Monday, 2013-04-15

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Stskeepslbt: please do a prerelease :)06:35
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Stskeepsmorn lbt08:30
lbtall done?08:30
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Stskeepsyeah, ready to ship as a prerelease08:31
Stskeepsand then hopefully a quick release after a bit of qa08:31
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Sagehmmp... somethin wrong with
SageI'm not able to download files through it atm.08:32
Sagelbt: ^08:32
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Sageosc co just stalls08:32
* lbt looks08:32
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lbtseems fine to me for osc ls, and using webui to grab logs08:34
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lbtwhat fails?08:34
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Sageosc co doesn't return anything for me08:34
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Sage <- doest this load for you?08:35
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Sagemds2 blew up?08:35
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StskeepsArtox: fix your client08:36
StskeepsSage: not for me08:36
Artoxsorry Stskeeps08:36
Artoxits not my client08:36
Artoxits my connection08:36
Artoxand this semester its worse than ever before08:36
Artoxidk why08:36
Stskeepsah, rampage at your local IT apartment then ;)08:36
Stskeepser, department08:36
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Artox[10:36] <Artox> and this semester its worse than ever before08:37
Artox[10:36] <Artox> idk why08:37
Artox[10:37] <Artox> earleir today it fixed itself after an hour or so08:37
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lbtSage: no, that doesn't - but plenty of stuff does08:38
Artoxif it happesn 1 more time I'll shutdown irc08:38
Sagelbt: so what is wrong with that link? :D08:38
* lbt checks the font08:38
lbtnope, not that08:38
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Sage this works08:39
Sagebut none of the package pages at do not08:40
* lbt suggests deleting home:sage ?08:42
Sagewell other projects in my home work :)08:43
lbt*sigh* so much for that idea08:44
Sageso what did I blow up now? :D08:44
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Sageok, it seems that other projects that point to mds2 are failing as well08:45
Sagelbt: and that is your project ;)08:46
* lbt deletes08:46
lbtmds2 is dead08:46
Stskeepshow did it die?08:47
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Sagewell that would explain my problems with the projects pointing to it :)08:47
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Stskeepsas in, process dead ;)08:48
lbtsnakes on a VM08:48
* lbt suggests some child process limiter on mds208:49
* lbt suggests some child process limiter on mds2 .... other than kernel OOM manager08:49
ka6sox-awaybeat me to it.08:50
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lbtI saw you and just knew08:50
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lbtooh, mds daemon *has* improved ... the logs are no longer in nohup.out :D08:56
lbtStskeeps: phaeron ... a little help please. it's really hard diagnosing on a machine that is swapping heavily08:59
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lbtand I can't find the logs, config file, daemon control....08:59
Stskeepslbt: sure, let me look08:59
lbtI can just killall - but ideally we'd see what's up first09:00
Stskeepsit'll take ~10 min before i can fully log in, i think09:00
Stskeepsdue to the swapping09:00
Stskeeps(just so you dont think i'm not looking)09:00
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lbtit was running  puppet scheduled check - so it's better now09:01
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Stskeepsno strace or gdb installed, hmm..09:02
lbtno, it's production09:02
Stskeepseven production will need ability to debug once in a while :)09:02
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lbtwell, yes, but ideally we keep it clean09:02
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lbtso by default, nothing09:02
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Stskeepsi'm not really expecting to get much out of this but i wouldn't be surprised if it hit a OOM error and lost track of children or something like that09:03
lbtnote there are some processes from various dates09:03
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Artoxif anyone has a hint that'd be appreciated but ofc the disconnecting makes every realtime communication impossible09:03
StskeepsArtox: i can recommend a hetzner vm for irssi09:04
ArtoxI dont think ssh connections will last09:04
Artoxbut I'll try09:04
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lbthappy to kill it but have no idea how to restart it09:04
* lbt is doing taxi duty in 10mins09:06
Stskeepslbt: yeah, i'll kill and restart09:06
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Stskeepslbt: see you later09:08
lbtnot quite gone yet09:09
Stskeepsok, if you could kick off the prerelease, i'll take a look at mds2 and do a running commentary09:10
GentSirYou guys get busy early09:11
Stskeepswaiting for strace/gdb to install right now09:11
StskeepsGentSir: it's our work09:11
lbttagged and running09:12
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Stskeepsthank you09:12
