Friday, 2013-04-05

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rcgkulve i see07:45
rcgi tried to start a recent tarball of pa yesterday but kdeinit segfaulted07:45
rcgso you could start it properly?07:45
kulveWell. I had to remove bunch of connman/nemo packages to get the ks producing the image. Then I had to remove bunch of nemo/lipstick systemd services so that it wouldn't try to start nemo. Then O launch Xorg, dbus and startactive manually07:47
rcgi see07:47
rcgbut great to see it running :)07:47
kulveso, eventually I managed to launched it properly :)07:47
rcgmaybe i can send you my .ks file?07:47
rcggreat :)07:47
kulvedidn't you give your .ks to me yesterday..?07:48
rcgyeah, but that was an older one07:48
rcgi removed my hacks now07:48
rcgand the startup looks better07:48
rcgat least x starts07:48
rcgwhich didn't with the other .ks07:49
kulveyeah, I removed your repos from the .ks before trying anything else07:49
rcgalright :)07:49
kulvenot sure if I should have taken something back..07:49
rcgwell, i assume that there shouldn't be much of a difference as you removed the "wonko" stuff07:50
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rcganyway, just sent you the .ks file, just in case07:52
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rcgkulve, could you try the .ks i sent you?08:00
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rcgmaybe you know where the segfault is coming from?08:00
rcgif you have the time08:00
kulvedidn't receive it yet08:02
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rcgah, sorry.. was stuck in my outbox08:07
rcgforgot to enable eth0 on my laptop in the docking station08:07
rcgshould be sent now08:08
kulvegot it, thanks08:08
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kulvercg: that .ks doesn't build. I get unmet depencies if I don't edit that .ks in any way..08:15
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rcghmm ok08:22
rcgi just used it yesterday08:22
rcgjust a sec08:22
rcgjust giving it a try08:23
rcgit's getting at least lots of new packages08:23
rcginstallation starts08:24
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rcgi sent you plasma-active-nexus7-devel-mer-latest-2013-04-04.ks08:24
kulve"sudo mic create fs plasma-active-nexus7-devel-mer-latest-2013-04-04.ks -o . --arch armv7hl --pkgmgr=zypp" -> "Warning: [connman-configs-mer-1.12-1.1.1] Requires [connman = 1.12-1.1.1], which is not provided"08:25
rcgah, i used yum as pkgmgr08:25
kulveI've been told that is old'n'broken or something ;)08:26
rcgPATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic create fs plasma-active-nexus7-devel-mer-latest-2013-04-04.ks --pack-to=plasma-active-nexus7-devel-mer-latest-2013-04-04.tar.gz --pkgmgr=yum --arch=armv7hl08:26
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rcgthat's what i am doing08:27
kulveStskeeps: in general, "--pkgmgr=yum" or "--pkgmgr=zypp"?08:27
Stskeepszypp these days08:27
rcgroger that08:28
rcgjust letting it finish this run08:28
rcgwill then try with zypp08:28
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kulvercg: I guess also that .ks drags in the nemo desktop stuff (lipstick?) at last with zypp? I guess those shouldn't be there so that the PA could be started instead08:30
kulvercg: is there a package providing the .service files for systemd run "startactive" or something similar on boot?08:31
plundstrstskeeps: Mer provides bluez package and everything (binary, config, documentation etc) is provided in one package. We have problem in Sailfish that we need to change some values in /etc/bluetooth/*.conf files. I propose that we split bluez package to bluez, bluez-config, bluez-doc . Then anyone using Mer could provide alternative bluez-config package if needed or use original Mer provided if that fits. I voluteer to create bug and then do the fix. Any objec08:31
Stskeepsplundstr: OK08:31
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rcgkulve, actually, all nemo stuff should be removed there08:32
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kulvercg: it's removed compared to 2013-03-28 .ks? As in there they still were08:33
kulveat least they were installed, even if not listed in the .ks08:33
rcghmm i see08:33
phaeronplundstr: sounds good08:33
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Sageplundstr: bluez-config-mer-default or something I would propose.08:38
Sageplundstr: with connman we have connman-configs-mer08:39
Sageso could be just bluez-configs-mer08:39
plundstrSage: makes sense08:39
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Merbot`Mer bug 715 in bluez "bluez package should be split to smaller ones" [Normal,New]08:45
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Bostikplease no, not again...08:48
Bostikg++ -Wl,-O1 -o egl egl.o   -lfontconfig -lEGL08:48
Bostik/usr/lib/gcc/i586-meego-linux/4.6.4/../../../ undefined reference to `wl_display_disconnect'08:48
Stskeepsincompatible mesa?08:49
Bostiklooks like it08:49
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BostikI'll try something else first08:50
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Bostikcould be a masked wayland library causing trouble08:51
