Saturday, 2013-03-16

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ganzuulwhat the...? /home/mersdk has my ~?00:45
ganzuulI was like, wow, you guys sure know what software to- wait a seceond00:48
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sledgeslooks like ganzuul just did rm -rf /home/mersdk :)08:06
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BostikI can relate to that one08:37
fireglowoh yes08:41
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sledgesHungary snowed 2.5 meters in one afternoon yesterday.. nat.emergency level 309:07
Stskeepsnot bad09:08
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sledgesand they didnt foresee it  forecase said itll just rain heavily :)09:10
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ganzuulNo, still here.09:13
ganzuulWith ideas!09:13
Stskeepslike what?09:13
ganzuulLike this plus a phone cover that you can fold into a viewer.09:14
ganzuulThat's not mine btw.09:15
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ganzuulI have just been trying to pick the best tools for the job, getting a little code compiled etc.09:16
Stskeepsmakes sense09:16
Stskeepsand 3d printed too, nice09:16
ganzuulI'm also wondering about a community effort to get local Assisted + Differential GPS servers set up so that you can have ~1m accuracy.09:17
ganzuulI've been doing a little exploration with and node.js to see if I can retire my N8 as a game controller.09:20
ganzuulWhat started all this is the approaching shipping date of the Oculus Rift VR HMD.09:21
Stskeepsi'd really like to hack one of those vuzix ones,
Stskeepsganzuul: you might enjoy too09:22
ganzuulStskeeps: It seemed a little dark... I read everything William Gibson wrote when I was a teen. Decided to go hone my skills for when the day would come...09:23
ganzuulAnd just about now it is here. =)09:23
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ganzuulI think HMDs like the one you linked are essentially a good idea for the AR concept, but I wonder about having a display on only one eye.09:26
StskeepsVR today should definately be better than that of 10-15 years ago09:27
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ganzuulThe guy who made the space sim Elite said his experience with the Rift was that it could be lonely, or isolating.09:29
Stskeepsirc can be lonely or isolating09:29
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ganzuulI have to wonder if WebRTC/ and WebGL isn't the way into the future; cyberspace.09:30
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ganzuulOh yeah, I had a point to make.09:59
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ganzuulSo surely there is a need to isolate onself once in a while, say go into a place where all the characters are NPCs, but real-time immersion into a VR MUD spanning the globe and beyond will require some very modern technology.10:01
ganzuulI think that efter an individual has their first functinal, impressive VR experience their world will augment itself so that their imagination starts to do a lot of the VR/AR heavy-lifting. For a mobile platform that means something like a google street-view app plus highly sensitive location and orientation-awareness, perhaps overlaid on the view from the rear camera.10:05
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ganzuulA use case is e.g. A street-facing shop owner being able to add their data to their geoocation in real-time, without censorship, by say scanning in a point-cloud of their wares.10:09
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ganzuulA shopper in turn would be able have an eagle-eye view of their city, point orient their phone in the direction of their interest, and zoom.10:12
ganzuul(And hopefully the need for exercise is moved into immersive, theraputic sports games, while traffic congestion, accidents, and fuel consumption goes down.)10:15
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ganzuul-> hacking10:16
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sardinihello have a nice WE11:18
