Friday, 2013-05-03

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StskeepsIncompatible processor. This Qt build requires the following features: ssse306:35
StskeepsAborted. Incompatible processor: missing feature 0x10 - ssse3.06:35
Stskeepscan you verify?06:35
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niweberStskeeps: what cpu do you get this with?08:11
Stskeepsniweber: i'm surprised really, because physical host says:08:12
Stskeepsflags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe syscall nx rdtscp lm constant_tsc arch_perfmon pebs bts rep_good nopl xtopology nonstop_tsc aperfmperf pni pclmulqdq dtes64 monitor ds_cpl vmx est tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr pdcm sse4_1 sse4_2 popcnt aes xsave avx lahf_lm ida arat epb xsaveopt pln pts dts tpr_shadow vnmi flexpriority ept vpid08:12
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niweberStskeeps: well, if this is the emulator, it depends on what cpu is emulated08:12
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Stskeepsgetting it from within kvm08:13
niweberoh, kvm08:13
Stskeepswhich is even more shocking :)08:13
Stskeepswe do obs builds, so08:13
niweberisn't there a switch in kvm config to enable this?08:13
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niweberstill, maybe the Qt should be built without requiring ssse308:19
Stskeepsit is, for i486, this is the atom build :)08:19
Stskeepsi486 is what let's say, sailfish emulator uses08:20
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Stskeepslbt: i'm ready to accept something may be wrong in the cpuid detection of qt, i'd expect crashes to happen a lot earlier on i586 :)08:29
* Stskeeps tries local build on monster08:32
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Stskeepslbt: works in monster chroot at least08:38
lbt-cpu host08:42
lbtall the workers have rather messy /var/cache/obs/worker/root_408:43
lbtno it's present so should be goos08:43
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lbtthe messy fs are from chroot workers - can't imagine a problem08:44
lbtdaily - sec08:44
lbtdid you rewrite to account for -git-dir?08:48
lbtStskeeps: I'd was attempting to run the qemu command to simply run a cat /proc/cpuinfo08:48
lbtStskeeps: at least -cpu host is present on the mobs workers - no ci workers are running now08:50
Stskeepslinux64 /usr/bin/qemu-kvm -no-reboot -nographic -net none -kernel /boot/vmlinuz-obs_worker -initrd /boot/initrd-obs_worker -append root=/dev/vda panic=1 quiet nmi_watchdog=0 rw elevator=noop console=ttyS0 init=/.build/build -m 2048 -drive file=/var/cache/obs/worker//root_1/root,if=virtio,cache=unsafe -drive file=/var/cache/obs/worker//root_1/root,if=ide,index=0,cache=unsafe -drive file=/var/cache/obs/worker//root_1/swap,if=virtio,cache=unsafe -smp 208:51
* lbt re-reads ...08:52
lbtnot seeing it08:52
Stskeepsso there was this bug with kvm and -cpu host in past08:52
Stskeepsand it was disabled in ci's 'build'08:53
Stskeepslemme see if it appears again08:53
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lbtqmf-qt5 ?08:55
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lbtphost6 is 12.108:57
lbtphost4 is 12.208:57
davide_Hi to all! I'm cross-compiling for an arm processor, but within sdk's directory /usr/lib there's all x86 .so libraries. I need to add a .so library file for arm...where I have to put that file? thanks!!08:57
Stskeepslbt: i think this was my manual removal of -cpu host due to crashes in the past08:57
lbt3.4.11-2.16-desktop vs 3.1.10-1.16-default08:57
lbtok - just a delta to be aware of08:58
lbtpart of "should housekeep" task list I guess08:58
lbtlooks good ... yes?08:59
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Stskeepslbt: indee09:00
Stskeepsso my fault09:00
* lbt notes it would be nice to be able to setup a kvm 'chroot' to allow ad hoc trials inside a build root - like the --shell option to build09:00
Stskeepsanyway: prerelease ready09:02
Stskeepsthere will be one more after this09:02
lbttarget date?09:04
lbtnext thu ?09:04
lbtor tue ?09:04
Stskeepsthursday i think09:04
lbtis that realistic given planning ?09:05
lbtand general lack of qa09:05
lbtand known additional pre-release09:05
Stskeepswell, monday after is also ok with me09:06
