Tuesday, 2013-05-07

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rcgmornin all07:36
* rcg yawns07:36
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lbtI forgot the triage yesterday09:03
slainemorning folks09:04
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dcthangafternoon :)09:15
aknightwhere is mer's networking config stored?09:24
Stskeepsaknight: it's not really ;) check your ifconfig -a and see if eth0 is up09:25
aknightStskeeps: it's not09:25
aknightStskeeps: I mean, I don't even have an eth009:25
Stskeepsok, so; you have to go switch your virtualbox network card to e1000 or something like that09:25
Stskeepsor pcnet3209:25
Stskeepsi forget09:25
aknightStskeeps: that did the trick (e1000)09:26
aknightI saw that the e1000 mod was loaded in the other vm but didn't think to change the adapter09:28
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slainelbt, fyi, had a problem running that setup_obs.sh on 12.2, iirc it was a package conflict relating to ruby from the Meego repo.10:40
lbtslaine: not surprising - I've not tried for a while tbh10:40
slainewas trying to find the terminal, can't, I'll run it again to get the proper details10:41
lbtPR welcome ;)10:41
slaineI'll investigate10:43
lbthmm - looks like a ruby 1.8 issue10:44
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Sagelbt: when tools moves to mer obs?10:50
lbtit's there10:51
lbtI need to do a release from cobs with a new sdk-version that either migrates to ssu or at least uses mobs for the next release repo10:52
lbtI doubt ssu makes sense atm10:53
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Sagehttps://build.merproject.org/project/show?project=mer-tools%3Adevel <- empty?10:53
lbtbecause it's easier to copy back from mer-tools:testing than cobs:Mer:Tools:Devel10:55
lbtalso I don't use it yet10:55
lbtI think devel will be where git hooks point10:55
Sagecould you populate it already?10:56
SageI would use it like now :)10:56
Sagehow what?10:57
lbthow would you use it?10:57
Sageumm.. download packages from it?10:57
lbtcan't you use testing?10:57
lbtoh, wait - ssu flavour?10:57
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lbtthis is really, really silly10:58
lbtI'll do it though10:58
Sagewell, I'm using mer-next build of devel for everything and using testing stuff that is bulid against different mer release can break stuff.10:58
slainelbt, indeed, 12.2 has ruby 1.910:59
slaineand somethings linked against ruby 1.810:59
lbtslaine: I wonder why - it should build against 12.2 I think10:59
lbtSage: I actually don't build tools against next yet11:00
slaineHeh, was right in front of me, "Problem: nothing provides libruby.so.1.8()(64bit) needed by rubygem-libxml-ruby-2.2.2-0.1.5Mer.x86_64"11:00
Sagelbt: if you populate :devel you will ;)11:01
lbtSage: OK, but be warned, I am doing tools development in testing, not devel11:01
lbtI don't want to deal with nemo devel11:02
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lbtI would like to set tools-flavour to devel and nemo-flavour to testing11:02
lbtbut I'm not allowed11:02
lbtso tools:devel will be static at this snapshot for a while11:03
Sagelbt: so maybe doing linkpac instead of copypac for now?11:03
lbtdoubles the number of builds per change11:04
lbtdo you really need to track tools:devel ?11:04
lbtwe can do new snapshots if you need an update11:04
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aknightcan someone point me to the ks file for the platform sdk vm image?11:10
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lbtaknight: you need to make your own from sdk-kickstarter-configs11:19
lbtaknight: I just haven't got around to automating the production and publishing of them yet11:20
aknightlbt: ah, found it. thanks11:21
lbtI can probably share one later if you have issues - I'm working on it at the moment11:21
aknightlbt: I think this is enough to get me started (https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_Development)11:21
lbtaknight: just to be clear - why a vm image?11:22
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lbttypically you'd only do that to run on windows/mac11:22
aknightlbt: well I'm using the Platform SDK vm image and just wanted to see how it's put together11:22
lbtok - so "vm image" is the virtualbox one11:23
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aknightmaybe I should say vdi11:23
lbtok - I tend to call that the SDK build engine as it is primarily used with QtCreator11:23
aknightlbt: sdk build engine it is :)11:24
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lbtand I think it includes notes on making a vdi in the ks11:24
lbthave fun11:24
aknightlbt: is there any reason that the build engine couldn't be a read-only file-system (iso)?11:25
aknightlive image or w/e11:25
aknightwell it updates itself11:26
aknightso that's a good reason to be writable11:26
lbtwell, yes, but in general11:26
lbtI doubt it would work today and there are some issues with the targets which need a real disk11:27
lbtthe design intention was a replacable black box thouh11:27
lbtso no user data11:27
aknightlbt: that makes sense to me. especially if I need to "pull the plug" on the vm11:28
lbtsome virtualbox features have bugs/missing features which made that only 9% acheivable11:28
lbt99% :)11:29
lbtthe intention was to allow easy updates if things went wrong (corruption in vdi type stuff)11:29
