6l repo?09:52
kostolaI'm quite sure09:52
kostolalet me check09:52
kostolait's the same09:54
Stskeepshow did you link in the packages?09:54
kostolaI copied then09:55
kostolaosc copypac09:55
kostolaI mean from MDS to my local project09:55
Stskeepsgot a telephone call, bbl09:57
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kostolalbt, Stskeeps, sledges: check this out too:
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mardykavuri: you don't see any accounts, you mean?10:22
kavurimardy: yes, I dont see any10:23
mardykavuri: did you create one?10:23
kavuriwhat was I thinking..:D do you have a tool to create one? mardy10:24
kavuricmd line too10:25
mardykavuri: I have one, but I don't think it's in Mer10:26
mardykavuri: try "account-console"10:26
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kavurimardy: can't find it. Do you have the source somewhere?10:26
mardykavuri: in the "tools" directory10:29
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plundstrSage: Stskeeps: Aard: I'm in process separating systemd binaries and configs to separate packages10:50
plundstrPlease take a look and
plundstrAny comments?10:50
plundstrWhat do you think about udev rules? Should those be taken out too from basic systemd package?10:50
kavurimardy: does this tool work in nemo or mer? For one, there is only python 2.7.3 in mer, but this tool requires 310:50
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mardykavuri: it should work with python2 as well10:51
Stskeepsplundstr: looks good.. if possible udev in seperate configs package10:52
lbtplundstr: is binary IMO10:52
kavurimardy: I changed it to use python 2, and when I run I get this error:10:52
kavuriFile "./account-console", line 6, in <module>10:52
kavuri    from gi.repository import GLib10:52
kavuriImportError: No module named gi.repository10:52
kavuriam not very conversant with python, guess there are some python libraries required that are not in mer?10:53
plundstrlbt: good finding10:53
mardykavuri: you need to have pygobject installed10:53
lbt?  /etc/systemd/system/   shouldn't /etc... be empty?10:53
plundstrStskeeps: do you mean its own package to config10:53
lbtplundstr: I'd seriously suggest 3 packages too10:54
plundstrlbt: yes it should but for some reason currently there is stuff10:54
lbtbinary, conf and dependencies10:54
lbtthe most likely vendor change is dependencies10:54
lbtalso we should look at policy stuff10:55
plundstrlbt: what would go into dependencies?10:55
kavurimardy: I do have it installed..10:55
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kavurii | pygobject2         | Python bindings for GObject                     | package10:55
kavurii | pygobject2-codegen | The code generation program for PyGObject       | package10:55
lbtplundstr: only /lib/systemd/system/ actual files and symlinks10:55
lbtplundstr: I see the dependency tree being the area we mainly want to support easy change10:56
lbtand I'm not sure if the use case for me is to simply make a different default target easy10:57
mardykavuri: maybe gobject-introspection?10:58
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kavurimardy: dont see such a pkg10:59
lbtplundstr: eg why do we have /lib/systemd/system/ on a production device?11:01
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mardykavuri: then I don't know, I'm afraid you need to create an account plugin11:02
kavurimardy: is there any qt based tool to create an account?11:02
mardykavuri: I don't think so11:02
lbtplundstr: does that make sense?11:03
plundstrlbt: that's what currently comes out from mer systemd package. The current proposal packages I showed above have same content as current mer systemd package11:03
plundstrlbt: but you are right, there are things that should be chnaged11:04
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lbtplundstr: yep - so if you're making the changes it'd be nice to see that split11:05
lbtplundstr: and I think correcting a few things in the packaging like /etc would make sense too11:05
lbtI made  last night but haven't saved any text yet11:06
plundstrlbt: hope I don't break anything while doing those (can't test all mer users)11:06
lbtyeah - we'll review and that's what pre-releases are for11:06
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lbtI think the goal is to do a systemd-mer-default which Provides systemd-default and have that alias as the Require11:07
lbtor systemd-default-mer11:07
plundstrlbt, yes that's what I have atm (just different names)11:08