Stskeepsthough we're upping qa game a bit09:06
lbt13th then09:07
lbtSage: let me look at those gitpkg commits - I already pulled them from your clone yesterday09:09
lbtI redid kaltsi's changes last night and need to push09:09
lbtso they may need a rebase anyhow09:09
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Sagelbt: kaltsi's changes? I didn't see anything in your fork..09:29
lbt"and need to push" :)09:29
lbtdoing pre-release, then call, then planning, then ssu (!!!) then gitppkg09:29
lbtunless it's really blocking you?09:29
lbtyou use ssu - can you answer my questions?09:30
lbtwhat a flavour-pattern is09:30
lbtssu mode is 2 - flavour is 'stable' in ssu.ini ...repos.d [rnd] contains %(flavour) ... it evaluates to "" .... any suggestions?09:30
lbtalso rndRelease is evaluating to "" event though it's set in ssu,ini09:31
lbt%(arch) is evaluating fine09:31
lbtssu is very jolla oriented at the moment - not really a good thing for other vendors09:31
Sagelbt: not blocking really no.09:32
lbt^^ those issues have been blocking sdk development for days09:32
lbtnot just me, whole team09:32
Sagelbt: flavourPatter is flavour really, like devel, testing, stable09:32
lbtwhat does it do?09:32
lbtsince ssu flavour "devel"09:33
Sagebut if you are not in rnd mode flavours will not be evaluated09:33
lbtI am, mode = 209:33
SageRelease (rnd): latest (devel)09:34
Sagessu s says that?09:34
lbtRelease (rnd): latest (stable)09:34
Stskeepsdm8tbr: yeah.. not unexpected09:34
dm8tbrdidn't surprise me either, but wanted to put the official announcement here09:35
Sagelbt: use %(flavour)09:35
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lbtssu mode is 2 - flavour is 'stable' in ssu.ini ...repos.d [rnd] contains %(flavour) ... it evaluates to "" .... any suggestions?09:35
kaltsican I somehow add comments/questions to a patch that's in review.merproject?09:35
Stskeepstap the line09:35
Sagelbt: lets pm09:35
Stskeepsor use review button09:36
kaltsimaybe I need to add myself as reviewer? can't see the review button.. :)09:36
Sagelbt: can you pastebin repos.ini file and ssu s output09:37
kaltsiah found it09:37
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lbtSage: will do09:37
Sagelbt: ssu s09:40
Sagelbt: rpm -q ssu09:41
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Stskeepslbt: lemme know when you kick off prerelease, would be good to have it rebuilding past 5pm in mobs09:42
lbtcleaning up disk space09:43
Stskeepsah, yeah09:43
lbt"monster must die"09:43
lbtfrom being the production release generator09:44
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Stskeepsi concur09:44
*** Martix has joined #mer09:44
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Stskeepsi vote we get a few ciders and do it by typing into a n909:44
Sagelbt: for me that repos.ini file works nicely and expands to  - mer-tools   ...
lbtthe author is being silent on the subject09:46
lbtprerelease running09:47
Stskeepsexpect laggy responses from me :P09:47
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Stskeepsaknight: welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions at any time, feel free to ask09:49
Sagelbt: ok, got reproduced moment09:49
lbtdavide_: pong09:49
aknightStskeeps: thanks. how do I get started? ;)09:49
Sagelbt: remove "flavour=" line from ssu.ini09:50
Sagelbt: and don't ask me why as I don't know but that is causing the problem apparently09:50
lbtSage: <deep breath>09:51
aknightStskeeps: I'm curious about image creation but I see most of the pages are marked as "out of date"09:51
lbtSage: yay09:51
* Sage ponders09:51
Stskeepsaknight: it's pretty straightforward these days; mic -A architecture cr fs foo.ks09:52
lbtwhy on earth isn't this a set of repo selectors and substitution tokens?09:52
Sagelbt: lets discuss about why it isn't that and this later and lets just get it working for you first09:53
lbtSage: *g*09:53
aknightStskeeps: I assume I want to: 1) chroot into sdk 2) tune my ks file 3) run mic on it 4) burn the image to my sd card09:53
Sagelbt: where did you get that ssu.ini file?09:53
lbtssu flavour toast09:53
Stskeepsaknight: yup, or boot iso file in a virtualbox, or make a raw image and turn it into a VDI, etc09:53
lbtssu lr09:53
lbtadaptation0 ...
