Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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kulveSage: merging nexus7 would be very nice :)04:21
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Sagearfoll: oh, my bad :/06:33
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Sagelbt so remove mer:tools and mer:tools:testing08:54
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lbtwhat's the nemo layout again?08:54
lbtwiki page?08:54
Sagea bit changes needed but basics there. will update08:55
Sagemainly hw part isn't upto date08:55
lbtwhat I wonder is whether nemo == mer-tools == mer:tools08:56
lbtmer:tools:{stable,testing,devel}:subproject (eg ruby)08:56
lbtjust because it's not really 'mer'08:56
lbtmer-tools:{stable,testing,devel}:subproject (eg ruby)08:56
lbtmer:{stable,testing,devel}:subproject seems a little misleading - what do you think?08:57
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Beineriany reason that the version/content of the mer-release package doesn't get bumped (still says some 2011 version)?09:13
Stskeepsjust one feature i never really got around to09:13
Stskeepswhat do you hope to utilize it for?09:13
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Beinerideterming if one got the right base/image :-)09:14
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Stskeepsa %post should really be used there09:15
Stskeepsin .ks09:15
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Sagelbt: I see what you mean. I added mer:{stable,testing,devel}:qa as those are qa tests for the core. But sould those even be something else?09:23
lbtI think so09:23
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Sagelbt: mer-tools isn't really mer true but mer is build in completely different obs so not sure if there is really change for mix up here09:24
lbtI would hope that we can allow project:{stable,testing,devel}:subproject even when subproject is empty09:24
lbtI agree - but I can see both mer:tools and mer:qa moving to CI09:24
Sagelike now, next week, next month, next year?09:25
lbtnext year09:25
lbtmaybe a bit sooner but probably not ;)09:25
Sagewell, then I wouldn't put too much effort to that part yet :)09:26
lbtI suggest that the {s,t,d} occurs at the point where sub-projects are aggregated to a release ?09:26
Sageyou are really thinking too much about the subprojects here imo :)09:27
SageI was thinking just mer:{}:tools and no :ruby :python :xyz or anything09:28
lbtmy point is that mer:tools == nemo  not mer:tools == nemo:hw09:28
lbtmer:qa has almost nothing to do with mer:tools09:29
lbtso they would not be part of a mer:stable release09:29
lbtand they're not in any way tied to any given mer:stable09:30
Sagethe nemo:{} isn't used as an aggregate point09:30
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Sagefor release that is09:30
Sageor well, for mw, ux and apps yes, but not for hw09:30
lbtright but nemo:stable:hw and nemo:stable:apps are part of nemo... mer:stable:tools and mer:stable:qa are totally different projects09:33
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Sage12:24.38 < lbt> I agree - but I can see both mer:tools and mer:qa moving to CI09:33
lbtso mer:tools:stable  mer:qa:stable mer:core:stable (!)09:34
lbton ci09:34
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lbtmake sense?09:35
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SageI guess (!)09:37
lbt(!) because that's Stskeeps' very own naming system :D09:37
* Sage interpret it as yelling09:38
lbtits more a raised eyebrow in my mind09:40
* Stskeeps runs09:40
w00tStskeeps: i predict that one of these days you're going to get shanked09:41
Stskeepsprobably, yeah09:41
lbtrelease is done - went fine - forgot to trigger mds2 as kittens went mad last night and made me forget09:43
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Sagelbt: sure, now mainly pondering if there should be :common or something in the end to allow cleaner subprojects in future if needed09:54
lbtwill it work without? then if projects want to move from all-in-one to subprojects then they have to deal with it09:58
lbtmds2 triggered09:58
Sagemds2 triggered?09:58
Sagelbt: it works without sure. Also mer:tools: or mer-tools: (mer:qa: or mer-qa:) as prefix is something I wonder.09:59
Sagefor some reason I like mer-tools and mer-qa better not sure why though. Maybe because of your separate projects talk ;)09:59
lbtok mer-tools wfm10:02
lbtI hate : anyhow - and wtf is it with zypper ar not accepting url-encoded urls10:03
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lbtSage: ?10:06
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Sagelbt: sure, :testing and :stable for the next qa levels or so10:08
lbtmove to mer-qa too10:09
lbtslightly harder since I think there is content there10:09
lbtah, no, they're still empty10:09
Sageempty still first pushes going just in :)10:11
Sagephaeron: will curse me after this as he just got it working ;)10:12
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Sagelbt: can you do mer-qa there as I don't have the rights to do new project to the obs10:15
SageI can do the rest though after you give me the maintainership for that mer-qa10:15
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Sagephaeron: Stskeeps: maybe of you can do it as well10:18
lbtwent for coffee10:18
* phaeron hasn't even drank water yet10:19
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lbtkiller headache today10:22
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Bostikhope it's not noro-virus10:26
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Bostikhad that last week, both parents with noro and daughter with chickenpox10:26
* Sage has been sick past 3 weeks10:26