lbtso does 3 packages sound sensible? binary, config, default ?11:09
plundstrhow about udev rules? where should those go?11:10
lbthmm good one11:10
lbtI feel they are the same as the default .service files - so does config sound right?11:11
Sageplundstr: hmmp... that doesn't seem right for the service parts11:12
plundstrSage: we are talking here if we had 3 packages  bin, config and "services"11:13
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Sageplundstr: personally I would suggest only config package for now and put some essential configs from /etc/ to it only. And then extend it based on needs. As if you put all there and then vendor adapts to its own package rebasing is hard as most of those will not change anyway for vendors I would assume11:16
Sageplundstr: so far I know only need to configure /etc/systemd/*.conf files by vendor configs but nothing else really11:18
Sageif all of those are made seraparated there isn't any default that service developers can realy after that and soon each service developer needs to have separate package for its service file as well?11:20
plundstrSage: atm we have need to make changes to /lib/systemd/system/systemd-journald.service  (get rid of one error message in emulator)11:20
Stskeepsplundstr: btw: i upgraded libcap in mer next11:21
Stskeepssee if that helps perhaps11:21
Sageplundstr: what kind of change?11:21
plundstrand it's CAP_SYSLOG that causes the error11:22
plundstrStskeeps: are you talking about this cap_syslog where libcap might help?11:23
Stskeepsit's worth a shot to test i would think11:23
Stskeepsthe libcap was ancient11:23
lbtplundstr: so as it stands SDK would like a vendor variant11:23
plundstraah, good11:23
lbtSage: ^^11:23
plundstrlbt: yes11:23
lbtso the vendor thing isn't quite blue sky :)11:24
Sagelbt: not following you11:25
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lbtmeeting .. minute11:27
*** teve has joined #mer11:27
Sageplundstr: eh11:28
Sageplundstr: the old libcap in mer doesn't have CAP_SYSLOG but it was indroduced in version 2.2011:28
Sageplundstr: thus you probably will have problems with it :)11:28
plundstrSage: great, then we get rid of that error when new libcap comes to mer11:29
Sagemer have had so far is version 2.1911:29
Sagedidn't know that it has been problem earlier but now that you ask that is probably the cause :)11:29
Sagethat was indoruced in January 2011 already ;)11:30
SageWe should probalby update all the other systemd dependencies as well at some point.11:31
Sageplundstr: back to the split. So I would still strongly suggest that only split the /etc/systemd/*.conf and nothing else for now.11:32
Sagewe need to keep some standard thing in mer how services etc are started and if there are changes needed we can introduce those to Mer with agreement from all.11:32
plundstrSage: I still feel that it would be nice to have stuff in /lib/systemd/system/*  in separate package that vendor could control and clean all unneeded shit11:32
Sageplundstr: what is unneeded there? Probably it should be cleaned from mer by default as well. We haven't separated from fedora/upstream much and we might want to do that a bit anyway.11:33
plundstrSage: problem for me is difficulties to think/test/imagine what other user of mer might need or not11:34
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Sageplundstr: thus we have reviews and ask from others, right? Also if we disable some services by default it is very easy to vendors enable those later really. But if we make the whole structure something that isn't defined it I fear that it will become a huge mess in the end when each vendor has totally differnt ways of starting things.11:35
lbtSage: I too like the  /lib/systemd/system/* split11:36
lbtI've put up a couple of reasons: getty.service isn't a sensible default for a device11:37
Sagelbt: plundstr: ofono, connman, bluez, openssh and many other services expect certain structure under /lib/systemd/system/11:37
plundstrSage: yes, you hav ea point. I was also thinking possible difficulties when new systemd version comes. But then there is this convenience of easy change at vendor only11:37
lbtthe isn't right for SDK11:37
Sagelbt: yes, getty.service should be disabled by default in mer core in my opinion.11:37
lbtSage: except it's exactly what you need when first starting to use mer11:38
lbtso it's an ideal service for just mer core11:38
lbtjust explaining my thinking11:38