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rcgkulve, jfyi, had to update the sdk and now it fails with the same error you get08:55
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rcgwas apparently using an outdated approach on building the rootfs08:55
kulvercg: good, now we are on the same line :)08:58
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mardyStskeeps: hi! Do you know if there are plans for resuscitating for Mer or SailFish?09:04
Stskeepsaard: ^09:04
aardmardy: we reuse very small parts of it, we have a different (and better working) approach. the middleware part will become opensource and go to nemo within the next weeks09:05
rcgkulve, i added -ofono -ofono-tests -connman-configs-mer to the .ks and that seems to do the trick09:06
kulveWhat would it take for me to run "Qt5 Cinematic Experience" demo on the nexus 7 with nemo installation?09:06
Sfiet_Konstantinaard: good news !09:06
mardyaard: cool! Is the middleware UI-agnostic?09:06
kulvercg: confirmed09:07
lbtmardy: it's a bug if not09:07
aardmardy: it should be, yes09:08
Stskeepskulve: unpack tarball, qt5-plugin-imageformat-jpeg , qt5-plugin-platform-eglfs, qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene qt5-declarative-import-qtquick2plugin qt5-qtdeclarative-import-window2 qt5-plugin-platform-xcb09:08
Stskeepsat least09:08
mardylbt, aard: do you think that the middleware could be used by a Gtk+ UI, for example?09:08
Stskeepsyou may need particles as well09:08
kulveStskeeps: sounds as straightforward as I was hoping for :)09:09
kulveneed to try it out09:09
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kulvercg: no nemo/lipstick stuff in usr/lib/systemd/user/09:16
kulveshould there be something that starts up PA?09:16
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rcgshouldn't it be beneath /lib/systemd?09:20
rcgbut i cannot test now anyhow, will test tonight when i am back at home09:21
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kulvesame here. I'm just checking the image I created remotely :)09:25
kulvethe lipstick.service in the earlier build is under /usr/lib/ at least09:26
w00tuser session vs system session09:26
w00tat least that's my understanding09:26
BostikStskeeps: I'm going to re-enable GDB as Qt5 build requirement; we have that now, and for me keeping as close to upstream's "proposed" build steps is just generally sensible09:26
StskeepsBostik: ok09:26
StskeepsBostik: we will have cross gdb too, i think09:27
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Bostikmixed feelings...09:28
Stskeepswell, as in, transparent, fast arm gdb09:28
Stskeepsso it doesnt use the gdb arm binary09:28
Bostikright, that's going to be a relief for build times09:29
Bostikchurning through massive libQt*.so files with gdb wrapped in qemu-arm...09:29
Stskeepsoh, another nice thing, gdb now tells you what zypper line to use to install debug info files09:30
lbtStskeeps: so DNS looks good - and zone xfer seems to work09:30
Bostikooooohh, so that's what the /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/** files are about09:31
Bostik(for the moment I'm taking them out due to packaging errors thanks to /usr/lib/debug/.build-id being included in multiple packages)09:32
Stskeepsremember not to %exclude a binary09:32
Stskeepsrm it in %install09:32
lbtBostik: ?09:32
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BostikStskeeps: aye09:32
StskeepsMissing separate debuginfo for /usr/lib64/kde4/plugins/imageformats/kimg_dds.so09:32
StskeepsTry: zypper install -C09:32
Stskeepskind of stuff09:32
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Bostiklbt: rpmbuild considers "included in multiple packages" an error, and I have short enough nails already09:33
Stskeepsfrom gdb09:33
lbtBostik: that seems stupid09:33
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lbtespecially if they're alternatives/conflict09:34
Stskeepswhere do you see such an error btw?09:34
Stskeepsjust to understand09:34
BostikI much prefer doing babysteps and getting things done in small, sensible increments09:34
lbtmind you I guess it's only a default to lint09:34
Stskeepsthe changes were kind of experimental so09:35
BostikStskeeps: the last build error log from new qtbase (origin/dev sources) had multiple RPM build error lines for that .build-id thing09:35
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Stskeepshmm, sure it was error and not warning?09:35
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Bostikrebuilding now with modified spec to get everything else in there ironed out09:35
Bostikas I said - small steps09:36
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lbtdo we have any docs on how we use qt-chooser? eg macro explanations in the Mer packaging page? :D09:42
lbtkaltsi: ^^09:42
Stskeepskaltsi: could you send the sb2-tools patch for that then?09:43
Stskeepslbt: you typically don't, you just do %qmake or %qmake509:43
Stskeepsor qmake -qt=509:43
kaltsimaybe there could be a chapter in some wiki.. the qt4/5-default package also has a role in this09:43
Stskeepsyeah,s ure09:43
lbtI'm looking at SDK build process09:44
lbtand how it interacts with the spec file09:44
lbtin order to support rpm building easily in QtC09:44
kaltsiif you just use 'qmake' it might pick qt4 or qt5 depending on the qt-default package installed, so it's best to use %qmake or %qmake509:45
