Friday, 2013-04-12

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Bostikokay, the libhybris/wayland post hit /. (or actually its phoronix indirection did) and of course nobody has shown much clue06:52
Bostikso I did the unthinkable:
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Stskeepsdid a useful /. comment in this day and age?06:55
Bostikwell, that too06:59
Bostikbut I bit the bullet and made a vain attempt to actually inform the crowd about what's going on07:00
ka6soxStskeeps, congrats...07:01
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mardyStskeeps: nice post, and I liked the way you handled the friction with Canonical :-)07:14
mardyStskeeps: BTW, I guess that the SCM issue is just a consequence of the will to initially develop the project internally: we don't use any SCM other than bzr (sadly)07:15
mardyI mean, launchpad supports only bzr07:15
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Stskeepsyeah, well, i wouldn't have minded if it had a sane basepoint07:27
Stskeepsi can extract patches from bzr, i used to use bzr in old mer07:27
Stskeepsbut when it's completely out of sync with any state from the git..07:27
Stskeepsanyway, now is the time for looking forward, everybody in non-android land has an issue07:28
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rcgStskeeps, very nice blogpost :)07:59
Stskeepsthanks, more to come07:59
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rcggreat :)07:59
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rcgmissed my connecting bus today on my daily commute so i used the extra time to read that post :)08:00
rcgalso nice to see that "a certain company" is cooperating now :)08:01
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kulvercg: I spent some time installing/studying the multirom/TWRP stuff. It seems quite nice and surprisingly polished. And it should be able to run Mer/Nemo/PA rootfilesystems as is. We could create an installable rom from the rootfs or we should be able to copy the rootfs to a correct place and add a single .txt file. I tried the copying and it's only visible in the TWRP, not in the boot menu08:12
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kulveI'll test more later, but it looks promising08:12
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kulvercg: Also I think we should update the kernel to match the latest ubuntu stuff. I think they've added some audio fixes at least08:15
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rcgkulve, cool that sounds great :)08:16
rcgkulve, aye, i think a kernel upgrade makes sense as well08:16
rcgit's just, i am currently drowning in other work08:17
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kulvethe TWRP stuff is nice. It allows you to install full root filesystems as .imgs or as .tgzs and you can run them also from USB sticks. And it seems relatively easy for anybody to install those with the touchscreen UI08:17
kulvercg: np. I'll do some work when I have the time and the motivation :)08:18
kulveI have too many other projects going on as well :)08:18
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rcgkulve, yeah.. same problem here.. i would have liked to contribute more support lately but other things have priority right now :/08:19
rcgi think even my speaking/writing skills suffered quite a bit lately xD08:20
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Stskeepslbt: and prerelease was imported to cobs?08:39
* lbt checks08:39
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lbtI left it running - seems to have finished just fine08:39
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Stskeepsok, i meant mobs08:40
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lbtyeah - I need to fix the graphs08:40
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lbtit didn't report any problems - but as you know it's a bit of a black box .... just push button a/b/c :D08:41
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lbtwhen it fails one day I'll know what it looks like when it fails08:41
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lbtphaeron: when you have time will you tell me how to fix the plots08:49
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phaeronwhy do you expect me to know everything :)08:58
lbtyou told me you knew what to do and mentioned 2 areas; I fixed one and didn't know how what you meant by the other one08:58
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lbtyou said it needs to connect to itself08:58
lbtI don't know if webui calls api08:59
lbtor api api08:59
lbtor what08:59
lbtthe logs (as usual) are crap and there's no obvious errors08:59
lbtso rather than waste time digging - I asked08:59
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phaeronjust that in some cases it's a fix of a certain situation .. so I'll probably dig too. anyway not saying I won't help , was just curious :)09:04
lbtah, I thought you'd seen + fixed it09:04
lbtlooked in /srv/www/obs/webui/app/views/monitor/_events.html.erb09:05
lbtbloody hell09:08
lbtthey work for armv7el09:08
lbtso it's not cfe config09:08
phaeronlbt: the graph on frontpage works for me09:09
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lbthmm something intermittent :/09:10
lbtsimple page load here: has no graphs09:11
lbtchanging arch then lets them work09:11
phaeronlbt: only the active workers graph is broken09:12
phaeronthe other two work09:12
