Wednesday, 2013-05-08

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Sagelbt: pong git-pkg time?06:38
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cckwesIs gcc-fortran available?07:37
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Stskeepzit added 50+ minutes to the building of an arm compiler07:38
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cckwesis it possible to branch gcc package and build my own gcc-fortran?07:38
Stskeepswhat do you need it for, out of curiousity?07:38
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cckwesi'm planning to package libblas and liblapack that depends on gcc-fortran07:39
cckwesand after that trying to package python-numpy :)07:39
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cckwesso i need to clone mer-core/gcc?07:40
lbtSage: I just pushed master of gitpkg to my git repo with most of your merges07:46
lbtI've not tested it myself yet07:46
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lbtI also want to think about doing pristine tar 'by default' ... IMO it should be a rare thing and should be asked for explicitly07:48
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aknightis /lib/modules/<kernel>/build supposed to point to something real? because it doesn't in the platform sdk vdi. not how it iwould look if I built a different image...08:25
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Stskeepsaknight: i presume you found ?08:26
Stskeepsdoes modules too08:26
aknightStskeeps: I didn't see that yet, but I'll take a look...08:28
Stskeepsif you have a strange desire to drink alcohol after seeing it, i don't blame you08:29
Stskeepsaknight: there's a tool called kmscon that may be useful to test things with08:30
aknightStskeeps: indeed, it does look useful.08:32
soldoKynHi to all! thanks to your precious advices now I'm able to build a graphic driver for a vivante gpu (Nitrogen6X board). I placed the driver under /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/, placed the correct xorg.conf file and booted the system. The screen is on (so the video signal is detected) but remains black. The Xorg.0.log seems ok ( (I'm trying to boot only in 2D because 3D seems a problem on vivante gpu).08:33
soldoKynSomeone have any suggestion on how can I examine the problem? Maybe there's something that needs to start at boot  and I must check? Thanks!08:33
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Stskeepssfietkonstantin from the community got his qt-kms-compositor working with that on radeon, (i think, may have been manually built),
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StskeepssoldoKyn: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb008:34
Stskeepsdoes that show anything on screen?08:34
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soldoKynStskeeps: "cat: write error: No space left on device"08:40
StskeepssoldoKyn: that's fine, but does it change the screen?08:40
soldoKynStskeeps: oh yeah!08:43
soldoKynStskeeps: so I think that the framebuffer wroks...08:46
Stskeepsok, that's first step08:47
Stskeepsthen you'll want to Xorg -noreset &; DISPLAY=:0 xterm08:47
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soldoKynStskeeps: I cannot find xterm with zypper...08:56
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StskeepssoldoKyn: qt-qmlviewer is ok too08:58
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Stskeeps(qmlviewer command name)09:00
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soldoKynStskeeps: great!! I can see qmlviewer on the screen! so the driver works but mer doesn't start nothing at boot right?09:05
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soldoKynStskeeps: ok...can I ask you the next step to obtain a usable desktop? maybe I missed something in the wiki?09:11
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StskeepssoldoKyn: can i see your .ks09:12
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StskeepssoldoKyn: yeah, that doesn't start it up automatically09:18
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soldoKynStskeeps: so for a complete desktop I must use another .ks file?09:21
Stskeepswell, there's really no 'complete desktop' :)09:22
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Stskeepsadd this in your .ks section09:25
soldoKynStskeeps: ok I'll make a build with that...thank you so much!!!09:26
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panda84kdeStskeeps: (just asking an opinion) what would you suggest to use as a desktop on a tablet with Mer? Plasma Active? Nemo?09:29
Stskeepspanda84kde: it's really up to yourself09:29
panda84kdeis Nemo easy to setup on a non N900 / N950 platform, standing for example soldoKyn situation (working X)? I see instructions only for Nokia's beloved Meego devices.09:32
Stskeepsok, no09:33
Stskeepsnot that easy, PA is actually sometimes better in that regard09:33
Stskeepsbut with qt5 everything may change due to libhybris09:33
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panda84kdeStskeeps: thanks for the explanation.09:37
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Sagelbt: fixed some of the commits here09:40
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kaltsilbt: gp_release --git-dir option.. if ! git  --git-dir $gitdir rev-parse --git-dir > /dev/null 2>&1; then ... why is the second --git-dir there?12:45
lbtlooks like a typo12:46
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kaltsiok.. I'm looking at that because it does not work if I give the git-dir with ~12:47
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lbtkaltsi: looks like a typo12:47
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kaltsigot it :)12:48
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lbtwhen I was hacking on it I realised that we need to be clear about what the goals are12:49
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lbtlike "as a developer I want to build a package from my current source (with/without checking it into git? what about packaging?)"12:51
kaltsihmm the ~ not working with --git-dir seems to be a feature of git, not gp_release12:52
lbtodd - I thought bash did ~ expansion12:53
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kaltsilbt: found a minor issue when I ran into this problem.. the error message it writes using fatal() has " \n", but fatal() uses echo that does not interpret \n.. it should use echo -e12:56
kaltsi(if you're haxing it now, maybe it's easy for you to add the -e to fatal() in gp_common :)12:57
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kaltsilbt: the other --git-dir is not a typo afterall.. it's a parameter to rev-parse and it prints out the current git-dir13:25
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lbtwhy do I doubt my own code?13:27
