Sunday, 2013-03-17

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xavinuxHi people. I am new to Mer and trying to help checking Bugs resolved. I pick up bug 194. After installing a i586 Virtual Machine run: zypper update. Then zypper search zip and zip is not installed in the system, so run zypper in zip to install it and receive this message: File './i586/zip-3.0-1.1.36.i586.rpm' not found on medium '' i05:04
Merbot`Mer bug 194 in .Other "zip is missing from core" [Task,Resolved: fixed]
xavinuxt seems that package is not available in the repository. Can someone please tell me what I have to do now?05:04
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dm8tbrxavinux: which virtual machine image did you use?05:35
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xavinuxdm8tbr: nemo-handset-i586-vm.iso05:50
xavinuxwith  PAE/NX enabled and supports SSSE305:51
xavinux4GB of RAM and 4 GB of Hard Disk05:51
dm8tbrit should have a date-code05:52
dm8tbralternatively: where did you download it from?05:52
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xavinuxI download it from that link06:02
xavinuxversion "0.20130218.0.1.NEMO.2013-02-15.1"06:02
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dm8tbryou might want to check with sage if it got again removed for some reason?06:13
xavinuxok , can you guide me what exactly need to do?06:15
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xavinuxdon t know really what do you mean "check with sage"06:21
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dm8tbrsage is a person, you should ask him, as he created the bug initially06:25
xavinuxok, sorry, I understand now.  Imust send him an email or wait till he appears on the IRC Sir?06:27
dm8tbror make a note in the ticket06:29
xavinuxok I must change status to REOPEN?06:31
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Stskeepsnote: if you want user sessions on your 2.6.32 kernel, you really really want the tty-active patch07:52
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Stskeepsmorn lbt09:04
lbtneed to import to mcobs09:04
lbtforgot last night :/09:04
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lbtphaeron: ping09:17
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timophpondering who I'm doing my thesis for. As in I need to name someone from mer (or nemo, etc.) as my mentor or something like that09:33
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dm8tbrtimoph: have a topic yet?09:34
Stskeepsit was the core analysis stuff?09:34
* timoph looks at Stskeeps 09:34
* dm8tbr points at Stskeeps 09:34
Stskeepstimoph: can you live with me being practically absent in july? baby and all09:34
timophalso maybe a db with www front end for it and a simple application to send to cores for analysis09:34
timophI can09:34
Stskeepsthen it's fine09:34
Stskeepslemme know what details you want09:35
timophno hurry with that yet09:35
timophI'll talk with the school side supervisor next week09:35
timophI think I can get the thing rolling after that09:36
timophbut yeah. hoping to get something done that has real practical value09:38
phaeronlbt: pong09:40
lbthey phaeron .... just want to import Mer prerelease to cmds..09:40
phaeronlbt: ok by me :)09:42
lbtsame as mds on meego infra?09:42
Stskeepsit's definately easier with mds209:42
lbtI've not done an mds2 update yet09:42
lbtso wanted to check the steps09:42
* Stskeeps glances idly at the modem port in his laptop09:44
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phaeronah cmds09:47
phaeronI read that as cobs09:48
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lbtI swear I'm going to go in and run an obfuscator on /usr/bin09:50
lbtphaeron: any special values for <port> ... maybe   curl ?09:52
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phaeronseriously ?09:53
lbtI do sometimes wonder if everyone else has evolved telepathy and I missed out09:53
lbtplease explain wtf those commands are09:54
lbtand that does what?09:54
phaeronwhat it says09:54
lbtcurl: (7) couldn't connect to host09:55
lbtsince we're in "try random english-sounding commands" as the documentation09:56
Stskeepslbt: no need for sarcasm, it's sunday09:57
lbtoh come on: < my documentation is not perfect but at least I make *some* effort09:57
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lbtwell, I'm off to do some work - you want mds2 updated then you document it09:59
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Stskeepslbt: zero to sarcastic to angry in so short time isn't very constructive conversation for anybody involved. sarcasm usually yields that people won't help you or even bother to interact with you on any irc channel, so please reconsider that approach in the future. /update/packages is the equivalent of make updatepackages (rsync down) and updating the mappings cache in the past10:05
Stskeepsupdatepackages being packages-git/ directory10:06
lbtand who's actually doing the work?10:06
Stskeepsthe prj can be seen in mappings.xml10:06
lbtI am sick of "throw it at lbt and tell him to read the src"10:06
lbtI make an internal wiki10:07
lbt"too hard to logon"10:07
lbtOther people should try looking in a mirror10:07