lbtnope, it works here ... sometimes09:13
lbtok, that's good enough to get what I need for now09:14
phaeronyeah I can't see any js errors either09:14
lbtwhen OBS upgrade happens (hahahaha) we'll see if it's more reliable09:15
lbtty for looking :)09:15
lbtapparently whatever the original fix you told me was it was enough09:15
lbtnow... rpm09:15
phaeronyeah the other one was specific to the internal obs09:15
phaeronlbt: about mds2 , you'll see rsync errors if any when you do the curl calls. then changing the project meta of :devel usually doesn't break .. or at least I haven't seen it break09:16
phaeronlbt: not sure what else could be shown09:17
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lbtosc -A mobs meta prj mer:devel | sed 's/0.20130411.0.1/0.20130411.0.2/' | osc -A mobs meta prj mer:devel -F -09:18
lbtcan the curl commands be run in any order?09:19
lbtbasically how robust is it?09:19
phaeronlbt: yes good enough , although I do have more elaborate process for it .. not sure it is worth it here09:19
phaeronlbt: yes it can be run in any order09:19
Stskeepslbt: thanks for prerelease09:19
lbtnp - it was mainly monster dying and then rerunning when everyone went to bed09:20
lbtthe logs show it took very little time to rebuild09:20
phaeronlbt: if you have doubts about some scenarios tell me. in my use cases it has been reliable09:21
lbtphaeron: I'll read the code one day09:21
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lbtbtw - gitlab ... I got 5.1 pre HEAD working with LDAP and sane email/accountname on mer infra under gldev09:23
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phaeronlbt: nice. though the big pull request for auth is not in gitlab master yet09:24
lbtno - I think I need to test the other big 'proper' solution09:26
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phaeronyeah 5.2 is most probably going to have that in ...09:26
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phaeronlbt: did we upgrade boss on new obs already ?09:27
lbtI don't think so09:27
phaeronok I'll make a note to do so09:27
lbtiirc I prepared a new pkg09:27
phaeronI deployed a new is_repo_published that caches state , and it is helping load a lot09:28
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lbtnb - I'm exploring mongodb for storage09:28
phaeronnot sure if it is worth adding the complexity of a stateful queue09:28
lbtso if you look at it - don't pick redis :)09:28
phaeronfor this particular case I don't see the storage being the bottle neck09:29
lbtalmost nothing in it but mongo has better docs for operational things09:29
lbtno, it's not09:29
lbtbut it allows remote dashboards09:29
phaeronit's the limitation of obs repo server not having proper state events09:29
lbtI don't want any webapp running on boss machine locally09:29
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phaeronlbt: can you build the dashboard on top of ruote-kit rest api ?09:30
lbt*nod* mongo isn't related to state09:30
lbtbut I want a full dashboard object for my experiments09:31
lbtI'm planning to extend intenal boss storage09:31
phaeronlbt: I am a bit nervous that accessing the storage engine will clash with ruote09:31
lbtit uses ruote09:31
lbtso the remote machine instantiates a ruote dashboard with a remote storage object09:32
phaeronso two copies of ruote accessing the same storage (mongo) ?  still makes me nervous.09:32
lbtbut not a worker09:32
lbtwe do it all the time09:32
lbtruote-kit does that09:32
lbtin fact I use ruote-kit models but not http api09:33
phaeronwith the exception that it is running on same server ( not sure if there is fs based locking )09:33
phaeronor some class based locks09:34
lbtit is designed to work with multiple concurrent storage and even workers09:34
phaeronmaybe ask jmettraux09:34
lbtit says so in the docs :)09:34
lbtsome storages are said not to support concurrence09:35
lbteg fs on windows is not OK09:35
lbtdue to missing lock09:35
lbtI spent an hour researching redis vs mongo and came to the conclusion that either would be fine09:36
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lbtredis kinda seemed cooler and a bit faster; also a bit simpler. but mongo had better docs, scaled better (iirc) and was a little more DB like09:38
lbt  vs
lbtalso redis doesn't support ssl, mongodb supports ssl and pki09:39
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phaerondo you really want to use ssl between the db and app .. ? :)09:40
lbtno ... but I *am* interested in pki authentication and possibly federation09:42
phaeronI agree , though I am more inclined to do it at amqp . which is now possible with the new versions09:43
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lbtthat's needed too - but for a different thing than I had in mind09:46
lbtthey should interoperate though09:46
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SageStskeeps: is the uxlaunch removal patch for patterns already in mer core?09:48
Sageapparently not :/09:49
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timophso is no more10:28
timophI hope people got what they needed out of there in time10:28
Stskeepsit's on or something, too10:29
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sledgesanyone played with Nexcom NDiS-166 ?10:52
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* phako doesn't even know what that is11:02
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sledgesIntel's HD media platform11:33