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Sagelbt: compromise, linkpac + disable build by default and enable when new build is wanted? :)12:08
lbtwell, I did a copypac a while back and trimmed down the builds12:09
Sagebtw, why don't you want to work with devel? Can you give me why?12:10
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lbtessentially I want to have control over what changes in my sdk build and when12:13
lbtideally I'd run with a numbered released12:13
Sageumm.. how that does differen from testing compared to devel?12:15
lbtit's a compromise12:15
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lbtand frankly I have no choice without redesigning and rewriting a tool which wasn't developed to support this12:17
lbtI debated just using sdk-version to handle rewriting repos but I'm going to see how ssu goes12:18
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Sagelbt: did you happen to have repodiff tool as deb package somewhere that we could install to crepo? And did you have some special version of it at some point?12:30
Sageand do we have repodiff in mer sdk somewhere?12:31
lbtI did createrepo12:32
Sagei.e., how to get http://pastie.org/7812867 with mer sdk?12:33
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SageI have repodiff on my fedora at least12:33
Sagelocated in yum-utils apparently12:34
lbtI have http://www.merproject.org/Mer_Tools_Status.txt12:37
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lbtthat needs to be redone for mobs of course12:38
Sagewhere is that tool?12:38
Sagewould need some tool so users could do diff's between different nemo snapshots12:39
Sageand I recall you talking about one at some point12:39
lbtyes, islam has a 'proper' one - I just knocked up a cronjob that does that12:39
lbtmy webapp : http://pastie.org/7812902  :D12:41
Sagehehe :)12:43
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Sagewe really should make some repodiff tool available in mer-tools12:43
Sageso one could do repo comparison within sdk12:43
lbthappy to accept that12:44
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HLFHWhat about CardDAV in Mer Project ?12:48
HLFHAny news about CardDAV inside Mer or inside Sailfish ??12:50
HLFHThanks in advance (@^^@)12:50
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HLFHAny news about CardDAV inside Mer or inside Sailfish ??12:55
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StskeepsHLFH: i don't think we have it in mer12:55
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HLFHStskeeps ok thanks12:58
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Sagelbt: mer-kickstarter fails13:01
lbtI know :)13:01
Sagealso on mer-tools:testing13:01
Sageok just saying. :)13:01
lbterror: File /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SOURCES/kickstarter-0.19.tar.bz2: No such file or directory13:01
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wowerici  hope  05.09 is coming  fast!!!13:31
sledges0.19 is knocking at your door! \o/ :)13:32
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wowericmarc  had comt to  beijing13:34
* sledges is dancing around the kickstarter btw :)13:35
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kaltsiStskeeps: https://review.merproject.org/1412 (python, python-libs, zip added to sb2-tools)14:19
Stskeepshow about xz/cpio?14:19
kaltsicpio is there already, xz.. ok I can add that too14:20
lbtkaltsi: how does that play with sdk ?14:23
Stskeepsshould be fine14:24
Stskeepswe have +pp but we never had both perl and python ;)14:24
kaltsilbt: how how? should not be a problem, python is not automatically accelerated, a package has to export something to get it accelerated14:24
lbtjust because we have fs_rules.lua in there14:25
lbtwhich may not be something we want longer term14:25
kaltsihas the sdk-build+pp mode evolved from obs-rpm-build+pp?14:26
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lbtyes but it's not used14:27
kaltsithe sdk-build (without +pp) is the default mode I think. so in this case, no effect to sdk14:27
kaltsiwe might want to enable some of the new binaries in the sdk-build mode, though14:29
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aknightlbt: any idea what package module.h might be in?14:54
Stskeepskernel modules?14:54
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Stskeepsthink there's a package where you can see how it's built against14:56
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aknightStskeeps: thanks. found module.h now although it made me downgrade virtualbox guest additions14:59
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phaeronlbt: cmds not responding to ssh15:04
phaeronor ,, very slowly15:04
lbtmany snakes15:05
lbtOut of memory: Kill process 25332 (python2.7) score 74 or sacrifice child15:06
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kaltsiStskeeps: ahh looks like python could use this "accelerate only if installed to target"-case like doxygen.. (I'm working on it)15:11
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phaeronlbt: restarted it15:12
* phaeron prays for memory15:12
lbtit's supposed to send data from disk -> network ... I didn't think it needed RAM15:14
phaeronpatches welcome15:14
lbtless RAM gives you something to scratch15:14
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lbtpattern voodoo15:25
lbtpatterns only work because of convoluted triggers kicking processes into rebuilding repos,,,,15:25
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