GentSirI'm jealous, I've spent the last week on Code Academy. Sounds awful, but it'll keep me busy for a month or two.09:12
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GentSirThe Sailfish app I was working on took the back burner09:12
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GentSirArtox, are you having issues with ssh timing out?09:16
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ArtoxSage: ssh is nice09:17
Artoxit waits and continues connection09:17
GentSirArtox, try out mosh if latency is the issue09:17
Artoxno it was you Stskeeps09:17
ArtoxGentSir: I pastebinned sth09:17
Artoxin the middle of that09:17
GentSirI'm on a high latency connection, and the predictive local echo is a lifesaver09:17
ArtoxNM reconnects09:17
Artoxmy latency is very low09:18
Artoxat home I never have suchn messages in the dmesg09:18
GentSirI see. Just wanted to offer you a tip if you had that issue, I use it for the auto resume.09:19
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Stskeepsphaeron: seems like MDS2 children is select()'ing on fd 0, from /dev/null09:24
Stskeepsvery mysterious09:24
phaerongood morning09:26
phaeronStskeeps: what does that mean ..09:26
Stskeepsi'm not entirely sure to be honest09:26
Stskeepsmaybe we need SIGPIPE handling?09:27
Stskeepsor SIGCHLD or the likes09:27
Stskeepsmy aim is to restart mds2 at this point09:27
phaeronis the machine still swapping I want to see if I've seen that issue before09:27
phaeronlbt: logs are in the usual places systemd journal or /var/log/syslog09:28
Stskeepsphaeron: it's swapping quite madly, at least, feel free to look09:28
phaeronor /var/log/messages etc ..09:28
phaerontrying to log in09:28
alteregoIs there something wrong with the mer obs?09:35
Stskeepsyes, guess what we're talking about09:35
alteregom'kay :)09:35
phaeronStskeeps: restarting. , I might have an idea why this happens09:37
Stskeeps   oka09:37
lbtdid you see the old processes09:37
phaeronlbt: yes09:37
phaeronI think they are the obs watcher requests09:38
phaeronsometimes obs just starts new watchers without closing the old connection09:38
phaeronand I tried hard to find a way to detect that the watcher is no longer .. watching .. but haven't found one yet.09:38
phaeronthere's a FIXME in the code09:39
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Stskeepsmakes sense09:48
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Sagedid I kill mds2 again? :D10:06
Stskeepsno, i think it was building up over time10:06
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Sagesomething blew up again I thkn10:08
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lbtjust looking10:08
lbtis freenode flakey ?10:08
Sagewell for me that works fine :)10:09
lbtSage: your branch is responding - but a bit slow10:10
Sageah, now it started to respond10:10
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w00tis it just me, or is the mobs web UI a little slow?10:19
Stskeepsjust aftereffect of the mds2 stuff i think, don't worry too much about it10:20
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Sageoh, come on. now the mer obs doesn't respond again10:38
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Sagew00t: it is not just you :)10:38
*** kavuri has joined #mer10:39
phaeronlbt: it does have 11 workers only10:39
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lbtback ... mer project accounts phone call :)10:44
SageStskeeps: ever seen this thing before?10:45
SageI/O error : Attempt to load network entity
StskeepsSage: yes, something is trying to access network during build10:45
Stskeepsit's not there10:45
lbtphaeron: I see 12 workers now10:45
SageStskeeps: ok,10:46
lbtphaeron: the tables occasionally lose info but I've not seen a single crash since I fixed the tmpfs umount issue10:46
phaeronhmm ok10:46
lbtgraphs have gone again though :D10:47
*** Artox is now known as Fortuona10:47
lbtneed to switch arches to get 'em back10:47
*** Artox has joined #mer10:47
lbtStskeeps: did you trigger an mds2 load?10:47
lbtI don't expect so10:48
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lbtpre-release just finished too10:48
*** RzR has joined #mer10:50
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phaeronlbt: I use , more reliable10:52
Stskeepslbt: and thanks for prerelease11:00
iekkumer bug triage?11:00
lbtoop, yes11:05
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Sagewas  getbinaries: missing packages: perl-HTML-Tagset something that says do rebuild?11:50
Sageor that mds2 has something?11:53
Sagewhich one? :)11:53
Sagerebuild apparently11:56
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kulvethere should be graphs about bug states; how long the bug is in NEW state, how long does it take to get it fixed (from reporting) and how long does it take from fixed -> close. Those could be averages of bugs close during the last X months or so (where X could be 1).12:36
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Stskeepsmorn crevetor o/12:54
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soldoKynHi to all! I'm pretty new to mer and I'm trying to build a root filesystem for an arm device (i.mx6)...where can I find a kickstarter configuration file for that type of board? thanks!13:24
Stskeepsmay be useful13:26
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soldoKynStskeeps: thank you! I'll try that!13:55
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Sagemer cobs acting very slow again14:56
