Tuesday, 2013-04-02

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lbtmorning all08:43
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auri__lbt: morning08:47
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello lbt08:54
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sledgeshappy afterholidays! :)09:30
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slainemorning folks09:47
sledgeshello slaine, y'alright09:49
slaineYeah, doing good09:49
slainenice and relaxed after a good long weekend, needed it09:49
chriadamwas the easter bunny generous?09:50
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chriadamI must say, it's one of the better long weekends in the year.  chocolate is pretty amazing stuff.09:51
lbtthere was chocolate?09:53
chriadamthere certainly was, for me.  I ate two lindt bunnies.09:53
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Sfiet_Konstantinchriadam: the golden bunnies ?10:02
Sfiet_Konstantinthey are tasty :)10:02
chriadamindeed they are :-)10:03
chriadammy dentist would probably disagree10:03
chriadambut vOv10:03
slaineI got a bar of 85% lindt, that's about it for me10:10
slainespent lots of time with my kids and family, haven't seen much of them due to work over the last month or two10:10
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Sage_Stskeeps: we need macro like %{_testsdir} or so that points to /opt/tests/%{name} or so and make it globally available10:11
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sledgesit's good to come back re-charged after long weekend trip back home, despite the horrid combo of jetlag+GMT->BST changes and unexpected winter wonderland there :)10:14
Sage_not sure though where that should be defined. probably same place than others where ever that is10:14
Sage_Stskeeps: referring to https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Quality/TestPackages10:14
Stskeepswill be at my desk in 45 min10:15
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lbtthere should be a quicker way of doing a release when the final release == last pre-release as it usually is10:36
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kulvew00t: bug #71211:01
Merbot`Mer bug 712 in qt-mobility "Allow overriding GST video sink with an environment variable" [Enhancement,New] https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71211:01
w00tkulve: I have some Qt bits to do this afternoon, I'll take care of it then, thanks11:05
kulvew00t: excellent, thanks11:05
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sledgesany ideas how to change initial text mode console COLxROW amount (other than 80x25) on an embedded device (iMX53 in this case) ?12:16
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kaltsilbt: wanna pull my osc patch (for better local preferred packages support) to mer osc?12:21
slainesledges: other than vga= ?12:21
kaltsilbt: do you want a merge request or just use this repo? https://github.com/kaltsi/osc12:22
lbtrepo is good12:25
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sledgesslaine, wonder if iMX is vesa compatible. I found another tool: SVGATextMode. Wonder if iMX is SVGA compatible :)) but probably all those 15year.old legacies are still around, especially in an embedded world (unless they've reinvented the wheel)12:27
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slaineiirc, there's also fbset type commands to set whatever frame buffer is used to different modes, but I could be grasping at straws there :)12:28
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sledgeshow to handle this error (i.e. Prefer:) with osc build: "have choice for pkgconfig(egl): ..." ?12:59
sledgescheers slaine12:59
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Sia-NookColorehem, I want to install Meego on my nook color15:04
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Sfiet_KonstantinSia-NookColor: MeeGo is dead15:09
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever, you can install one of their newer incarnations15:09
Sfiet_Konstantinfor example, try installing Mer might be a good idea15:10
wmaroneand yet another person wanders down the nook color path15:10
Sfiet_Konstantinwmarone: did you tried to hack the nook color ?15:10
wmaroneoh yes, couple years ago15:10
wmaronetragically I didn't do any of it on the meego OBS so it's all debris in a VM for me today15:11
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Sfiet_Konstantinoh :(15:14