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Stskeeps:Yes I have and the N9 didn't use X11. It used the Qt framebuffer driver."11:50
Stskeepsoh slashdot11:50
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vgrade\o/ weekend16:29
sledges /o\16:29
sledgesthey say it will be summer weather in UK for this one :)16:30
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vgradesledges: don't say that Janice will be wanting me to do something in the garden16:32
*** tilgovi has joined #mer16:33
sledgesall the Janice's in our street will definitelly do want :))16:35
sledgeshedge and grass cutters buzzing all day, that's what's coming :))16:35
sledgesgood that the grass hasn't grown up that much over the 'winter'16:36
kulvewe have still >1m of snow in most places on out yard..16:37
vgradekulve: that sounds much better, more time for hacking indoors16:38
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Sfiet_Konstantino/ fabo17:07
Sfiet_Konstantino/ faenil17:07
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lbtsb2 issue: /sbin/ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ Permission denied17:15
lbtseems to be because (WARNING)      rpm[26730/-150735104]   Executing statically linked native binary /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer_target_i486/mer_target/sbin/ldconfig17:15
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, o//17:15
lbtstatic ldconfig in sb2 target is bad17:16
lbtkaltsi: ^^ ?17:16
faenilsup ladies? :D17:16
lbtor Stskeeps ^^17:16
CosmoHillI told my mum to read something on my laptop, she read a bit then tried to scroll down by swiping at the screen17:17
Stskeepslbt, just got home, prod me tomorrow. -R -m sdk-install in use?17:17
lbtyes - it's static though17:17
Stskeepsand sb2 installed in target?17:18
lbtso sb2 can't LD_PRELOAD it17:18
lbtmay not have sb2 in target :)17:18
lbttomorrow is fine17:19
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lbtwell, I can't make a new 486 target work at all17:49
lbtInstallation of scratchbox2-2.3.90-1.1.4 failed:17:50
lbt(with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/sb2-qemu-gdbserver-prepare: cpio: rename failed - Read-only file system17:50
lbt# ldconfig17:50
lbt/parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer_target_i486/mer_target/sbin/ldconfig: need absolute file name for configuration file when using -r17:50
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lbtthat's with a fresh mic created fs rootfs for 486 - obviously no sb2 since sb2 won't install17:50
phaeronlbt: is that with latest or next ?17:52
lbtjust adding sb2 to the ks17:52
lbtshould ldconfig be static ?17:53
phaeronlbt: I think so , yes17:54
lbthow does it work in sb2 then?17:55
phaeronI think it is supposed to be able to work without needing to load any so libraries ..17:55
lbtyeah - but it opens and updates files which live in the target17:55
lbtwhich need intercepting17:55
lbtwhat makes me concerned is that sb2 is complaining17:56
lbt (WARNING)      rpm[26411/-150317312]   Executing statically linked native binary /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer_target_i486/mer_target/sbin/ldconfig17:56
phaeronlbt: hmm it has an -r switch for root ?17:56
lbthmm - wonder if this changed17:57
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lbthmm -- this is odd18:00
lbtI installed sb2 using mic18:00
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lbtanyhow ... tango time now .... l8r o/18:03
lbtyeah - it's definitely broken18:05
lbtI suspect the sdk-install rules don't work anymore with new scratchbox18:05
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karaca@Stskeeps: hi, me again. I have installed the SDK. At the end of the install i have got "Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug"20:01
karacaso i am reporting it. Hope here is the right place.20:01
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nsuffysHi guys !20:20
nsuffysJust to say that I make this video : Seadot 2013-03-03 (based on Mer-Project) running on WeTab [French] -
nsuffysSeadot is increasingly awesome ! :D20:22
*** bef0rd has quit IRC20:29
kulvensuffys: are those packages somewhere so that people could try them e.g. on Nexus7?20:33
nsuffyskulve, you can have more information here :
nsuffysdonwload link is broken, use this link :
nsuffys THIS ONE :)20:37
nsuffysSeems to work only on X86 tablets20:37
nsuffysanather interesting link :
kulveyeah but I'm not interested in x86 at all :)20:39
kulvewith a very quick look the sources are in mer and building for arm wouldn't be impossible..20:41
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karaca does not accept me to login with openID & says i should verify the mail first but i did not get any mail since 10 minutes21:42
karacahow long does it normally take?21:44
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yigalhello I'm fixing up an older device to use again, a Viliv S5, anyone here have a suggestion on a UI that should work well for it - 5" Atom processor, single point resisitive touch screen?23:23
*** faenil has joined #mer23:23
yigals/work/& well23:23
yigaloops, I didn't mistype the first time.23:24
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yigalI see but where does cyas derive its meaning from, what is its etymology?23:56
yigalI imagine 'c u laters' contracted to 'cyas'23:57

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