Stskeepsquestion is also if we need to do qmake -qt=5 awareness in sdk, or just do qt-default09:46
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lbtit should be magic09:46
lbtQtC will build the spectacle yaml from the .pro file09:47
lbtand use internal knowledge to set PkgBR: to QtCore >= 5.0 or something09:48
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lbtif it's not constrained (due to flexible code) then it's down to the target to set it09:48
Stskeepsfirst off, QtCore doesn't exist in Qt509:49
Stskeepsit's Qt5Core09:49
Stskeepsthat was part of the co-existence work that qt did09:49
lbt(or something)09:49
Stskeepsso what qtchooser does is allowing us to either set a default (qmake == qt5's qmake)09:50
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Stskeepsor qmake -qt=5 or =409:50
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Stskeeps+allow to do, that is09:50
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lbtwho is "us"09:51
Stskeepsus = any mer user09:51
lbtdistro us or developer us09:51
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lbtit feels like it should come from prjconf09:52
Stskeepsin build side it's qt4-default currently09:52
Stskeepsbut it really depends on the target09:52
lbtyes, I meant the target prjconf09:53
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lbtIMHO most app developers shouldn't care ?09:53
Stskeepswell, they know what qt they want to target09:55
lbtso it's not for developers as such, it's for target-makers10:01
lbtalthough as always, it doesn't preclude anyone using it10:01
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kaltsiStskeeps: sb2-tools patch sent10:17
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possygoogling and mailing list archive reading did not provide an answer to my main question: Is it already possible to use Mer with Nemo (or other replacements) on a N900 to do things like... GSM phone calling?10:46
possyquick and easy answer. Thank you :D10:46
Stskeepstry it out, just need a microsd10:46
*** niqt_ has quit IRC10:46
possyWill do. Is SMS and Internet over GSM/UMTS working as well?10:47
Stskeepssms i think, gsm/umts i can't recall10:48
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possyStskeeps, thanks for your information. /me shall go ahead and get a fitting micro SD and test drive it.10:49
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rcgwe are mer?11:05
rcgresistance is ... ;)11:05
rcgargh.. scroll back to high,, was replying to: lbt> who is "us"11:06
* lbt afk for a while now ... l8r11:06
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plundstrDoes Mer still use the old Meego obs or has it moved to new one11:26
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phaeronplundstr: moved11:27
plundstr   still points to old one11:28
phaeronbecause no one updated it :)11:28
phaeronplundstr: and since you noticed , you get to do the honors :)11:28
plundstrwhat is the path for command like osc branch Mer:MDS:Core:i486 systemd11:29
plundstrmer:devel maybe?11:31
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phaeronplundstr: osc branch mer:mds2:Core:i486:master systemd11:35
phaeronplundstr: mer:devel is for building against only ..11:35
plundstrphaeron: thanks11:35
phaeronplundstr: or instead of master you could use latest / next11:36
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plundstrI edited Wiki page to use new obs paths. Hope I got all. Review welcome12:01
phaeronplundstr: thanks ! :D12:04
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KaracaHi, i am new to MER. Is there a "idiot-proof" How-To for building a mer-image for Allwinner 31 processor (ARM Cortex A7) on a Intel computer? In wiki there are many cross-compile info but loosely coupled to each other.14:02
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:07
SageKaraca: no idiot-proof howto for that. What you need is to build kernel and then do a minimal mer image that you put together with the kernel to device and try how it goes.14:08
SageKaraca: you might want to start from
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Karaca<Sage> Thanx. I will read this. Which ARM emulator can you advice? I run latest Ubuntu LTS.14:18
SageKaraca: ARM emulator for what purpose? QEMU? :)14:19
*** kjokinie has left #mer14:20
KaracaI have to "virtually boot" the minimal mer-image for arm7 on Intel Xeon to test if it works. Or am i missing something?14:22
*** mlong_ is now known as mlong14:25
KaracaWhat are the differences between armv7l  -- armv7hl -- armv7tnhl  OBS-Architectures? Which one is Allwinner 31?14:26
*** pcat has joined #mer14:28
*** ortylp has joined #mer14:29
kaltsiarmv7l = armv7 little-endian, hl = little-endian, hard-float ABI, tnhl= little-endian, hard-float, thumb214:29
kaltsiand n = neon14:30
BostikProject ERROR: QtWayland requires Wayland 1.0.3 or higher14:30
Bostikof course14:30
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer14:31
kaltsiKaraca: I think your board should be compatible with all of those arches14:33
Karaca@kaltsi: how can i check if Allwinner 31 has hard-float,  ABI, neon or thumb2 ??14:34
kaltsiI googled the board and like you said it has a Cortex-A7 ..