lbtso ssu is putting flavour in ssu.ini09:53
Sageok, show me your ssu-defaults.ini09:54
Stskeepsaknight: - a little unsure if the .ks is up to date, but procedures are09:54
Stskeeps(old page)09:54
aknightStskeeps: ah, perfect. thanks09:54
Sagelbt: ok let me boot up my nemo device to try it out a bit09:55
Stskeepsaknight: the good news with our platform sdk is that the tools generally just work, no need to get them working on specific distros, etc09:56
lbtaknight: one thing09:57
* lbt goes to dig09:57
Stskeepsmeeting, bbl09:57
lbtaknight: use the chroot tarball from here
* Sage ponders why doesn't his n950 boot09:58
lbtI haven't moved it to latest yet09:58
aknightlbt: will do. thanks09:58
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* stskeepsie pokes monster with a stick10:06
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lbtstskeepsie: ironic10:10
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stskeepsieyeah.. did it go boom?10:13
lbtI think so10:14
lbtping is coming from some other host on the LAN10:15
lbtthat's a 'feature' of hetzner which I'm not keen on10:15
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stskeepsieshall i hit the reset button?10:17
jakeri :D10:18
lbtstskeepsie: yes10:19
lbtsorry - on call too :)10:19
lbtFWIW if a ping comes back from a different machine on the same lan it's actually a fairly good diagnostic that the machine is dead and not just WAN issues10:21
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lbtPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.10:21
lbtFrom ( icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable10:21
stskeepsielets see when it comes up10:22
davide_lbt: here I am! do you have any suggestions? thanks!!10:22
lbtdavide_: have you followed the Platform SDK wiki page?10:22
lbtlet me find it10:23
lbtthat one helps a lot with cross compiling10:23
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC10:23
lbtit goes through and builds up by showing incremental failures10:23
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davide_lbt: yes, in the meantime i was just reading that page and I think the problem was that I tried to compile sources via original script files that calls the compiler in the "usual way" and not in "sdk way"...I'll follow that page, thank you very much!!10:28
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lbtdavide_: np10:28
lbtStskeeps: back then :)10:29
Sagelbt: try to install ssu 0.33.6 just to try it out as for me it works fine10:29
Sageor hmmp10:29
lbtwill do....pause10:29
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Sageyup, seems to work fine for me10:30
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Stskeepslbt: i think clean-up and re-trying might be the way forward10:38
lbtyep - will have to wait now :( ... planning meeting10:38
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*** kavuri has joined #mer10:38
Stskeepslbt: ok10:39
Stskeepslbt: also mdstat is resyncing10:39
Sagelbt: if you have some step by step guide how I can reproduce that I can give it a go as well10:39
lbtSage: the ssu problem?10:40
lbtI thought it was stateless and simply used ssu.ini10:40
lbtso you should have all you need .... unless?10:41
Sagelbt: when I get the configs from you it doesn't get flavour at first and when I remove the flavour from ssu.ini it just works10:44
Sageand for me it doesn't readd the flavour to ssu.ini10:44
lbtand when you type : ssu flavour toast?10:44
lbtthat's key10:44
lbtso how the hell does it record flavour?10:44
Sageafter I do ssu fl devel it adds the flavour line and still works10:45
lbtssu fl toast10:45
*** stskeepsie has quit IRC10:45
lbtssu fl toast10:46
Sagewell that hides flavour as it isn't defined flavrou in repos.ini10:46
lbtthis could be those undocumented pattern things10:46
Sageadd this to repos.ini:10:47
Sageand then you can do "ssu flavour toast" and it shows:10:47
Sage - mer-tools   ...