Sfiet_Konstantinbut is it easy to hack ?15:14
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe you should pick those debrits and starts again15:14
Stskeepsmight be possible again with libhybris15:14
wmaronethe nook color is easy to hack15:15
wmaronethere's no lock outs on it, you just need to replace u-boot with something that will boot from the sd card slot15:15
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wmaronecyanogenmod will do that15:15
wmaroneand yeah, libhybris would solve the graphics issue real quick15:16
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: once I got an Android device, I will try to play with libhybris15:16
wmaroneI got hung up on  the wifi library, I have no idea what TI was doing with that mess15:16
Sfiet_Konstantinbut if I get a Sailfish one first, then ...15:16
Stskeepsi still use it as my e-reader but the UI is .. horrid15:16
wmaroneI will say that I got rid of my nook color15:17
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Sia-NookColorwmarone: You are the one who told me you were the only one trying to install Meego on NC?15:25
Sia-NookColorI didn't know Mer is a different project15:25
Sia-NookColorI thought Mer uses meego as OS15:25
Sfiet_KonstantinSia-NookColor: well, mer is a child from meego15:28
Sfiet_KonstantinMer stands for MeeGo reconstructed so, it is a sort of continuation of MeeGo15:29
Sfiet_Konstantinanyway, just see it as a MeeGo 2.015:29
Sia-NookColorIs Mer ever tried on nook color?15:33
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wmaroneSia-NookColor: yes, I was for a while15:34
wmaroneothers were interested but never really did anything15:35
wmaroneSia-NookColor: not since it formally branched, though that was my goal15:35
wmaroneI had it booting to an Xorg instance with a Qt demo application working, Stskeeps helped me troubleshoot some touchscreen issues15:35
Sia-NookColorMer should get nook manufacturers to use Mer15:35
Sfiet_KonstantinSia-NookColor: not easy15:35
Sia-NookColorWho is the head of mer?15:35
wmaronemore likely that the Nook will cease to exist or become something owned by MS before long15:36
Sfiet_KonstantinSia-NookColor: mer is an open and meritocratic collaboration project15:36
Sia-NookColorHe/She should send an email to Barnes and Noble15:36
Sfiet_Konstantinthere is no head of mer15:36
wmaroneSia-NookColor: doesn't -quite- work that way15:36
Sfiet_Konstantinwmarone: +115:36
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KeltesethWhat do you mean with "on nook color"?15:37
wmaroneKelteseth: i.e. boot Mer on the device15:38
iekkuSia-NookColor, btw, Mer itself doesn't provide UI, there's couple of open source project based on top of mer, one is nemo15:38
Keltesethahh thanks^^15:38
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Sia-NookColorfrom what I remember Meego itself was a join of two project. Wasn't one of them nemo?15:40
wmaronemeego was presented as a merger of Moblin and Maemo15:40
iekkumaemo and moblin15:40
wmaronethough it was mostly Moblin, particularly on x8615:40
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Sia-NookColorSo I should forget it anyway15:42
iekkuSia-NookColor, ?15:43
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iekkuSia-NookColor, nemo+mer is ok combo15:44
Sia-NookColorOne question: When nemo is on mer, nemo is up stream relative to mer?15:46
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sledgesSia-NookColor, Nemo is a set of packages providing a mobile OS UI (UX) and middle-ware (MW), which are installed in top of Mer (core)15:54
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Sia-NookColorWell you mean when I get Nemo I don't get Mer with it right?16:11
sledgesNemo cannot run without Mer16:12
*** edgar2 has quit IRC16:12
sledgesyou must have Mer running, and then you can have Nemo(or Seadot, or KDE Plasma Active, or Sailfish OS) on top of it, -- it's up to you16:13
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lbtkaltsi: incorporated your osc change ... fwiw I cherry picked a patch of mine on top and ran : gp_release --rel ... edited the changelog at the prompt... then pushed the resulting package .... not too hard :)16:17
Keltesethtry Seadot :) We're working right on the new Control Center:  http://enigma-project.org/seadot/downloads/playground/Grid25ControlCenter.png16:18
Keltesethright now*16:19
lbtlooks rather nice16:21
