Saturday, 2013-04-06

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Stskeepsmorn all07:32
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kulveStskeeps: does vt1 and tty1 relate to each other in some way?07:58
kulveI have console=tty1 on the kernel bootargs and the xorg-launch-helper configures X to use vt107:58
Stskeepsthink so, though i'm unsure if vt1 = tty0 or tty1 :)07:58
Stskeepsanything changes if it gets forced to go on vt1 or vt8?08:02
Stskeepser, vt208:02
Stskeepslike some distros do08:02
kulveyou mean I would modify the launch helper to use vt2 instead?08:03
Stskeepsit might be something about consoles disappearing at suspend, too08:04
kulveis there something I could test related to that?08:05
Stskeepswell, you could leave out xorg-launch-helper totally and manually start X as a user with right parameters08:05
Stskeepssystemctl stop user-session@1000.service08:05
Stskeepsfirst, naturally08:05
Stskeepsand then test the suspend case08:06
kulveis there an easy way to start the whole nemo stuff?08:06
Stskeepsyes, start|stop user-session@1000.service08:06
kulvealthough I guess having just the X.Org running would be enough08:06
Stskeepsyeah, hence me suggesting manually starting it08:08
Stskeepsperhaps with a xterm as client08:08
kulveis "strings" provided in some package?08:09
kulve"Accessibility DBus not found" <-- what's that?08:12
Stskeepsperhaps that there's no accessibility daemon running, i forget the name08:15
Stskeepswe don't have good accessibility support in nemo right now08:16
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kulveI guess that's not mandatory for this demo, it falls back to session bus08:18
kulveI installed a bunch of qt components and now it doesn't complain about those anymore but:08:19
kulveASSERT: "i >= 0 && i < elementCount()" in file painting/qpainterpath.cpp, line 49908:19
Stskeepsthat's the cinematic one?08:19
Stskeepsthat's a known issue i think.. i had the same08:19
Stskeepsthere's a pathanimation in the qml somewhere (PathAnimation)08:20
Stskeepstry to kill that08:20
kulvewhat do you mean by killing that..?08:21
Stskeepsjust remove PathAnimation { and contents within it, i think08:21
Stskeepsthink that's what i did08:21
kulveis there a way to rotate that..?08:22
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kulve--fullscreen does the trick08:23
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kulve[ 1744.560703] INFO: rcu_preempt_state detected stalls on CPUs/tasks: { 2} (detected by 0, t=6003 jiffies)08:29
Stskeepsheh, woops?08:29
kulveany idea what that is about?08:29
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer08:29
Stskeepsno, but it doesn't sound too good08:29
kulvercg has mentioned his device crashing every now and then with PA and this might be the same reason08:30
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer08:31
kulvethe device rebooted after couple of minutes08:31
kulve[ 1744.607849] PC is at tegra_idle_enter_lp2+0xb0/0xf408:31
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kulveis there a way to see FPS while in that demo?08:36
Stskeepsi thought there's a fps setting int hee08:36
Stskeepselse grab swaplogge08:36
kulveI tried grepping for fps and didn't see anything08:38
Stskeeps"pixels means more work for CPU&GPU so..08:38
StskeepsAdded FPS item in the top-left corner which shows how frequently QML animation loop gets called. Seeing this all the time while developing gives good feedback on how different changes affect the performance and also adds some demonstration sugar."08:38
Stskeepsso maybe fonts aren't there? i usually install liberation-fonts-something08:39
kulvethe font's are a bit bad at least.. (the ones I see)08:39
kulvewhere did you cut'n'paste that text..?08:40
kulveok, I'm running some "1.0" version08:41
kulvetrying the rpi one08:41
kulve~40 fps in fullscreen with compositing wm08:44
Stskeepsat a quite high resolution, too?08:44
Stskeepsthere's some kind of weird issue with double buffering there, i think08:44
Stskeepsi only got 30fps on it on quite good qualcomm hw08:44
kulve1280x800 I think is the resolution of nexus 708:44
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kulve~48 fps if I run it with metacity (started remotely) without any other nemo stuff08:47
kulvedrops to ~38 when opening the info flag thing08:48
kulveand RPi hits 60 fps. That's quit good..08:50
kulveStskeeps: I'm now running XOrg in vt2 but it has the same issue with power button. But I guess that's not related to suspending, because I don't anything in dmesg (expect "gpio_keys: Pressed KEY_POWER")08:53