Sagelbt: it should be like, "am I starting with mer?" "yes" "I need getty so I install systemd-getty package" or similar.11:39
Sageotherwise I leave it out11:39
lbtSage: you're too experienced :)11:39
lbtdefault mer ks for a bringup should have a getty11:39
Sagelbt: I think you are forgetting the target audience. Vendors. If you are developer you can read documentation and see that yes if I do new adaptation I need this as well.11:40
SageI know why you (lbt,plundstr) want to have services separated and I agree that there are needs for modifications, but the right way is to adapt the mer core so that the structure lives there and not in the way that each vendor has totally separated structure.11:42
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lbtgah phone ...11:43
Sageofono assumes that systemd provides those in mer core. But if you separate that dir to completely different package tha tis maintained fully by vendor then those needs to go to ofono-systemd-services package and same thing for X another packages11:43
lbtthey don't have a seperate structure11:43
lbtand it is a sane default11:43
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plundstrSage: I don't your example of ofono. Ofono provides those both and it is like it should be. It only depends that dir /lib/systemd/system/ is used11:46
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plundstrI don't understand*11:46
Sageplundstr: yes, /lib/systemd/system/ should be provided by systemd not systemd-configs11:47
SageWhat I'm trying to say here is that we should make systemd a bit more modular instead of split everything out.11:48
lbtback properly11:50
plundstrSage: but wasn't that what I was trying to do?11:51
lbtI agree /lib/systemd/system/ should be provided almost all the time by either binary or config11:51
lbtbut it should be empty11:51
plundstrinstead of one giant package, provide multiple11:51
lbtand there should be a sane default service file with values that the vendor can easily replace11:51
lbtplundstr: I think you and I are on the same page11:52
lbtI think the benefit of the config package is to allow a vendor to introduce deeper hacks slightly more easily than rebuilding systemd11:52
lbtI hope it would be very rarely used11:53
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plundstrlbt: yes, we are talking about same thing.  ;)11:53
Sagelbt: plundstr: I'm trying to say that we can do it without that package and improve how mer core is working :)11:54
lbtSage: we're saying we can do it with that package and improve how mer core is working11:54
SageI agree with the systemd-configs and /etc/systemd/*.conf11:54
plundstrSage: what did you mean by "more modular"?11:55
Sagethere are features in systemd of mer core that are needed only for debugging/development but not for product use. Those should be separated to different packages which would eventually achive the same thing you are doing or should be at lesat11:56
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SageSo by default when you isntall systemd you shouldn't have any of those rnd/devleopment features in. If you want you can add those but by default the systemd setup should be release oriented not rnd oriented11:57
lbtyep - so those would be alternate 'service' packages11:57
plundstrSage: for systemd-configs package, is this what you had in your mind?
lbtthere's nothing wrong in having lots of .service files in the default install11:58
*** veskuh has quit IRC11:58
lbtthey're ignored unless they are in a wants or otherwise pulled in11:58
plundstrlbt: Sage: each unused .service file takes process time, memory etc on every boot11:59
Sageplundstr: I think so yes. That is something we need. Though not sure if the udev.conf should be in udev-configs11:59
lbtplundstr: yeah - but that needs offsetting against the mess of breaking them out11:59
Sageplundstr: yes, and in mer core there shouldn't really be any of those by default.11:59
lbtplundstr: I'd add every /lib/systemd/system/*.service etc to config11:59
*** mbohlender has joined #mer11:59
plundstrlbt: I would too but Sage not, I guess12:00
Sagelbt: so if vendor wants to do static logging vendor needs to fork config and add the one line change to journald.conf and then start maintaining possible changes that are coming when systemd updates.12:00
SageThat sounds bad in my opinion12:00
lbt(plundstr: although I admit I may be tempted to move the .conf files to the 'service' package)12:01
lbtSage: no - I think actually that just reinforces ^^12:01