*** mitz_ has joined #mer14:56
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lbtseems very quick here...14:57
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MrBlueSky125hi, is there any information about the release date of the first sailfish phone?15:16
MrBlueSky125just wondering if it is worth waiting for it or getting the new BB Z10 now15:17
kulveno news15:22
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MrBlueSky125what a shame15:38
*** kavuri has quit IRC15:44
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Sfiet_KonstantinMrBlueSky125: consider talking about Jolla products in either #sailfishos or #jollamobile15:47
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kulvewell, asking questions like that doesn't get ever any real answers anywhere :)15:50
Sfiet_Konstantinkulve: yeah, but it at least keeps logs in order15:50
*** nothingkill_ has joined #mer15:50
Sfiet_Konstantineven if we talk about a lot of stuff in #mer ...15:50
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w00tlbt: <- 2 hour bluedevil build looks a bit suspicious, stuck job?16:12
Sagelbt: Stskeeps: phaeron: the mer obs is really acting slow. I wonder why? At times it takes like 5mins to get it respond and at times it responds instantly16:16
lbtw00t: it does look stuck, yes16:17
lbtkicked it16:18
lbtSage: it's really hard to tell16:19
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC16:19
lbtnow it feels quick16:19
*** SpeedEvil has joined #mer16:19
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* lbt looks at w00t and phaeron .... calling the packaging directory "rpm" is cool ... unless you're building rpm ....17:11
phaeronwhy does it matter :)17:13
lbtwould you believe it creates a file called .... rpm17:16
lbtw00t: hey ... good news ...  Jim's giving a keynote and we've not missed it !!!17:16
*** mdfe has joined #mer17:16
* lbt grabs a coffee in a cardboard cup and settles down to watch17:17
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:18
phaeronlbt: that probably means I forgot to exclude rpm/ and debian/ from tarballs17:20
lbtnah, it's mb17:20
phaeronhmm :)17:22
lbtbuilding rpm with mb results in17:22
lbtmake[2]: Entering directory `/everything/home/david/rpmbuild/BUILD/rpm'17:22
lbtrm: cannot remove `rpm': Is a directory17:22
lbtrpm's Makefile tries to rm rpm which it probably thinks it built... but rpm is the packaging dir so make failes17:23
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phaeronhmm why is rpm packaged with rpm subdir ?17:29
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w00tphaeron: lbt: err.. is saying http 401 (unauthorized access) inside obs web ui, but i am logged in17:59
w00tactually, everything seems to be doing that17:59
lbtty looking17:59
* Stskeeps declares this is a monday18:00
lbtone of these days I'll replicate ldap18:05
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*** crevetor has joined #mer18:37
w00tlbt: so ldap fell over?18:37
kontioI also encounter login errors... guess can stop to try to login... not my ability to enter a password right is the problem :-)18:39
Sagejust about to come to complain about login errors :D18:40
SageStskeeps: I really think that we should exchange sunday and monday :P18:40
w00ti noticed login errors before it was cool18:40
w00t</hipster hacker>18:40
Sagew00t: ;)18:41
*** vakkov has joined #mer18:41
vgradevakkov: \o18:41
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lbtso it looks like the entire LDAP db was deleted apart from 1 account18:51
lbtand the backup is empty18:52
* lbt is not kidding18:52
* lbt goes for a beer18:54
* lbt really isn't kidding18:59
* dm8tbr realizes the implications19:00
dm8tbrnot fun at all19:00
w00tany clue on what happened?19:00
Stskeepslbt: doesn't bugzilla keep a seperate db?19:00
lbtno - it looks like something deleted all the user accounts19:00
lbtanyhow ... phaeron and I managed to replay the db logs to 9am this morning and we're all back19:01
* lbt and phaeron want more beer/pizza at our next Mer event !!! :D19:02
phaeronyeah well , unknown soldiers :)19:03
dm8tbryay for phaeron19:03
w00t<3, although i'm a little worried as to what would have done that19:04
phaerondm8tbr: lbt did all the work. I was cheering along :)19:05
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Stskeepsnot to distract from the bugzilla issue, but two explosions at boston marathon:
phaeronbugzilla issue ?19:21
Stskeepser, ldap issue19:22
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lbtOK, all analysed and nothing bad happened - db->ldap sync broke and erased the ldap19:35
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Stskeeps:/ @ news19:52
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KeltesethI see it 0.o20:10
Kelteseth23 injuries and   2 dead20:10
Stskeepsyeah, a tragedy20:10
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GentSirWith an area that densely crowded, it's a miracle that only two people died.20:12
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lbtmobs and cobs are rebuilding latest pre-release23:17
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* w00t notes mobs go mad23:34
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* lpotter notes mobs was already mad23:41
* lpotter notes mobs has been mad since birth23:41
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