Monday, 2013-05-06

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Sage_lbt: Stskeeps: ping, where is changelog for prerelease?05:26
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* Stskeeps yawns07:15
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dcthangStskeeps: did hacking something? :-)07:38
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dcthangah it looks like you are sleepy.07:43
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kaltsi[ol]: thanks for the explanation, seems straightforward enough08:39
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lbtSage: looking at our changelogs: "Drop su from coreutils and do a bit cleanup." ... when we make changes like this I think "why" is more important than "what"09:10
Stskeepslbt: coreutils newer version moved su to util-linux09:10
Stskeepsand we can't upgrade coreutils due to gplv309:10
lbt*nod* - not worried about su so much as asking for changelogs to contain more explanation than description09:12
lbtbut added to notes09:12
Stskeeps"- Ruin stskeeps' weekend"09:12
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Sagelbt: noted, but more detailed stuff was in .changes file.09:33
lbtSage: right - do you think maybe we should ask for the .changes text to go into the gerrit commit message?09:35
lbtI think I tend to do that but it's not written down09:36
lbtor maybe I rewrite the changelog tool to use .changes and ignore gerrit ones?09:36
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Sagelbt: I think it would be better to do the changelog based on .changes instead of gerrit ones09:48
Sage.changes ones would be cleaner as there can be 100 commits to gerrit to just to do one single feature. Which will just flood the changelog with data that isn't that interesting for most.09:49
Sage.changes file should always contain the most important information anyway.09:50
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Sagehmmp... did I break mds2? :D10:02
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SageMerSDK [sage@sage-x230 obs-mer-community]$ obs-mer-community branch mer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:master qemu-usermode10:02
Sage^ cmd hasn't returned and doesn't load10:03
SageStskeeps: lbt: ^10:03
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kaltsidoesn't load?10:06
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Sagewell at least my browser doesn't load that page10:07
kaltsipage loads for me. failure is after installing all build deps; "su: cannot not open session: Permission denied"10:07
lbtsame here10:08
* Sage retries10:08
Sageok well now it loads10:08
Sageand also the command returned. So just long waiting when branching from mds210:08
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* Sage doesn't understand where that error comes from though10:09
lbtSage: on gitpkg - I really need to sort out some SDK stuff today - maybe this evening?10:09
Sagelbt: sounds good.10:10
SageStskeeps: have you seen the error before: ^ " su: cannot not open session: Permission denied" & " Error: TOPDIR empty"10:10
StskeepsSage: will respond later, deep in some code10:11
Sageerr... that is the coreutils, util-linux mess in my branch10:11
kaltsisage are you going to update qemu?10:13
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Sagekaltsi: was planning to yes10:15
kaltsigood :)10:16
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lbtSage: are you thinking to gitpkg it?10:21
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Sagelbt: no. Just updating as is. For me gitpkg has too many loose ends atm.10:22
lbtjust as a comment - the intention is to clone upstream git wherever possible, not to use pristine-tar unless upstream is svn or hg or somehting10:22
lbtok, no problem10:22
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martyone_hi, with Aard we based implementation of one feature and unit tests inside Nemo's SSU on QAbstractFileEngine. Only after that we discovered file-engines are made private in Qt5. What is the opinion of having Qt private headers available in Mer and to use them?10:25
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Sagelbt: personally I feel gitpkg too messy atm. to start using it. I needs to improve quite a bit more before I want to start using it more. If you don't follow exactly what is assumed it can fail in so many ways.10:29
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lbtSage: you need to distinguish between the tools - we can't ask gp_setup to be an AI for automatically converting any spec to a gitpkg :)10:31
Sagelbt: it works yes, but it is not user friendly atm. My fork contains fixes mainly making it more user friendly and in general working for my first usecase I tried.10:31
lbtversus the gitpkg service ever failing10:31
lbtI agree it needs improving - but we also need a reasonable goal10:32
Sagelbt: sure, but if one can find 20 ways to make it crash in half an hour it is not friendly.10:32
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lbtyeah - getting a list of those would be good10:34