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*** rcg has joined #mer08:59
kulvechvt 1-6 shows console login on the display, 7 onwards do not09:01
Stskeepstry vt7 then?09:03
Stskeepsfor xorg09:03
kulvejust testing but still the same thing.. When I have the Xorg running in vt7 with Qt5CE demo running and press the power button, the screen blinks couple(?) of times and then I see the text console with services started up during the boot. If I press the button again, I see a blink and still the same text console09:05
kulve"chvt 1" shows then a black screen and after that "chvt 7" shows the demo09:06
Stskeepshave you considered seeing what happens if you ditch fbcon from kernel config?09:06
kulveafter pressing the power button for the first time, when I see the text console, I still see the XOrg cursor that reacts to touch09:06
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rcgkulve, is that on nexus7?09:09
kulvewhere else? :)09:09
rcghehe ;)09:09
rcgi also find that "power button to kernel console" "feature" kinda annoying09:09
kulvedoes it work similarly with PA?09:10
rcghowever, i couldn't find the reason why it does this yet09:10
rcgpressing the power button drops you from X to console09:10
rcgthe funny thing is that the ui still runs as the suspend setting still works (it kicks in after about 4-5 seconds) as usual09:11
rcgafter resume X has focus again09:11
*** ced117 has joined #mer09:12
rcgso, the expected behavior in pa would be that the power key triggers the lock screen which, when no activity takes place, suspends the device after 4-5 seconds09:12
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kulveIf I run XOrg manually, why anything happens when I press the power button? Who reacts to that?09:16
Stskeepsperhaps mce?09:18
Stskeepsis it running?09:18
Stskeepsok, then its' that09:18
kulvehow do I stop it?09:19
kulve(I'm not familiar with systemd)09:19
kulve# tklock-lock - lock touchscreen/keypad lock if not locked09:20
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC09:20
Stskeepssystemctl stop mce.service?09:20
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt09:21
kulveok, now nothing happens from the power key09:21
Jonniif you change it to tklock-unlock, then it will never lock it :)09:21
kulveit doesn't lock it now either09:21
kulvejust breaks09:22
rcgyou mean it still drops you to the console?09:22
kulvewith mce killed, nothing happens09:22
Stskeepslbt: prerelease if possible09:22
Stskeepslet's make it for thursday next week09:22
kulveStskeeps: does mce do that stuff alone, or does it just monitor the keys and then signal somebody?09:23
Stskeepskulve: think it is the one handling some of the stuff09:23
Stskeepsmight be useful to strace it09:23
kulveI guess mce shouldn't do anything with PA?09:23
lbthmmm - OK - I've not even started on my rpmbuild plans :/09:23
kulvei.e. shouldn't be installed in the first place?09:23
rcgkulve, will give it a try09:23
rcgjust a sec09:23
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer09:24
Stskeepslbt: just want a quick release for qtchooser, so09:24
Stskeepswithout too big fuzz, as qt5 side of things were a bit broken09:24
rcgkulve, another thing i could observe is that when you keep it pressed it doesn't drop you to console09:26
*** bef0rd has quit IRC09:26
rcgalright, mce is running here as well09:28
*** NIN101 has joined #mer09:29
rcggreat, stopping mce solves that issue here09:30
rcgjust confirmed, after re-starting mce the issue is back as well09:30
kulvercg: good09:30
rcgso, i will disable mce by default for the next pa release :)09:30
*** vpopov has joined #mer09:30
kulvebut I guess nemo assumes mce does that part..09:31
Stskeepsjust remember it may disable some useful power management stuff you need to control yourself then09:31
rcghmm, think so09:31
kulveStskeeps: like what..?09:31
rcgStskeeps, roger that, thanks for the heads up09:31
Stskeepswell, suspend, display off, etc09:31
kulveI think PA does that already09:31
Stskeepsso do a smoke test09:31
rcgi think in pa, something else takes care of that09:31
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rcgso far suspend works, and also the screen gets dimmed after some inactivity09:32
kulveI wonder what "lock touchscreen/keypad lock if not locked" means. It seems to do something with the display too, etc.09:34
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kulve/** Sysfs entry for acquiring wakelocks */09:50