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lbtI have things *I* want to work on - but apparently my time is so unimportant that I can spend it trying to figure out other peoples code. Well. not today.10:10
Stskeepsyou'd have gotten a reasonable answer if you hadn't gone off the bat so instantly, so please calm down a bit. we're all breaking new land here and things go undocumented.10:11
Stskeepsand now we're wasting precious time that could have been used on actually getting it documented sanely10:11
Stskeepsbut sure, if you don't want to do it, i'll do it10:13
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Stskeepslbt: for future reference, - i do see a major FIXME though, only sage has rights on mer:devel10:37
Stskeepsi'll do the updating and chase down sage to get this fixed10:38
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mdfehi together10:46
mdfeany idea whats going wrong on b.p.m.c?10:47
Stskeepswhat kind of error?10:47
mdfe400 remote error: EOF from shell 800110:47
mdfeand some others10:48
Stskeepsmdfe: mer prerelease imported, perhaps overloaded10:48
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Stskeepsseems to have gotten stuck10:50
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Stskeepslet's see if this helps10:52
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Stskeepsout of disk space on mds11:01
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Stskeepsfor those that are broken, osc rebuild -f should help11:21
mdfethanks Stskeeps11:23
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Stskeepslbt: release imported, page updated accordingily - what was the tmpfs issue?12:08
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Sage_Stskeeps: fixed12:12
Sage_lbt: can you respond to the mail to mer-general about user migration?12:15
Sage_lbt: mainly what accounts work and where etc. or do we have wiki page about thta somewhere?12:15
Stskeepsisn't it basically ' accounts, no, not migrated, are the users'12:16 has a link to 'create account'12:16
Sage_are all accounts enalbed on all services when fist is created?12:18
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Stskeepsmost, but not gerrit or CI12:19
Stskeepsgerrit will be less of an issue with gitlab if we move there12:20
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lbtSage_: replied briefly13:17
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lbtStskeeps: tmpfs is :  in bs_worker13:25
lbtbeen on for ages ... must never have put to git13:25
lbtI did ci be last night and just done cbe13:25
lbtneed to kick the workers and we'll be good :)13:25
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* Stskeeps ponders idly14:59
Stskeepsci obs workers idle?14:59
Stskeepserr nm14:59
Stskeepslbt: when you have a moment idle, kick the mer cobs workers please, only 4 instances left14:59
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Stskeepslbt: thanks15:31
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CosmoHillCompilation Times, Binary Sizes For GCC 4.2 To GCC 4.818:18
* CosmoHill probably should have read more than just the title before linking18:18
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mdfeanyone a idea how to configure wifi via mer and connman?18:51
mdfecannot find 'connect-service' tool anymore18:52
Stskeeps perhaps18:53
mdfeI will try the test-connman18:54
mdfedo I realy need a running xterm and two console to get wifi configured?19:00
Stskeepsi'd hope you have some kind of usb networking19:00
mdfeand only a terminal19:00
Stskeepsthere's a way to add a configuration file too19:00
mdfethis would be very nice19:00
Stskeeps.. at least there used to be19:02
mdfecool thanks :)19:07
mdfethis will help me a lot19:08
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Sagelbt: I have 3 more patches for the release-tools. Pondering what I should do continuing pushing as I did?19:28
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lbtSage: fork mer-tools copy and push on github - gerrit was a pita and I got distracted19:40
Sagelbt: ok19:56
lbterm - could be in lbt on github, not mer-tools19:57
Sagejust about to ask :)19:57
Sage this probalby?19:58
lbtyep - looks right19:58
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xavinuxHi people, I am trying to gelp22:41
xavinuxto help verifying bugs resolved22:42
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xavinuxI have tested in a virtual machine i586 bug 194 and has been fixed ok22:43
Merbot`Mer bug 194 in .Other "zip is missing from core" [Task,Resolved: fixed]
xavinuxI have to change status to VERIFIED or have to do something else?22:44
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lbtxavinux: hey - thankyou. I think the best thing is to comment in the bug that you have verified this and why you think this is the case23:18
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lbthere you could provide a link to the package in gitweb23:19
lbtwe have a bug triage every monday too23:22
lbtif you're available then you're welcome to attend23:22
lbtthey're at 12:00 UTC in #mer-meeting channel23:22
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