Saturday, 2013-05-04

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CosmoHillnight night00:03
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ulf`n8 Stskeeps05:58
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wowertoday  is nice day07:00
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Stskeepscxl000: i'll probably first merge your qt5.0.2 in the next mer release and it may need a little bit of rebasing07:03
Stskeepsor..h mm07:05
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wowertry  best07:10
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wowerand  then  i  hope  qml2.0 can run   sailfishos:)07:33
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Stskeeps /g #Jolla-qt507:53
Stskeepsplease ignore :)07:53
* Stskeeps goes get more coffee07:53
Stskeepscxl000: rebased your qtbase to get it closer to merging08:00
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CosmoHillmorning folks09:03
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* CosmoHill goes off to see his grandad09:17
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* CosmoHill waves and eats his lunch11:48
CosmoHillwill do11:49
CosmoHillgot french stick with a different filling in each half11:49
sledgeasmmm, that sounds ambivalent11:49
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Stskeepstrip9: how is it going?16:21
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trip9Stskeeps, pretty fantastic16:22
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trip9Stskeeps, you?16:22
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Stskeepsgreat :) here too, working hard to put a stable wayland on top of libhybris and counting down till i have my first "holiday" for a while.. my son is getting born in july :P16:23
trip9oh snap!  congrats16:23
trip9what version of wayland you guys using?16:24
Stskeeps1.1.0 + a patch of krh's16:25
Stskeepsgot smooth wayland on mali400 and qualcomm already16:25
trip9oh, libhybris!16:25
Stskeepsyes ;)16:25
trip9i didn't know about libhybris16:26
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Stskeepsprobably what will end up being standard way of getting BSP's for non-android, due to it being able to leverage android bits16:26
trip9wouldn't libhybris make mir nugatory?16:26
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Stskeepswell, mir uses libhybris deep down, but wayland on top isn't that difficult an excersise16:27
Stskeepsnot sure why they had to make an entire display server for this :)16:27
Stskeepsshould be very interesting for IVI space going forward as well16:28
trip9very cool16:31
Stskeepscan leverage even codecs, gps interfaces, etc16:31
trip9oh! interesting.  So it's not just for graphics systems16:33
Stskeepsit's basically dlopen() that allows you to open android .so's16:34
trip9that's a really good idea :P16:38
Stskeepshehe, i'm full of good ideas ;)16:38
trip9u going to tizen conf?16:40
phakoapparently Stskeeps also has some source for the time that needs to come with good ideas ;)16:40
Stskeepstrip9: nah, banned from flying anywhere16:41
Stskeepstrip9: so i have one more trip to .fi and then that's the end until after a month after son's birth :P16:41
trip9that's right16:42
trip9makes sense16:42
Stskeepsi wouldn't be able to survive through yet another jim zemlin keynote anyway16:42
* dm8tbr makes whining noises at the thought of it16:44
* Stskeeps compiles qtwayland-nogl..16:46
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Stskeepsthis need a martini17:11
sardiniStskeeps, red or white ?17:12
Stskeepsred, though i'm more into white17:13
iekkuhaha, i just started to think Stskeeps as a james bond17:14
iekkuthen it was combination of bond and macgyver17:15
sardiniStskeeps,  idem :) but don't repeat my friends are kidding me when I drink martini and not beer17:15
iekkuhaving a martini in other hand making awesome hack17:15
* CosmoHill waves at everyone17:16
sardinihello CosmoHill fine day?17:16
CosmoHillproductive too17:16
Stskeepssardini: my hierarchy goes cider, martini, baileys, beer17:16
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CosmoHillcider ftw17:17
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CosmoHilloh ffs17:38
CosmoHillsorry, I'm used to #mer being the second tab and #lfs being my fourth tab17:38
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Sagelbt: o/19:45
Stskeepsmoo sage19:46
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lbtevening all20:13
Stskeepsevening lbt, no tango tonight?20:13
StskeepsSage: bison upgrade broke libiodata20:13
Sagethere was prerelease already?20:17
* Sage missed the mail 20:17
Sagelbt: <- see last 4 commits20:18
Sagelbt: not sure if you like those but after that I'm starting to be happy how the git-pkg behaves20:18
Sagelbt: if you really want to have that unpack-to behaviour it should be --don't-unpack-tarball or something instead. It is --auto after all so it should by default be as automatic as possible.20:20
lbtStskeeps: nope, tango last night + tomorrow20:23
lbtSage: I'll take a look20:25
Sagelbt: ps. I've probably broken something in the middle :)20:26
Sagewhat _src file should look like by default?20:26
lbt<type>:<tarball name>:<tag>[:<tag for patches>]20:26
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lbtI'm going to move to json format20:27
lbtor name:value maybe20:27
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Stskeepsvgrade: will prolly need you to verify i'm not breaking your nogl scenario on eink20:30
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lbtSage: I think your patch series adds code and then removes code later in the same request20:30
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lbtSage: yeah gp_mkpkg has got --git-dir ... it's intended to be usable to checkout directly into an osc dir ... so .git may not exist20:37
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lbtphaeron: just fyi xulrunner (I think) killed a worker on mobs20:53
lbtfilled up a 15Gb tmpfs20:54
lbtnone                           15G   15G   17M 100% /var/cache/obs/worker/root_120:55
phaeronyes, why me ?20:55
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phaeronit's been doing that for a long time and you asked me and I said needs a powerhost , and you said we don't have one :)20:56
lbtyou've been working on xulrunner, you generally care about things which cause OBS problems; it may affect you20:56
lbtok, nm20:56
Stskeepsis a beast like qtwebkit21:02
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Sage23:30.18 < lbt> Sage: I think your patch series adds code and then removes code later in the same request21:12
Sagelbt: where?21:13
Sagelbt: well there might be places. I'm used to commit when ever I've done something. So I might have improved it further later.21:15
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Sagelbt: more stuff in my branch22:37
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CosmoHillnight night22:59
sardini_CosmoHill, ...22:59
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