Sagefirst some quite hard flu 2 weeks and then stomack flu hit after that and now trying to recover from that :/10:27
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Sagenot fun :/10:28
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leinirew... flu is just no fun :P10:28
lbthmm so flu evolves rapidly..10:29
lbtsolution: we need to breed flu for "fun flu" :D10:30
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Sagelbt: want me to setup boss for mer-tools devel and testing for same values that mer-qa has for now while I'm at the mer-qa?10:32
lbtyes please10:33
Sagelbt: change you could give me maintainer to mer-tools? Would finish the projects and premissions there10:40
lbtSage: nb ... mer:devel project is actually an alias for mds2 mer:core10:43
lbtso mer:devel:tools would have been very confusing indeed :)10:44
Sageok, mer-tools should be setup as well now10:45
StskeepsBostik: btw, adding qtchooser ability to mer10:46
Stskeepsso qt4/qt5 coinstalls10:46
BostikStskeeps: yummy, that's a nice addition10:47
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* lbt afk for a while11:24
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* sledges likes tizen's bmap tool. a true sd card and time saver12:01
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Stskeepsdescribe it?12:08
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* phaeron thinks Stskeeps forgot he told us about it12:10
Stskeepsmy memory is -so- fried :P12:10
phaeronStskeeps: we had a discussion about it over dinner which ended with discussing sparse files12:11
Stskeepsah, right12:11
kulvesledges: please describe it to the rest of us?12:12
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* lbt is back ... and has coffee and Peruvian chocolate12:48
lbtgoddam spam phone calls12:49
Stskeepsthey asked to fix your windows xp computer?12:49
lbtOK, we've just decided a new policy - when getting spam calls, respond with Southpark quotes12:49
lbtI'm due compensation12:50
lbtI think they see me talking to you lot on irc12:50
fk_lxbtw. hi12:50
lbtStskeeps: any reason our V8 is old?12:52
Stskeepsno but it's only used in pacrunner12:52
Stskeepsqt has it's own copy12:53
lbtso does nodejs12:53
lbtbut it can use system copy12:53
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lbtStskeeps: another thing - does gerrit expose our git repos via http?12:55
lbtok, I forgot about that link - ty12:55
Artox[14:55] <Stskeeps> yes,
Artoxawesome :)12:56
lbtArtox: yep - just for you :)12:56
* Artox sets up his source service now12:57
Stskeepsbe aware it's a bit unstable and we'd be moving to gitlab longer term12:57
Artoxthats not a real problem12:57
lbtArtox: also - please check with OBS people if they're happy with that git repo12:57
lbtit is opensource - but it contains commits of tarballs12:58
Stskeepsdo i dare to ask the use case?12:58
lbtso you chould at least let them know12:58
lbtusing some tools in native suse12:58
lbtArtox has had some SDK issues and isn't a chroot fan12:58
Artox<Stskeeps> do i dare to ask the use case?12:59
Artoxnot only using some tools in suse without chroot but packaging them on OBS13:00
Artoxand fetching source by source service13:00
Stskeepsremember you can rsync packages-git/ as well, just fwiw13:00
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Sagelbt: probalby because I didn't want to touch it while doing my generic mer package updates :P13:28
Sagev8 packaging didn't look so nice so skipped it :)13:28
Sageor something like that I think13:29
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lbtSage: for the mer-tools process I should prime :devel with Mer:Tools:Testing ?13:33
*** jluisn has joined #mer13:33
Sagelbt: yes. If you do it with SR then we can verify that boss works13:33
SageStskeeps: ConsoleKit and MAKEDEV shouldn't those be marked as DELETED at ?13:34
Stskeepsprobably yeah13:34
Sageand the parts saying no longer something should be also DELETED13:34
Sagealso udev13:34
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Sagephaeron: lbt: I think I asked this already at some point but what is the project I want to branch from to branch from mer-next in mer cobs?13:41
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Sageosc branch mer:devel:armv7hl:next bash ?13:43
phaeronlbt: you can't branch from symlink projects13:43
lbtI thought that was the point of it13:43
phaeronmer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:master is best I think13:44
phaeronlbt: obs doesn't allow that13:44
phaeronlbt: or doesn't grok it13:44
Sageosc branch mer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:master:next bash?13:44
phaeronSage: where did you get next from ?13:44
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Sagephaeron: i.e., what is the latest and what next?13:45
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phaeronSage: mer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:[latest|next|master|<id>]13:46
phaeronSage: when you branch get the source code (tarball and spec) not binaries (rpms)13:46
Sagephaeron: yes that is the point. What is master?13:47
phaeronSage: so master usually matches what is merged in gerrit ( but possibly not yet pulled into next )13:47
phaeronSage: and it should be frequently updated to pull from packages-git from gerrit13:47
Sageoh, so even better. :)13:47
Sagephaeron: and you can compile against latest, next and id's, right?13:51
phaeronSage: master only misses binary rpms so you can't really build against it , so yes you build against latest , next and ids ( or use the symlink projects for example)13:53
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Sagethe download speed from mer:mds2:Core:armv7hl:latest while doing a local build seems a bit slow13:59
phaeronSage: it might be the obs or reverse proxy slowing it down , usually it is much faster that normal14:01