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mike7b4_lenovog++ -c -m32 -pipe -g -fPIC -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -DQT_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG -DQT_DECLARATIVE_LIB -DQT_WEBKIT_LIB -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -DQT_SHARED -I/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++-32 -I. -I/usr/include/qt4/QtCore -I/usr/include/qt4/QtNetwork -I/usr/include/qt4/QtGui -I/usr/include/qt4/QtWebKit -I/usr/include/qt4/QtDeclarative -I/usr/include/qt4 -I/usr/include -12:08
mike7b4_lenovoI/usr/include/applauncherd -Imoc -o obj/mccryptoengine.o mccryptoengine.cpp12:08
mike7b4_lenovomake: Leaving directory `/home/mersdk/MyStuff/src/nfckeyring'12:08
mike7b4_lenovomccryptoengine.cpp:6:25: fatal error: openssl/aes.h: No such file or directory <- thats woierd actually openssl/aes IS in /usr/include12:08
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Stskeepslbt, fele free to make a prerelease12:59
phaeronmmm fillet13:01
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dm8tbrwhoa, nokia really knows how to hide their awesome open source contribution.13:15
dm8tbrI've just had a total Nerdgasm!13:15
dm8tbr ← that's _the_ shit I've been looking for during the last 2 years!13:16
dm8tbra fully open source solution for a ticket system with fully customizeable kanban board and it looks good and does all sorts of magic like ticket updates and priority reordering!13:16
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berndhsmorning Cosmo14:09
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sardini_hello CosmoHill14:45
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lbtprerelease went OK19:54
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lbtwe could really do with updating sb2 to have an sb2-target package for x86 targets19:55
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xavinuxhi people, I am trying to help in the Mer project verifiyng bus resolved. I have already mounted the i586 virtual machine and is running ok. So decide to pick Bug 194 that seems easy to verify.  Zip is missing, so I run an rpm -qa command and zip is not installed in the system. Can someone please tell me what should I do now?20:11
Merbot`Mer bug 194 in .Other "zip is missing from core" [Task,Resolved: fixed]
phaeronxavinux: I don't think it is meant to be installed by default , just being available is enough20:27
phaeronxavinux: check zypper search zip20:27
Stskeepslbt: let me know when it's imported into pub.meego and mer ci obs20:31
Stskeepserr.. community obs20:31
lbtStskeeps: yeah20:31
lbtStskeeps: so sb2 in x86 targets20:31
Stskeepsyes, the weird issue20:31
lbtwhat does it need20:31
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Stskeepsi'm theoretically of the opinion that it should build libsb2 for the target itself20:32
lbtI'd like to make a minimal sb2-target lib20:32
Stskeepswe can seperate scratchbox2 into scratchbox2 and libsb2 if needed20:32
Stskeepsthat should help things a little bit20:32
lbtI copied them to the target - didn't help20:33
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lbtcp -a /usr/lib/libsb2/ /usr/lib/libsb2/ -> target20:33
lbtmmm didn't ldconfig20:34
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Stskeepsinto target, right?20:35
lbtah, I missed the libssb2/ subdir in target20:36
lbtlet me finish this testing round and then try that again20:37
[ol]Are you guys talking about building for x86_64 target on i486 host using db2?20:38
[ol]sb2, I mean. :-)20:38
Stskeeps[ol]: nah, i486 on i486, but one of those issues yes20:38
lbthey [ol]20:39
Stskeeps[ol]: i plan on merging your patches against sb2 soon-ish, just didn't want to shake the beehive too much20:39
xavinuxok phaeron thanks. I will check that20:39
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[ol]Where is sb2 development taking place now? The last commit in 2.3_development branch on Gitorious was in Septamber 5th 2012.20:43
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[ol]And I didn't receive any responses to an email with my patches.20:47
Stskeeps[ol]: which also was the last day that the latest author worked at nokia, i know the current maintainer if we need merging though20:47
[ol]Does it mean that sb2 development has stopped?20:48
Stskeepsrather that 2.3.90 reached a very nice point of stability and featureset, it was meant to become the full 2.4 release20:49
