Saturday, 2013-04-13

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yigaloh ya that's exactly what it is, well 'c u later' -> 'c u laitas' -> 'cyalaitas' -> 'cyas'00:10
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yigalah such a dead channel02:09
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ka6soxsheesh...he shows up friday night, after everyone has gone to bed and complains?02:14
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Stskeepsmorn all06:23
ka6soxmorn y'all06:36
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Sagelbt: Stskeeps phaeron:  Message: connect to cbe-vlan110:5252: No route to host ?07:53
Sagewhat did I broke now?07:54
phaeronlbt: alarm .. cbe is down ?07:55
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Stskeepslooks down to me too08:00
Stskeepsphost8 is up though08:01
Stskeepsand VM is running08:01
phaeronStskeeps: yes virsh console says it is up. must be some kind of network issue. will have to wait for lbt08:03
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* Sage waits for lbt to appear08:39
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Stskeepsmoo faenil09:06
faenilhey master! how are you09:06
Stskeepsi'm good, thanks09:07
faenilbeen away for a while, how is stuff going in here?09:07
Stskeepsgood good09:11
faenilStskeeps, good :) it's finally time for me to enjoy the SDK :)09:12
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lbtmorning all09:17
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Stskeepslbt: something's wrong networkwise with cbe09:19
faenilStskeeps, yeah :D need to do a format first, and I want to change distro this time09:20
faenillbt, Stskeeps any suggestion about that?09:20
faenilI'm on ubuntu now, but it's "too" easy to use, I'd like to use something less "ready OOB" so that I can learn stuff by fixing/hacking things around09:21
faenillbt, I was thinking about Arch, what do you think about that?09:22
Bostikdebian unstable09:23
rcgfaenil, lfs ;P09:23
Bostikrcg: that's cruel :)09:24
faenilrcg, that was my idea too :P but I guess it would take too long before I get something usable :)09:24
rcgBostik, :)09:24
faenilrcg, I started reading lfs few years ago...:)09:24
faenilbut yeah that would be the ideal one, having enough time09:24
faenilalright so it seems debian it is09:25
rcgfaenil, haha, that was indeed just an evil joke :)09:25
faenilrcg, nono, that's actually cool stuff I've always wanted to do09:25
faenilmaybe after I finish uni ^^09:25
rcgthere is also gentoo, but i moved away from it just because i didn't have the time neither the patience to keep that up to date09:25
faenilI see..09:25
rcggentoo is pretty much lfs with more convenience09:26
rcgto roughly summarize it09:26
rcglots of people will probably beat me for the over simplification, but well :)09:26
lbtStskeeps: it's odd - it is up (console) and on the other vlan - but not on ssh vlan09:27
faenilStskeeps, no input from your side?09:27
Stskeepsfaenil: i'm happy with fedora mostly09:28
faenilStskeeps, but you're already master of evil things...what about a young boy like me :P09:28
Stskeepsin my young days, i worked on SINIX.09:30
rcgbtw Stskeeps do you use yum?09:31
rcgcomparing to zypper i always find yum a little painful to use09:31
faenilStskeeps, is sinix still alive? XD09:32
Stskeepsrcg: i use yum but i prefer zypper09:32
Stskeepsfaenil: doubt it09:32
faenilStskeeps, ehehe09:32
lbtStskeeps: any idea on the ldconfig problem?09:33
faenilnow that I'm thinking about it, let's rephrase the question: any distro I can use on my laptop which is similar to Mer?09:33
Stskeepslbt: not yet09:33
lbtdo you see it?09:33
faenilsince that's where I'll spend my next months on (Sailfish)09:33
Stskeepslbt: i dont use sb2 targets on a regular basis, but it doesn't happen on the obs mode09:34
lbtno, it doesn't09:34
lbtI think it's sdk rules09:34
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lbtbut the only change I saw in upstream rules was a version bump09:34
lbtwhere is sb2 upstream git ?09:34
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Stskeepsi think09:35
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lbtSage: Stskeeps: cbe is back up - no explanation of what happened. A single internal vlan stopped responding during a routine cron job. Other VMs on the same bridge were working09:50
lbtVM itself was up and fine09:50
lbtwe have no backdoors via console - it's hard to do in a safe way09:50
lbtSYSRQ works :)09:51
lbtbut need to check the scheduler09:51
lbtwe may want a deadman switch09:51
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lbtsomething like that, yes09:57
lbtcan't be a simple internal one though - the machine was running just fine :)09:58
lbtanyhow... that's not going to happen anytime soon... sb2 first09:59
* Stskeeps wires up the watchdog to lbt's kitten's attack mode10:00
lbthehe ... they'd bat it around for fun10:00
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Sagelbt: one worker has died on phost1010:09
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lbtSage: ty - due to rpc timeout on cbe I think10:10
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Sagehmmp... publishing is taking forever now. it is working still right?10:28
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lbtSage: example?11:35
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[ol]lbt: The issue with sb2 and ldconfig you've mentioned yesterday is expected. I had it when I was installing x86_64 packages into sb2 target root.11:48
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Sagelbt: well got published now. Just took a while11:50
[ol]lbt: The simple workaround is to run ldconfig with "-r" and "-f" options manually afterwards.11:52
[ol]What I noticed was that sb2 has a different behaviour for x86 targets. It doesn't use qemu to run target programs, so when it encounters statically linked programs its LD_PRELOAD magic doesn't work. Fortunately, it happens just with ldconfig, and there is a simple workaround.11:55