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lbtyou had that etherpad which really helped a lot10:34
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Sagelbt: tbh I got tired of waiting (we are all busy understandable) and now instead of etherpad I did the fork with patches. At the same time I got a bit better picture of it in general10:36
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lbtyes - fair enough - and I'm just looking to see where the problems are - and I know "20 ways" is not meant to be precise10:37
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lbtkaltsi hit an issue where EDITOR is not defined. You're finding a problem with ./.git not existing (which I don't understand) and also something with tags/paths being confused10:38
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Sagelbt: for .git not existing10:46
Sageand yes, tabs vs spaces makes that look bad we should pic one10:47
lbtSage: yes - what are you doing that needs that patch10:47
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Sagemkdir tmp; gp --auto --pkgdir=../packaging/10:47
Sagemkdir tmp; cd tmp; gp --auto --pkgdir=../packaging/10:47
Sagemkdir tmp; cd tmp; gp_setup --auto --pkgdir=../packaging/10:48
* Sage needs to wakeup10:48
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lbtOK - that's not a valid line. Docs say --base-on=<tag>|--unpack-to=<tag>10:48
lbtI agree it should catch that10:49
kaltsican I select in .spec file which compression util/algo is used to compress the rpm? I think it's now xz, but for local testing I'd like to use something quicker like gz10:49
kontiolbt: Fatal: Rule file interface version check failed: got 104, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed. -> any hint what is wrong in my env?10:49
lbtI further agree it's redundant and like your auto selection idea10:49
lbtkontio: yes - sb2 and rules don't match10:49
lbtyou have new sb2 and old rules, update SDK10:49
kaltsikontio: edit /usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/sdk-build/fs_rules.lua and change 104 to 10510:49
kaltsior update sdk.. better :)10:49
Sagelbt: well check my patches. :)10:50
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Sagelbt: ;)10:50
kontioI just did a sudo sdk-version --latest, zypper ref and up10:50
lbtSage: I like to understand the "why" of a patch10:50
Sagelbt: you suddently have time now? :)10:51
kaltsikontio: the "bad" package comes from mer-tools .. what's your sdk tools version?10:51
lbtSage: no, I'm just not ignoring your higlights10:51
lbtI should :)10:51
lbtkontio: you may need rolling sdk - I think that bug is present in 'latest' where it doesn't verify rules version == sb version10:51
kontioTools repos point at version: 7.1.010:52
kontiothe last time I used rolling my sdk blew up :-)10:52
lbtsdk-version --core latest --sdk next --go10:52
Sagelbt: simple why for dropping --unpack-now is that we need to make it simpler. By default --auto should be automatic and require as little options as possible. There should be --don't-unpack option if that behaviour is wanted to be separated.10:52
Sagelbt: already told this in backlog couple of days ago here ;)10:52
kontioI try rolling...10:52
lbtSage: I know ... :   "I further agree it's redundant and like your auto selection idea"10:53
kontiotja google didn't find it...10:53
lbtkontio: :)10:53
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kontiook seems to work, thx10:54
Sagelbt: why did you ask "why" then?10:55
* Sage is confused10:55
lbtyou are fixing the wrong bug10:55
lbtyou were making .git when you should have been detecting a bad command line option10:56
lbtgiven the right command line it would have worked10:56
lbtbut seriousl -  I need to get some work done... tonight?10:57
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Sagelbt: which is just what I've tried to constantly point out. It has too many cmdline options it requires by default10:57
lbtpersonally I don't like magic10:57
lbtit bites more often than it helps10:57
lbtif a package maintainer doesn't understand what he/she is doing then that's a problem to me10:58
lbtI want a conscious decision "I want to use git/pristine tar/mix because I've evaluated upstream and know how to handle version control"10:59
Sagelbt: it is --auto. With --manual you can add 100^100000 options if you want. --auto is all about magic, right?10:59
lbtnot "--auto will make the right choice"10:59
lbt--auto should be --supply-all-options-to-allow-a-complete-import-of-packaging10:59
lbt--manual means "I'll tidy up before the final commit"11:00
lbtmaybe I should have --auto as the default - the way the code is written that was a tad difficult11:00
lbtsince the audience for the code is ~5 people then there is a law of diminishing returns11:01
lbtthat aspect of the code11:01
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lbtdo you see what I was thinking?11:01
lbtI would like --unpack-to to *never* be used11:02
Stskeepslbt: thanks for prerelease btw, looks like it was finished at 1am something your time?11:02
