Sunday, 2013-04-14

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Stskeepsgood morning all08:22
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SpeedEvilgood morning.08:32
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Stskeepslbt: there'll likely be a prerelease today08:50
Stskeepsnot done building yet though08:50
lbtand good morning08:50
Stskeepsyes, and good morning08:50
* Stskeeps passes lbt the coffee08:51
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Stskeepslbt: turned out that libsymlink.attr was wandering into /usr/lib/debug and doing funny dependencies08:51
lbthow did that show up?08:52
Stskeepswhen trying to install debug symbols, unable to resolve dependencies08:53
lbtI think there is something wrong with sbox too08:53
lbtwrappers aren't working in x86 mode08:54
lbtthis will make emulator builds fail08:54
Stskeepswe should probably rebase [ol]'s patches08:55
lbtI'm 99% sure that ldconfig is/was handled by sbox2 using /sb2/wrappers08:55
lbtit is commented to do so08:55
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lbtoh, you won't be able to see that08:57
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* Stskeeps mumbles08:57
Stskeeps(sorry for being a bit tardy, woke up an hour ago and not entirely there yet)08:58
Stskeepsright, sec08:59
* lbt *likes* being able to link to mer-core code by commit :)09:00
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lbtyeah ... and yet09:01
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lbtMessages from sb2:09:01
lbt (WARNING)      rpm[10928/-150771968]   Executing statically linked native binary /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/0.20130218.1/mer-target-i486/sbin/ldconfig09:01
lbt/sbin/ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ Permission denied09:02
lbtwarning: %post(gettext-libs- scriptlet failed, exit status 109:02
Stskeepsdo you have the sb2rc line in your mode(s)?09:02
lbtthat, I'm fairly sure is due to not using the wrapper with -r09:02
Stskeepsok, i'd need to see a full debug log to make sense of it09:04
lbtOK - I was initially checking it wasn't something obvious like "oh yes, we changed ..."09:05
Stskeepsthere's something poking in my mind about this but i can't recall what it is09:05
Stskeepsran into something similarish with the core-toolchain split i think09:06
lbtI don't understand how wrappers are invoked09:06
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Stskeepssb2-show exec might help09:06
lbtI meant in the mappings09:07
lbtunless the sb2rc overrides the fs_rules09:08
Stskeepsit may09:08
Stskeepsis it called with /sbin/ldconfig or ldconfig09:09
lbtmy guess is the former09:11
lbtso ldconfig hits the wrapper - which is buggy09:11
lbtor at least doesn't like something in my config09:11
lbtpossibly symlinks in the path09:11
lbtyes, the wrapper only invokes -r09:13
lbtmodifying the wrapper
lbtto add an echo to confirm execution and -f option doesn't help09:17
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* lbt grumbles that he can't browse ldconfig source09:21
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lbtStskeeps: why is eglibc-2.15-disable-multilib.patch zero bytes?;a=tree;h=refs/heads/master;hb=master11:12
lbt[ol] too11:12
Stskeepslbt: my bad, i think11:13
* Stskeeps adds it to whiteboard11:13
Stskeepsit shouldn't matter for your sb2 case11:13
lbtfound the problem - it's the /etc/ 'include' statement11:13
lbtno, I just saw it11:13
Stskeeps.. include?11:14
lbt > cat /etc/
lbtnot absolute11:14
Stskeepsthat may screw some things up i guess11:14
lbtmay I patch glibc today11:14
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lbtthis breaks SDK I think11:14
Stskeepsyes, but no promises on it making it into next mer release11:15
Stskeepsie, the one we're putting out pretty-soon-now11:15
Stskeepsthe can be hotpatched, so11:15
lbtyes, it can11:16
lbtactually I have other stuff to do11:16
Stskeepssure, just make a whiteboard note this is why so we can get it done i guess11:16
lbtI'm looking at our patches and this looks like an upstream thing too11:18
lbtalso I think we should forbid conditional patches in spec files11:18
Stskeepsdiscourage, but not forbid11:19
Stskeepsthere's just some cases where it's too hard and becomes a massive rabbithole11:19
lbtfair enough11:20
lbtit's not a big deal from the git packaging PoV - just makes otherwise fully automated updates need a tweak11:20
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juvuollenoticed that consequtive runs of mer-sdk-chroot [u]?mount leaves growing amount of /run/shm bind mounts behind11:43
juvuolleseems to be coming from 'mount_bind /dev/shm'11:44
juvuolleprbly nothing too important but just caught my ete11:44
Stskeepswhat's your host OS, ooi?11:44
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juvuolle(x)ubuntu 12.0411:46
Stskeepshmm, ok11:46
Stskeepsif you could file a bug at we'd be able to get back to it :)11:46
juvuollesure thing. for future reference, would this be the right place to create pull req:
Stskeepsthink so, lbt?11:49
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lbtalso, I have a rework of the SDK pending which used Oleg's namespace approach12:01
lbtso any mounts will only be visible to the process-space of the chroot12:01
lbtjuvuolle: I also see the /dev/shm thing - but tbh I never mount/umount ... just mount once and then enter12:02
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[ol]Stskeeps: Log of changes in git shows that it was you who commited change to glibc which contained empty eglibc-2.15-disable-multilib.patch12:53
Stskeepsmy bad12:54
[ol]Strange. I have 2 more changes in my git repo, one of them with the following comment: "Actually disable multilib for 64-bit architectures."12:57
Stskeepsi'm pondering to revisit that a bit12:57
Stskeepsand well, support /lib64 but not build both12:57
[ol]Somehow these changes didn't make into Mer git.12:57
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CosmoHillsalut sardini18:01
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sardinihello CosmoHill18:06
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CosmoHillcomment ça va?18:11
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sardiniCosmoHill,  ça va merci, I hate seasonal changes, time to get used to the winter and spring here18:15
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CosmoHillsummer has arrived18:20
CosmoHillbut I'm sure it snowed eariler this week18:20
sardiniin april?18:20
CosmoHillI'm in a t-shirt and shorts atm but it snowed eariler this week :/18:21
sardiniyes weather is crazy, this is end of the world?18:21
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Stskeepslbt: looks like prerelease will first be in the morning18:56
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