lbtthe .conf files are true defaults12:01
lbtand go with the* links12:01
lbtand multi-user.wants/* links12:02
Sagewe have alrady had situations where we would like to change only .conf files under etc but don't touch any services.12:02
plundstrlbt: I guess by .conf you mean .service files?12:02
* lbt goes to pastie too :)12:03
Sageguys, can we start from the specific prolem you have and then check what is needed as I know that there are things in systemd of mer core that should not even be there in mer as those are used by some desktop systems only12:04
*** martyone_ has quit IRC12:04
Sagelike the CAP problem there is (hopefully the update fixes it) solution for it already and no need to hack around12:05
Sagelbt: that would be all that would be split out of systemd?12:06
lbtSage: I could live with that... (it's not complete but)12:07
*** M13 has quit IRC12:07
lbtI accepted the split of the .service files but could go either way12:07
Sagelbt: plundstr: can we list the current points of issues to some etherpad type of thing? So we can understand it better. like the CAP*, default.service, what is not needed etc.12:08
lbtthey'd allow easier hacking if you actually need to change a service file12:08
lbtCAP is an example of a problem - the fact that it is solved doesn't make it less of a good thing to fix12:08
lbtbut +112:09
* lbt has meeting in 20m12:09
Sagebut can we list those issues why this whole thing has started12:09
Sagejust to get understanding if we can just fix those for all in mer core12:09
SageI suspect that most of those issues are just things that systemd assumes for desktop usage and we should just remove those12:10
plundstrSage: one issue we had I did workaround was need to use runlevel4 for actdead. So I used link in /etc12:10
plundstr/etc/systemd/system/ -> /lib/systemd/system/actdead.target12:10
*** ericcc has joined #mer12:10
Sageplundstr: lbt: someone put up etherpad to somewhere ;)12:11
kostolaStskeeps: ping12:14
jake9xxSage: 1+ on the root cause12:16
Stskeepskostola: make an account on and compare file lists with
Stskeepsespecially baselibs.conf being there12:17
kostolaStskeeps: Could not save the registration (err_register_save)12:18
Sagejake9xx: ? :)12:19
kostolaI filled the register form but it shows that error12:19
Stskeepskostola: worked for me?12:19
Stskeeps(just tested)12:20
Stskeepsso maybe it's the paramers you type in12:20
kostolaI'm sorry but it's not working..12:21
* lbt winces again12:21
kostolathe error description is not helpful12:21
kostolaStskeeps: crazy12:23
kostolaI did it removing the comma from my password12:23
Stskeepsthe mysteries of OB..12:24
kostolais this the OBS that you use to build Mer releases?12:25
lbtplundstr: So I see some reasonable needs there and no objections :) ... anyhow meeting now ... bbiab12:27
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*** M13 has joined #mer12:37
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Sageand date is Jan 2011 :P12:48
plundstrthat's why I was wondering because I thought this service comes from kernel and we have kernel later than that12:49
plundstrdidn't notice it comes from lib12:49
Sageyes, long time ago I was also searching kernel things regarding that12:50
Sagewe should really go all these though and update them to the latest version12:51
Sageall of them that we use with systemd that is12:51
SageI updated util-linux to latest couple of months ago as well12:51
Sageas the sulogin from 2.22 requirement12:52
Sagepolkit update should probably be done as well from 0.104->0.11112:53
*** kjokinie has quit IRC12:53
Sageah, now I remember why I didn't do that. Build requirement to  mozjs185 or mozjs-17.012:54
plundstrSage: what is conclusion for new system-config package? To be or not to be? If yes, includes what?12:55
phaeronwtf mozjs br for polkit ?12:55
*** kjokinie has joined #mer12:55
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*** ericcc has joined #mer12:57
kostolaStskeeps: still here?12:57
*** ericcc has joined #mer12:58
plundstrSage: was this our conclusion
Sageplundstr: yes, that is what I would propose.13:01
* Sage checks udev.conf content13:01
plundstrabout empty13:01
plundstrfits in13:02
*** kjokinie has quit IRC13:02
Sageyes, seems so.13:02
*** kjokinie has joined #mer13:02
Sageplundstr: so for now I would say do that configs package and cleanup the service mess from legacy leftovers13:02
plundstrok, I'll start on that Monday13:03
*** kjokinie has quit IRC13:03
Sagephaeron: yes, that is nuts.