[ol]Of course, manually running ldconfig afterwards works if you run sb2 manually. If you want to do something automatically (like building with OBS worker), just don't use sb2 for x86 targets. Other ways for virtualisation (like chroot, lxc, kvm etc.) are more suitable for building x86 packages on x86 host.12:03
lbt[ol]: OK - I've not looked at sb2 on x86 much - there is a wrapper capability - wonder if we can use that12:03
lbtthe use case I have is to ensure a consistent behaviour in the SDK12:04
lbtso I'd like all builds to use sb212:04
lbtgood to know it's not a regression though - I was worried it was my rules12:04
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[ol]lbt: There is cputransparency support for statically linked native binaries in sb2, but I didn't manage it to work.12:05
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[ol]So, I'd recomment not using sb2 for building x86 packages. Anyway, sb2 doesn't provide any advantage over chroot in case of fully bootstrapped target.12:07
lbtit's not advantage I want :)12:07
lbtit's consistency12:07
lbtthis is for gui SDK with QtCreator12:07
[ol]You won't get consistency: sb2 behaves different way for x86 targets.12:08
lbtOK the tools all manage targets12:08
lbtnow I need tools to manage targets for arm and nested chroot for x8612:08
lbtthis is a PITA12:08
lbtso consistency of management12:08
lbtand the objective is to develop consistency of build for x8t12:09
lbtso if it is different I'd like to minimise those deltas12:09
lbteg the mb tool does sb2 ... zypper in ... BuildRequires12:10
lbtit and all the others shouldn't care what sb2 arch is being used - yes?12:10
[ol]OK, you can try to configure sb2 target using sb2-init with "-p" option, and then debug the problem if it doesn't work.12:11
* lbt looks for -p12:12
[ol]Anyway, you won't reach full consistency: you still need sb2-init with different options for x86 and non-x86 targets.12:12
lbtyes - that I can deal with though12:12
[ol]"-p" is supposed to be just like "-c", but for statically linked native binaries.12:12
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lbtI wonder if it should be -p /.../sb2-wrapper12:14
[ol]This means that statically linked native binaries will be run under qemu.12:14
[ol]No, it should be qemu.12:14
lbthow would that solve PRELOAD ?12:15
[ol]There is no way to wrap statically linked binary sb2 way. But running it emulated under dynamically linked qemu still works.12:15
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lbtso the qemu intercepts open syscall and is itself LD_PRELOADED ?12:16
[ol]This is because LD_PRELOAD magic is being applied to qemu.12:16
[ol]However, there are 2 problems with this approach.12:17
[ol]First, qemu usermode doesn't support multithreading for i386 and x86_64 targets. There are unofficial patches for i386, but no luck for x86_64.12:18
[ol]However, it's not a problem for ldconfig. But there can be other statically linked programs.12:19
[ol]Second, there is a problem in qemu usermode listing directories for 64-bit targets on 32-bit host caused by internal struct dirent on target being larger than one on host. This causes ldconfig not work because it lists directories containing libraries.12:23
[ol]Fortunately, I have a patch for that. :-)12:23
[ol]Currently the only 64-bit architecture supported by Mer is x86_64, and I didn't use qemu even for statically linked binaries to build x86_64 packages.12:25
[ol]But this dirent bug in qemu is still sleeping waiting to bite other 64-bit architectures (like 64-bit arm), which will require qemu.12:26
lbtyes, I can imagine12:27
[ol]So, I have to submit my patch upstream before that happens.12:28
[ol]These are 2 problems with qemu I remember. But I don't remember what was the issue with sb2 and its cputransparency for native statically linked binaries. I remember that it was not working, but I'm sure that the reason for that was something else, because I've already fixed dirent problem for my qemu at that time.12:31
[ol]And I was using older sb2, so may be it works now.12:31
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* [ol] AFK for a while.12:33
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[ol]There could be another workaround for sb2+ldconfig issue: make exec rule in sb2-install mode to run host ldconfig with "-r" and "-f" options instead of target ldconfig.15:07
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sardini hello CosmoHill20:40
CosmoHillhow are you?20:41
sardinifine I think, and you? job is cool?20:43
CosmoHillI feel a little sick at the moment. The job is going well I think. I'm struggling because I'm learning20:45
sardiniI m watching alien theory, they said G Washington have meet E.T. :)20:46
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GentSirsardini, probably did20:56
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sardiniand Ellop I'm  pretty sure he is an alien20:58
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sardiniCosmoHill, british who create the voice... and stupid french tv who buy that thing ...21:11
CosmoHillyou're french?21:12
sardinibut not responsible21:13
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CosmoHillI'm in a linux channel and it's kinda fun21:21
CosmoHilljust a load of brits bitching about internet speads21:21
vgradeCosmoHill: thanks for the manager21:23
CosmoHillyou got McDermit?21:23
vgradewe had our first win in 7 today :)21:25
CosmoHillwell yeah, he;s awesome :)21:25
vgradeprobably too late to get into playoffs this year so see you in the champ next year21:26
CosmoHillwe got southamptons manager, he got them up three leagues in three seasons21:26
CosmoHillso in 2015 we'll be above chelsea :)21:26
vgradeyea, don't know why all the good managers get the sack after doing so well21:27
CosmoHill"you're not awesome, you're just a human, jog on"21:30
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CosmoHillnight night22:54
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