kaltsihard-float requires that an FPU unit is present14:36
KaracaI found this block diagramm:
kaltsiwithout having done any adaptations myself, I'd start with the armv7hl arch14:37
KaracaIt seems it has everything needed :-)14:37
kaltsiKaraca: for me it says Service Unavailable :D14:37
kaltsijust a fluke, now it works14:37
KaracaAs a beginner it is very confusing to have: Mer port name + OBS scheduler name + OBS project name in MDS + OBS repository name in MDS14:39
*** mbohlender has joined #mer14:39
kaltsithe obs scheduler name for armv7hl and armv7tnhl is of course armv8el :)14:40
KaracaAnd armv6l has armv7el   !  *lol*14:42
Stskeepsyeah.. :P14:42
Stskeepsin practice, scheduler names are just labels14:43
Stskeepsand actually mean "up to"14:43
Stskeepsso you can do armv4 on armv7el14:43
*** dijenerate has quit IRC14:44
KaracaIs there a graphic driver for PowerVR SGX544MP2 ?14:44
Stskeepsyou may be able to use the one existing for android14:46
KaracaAndroid 4.1 (or 4.2) drivers work for Mer?14:56
Stskeepsthey might, but it's a bit advanced topic14:56
Stskeepsget mer working first14:56
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer14:56
KaracaOk. Thanks a lot ...14:57
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kulvercg: was is so that the PA3 didn't use systemd for it's startup (like nemo does)?15:06
*** Karaca has quit IRC15:09
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:16
*** pirut has quit IRC15:17
rcgkulve, i think so15:21
rcgiirc it used uxlaunch or something15:22
rcgdon't know how that relates to systemd, though15:22
kulveI think uxlaunch is deprecated. For PA4 I checked only for systemd .services and didn't see PA-related thing there15:22
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:22
kulve(did'nt try anything yet though)15:22
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox15:22
rcgkulve, yep, it is deprecated15:23
rcgso, ui is not coming up?15:23
kulveI haven't tried with the latest .ks15:23
*** e8johan has quit IRC15:23
rcgroger that15:23
*** ced117 has joined #mer15:24
rcgme neither15:24
rcgwill give it a try tonight... hopefully15:24
kulveI won't, se let me know how it goes :)15:24
rcgsure, will do :)15:24
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kulveStskeeps: mic is still changing the time of my computer :)15:45
kulvemaybe it's a debian stable thing..15:46
Stskeepskulve: eep15:46
kulvemaybe wheezy is coming out eventually and this gets "fixed" :)15:46
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* CosmoHill heads home16:32
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* CosmoHill has a laptop and a cat on him17:18
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rcgkulve, pa ui starts17:26
rcgand there is some progress indicator17:27
rcgbut then it doesn't seem to proceed anymore17:27
rcgoh wait17:27
rcgui just starts :)17:27
kulvenice :)17:28
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rcgsry, been afk17:52
rcgyep, it works :)17:53
rcgi can upload the tarball to the kde mirror if you like17:53
rcgalso the ui seems to be smoother in some parts17:54
*** arturo182 has joined #mer17:54
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rcgand the keyboard works better17:56
*** arturo182 has quit IRC17:58
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kulvercg: do mention that in the #active?18:13
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rcgkulve, ah yeah, sure :D19:03
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rcgwooncc, hi19:05
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CosmoHillnight night22:23
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