lbtso having it pick it as almost the default is really bad to me11:02
lbtStskeeps: yes, sounds correct11:02
lbtStskeeps: I actually triggered mobs update to run on a timer - so don't read much into that11:03
lbtand Sage, to clarify: I'm trying to explain how I have been thinking about things - I am not rejecting your points.11:05
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kaltsilbt: does gitpkg only operate on tagged revisions? can it operate on HEAD? I'd like to just try and build my latest changes with gp_release --git-dir=xyz, but I haven't made a new version yet?11:23
lbtkaltsi: it can operate on HEAD11:24
lbtat the moment it needs everything commited though11:24
lbtyou want to do an osc build ?11:25
kaltsiyes osc build11:25
lbtfirst: this functionality needs work - there are a lot of cases :)11:26
lbtgp_release --help11:26
lbt"An alternative use is to *not* specify --ver or --rel"11:27
lbtso cd to your osc dir11:27
kaltsiyep, I've used it before like that11:28
lbtrun gp_release --git-dir=../path-to.. and it should work11:28
lbtit should set release to a sha1 version with commit count11:28
kaltsiso it just makes a checkout of mer-master and doesn't care about whichever tag is the latest?11:28
lbttry it and tell me11:28
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kaltsiyes works11:29
lbtthis stuff is genuinely complex in the general case11:29
lbteg for a package which has a pristine tarball and some commits in git and ....11:29
lbtit has to add temporary patches to represent your WIP11:29
lbtI think gp_release may not be quite the right place - but I'm not sure - my logic was that it's kinda like doing a transient private release11:31
kaltsihmm rpm release became "6.14.67ba25b" .. the 67ba25b is from the latest commit, but I wonder what is the 6.1411:31
lbt6 is probably the release11:31
lbt14 is the commit count11:31
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kaltsiright 6 is the latest tagged release11:31
lbtthe commit count makes the sha1 sort in order11:31
lbtso the next transient release should be 6.15.45663 and would be > 6.14.67ba11:32
lbteven though 45663 is < 67ba25b11:32
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lbtjust for local transient installs11:32
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lbtyou see why my --help gets long?11:33
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kaltsiin the gp_release --edit case when I just want to edit the spec file, it prints out that make the commit with a specific comment "Release $patchtag".. but surely I can add my life story to the log too?11:37
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kaltsiI mean, do you expect to find a log entry with that specific format for some reason?11:40
lbtah, I think that's a minimal "this will work" set of cut'n'paste commands11:46
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Sagelbt: well, I'm mainly saying that by default it should take only one option/parameter and try to figure out automatically what user wants. And if that fails then say that couldn't do it and pleaes specify more what is wanted.12:16
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Sagelbt: what was the planned evening discussion time btw?13:22
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kkszysiuStskeeps: Ur living in Warsaw? :D14:51
kkszysiuInteresting :)14:52
kkszysiuWhy Warsaw? Why Poland? :D14:54
*** araujo has quit IRC14:55
Stskeepskkszysiu: wife14:56
kkszysiuI see :)14:57
Stskeepskkszysiu: you were further down south weren't you?14:57
*** araujo has joined #mer14:58
Stskeeps:nod: been there once14:59
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kkszysiuHehe was it a good trip? Did you enjoyed Wroclaw?15:00
Stskeepsi did15:01
Stskeepsit was this dobryprogamy meego event15:01
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lbtphaeron: did you update webhook to work with git-pkg ?17:15
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lbtnm - it's the "Trigger build" button which uses "HEAD" which git-pkg doesn't currently understand17:17
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Sagelbt: <- should be /%(release)_%(arch) if you want to be able to do next vs latest testing.20:55
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lbtSage: yeah, provided release is only ever latest or next20:58
lbtline 7 looks wrong now you mention it20:59
Sagelbt: on rnd it really is only latest or next.21:00
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Sageon release I can see static numbers as well, but I haven't worked on that on nemo side either yet.21:01
lbtit's good enough for now21:01
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lbtty for pointing it out too21:02
Sagegot notification about new repo so gave it a quick look :)21:02
lbtah, mer-tools ?21:03
lbtlooks like webhook and github are not playing well together21:03
Sageanyway time to head to bed I guess21:03
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