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Sia-NookColorThank you for advice. I may not see you for a while as there is no hope to run Mer on nook.16:24
Sia-NookColorSo good bye16:25
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sledgesright, some language barrier there was16:41
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kaltsilbt: cool! where did you push it? I'm looking at github and can't see changes in mer-tools/osc ...17:07
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lbtbut I relied on branch tracking which wasn't setup17:10
lbtpushing branches now17:10
*** kavuri has joined #mer17:11
kaltsino prob.. I was just curious if you have some other master git repo somewhere :)17:11
lbtlots :D17:11
lbtI'm coming to a stable naming convention for mer packages too where we're not upstream17:12
lbtmer-master is our master and contains our patches as commits17:12
lbtfwiw it built here: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=osc&project=Mer%3ATools%3ATesting17:13
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kaltsigood good17:14
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kulveI tried to create nexus7 yamls in nemo-kickstarter-configs but the current head without any changes doesn't work (at least when following the README):17:17
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*** jluisn has joined #mer17:19
Artoxfunny kulve, I just ran into same issue17:19
Artoxwith nemo-kickstarter-configs17:19
kulveI hope you solved it already? ;)17:19
ArtoxI ran into it "just now"17:19
Artoxgta04 adaptation in my case17:19
Artoxapparently the issue has nothing to do with newly added daptations17:21
kulvemaybe too old mer-kickstarter?17:22
*** Artox is now known as Fortuona17:22
kulvesage seems to be using some secret sdk as the mer sdk seems to have often too old tools..17:22
kulvewhich is a bit annoying17:23
*** Artox has joined #mer17:23
Artoxwho knows, zypper up certianly shows mer-kickstarter update17:23
kulve(I really don't know what's wrong now but a long while ago I had too old mic for creating rootfs images)17:23
kulveI just updated my sdk17:24
Artoxyeah, the update didnt make a difference17:27
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Artoxso getting myself some food meanwhile17:27
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Sagekulve: not secret really, I'm just using the latest and the greatest :/18:17
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Sagehmmp... lbt you didn't pick up the mer-kickstarter after all did you?18:19
SageI though you did :/18:19
Sagekulve: http://gitorious.org/~sage/meego-developer-tools/sages-kickstarter is the mer-kickstarter you need the 0.1918:20
Sagekulve: that is the only stuff I've modified myself in my mer sdk.18:20
*** FSCV has joined #mer18:23
Sagekulve: sry for the mess on this. The .ks files don't have proper release process atm. which makes it a bit hard to follow at times. Also I though that lbt took that 0.19 version already to mer tools but apparently I misunderstood :/18:24
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kulveSage: thanks for the update. I'll upgrade mine at some point and test again18:47
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Sagekulve: there will be larger change coming soonish for this as well. Also I would like to merge nexus7 stuff to the nemo git trees if that is ok.19:16
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Artox<Sage> kulve: http://gitorious.org/~sage/meego-developer-tools/sages-kickstarter is the mer-kickstarter you need the 0.1921:37
ArtoxI was building myself an rpm of this21:37
Artoxand found that the VERSION file contains 0.18. That makes python stuff end up in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mer_kickstarter-0.1821:38
Artoxvisually not that awesome when its named 0.1921:38
Artoxofc I could in my specfile manually write into this file to fix all my troubles :)21:39
Artoxwould in my case be nice anyway21:39
Artoxso thats what I'll do21:39
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CosmoHillnight night21:50
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Artoxos anyone aware of the git address for mer-kickstarter-configs ?22:14
*** imunsie has quit IRC22:14
Artoxonly for downloading that is22:14
Artoxfor packagin, in fact22:14
*** FSCV has joined #mer22:15
Artoxor can I use git://review.merproject.org:29418/mer-core/mer-kickstarter-configs.git22:22