SageStskeeps: using that14:01
Sageand getting even slower apparently :/14:03
Sageand no not my connection this time ;)14:03
* Stskeeps slows down his warez download..14:03
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Sagejust for fun speedtest gives 90Mbps download for me :P14:04
*** jluisn has joined #mer14:04
phaeronSage: can you stop it and let me try something14:04
Sagephaeron: sure14:04
phaeronthat is stop download14:04
lbtphaeron:  can you add that text ^^ about master etc to the wiki mds2 page14:04
phaeronthere's a wiki for mds2 ?14:05
Stskeepsthere's a lousy explanation done by me14:05
phaeronlbt: maybe the README in git is better14:05
phaeronSage: try now14:06
Sagephaeron: got 50M in 45s :P14:07
*** ikona__ has quit IRC14:07
Sage128 MB 01:10 :)14:07
Sageso yes, a bit better ;)14:07
Stskeepswhat was the issue? out of curiousity14:08
phaerona "bit"14:08
phaeronStskeeps: long story... 1st cmds has high memory pressure due to 512Mb Ram 2Gb swap. that clashes with ThreadingMixIn and a glibc "feature" which caches thread stack but doesn't reclaim it. so vm swaps more and more and gets slower. Switching to ForkingMixIn helps tremendously14:10
* Stskeeps blinks14:10
phaeronthanks to Richard for helping14:11
*** pcat has quit IRC14:11
* lbt thinks phaeron has been dying for someone to ask him about that :)14:11
phaeronlbt: actually we just figured it out last weekend and was testing the change on my side before considering it fixed :)14:12
lbtsounds fun14:13
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phaeronit was quite the witch hunt :D14:14
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SageStskeeps: have been meaning of asking hows the armv7tnhl arch btw? :)14:51
Stskeepsbetter.. ish14:51
*** ari_ has joined #mer14:52
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SageStskeeps: on nemo mw only libmeegotouch and phonon fail anymore14:55
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lbtphaeron: I kicked mds2 earlier and it finished but I don't see a storm on mobs15:49
*** ari_ has quit IRC15:49
phaeronlbt: after doing the curl , change the symlink project to pick the new release15:50
phaeronlbt: usually new release comes in at mer:devel15:50
phaeronlbt: and then goes upwards with nemo qa15:50
phaeron(or so is the proposed process )15:50
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lbtphaeron: ok - done15:56
lbtphaeron: another thing - do you recall what's needed for the graphs on the monitor page?15:57
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phaeronlbt: for me had to enable api_delayed and allow self calls to /public/15:58
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kulveNemo Tablet Nexus7 is inactive, not generating file 'None' this time.16:17
kulveSage: why I get that when runnin mer-kickstarter?16:17
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kulvenm, found the reason16:28
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Artoxso  kulve, perhaps you know a bit about this Groups business in yaml files?16:42
ArtoxGroup N90016:42
Artox"Nemo N900" "Nemo Pandaboard"16:42
kulvewell, not much. They are patterns (I think) but I'm just using a longer ExtraPackages-section instead of Groups16:43
Artoxjust found it16:44
kulveI guess I should use Groups instead, maybe some day..16:44
Artoxthats how its done16:44
Artoxmaybe today xD16:44
ArtoxI will at least try16:44
kulveI think you still need to "osc meta pattern [...]" to get those to the repository16:45
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:45
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Artoxthere is also some _pattern thing mentioned on pandaboard package list.16:45
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Sagekulve: Artox: nemo specific thigs should be in #nemomobile16:56
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:56
kulveSage: well, kickstarts are Mer specific but if they include nemo parts, then they are nemo specific? :)16:57
*** jluisn has joined #mer16:57
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Sagekulve: actually those kickstarts are nemo specific16:57
*** plfiorini has quit IRC16:57
*** PasNox has joined #mer16:58
Sagepretty much all the adaptation stuff is more nemo thing as Mer doesn't contain any adaptations in it. But I mix the things as well at times as all the people are on both channels anyway :P16:58
kulveI have my own mer based projects and for that I use the Tegra adaptation but no nemo. At least not any GUI related things. Not sure where all the gst plugins come from16:59
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lbtwho sponsors mer servers?18:29
Stskeepsi would if somebody would send me a shiny invoice18:30
lbtvgrade: you do - I've made your home project get high priority in mobs building18:30
lbtStskeeps: yeah - I have time now, I'll do that18:30
*** lerc has joined #mer18:32
lbtso I think that's a nice perk - a few points of dispatch priority for sponsors :D18:32
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CosmoHillhow are you sardini?19:04
sardiniCosmoHill, fine tank you19:05
*** M13 has quit IRC19:05
CosmoHillI'm good, tank you19:05
CosmoHillsecond day in my new job19:05
sardiniand what have broken CosmoHill  ?19:07
CosmoHillnothing, they're paying me to learn at the moment, learning drupal on my laptop19:07
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sardiniCosmoHill, anyway nice to hear, good luck in your job :)19:14
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lbtok, so I now have a full Ruby on Rails dev env running in MerSDK ... nice :)19:25
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CosmoHillnight night all21:47
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