Sageit doen't check currently if the given flavour is valid flavour which probably shoudl be done. So one can change to flavour that isn't configured properly10:48
Sagecc: Aard ^10:48
Sagelbt: that flavour-pattern= is what %(flavour) is replaced with10:49
lbtyeah, I guess having flavour=devel and %(flavour) expand to "devel" confused me to thinking I was setting flavour to devel10:49
*** schmooster has joined #mer10:50
SageAard: if flavour-pattern isn't set maybe the %(flavour) should be just the flavour that is set?10:50
lbtwhat was I thinking - it actually sets flavour to devel, then looks in repos.ini for a section matching [flavour-<value>] then uses that to decide whether to invalidate flavour .... obvious really10:50
Sagelbt: anyway for me this works properly :)10:51
*** fk_lx has joined #mer10:52
*** panda-z has quit IRC10:52
lbtno, it works... properly would require something documented to compare it to10:52
* Sage points to git-pkg documentations ;)10:53
*** jpetrell_ has quit IRC10:54
lbtgit-pkg --help   (README) .... please point to ssu docs10:56
*** Sinbad has quit IRC10:56
Sagelbt: is for the one we dicussed and yes it is missing that part of flavour things.10:58
lbtI asked for docs, not code comments10:58
lbtanyway, I'm not having this argument10:59
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davide_lbt: pong12:36
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC12:36
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lbtdavide_: hey12:40
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC12:41
davide_lbt: following the wiki I do "sudo zypper install mer-kickstarter mer-kickstarter-configs" and it gives me an error12:43
davide_"./noarch/mer-kickstarter-0.18-1.1.7.noarch.rpm' not found on medium '" trying to update mer-kickstarter12:43
Sagelbt: I have dir with .tar.bz2 and .spec etc. How sould I import that with git_pkg when I have clean table?12:43
*** ScriptRipper1 has joined #mer12:45
lbtdavide_: try a zypper ref12:45
lbtSage: gp_setup --auto --unpack-to=<ver-rel> --pkg-dir=../path/to/spec12:46
lbtSage: gp_setup --auto --unpack-to=<ver-rel> --pkg-dir=../path/to/spec-dir/12:46
davide_lbt: thanks! the repo was out of date!!!12:47
lbtSage: gp_setup --help - look at unpack-to12:47
lbtthis is sensible when upstream uses svn or something12:48
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Sagelbt: have you tried that? as for me it just doesn't work12:58
Sageah, pkgdir12:58
Sagehmmp, well you need to do git init; git commit --allow-empty -m "Initialize repo"; for the dir you are in first though12:59
lbtno you don't13:03
lbtit does that for you13:03
lbtbug if not13:03
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lbtSage: if you can suggest a test framework that would work then I'd like to put one together13:07
lbtprobably python based given there is python in there13:07
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:20
Sageit doesn't do that13:20
*** hihi is now known as ttttttt13:24
lbtwhich bit?13:26
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SageI need to do git init and push empty ocmmit manually13:36
*** tetris4 has joined #mer13:50
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Sagelbt: what is your schedule atm.? I'm asking as I would like work more on git_pkg but if there is commits that needs rebase anyway would be nice to get those first.13:59
lbtI really need to get SDK ssu sorted out - now rndRelease is not showing :)14:00
lbtonce I've done that I can get a baseline sorted and take a breath14:01
*** zhxt has joined #mer14:01
lbtI'll push latest gitpkg to lbt on github14:01
lbtonly one patch14:01
lbt0.0.7 is very up-to-date14:03
lbtSage: OK, I see all your commits :)14:07
lbtI will need to take some time to go through them14:08
Sagelbt: some of them might need work but most of them should be just something one can merge14:10
Sagewas there some # *-* emacs something that can be added to the top of the file to guide how tabs vs spaces go?14:10
Sagewe should add that there and same thing for vim if that was possible so we would get unified indenting14:11
lbtnb - I'm planning to checkout pkg-mer branch into an rpm/ directory14:12