kulvestatic const char lwl_lock_path[]   = "/sys/power/wake_lock";09:50
*** mbohlender has quit IRC09:50
kulveisn't the wake lock the android stuff..? Does mce use that somehow..?09:50
kulveshould it be set in the kernel?09:51
Stskeepswe can't assume we have the nokia style power management, so mce supports wakelocks09:51
kulveand what's nokia style?09:51
kulvemy kernel doesn't have wake locs09:51
Stskeepsok, then it wouldn't be using them09:52
Stskeepsthe one where it's more up to kernel how to manage power management i think09:52
*** Martix has quit IRC09:52
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kulveif I enabled wake locks in the kernel, there's also a new option: "User-space screen access (Console switch on early-suspend)  --->"10:01
*** tetris4 has joined #mer10:03
kulvethat code is using acquire_console_sem() and release_console_sem() which doesn't seem to exist anymore..10:07
*** Martix_ has quit IRC10:10
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*** Martix_ has joined #mer10:30
kulveStskeeps: with wake locks it seems that mce tries to suspend (I'm not sure if it even tries without them):10:31
kulve[  187.901728] request_suspend_state: sleep (0->3)10:32
*** rcg has quit IRC10:32
kulvealso now when pressing power button after it was blanked I see a flash of the text console but then it switches to X.Org properly10:32
Stskeepshmm, ok10:33
Stskeepskjoknie might be better at answering that in week days, they've been hacking on that a lot10:34
kulvei.e. "Sysfs interface" or "Console switch on early-suspend"10:34
*** Martix_ has quit IRC10:36
*** Martix_ has joined #mer10:36
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC10:36
kulvedown side is that now my wlan doesn't work. It seemed to work for a half a minute or show but now it's just stucked10:37
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer10:40
*** martyone has quit IRC10:43
*** martyone has joined #mer10:44
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*** panda-z has joined #mer11:06
kulvewith CONFIG_FB_EARLYSUSPEND I don't get the XOrg back after power button11:06
*** Martix_ has quit IRC11:10
*** Jucato has joined #mer11:13
kulveI guess acquire_console_sem() should be replaced with console_lock() and release_console_sem() with console_unlock()11:13
*** wanggjghost has joined #mer11:24
*** fcorrea has quit IRC11:26
*** Martix has joined #mer11:35
kulvewhy the wifi doesn't get connected if I enable wakelocks in the kernel11:37
kulveIt's in the "Connecting" phase for ages and then gets internal IP, i.e. not a real one11:38
*** zhxt has joined #mer11:41
*** Martix has quit IRC11:51
Stskeepsdoes it go into suspend meanwhile?11:53
*** plfiorini has joined #mer11:54
*** arcean_ has joined #mer11:54
kulveI can't really tell. If I have USB connected I don't think it suspends. If I don't have I don't know how I would tell if it's suspended..11:55
*** arcean has quit IRC11:57
kulvethe wifi driver does a lot of stuff if the wakelocks are enabled but I don't know why it doesn't work. Maybe it needs some extra initialisation from the user-space or something..11:57
*** tetris4 has quit IRC11:57
kulveiwconfig shows it properly etc. Just no data is passing11:58
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer11:59
kulve2: brcmfmac-wifi: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no12:00
kulve1: phy0: Wireless LAN12:00
kulvewhat's that?12:00
rcgkulve, just a sec12:01
rcgi can look into that here12:01
rcgiirc that brcm stuff is something related to bluetooth?12:01
kulveBT is there also12:01
kulve0: bcm4330 Bluetooth: Bluetooth12:01
rcgah no12:01
rcgyou're right12:02
*** fk_lx has joined #mer12:02
rcgi also have the phy0 and brcm thing here12:03
*** jjarven has quit IRC12:03
rcgi could try and see which one is the actual wifi via trial and error12:04
kulveI guess it doesn't really matter..12:04
rcgwell, just for the record: both phy and brcm-wifi are required12:06
rcgblocking either one of those causes the wifi to disconnect12:06
kulveok, good to know12:06
kulvethe driver has a lot of checks related to earlysuspend and wake locks.12:07
rcgkulve, if it helps i can pastebin the dmesg output of a suspend/resume cycle12:08
rcgthere are indeed lots of things going on12:08
kulveplease do.12:08
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC12:11
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rcgat time 696 i press the power button and it's going to suspend at 70412:15