Artoxthe ssh link wnats a username but I'd prefer to do anonymous checkout22:23
*** FSCV has quit IRC22:23
*** fk_lx has left #mer22:25
lbtArtox: http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/mer-kickstarter-configs.git;a=summary22:27
lbtpretty sure you can http clone from the gitweb url too22:27
Artoxwill try22:27
Artoxno, doesnt work22:28
Artoxand the given ssh:// link I cannot use since some automatic script will checkout22:28
Artoxwithout any user information; beides I have no user there anyway22:28
lbtwhat automatic script are you thinking of?22:29
Artoxon opensuse OBS22:30
Artoxsince I am trying to package mer-kickstarter for suse22:30
Artoxsdk is driving me mad sometimes22:30
Artoxthough I guess there will be some fighting to get mer package building using osc going22:30
Artoxbut .ks generation will be a nice thing22:30
lbtWell, I'm certainly not going to stop you - but I'd like to make the sdk work for you too22:31
ArtoxI end up getting a long directory path at start of my terminal. Cutting PS1 may help. When commandline beocmes multiline, going back and editing makes the current ocmmand unreadable22:31
Artoxalso, copying the result of mic to sdcard22:32
Artoxis not o nice using chroot22:32
Artoxbu the question is how do I find a clone address for the git repo22:32
lbtOK, when I use SDK I practically cannot tell I'm in it22:32
Artoxpackaging mer-kickstarter was pretty easy here22:33
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC22:33
lbtyeah, it should be22:34
*** mvogt has quit IRC22:38
lbtjust fiddling with it22:39
*** mitz_ has joined #mer22:40
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lbtmmm - not trivial22:41
lbtI'd need to ensure every repo has update-server-info run on it22:41
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:42
lbtand it's gerrit, so I don't casually know how to enable http access on it22:43
lbtsorry Artox :(22:43
lbtwhat version of the SDK are you using?22:44
lbtthe problems you describe seem unique22:44
Artoxthe one I downloaded about  2 weeks ago22:46
Artoxmer-next-rolling-sdk or so22:47
lbtOK, have you run sdk-version --latest --go22:47
lbtah damnit22:48
Artoxin fact, never22:48
Artoxso I guess I cant use source service for now with the repos on preview.merproject.org22:49
lbtrun:  sdk-version --core 0.20130218.1 --sdk 7.1.0 --go22:49
lbtnot today22:49
lbtI'm working on setting up git.merproject.org - but that will be a few weeks yet I'm afraid22:49
Artoxand there were some more issues with the sdk in fact. unmounting it will unmount system directoreies rendering the whole system unusable22:49
*** imunsie_ has quit IRC22:49
*** mitz_ has quit IRC22:50
Artoxso where can I register my ssh key for the current repos?22:50
lbtArtox: that just shouldn't happen (obviously)22:50
lbthttps://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Contribution_in_detail should walk through it22:50
lbtArtox: so if you have SDK problems we *will* try to fix them22:50
Artoxthought of it the moment I hit enter22:51
Artoxso whne I have a good day I may report them22:51
lbt*g* please do22:51
Artoxrunning that command now22:51
lbtI take it you run suse?22:51
lbtI use that a lot on servers but not day-to-day for SDK - pretty sure I have them together though22:54
*** arcean has quit IRC22:54
lbtI'll double check 'soon'22:54
Artoxthough there's something I'd prefer about the sdk22:55
Artoxbeeing able to mount it by fstab22:55
lbtwell, we have a *really* neat approach coming up - using kernel namespaces22:56
*** marnanel has quit IRC22:56
Artoxand I personally dont think I'd need my home directory mounted, /parentroot does it fine22:56
*** marnanel has joined #mer22:56
* Artox waits for kernel namespaces22:56
Artoxfrom what I read they are pretty awesome for chroots22:56
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:57
lbtyup - there's a patch already submitted - I need time to make it backward compatible22:57
lbtnot had much motivation - most users seem to find it works OK; that's why I was surprised22:57
lbtwould be interested to see what goes wrong22:58
lbtanyhow - gotta go, being called :D22:58
Artoxnot many suse users around I guess22:58
lbt'night all22:58
*** jjardon has quit IRC23:08
Artoxand success :). mer-kickstarter working fine without chroot23:09
*** Artox has quit IRC23:10
*** Fortuona has quit IRC23:11
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