lbtso casual hacking/build has trivial access to rpm/*14:12
*** bugzy has quit IRC14:13
lbtand it can either be auto-comitted or done manually14:13
*** ttttttt is now known as wower14:13
*** fmunozs has quit IRC14:14
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer14:16
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer14:16
*** bugzy has joined #mer14:17
*** andre__ has quit IRC14:21
*** andre__ has joined #mer14:22
*** jpwhiting_ has joined #mer14:22
*** jpwhiting has quit IRC14:22
*** GentSir has joined #mer14:22
*** fmunozs has joined #mer14:23
davide_lbt: I'm finally able to cross-compile some sources with sb2.Is there a way to try these binary within mer sdk?14:25
lbtsb2 and qemu are not intended as emulators - they are for building.14:25
lbtHowever many cli apps will run just fine inside them14:26
lbtso simply use sb2 -t target to start an sb2 session14:26
lbtthen run your app14:26
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away14:26
lbtor :  sb2 -t target app14:26
davide_lbt: wonderful! thank you!14:29
*** ScriptRipper1 has quit IRC14:37
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer14:37
kaltsiSage: here's emacs documentation for the indentation vars
*** ortylp has joined #mer14:38
kaltsiwell.. generic documentation about the format at least14:39
*** ridikulus_rat has left #mer14:39
Sagekaltsi: I wonder if vim respects those same vars14:39
kaltsino, it has its own14:40
kaltsisomething like /* vim:set sw=8 noet */14:40
kaltsibla that was some plugin14:41
*** Jucato has quit IRC14:43
*** wower has quit IRC14:52
lbtSage: does your repo.ini have a release-flavour and an rndRelease-pattern14:53
*** ced117 has joined #mer14:53
Sagelbt: rndRelease-pattern ?14:53
lbtso... [stable-rnDrelease] .... should have rnDrelease-pattern=stable?14:54
Sageumm... [stable-rnDrelease] <- what is this?14:54
*** dlan^ has quit IRC14:54
lbtI dunno - what is [testing-flavour]14:54
Sageit is [*-flavour] that has special mening14:54
lbtchicken entrails ?14:54
Sagefor flavours14:54
lbtright now it ignores %(rndRelease)14:55
lbtso I'm looking for random strings to make it work14:55
SageI haven't used rndRelease really.14:56
SageI'm using just %(release) which is actually wrong.14:56
Sageah, so it uses %(release) with rnd as well that %(rndRelease) is not there14:59
*** pcat has joined #mer15:00
Sagelbt: so replace %(rndRelease) wit %(release)15:00
lbtholy crap15:00
Sagebased on which mode you are release or rnd it fills %(release) with release or rndRelease that is set to /etc/ssu/ssu.ini by ssu re and ssu fl commands15:00
lbtof course15:00
lbtso in ssu.ini rndRelease = stable and release = latest and %(release) = "stable" .... naturally15:01
Sagedepends if you are in rnd or release mode15:02
lbtoh, so in debug mode I should expect c=5 to set the value of b15:02
lbtI just wonder if everyone is in denial15:03
*** slaine has quit IRC15:03
*** wower has joined #mer15:06
Sagelbt: you never set rndRelease value anywhere really.15:12
lbtssu -r release sets rndRelease in ssu.ini15:12
*** tetris4 has quit IRC15:14
Stskeepslbt: remember to re-kick off prerelease, not sure if you did15:15
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox15:16
*** tetris4 has joined #mer15:16
davide_lbt: excuse me for asking too many questions..but for adding new packages in a target can I use something like "sb2 -t mer-target-armv7l -m sdk-install -R zypper in autoconf"?15:17
davide_Do you know what the error "Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed:    package m4-1.4.16-1.14.Mer.armv7l is intended for a different architecture" means?15:17
lbtdavide_: not a problem15:18
lbtStskeeps: gah15:18
lbtStskeeps: can you help davide_ whilst I go clean up and kick it15:19
lbtbeen doing QA test design all pm15:19
*** Martix_ has quit IRC15:21
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer15:23
*** ridikulus_rat has quit IRC15:24
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #mer15:25
*** tetris4 has quit IRC15:25
*** ridikulus_rat has left #mer15:25
lbtpre-release running again15:26
lbtdavide_: ok - that should work fine15:26
lbtdavide_: you may possibly have an old SDK15:27
lbtsdk-version ?15:27
lbtrun sdk-version ?15:27
davide_Core repos point at version: next15:28