plundstrSage: phaeron just left13:04
Sageplundstr: well his irc client is here so he sees it :)13:04
SageWARNING WARNING WARNING: This is a prerelease on the road to PolicyKit13:04
Sage1.0. Public API might change and certain parts of the code still needs13:04
Sagesome security review. Use at your own risk.13:04
*** jpetrell has quit IRC13:04
Sagethat has been in polkit since 2009 :D13:04
Sageor maybe even longer, NEWS log ends to 2009 :P13:05
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:05
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lbtSage: thanks for just ignoring my comments there ... much appreciated :)13:30
jake9xxSage: nevermind, was about to start some pointless rant about systemd13:32
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Sagelbt: what did I ignore? I asked for more information on the points you put there.14:08
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kostolahi Stskeeps15:35
kostolaI looked at the sb2-tools-armv6l package on your OBS15:36
kostolaand it seems a lot different from ours15:36
kostolabut I only did a diff for each file, without analyzing the output15:36
Stskeepshow big?15:36
Stskeepsalso, what mer version base are you using15:37
kostolaMer base verision is 0.20130528.115:37
Stskeepsshould work, too.. hmm..15:37
Stskeepskostola: show me your sb2-tools-template15:37
kostolayou mean package^15:38
kostolaor is it a file?15:38
Stskeeps.spec file in ther15:38
Stskeepsjust want to see something15:38
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:38
*** andre__ has joined #mer15:39
*** andre__ has joined #mer15:39
Stskeepslooks correct.. hmm15:40
Stskeepskostola: got a osc client?15:40
kostolaI haven't changed anything on the sources ;)15:40
Stskeepsi don't suppose i can somehow borrow an account on the obs to check it? might be quicker15:41
Stskeepsnot sure if it's facing outside on internet15:41
kostolaour OBS is not public, sorry15:41
Stskeepsthat's o15:41
Stskeepsok, so, i need output of osc meta prjconf Mer:Core:armv6l:0.20130528.1 , and for Mer:Core:i586:0.20130528.1 and for MDS:Core:armv6l:0.20130528.115:42
kostolaOT: I also have some questions about how to setup OBS projects to build our Mer-derived distro, but now it's too late to discuss, is it ok for you if I send you a mail?15:44
Stskeepsyes, go ahead15:44
lbtcc me too please15:46
kostolaof course lbt :)15:47
*** trbs2 has quit IRC15:47
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kostolaStskeeps: mail with files ;)15:48
Stskeepsexportfilter in order.. chefck15:48
*** Kyle has joined #mer15:48
Stskeepskostola: and did you send build log of sb2-tools-armv6l at any point?15:50
kostolado you want the build log?15:51
*** leinir_ has joined #mer15:51
Stskeepsyes plase15:51
*** leinir has quit IRC15:53
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir15:53
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*** raignarok has joined #mer15:54
Stskeeps(use osc buildlog, very useful)15:56
*** deegee__ has joined #mer15:57
*** Guest8702 has joined #mer15:57
kostolaI used the webui15:57
kostolanext time :)15:57
*** trbs2 has joined #mer15:57
kostolaStskeeps: sorry but now I have to leave for 15 minutes15:57
*** drussell has quit IRC15:58
*** deegee__ is now known as drussell15:59
Stskeepsno proble16:00
*** phdeswer has joined #mer16:00
Stskeepskostola: when you're back, is there a baselibs.conf in the sb2-tools-armv6l package?16:00
kostolaStskeeps: yup16:01
Stskeepswhat the hell..16:01
kostolaI'm going now...brb16:02
*** martyone__ has joined #mer16:03
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lbtStskeeps: does our ssh still not split out sshd_config into a vendor config package?16:17
Stskeepslbt: there was an alternative way devised from what i know?16:17
* lbt bites tongue16:18
*** plfiorini has quit IRC16:18
lbtI'll go dig around16:18
lbtyeah - looking there16:18
lbtactually nm ... I'll keep running sed in ks16:18
Stskeepsthis particular method actually works, from what i could see16:19
lbtdo you know where it's documented?16:19
lbtit's not in the sshd package16:19
lbtok - it is - my bad16:21
*** xavinux has joined #mer16:21
Stskeepskostola: rpm -q --info build on the OBS16:27
kostolaStskeeps: where exactly?16:27
kostolaI'm sorry but now I have to leave16:29
kostolaif you explain me a little bit better what you want I'll do it later and then send you a mail ;)16:29
kostolathank you for your help16:29
*** pcat has joined #mer16:30
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #mer16:36
Stskeepskostola: on the OBS backend basically, need to see what 'build' package is in use (do it when you have time)16:37
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* Stskeeps yawns19:36
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Stskeepsmoo, how's stuff?19:45
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* CosmoHill woofs20:57
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lbtmmm cbe is down I think21:42
CosmoHillhi lbt21:43
CosmoHillhow goes it?21:43
lbtsilly busy :/21:44
CosmoHillkeeps you employed21:44
lbtyeah, I guess21:44
CosmoHillurgh, really need to just sit down and edit this blog post but cba21:46
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