kaltsiit would work also without the --git-dir, since the if only checks the return code, not the output :)13:27
lbtprobably because my brain has flushed its git knowledge caches and is doing rpm now...13:27
lbtmmm no, I think it validates it too13:28
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lbtIf $GIT_DIR is not defined and the current directory is not detected to lie in a git repository or work tree print a message to stderr and exit with nonzero status.13:28
lbtwhat it does is allow you to specify either /path/to/proj or, /path/to/proj/.git13:29
lbtGIT_DIR is supposed to be the latter13:29
lbtbut I'm nice13:30
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lbt(I also got it wrong *way* too many times)13:30
lbtkaltsi: I've pushed a new master to lbt repo on github - not tested yet13:31
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kaltsilbt: urgh just noticed a bug in gp_release .changes file writer..14:56
* lbt is happy at "a bug" - singular14:56
kaltsilbt: it inserts this to the log: * Thu May 2013 Juha Kallioinen  .. the day is missing14:56
lbtoh yes - I meant to fix that last night14:57
lbtwent to bed instead14:57
kaltsiok :)14:57
lbtjust trying to figure out why sound isn't working on vbox :/14:57
lbtadded a %d15:00
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Stskeepspart two of my blog post saga on wayland-libhybris:
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pqStskeeps, there is a broken link http://framebuffernativewindow.cpp/ in your blog post19:31
* Stskeeps fixes19:32
Stskeepsgood thing these things aren't academic papers you can't modify post release..19:32
Stskeepsthis time around it's mostly about explaining the effort you did and hint the code is actually there already, and how it fits into libhybris19:36
Stskeepsit turned into a bit of a novel when i had to start writing about client side too...19:36
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UninstallI need an advice with RPM spec file19:38
Uninstallwhich is the best way to distribute a binary blob?19:39
Stskeepsincluding it in a tarball and possibly disabling strip - take a look at some of the hw adaptations in build.merproject.org19:39
Uninstallthank you19:40
UninstallStskeeps: do you mind to point me a good example?19:42
Stskeepsti-omap3-sgx perhaps19:43
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UninstallStskeeps: cool, I'm doing a similar work for an other TI cpu...19:44
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pqStskeeps, very nice blog post, which indeed does require looking at the linked code to really understand what you are saying, and so is a nice tour to the code.19:49
Uninstallby the way do you know if somone has a Xorg 1.12 repo for mer?19:52
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trentghi, is there any distribution that works on intel cedar trail?19:53
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Uninstallwhat's armv7nhl20:07
Uninstallwhat n stands for?20:07
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* CosmoHill waves at rcg 20:57
rcghey CosmoHill20:58
rcghow's it going?20:58
CosmoHillit's going well. had a nice drive after work to pick up a computer monitor and office chair20:58
rcgah sounds nice20:58
CosmoHillthen picked up two computers from a friend he was throwing out20:59
rcgtomorrow is a day off here.. but i think i need to write some paper and revise a report xD20:59
CosmoHillwe had a day off on monday20:59
CosmoHillwhere are you again?20:59
CosmoHillah yes21:00
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rcgwe are waiting now for the birth of our son :D21:05
rcgso i expect to be offline for quite some time quite abruptly ;)21:05
CosmoHilloh wow21:06
rcgthx :)21:06
CosmoHillI'll have a son someday :)21:06
CosmoHillprobably an international arrest warrant too21:07
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rcgwell, one thing i learned so far, don't try to force a gender21:11
rcgall friends who had preferences got the opposite ;)21:11
CosmoHillI have six cousins, only one is a boy21:12
rcgfor me, most important thing was a child at all.. and the rest will show anyhow21:12
CosmoHilli say boy, he's 1921:12
rcgheh, i see21:12
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CosmoHillit's nice cos we've become closer again, when we were going through our teens we grew apart because of the age gap and us liking differet things21:18
*** mbohlender has joined #mer21:19
rcgsounds nice21:24
CosmoHillyeah, I love cars and he's a mechanic so we hang out whenever I break something or drive my car through a river21:24
rcghehe nice :)21:27
CosmoHillthe water came over the bonnet and I have to take out the interior to dry it21:28
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:28
*** pocek has quit IRC21:30
rcgwell, i wasn't expecting the river to be that deep21:32
CosmoHilltbh it was a road, the locals call it "the dip"21:32
CosmoHillit had just flooded that day21:32
rcgwhere are you living again?21:34
rcgor was that somewhere else?21:34
CosmoHillsouth east england21:36
CosmoHillthis was last year we were went from drought to flooding21:37
CosmoHillI learnt that when you drive through deep water you have no brake until they've dried21:37
CosmoHillrcg: I'm always in #lfs if you ever want me / me chatting off topic is bugging Stskeeps21:39
rcgwell, i have nothing against pm if it is too ot for this channel ;)21:41
*** zenvoid has quit IRC21:45
*** vpopov has quit IRC21:46
rcgbut well, it's already a little bit late for me21:47
CosmoHillyeah, late for me too21:47
CosmoHillsleep well21:47
rcgam just coding a little more and will then likely slowly head in the general direction of my bed ;)21:47
*** r3vlibre has quit IRC21:47
CosmoHillgot a laptop?21:47
rcgthat's where i am writing from atm21:48
CosmoHillme too, no idea why I'm not in bed doing it21:48
rcgwell, there are certain limits ;)21:49
CosmoHillI'm single, I can take a laptop to bed with me21:50
rcgwell, i prefer to not always be at the computer21:50
rcgi am already spending way too much time with that thing21:50
CosmoHillI need to work out / ride my bike more21:50
CosmoHilland just do things that don't involve a screen21:51
CosmoHillmaybe read some kinda paper based PDF21:51
*** aladds has quit IRC21:51
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:52
CosmoHillurgh, I've banned 13 people today from a forum21:56
CosmoHillspammers won't learn21:56
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rcgalright.. am off for today22:14
*** rcg has quit IRC22:14
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CosmoHillnight night22:23
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:26
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