davide_Tools repos point at version: rolling15:28
*** plundstr has left #mer15:30
*** aladds has joined #mer15:33
lbtok, up to date then15:34
davide_lbt: I try to update the sdk..15:34
davide_lbt: ok.15:34
*** zenvoid has joined #mer15:40
davide_lbt: I've done an update but unfortunately it did not solved the problem...15:43
lbtdid you cd to the target root before running the update15:43
*** mlong has quit IRC15:43
lbtI need to verify that bug is still present15:44
lbtyour sb2 command sounds correct15:44
davide_lbt: no, I was in my suorces directory...I should run the update from target directory?15:45
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:45
lbtit shouldn't matter15:45
lbtbut it might15:45
davide_lbt: ok15:46
*** fmunozs has quit IRC15:47
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:48
davide_lbt: from within target root "nothing to do" but I noticed that even in the previous update launch there's a message "The following package update will NOT be installed: sdk-utils"..could be a problem?15:49
*** Martix_ has joined #mer15:53
*** auri__ has quit IRC15:54
*** drussell has quit IRC15:55
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*** kavuri has joined #mer16:19
*** zhxt has quit IRC16:22
davide_lbt: tried to download rpm from "" and installing with "[..] zypper in m4-[..].rpm" but the same problem appears...16:26
Stskeepssb2 -t mer-target-armv7l uname -a16:27
davide_Stskeeps: "Linux localhost.localdomain 3.8.9-200.fc18.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Apr 26 12:50:07 UTC 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux"16:28
*** MrBlueSky125 has quit IRC16:28
Stskeepsok, and sb2 -t mer-target-armv7l cat /etc/rpm/platform16:30
*** Sateesh has joined #mer16:34
davide_Stskeeps: I've got no /etc/rpm/platform/ (I thought that bug #238 was only for armv7hl but maybe I've done a big mistake!)16:36
MerbotMer bug 238 in scratchbox 2 "rpm running under sb2 does not detect the platform correctly and needs etc/rpm/platform setting" [Normal,New]
Stskeepsdavide_: well, something's picking up a shady arch i guess16:36
davide_ok...maybe the 238 bug's workaround solve the problem...I try it now...16:38
*** jpwhiting_ has quit IRC16:38
*** rcg has joined #mer16:40
*** lamikr has quit IRC16:40
*** PasNox has joined #mer16:42
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer16:43
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer16:43
davide_Stskeeps: solved with "echo -n "armv7l-meego-linux" > etc/rpm/platform"! I missed the David's post in the #238 bug webpage...16:46
*** kavuri has quit IRC16:52
*** Sateesh has quit IRC16:52
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Meiuncan anyone else confirm if the md5sum for the mer-test.img.tar.gz is correct?18:27
Meiuncant seem to match the md5sum with what the website says ever18:28
CosmoHillgive me a link and I'll download it and tell you the md5sum i get18:28
Meiunwoops wrong chat B)18:30
Meiunmeant to ask that in a different chat on freenode18:30
CosmoHillhehe could be worse18:31
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[ol]kaltsi: I've added a comment to
[ol]kaltsi: I can write a test case, but I presume that my change is obvious enough.21:16
*** M13 has joined #mer21:18
*** mlong has joined #mer21:18
*** jluisn_ has quit IRC21:19
[ol]kaltsi: Every file descriptor created should be added to fdpathdb. This is needed for reverse mapping, so if we open another file using a path relative to a file descriptor (with openat(), for example), sb2 can find its full pathname and apply the appropriate rules.21:20
[ol]kaltsi: There were two finctions which create file descriptors, but don't register new descriptors in fdpathdb. I've just added this missing registration.21:22
[ol]kaltsi: The use case is depmod program which opens directories with opendir(), and then opens files inside them with openat().21:25
[ol]kaltsi: Please let me know if you need more information.21:25
*** ced117 has quit IRC21:33
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lbtphaeron: ping ... cmds is giving 500 on :800222:18
*** mbohlender has joined #mer22:19
phaeronlbt: checking22:19