*** jjarven has joined #mer12:15
kulveyeah, a lot happening there12:17
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer12:18
kulveI wonder why mce assumes either Nokia or Android, when PA seems to assume Linux and that one works..12:19
Stskeepswell, i guess with the kind of target devices it usually goes on, ie, android adaptations.. or n9s12:20
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*** martyone has joined #mer12:27
kulvelooks like the suspend works now. Now I just need to figure out why the wlan doesn't12:34
kulvebut that have to wait12:34
*** Martix has quit IRC12:35
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rcgbtw kulve that dmesg output was with mce running12:45
*** martyone has joined #mer12:45
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CosmoHillis there a Marty Two?15:05
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* lbt hopes all OBS workers don't fall over and die16:11
* CosmoHill hopes too16:11
* lbt renames puppet to monkey so he can yell "monkey magic" \o/16:13
phaeronlbt: yay 8 more16:14
CosmoHill4 cores each?16:15
lbt4 workers, 2 core/worker16:15
lbtphaeron: yep - just doing a pre-release too16:15
lbtI hope the weekend comes soon ...16:15
lbtphaeron: that required a new build of obs server16:16
lbtto allow it to build on 12.216:17
phaeronlbt: ah cool , maybe systemd is better on 12.216:17
lbthope so - only 2 workers on 12.2 atm and some vms16:17
lbtI need to bring more phosts up16:18
lbtruby-ldap is failing16:18
*** varikonniemi has quit IRC16:21
rc_huzza to hw upgrade :)16:24
lbtthank the #active guys for their donation16:24
rc_ah great :)16:25
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Stskeepslbt: i think 2 core/worker and -j2 may be a bit underusing them, btw16:30
Stskeepsthey can probably do more in the average case16:30
Stskeepswe might want to collect some real data on that16:36
Stskeepsit's likely to be more i/o or tmpfs space bound16:37
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lbtStskeeps: I agree - I was watching recently and wondered about just bumping to -j316:44
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rc_lbt, well, back then when i used gentoo they always used the rule of thumb: number of cores + 117:13
*** Martix has quit IRC17:13
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rc_so -j3 for 2 cores17:13
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kulverule of thumbs are not very accurate. Especially if everything is on tmpfs17:14
lbtwhen I watched I saw the host running at 75% quite a lot - typically 2/4 kvm would be using 2 cores, the other 2 would use 117:15
lbta reasonable amount of time is spent in the install phase17:15
lbtso I've upped it to -j3 and we can see how it goes17:15
lbtthe problem of course is that I don't have old data - Stskeeps - you've done some measuring; did you write up your methodology?17:16
*** varikonniemi has quit IRC17:17
Stskeepsno, it was usually done by feel - i did sb2 performance, not worker distribution17:17
lbtI did some comparisons of builds here + meego and we're faster17:21
lbtiirc they were mainly setup related17:21
*** varikonniemi has joined #mer17:21
lbtanyhow - j3 now17:22
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vgradelbt: had a funny with OBS earlier. Had a couple of packages branched from x86 adaptation in my home pointing to latest and next (can't remember if they were 586 or 486).  They've been there a couple of weeks19:27
vgradelbt: then I branched again from the x86 adaptation project one more package which pointed to 486/586 and x64 next and latest19:28
vgradeto stop things building I disabled all the repos at which point the gui put me back to the monitor window and the fist two packages were gone19:29
vgradefrom my home branch project19:30
*** ortylp has quit IRC19:35
vgradelbt: false alarm home:vgrade:branches:nemo:devel:hw:x86-common, home:vgrade:branches:nemo:devel:hw:x86:x86-common19:39
vgradelooks like the adaptation project changed name19:40
Stskeepsvgrade: btw, heads up: mer-next will require %qmake5 or qmake -qt=5 for qt5 packages19:40
vgradeStskeeps: ok, I saw some talk about qt4/qt5 coexisting19:41
lbtvgrade: I should read log in reverse order :)19:47
vgradelbt: sorry for the noise,19:49
lbtnever a problem19:49
vgradelbt: no tango tonight19:50
lbtlast night + tomorrow :)19:51
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CosmoHillnight night23:05
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