*** Martix_ has joined #mer22:19
*** rcg has quit IRC22:19
phaeronlbt: is that when you do update ?22:19
phaeronaha are you using the new url or old :)22:19
phaeronyeah I shouldn't have changed it , no point :)22:20
lbtoh yeah22:20
phaeronI can revert it back if you want22:20
lbtwhat's the new one?22:20
lbtsame error22:21
lbtI thought it was - just wanted to confirm22:21
phaeronrequest not understood22:21
phaeronI think I broke something with that change. and never checked it22:22
phaeronso I will revert it , there's no point in it22:22
phaeronsorry about that22:23
phaeronI have an idea already how to solve the forking / locking problem , just haven't time to code it yet22:24
phaerontry the curl call now without /private22:24
phaeroncron wants to say something but there is no mta installed22:25
*** XenGi is now known as XenGi_22:25
phaeron(watching systemd-journalctl -f)22:26
*** notmart has quit IRC22:27
phaeronI see a flood of requests . so I assume it is ok22:27
lbtI thought all vms had exim setup22:28
lbtyes, it's done part 122:28
lbtI'm ready with the sed on meta prj22:28
phaeronok , nothing more from me , should work (tm)22:29
CosmoHilllbt: You might find this interesting or you might close the tab after 2 lines22:29
*** PasNox has quit IRC22:29
lbtphaeron: ty22:29
*** tilgovi has joined #mer22:30
lbtCosmoHill: go banger racing22:30
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:32
CosmoHillwhat do you think of the writing?22:34
*** XenGi_ is now known as XenGi22:38
lbtphaeron: scheduler is 50022:43
lbthome:jbrooks:branches:nemo:devel:mw/next_i586: mer:mds2:Core:i586:0.20130513.0.1: 500 remote error: Internal Server Error22:43
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:43
lbtCosmoHill: erm - maybe tomorrow :)22:43
phaeronlbt: I think the repo rsync didn't finish22:43
lbtphaeron: said it did22:43
speciallbt: I didn't do it :<22:45
lbtphaeron: yeah, re-scanned the 'log' and it seems OK22:45
lbtspecial: hmm .. so you say22:45
phaeronso why is it returning errors on _meta22:45
phaeronI don't see a tag for that version in packages git22:46
lbtwell, 20m ago it was returning errors on a curl22:46
phaeronroot@cmds:/home/mds/data/mds/packages-git/mer/project-core# git tag -l | grep 51322:47
phaerondid you do the packages core curl ?22:47
lbtI've no idea what you're looking at22:48
lbtand yes, I did22:49
phaeronyeah I did it again just to be sure. so , I think Stskeeps forgot to push the tag22:49
phaeronlet's check the releases git ?22:49
lbtthat could have been me22:49
lbtmonster crashed during the release22:50
phaeronlet me explain a bit , so package-git is what contains the project meta which says which git revision of each package to use for a certain [pre]release22:51
phaeronwhen you ask for Core:<arch>:<id> it looks for a tag matching to <id>22:51
phaeronand reads the project meta22:51
phaeronand starts serving packages from the mer-core git22:51
phaeronyou can check what projects it has in root@cmds:/home/mds/data/mds/packages-git/mer/project-core22:52
phaerongit tag -l22:52
phaeronwhen you do curl http://localhost:8002/update/packages/Core22:52
phaeronit updates that packages git and should get the new tags from mer's releases git22:52
phaeronnow that tag you are asking it to serve is not there22:53
phaeron(it should show up in the curl output if it got pulled in )22:53
lbtI just tagged, pushed, pulled, updated meta, restored meta and it's good22:54
phaeronyep cool22:55
lbtit didn't have a problem with curl http://cmds:8002/update/repo/Core/0.20130513.0.122:55
lbteven though that tag was missing22:55
lbtshould it?22:55
phaeronwell .. they are not really tied together . but it could be a good diagnostic message22:56
phaeron"repo pulled but no matching tags"22:56
phaeronor something22:56
lbtrepo pulled but no tag XXXXX in the mer-core repo22:56
phaeronok can be done22:57
lbtrepo pulled but no tag XXXXX in the mer-core repo; ensure tag is present; rerun update/packages/<repo> if needed22:57
lbtok, bed :)22:57
phaeronok :)22:57
phaerongood night22:58
lbtty for helping - would not have been fun :)22:58
phaeronI can imagine ;)22:58
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:59
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