Stskeepsbut yes, that author isn't likely to work on it anymore20:49
Stskeepsa open source project never stops truly ;)20:49
[ol]Sometimes it happens.20:49
[ol]There are lots of dead projects on Sourceforge...20:50
Stskeepsyeah, true20:50
Stskeepsbut in sense that theoretically you can continue on it20:50
[ol]By creating my own fork?20:50
Stskeepsi'll have a talk by the current maintainer during next week20:52
Stskeepsbtw, where did you send patches? is dead20:53
[ol]Personal email to Lauri Aarnio and Jussi Hakala.20:55
Stskeepsat which mail addies? i hope not @nokia.com20:55
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Stskeepsi don't know, worst case scenario we can fork20:56
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Stskeepsand more of a continuation fork than a disagreement fork20:58
[ol]I've just checked my SMTP server's logs. Message accepted for delivery.20:58
Stskeepsiki's basically one of those things that's a 'permanent email address'20:59
[ol]Like gmail?20:59
Stskeepsyeah, though a non-profit organisation20:59
Stskeepsso no clue if it reaches them on there20:59
Stskeepsx86_64 port seems to fare well btw21:00
[ol]I don't trust permanent email addresses in domaind I don't own.21:00
[ol]Good to know.21:00
Stskeepsi think i definately see faster builds when it's in use21:00
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[ol]I still didn't manage to build Plasma Active for x86_64... OBS server is too difficult for me... :-(21:02
Stskeepshmm, well it should be possible to do in i'd think?21:02
lbtx86_64 not there yet21:02
Stskeepsin PA, or in general?21:03
lbtin PA21:03
lbtI think I added it to mer21:03
Stskeepsthat's solveable, just project link and add repo21:03
Stskeepsfor your own personal builds21:03
[ol]And I heard some hints that it would be not so friendly to place so much additional load on Mer infrastructure. :-)21:04
Stskeepswell,'s fine atm21:04 is a different deal right now21:04
lbtoh, I fixed tmpfs worker problem21:05
lbtwe're probably rolling a new OBS pkg set tomorrow21:05
lbtphaeron has patches for Debian:7.0 64bit which we need21:05
[ol]You mean, Does it have Mer x86_64?21:06
Stskeepsyes afaik21:06
[ol]Which project?21:06
StskeepsMer:MDS:Core-next:x86_64 , i think21:07
Stskeeps(lbt may correct me)21:07
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*** yashshah__ has joined #mer21:07
lbtyep - and actually latest I think too21:07
[ol]Is this project public?21:08
lbtbtw I'm about to run an import of mer latest21:08
lbtso it'll get busy in a bit21:08
[ol]I can't find it here:
Stskeeps[ol]: it's a remote OBS project a such21:08
Stskeepsso you only see Mer:MDS21:08
*** b0unc3 has joined #mer21:08
Stskeepsbut if you osc ls Mer:MDS:Core-next:x86_64 you'd see it21:09
Stskeeps[ol]: long story short: if you add <link project="projectname" /> in a meta prj, and <repository linkedbuild="all" > in a project, it'll import all source packages from a project, and you can add repositories as you want yourself/do special builds21:09
Stskeepsso you can do this for for example CE:MW:PlasmaActive or Project:KDE:Devel21:09
[ol]OK, where can I read about OBS concepts? I found somewhat lacking content...21:09
Stskeepseven if you don't own those projects21:09
Stskeeps[ol]: are you allergic to flash?21:10
[ol]I don't like it, but I have flash plugin.21:10
Stskeeps is a mindmap i did in FreeMind once21:10
Stskeepsto explain concepts deeper21:10
Stskeepsit's quite extensive, dump of my OBS knowledge at the time21:11
Stskeepssource code in ".mm" instead of .html21:11
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[ol]That's good, but I'd prefer something in form of step-by-step tutorial, with examples. Did you hear about something like that?21:14
*** alien_ has quit IRC21:14
Stskeepsi'm not sure if that training material ever got published21:15
Stskeepslbt might know21:15
*** martyone has quit IRC21:16
[ol]OK, so how did you guys learn OBS concepts?21:18
yuntaStskeeps: this mindmap is AWESOME. I'm missing this kind of thing for just about every new technology I'm getting into.21:18
lbt[ol]: using it21:18
lbtand hacking on it21:18
[ol]Work of mouth? Learning source code? Secret meetings?21:18
[ol]Word of mouth, I mean...21:19
lbtI 'found' it for mer 0.1 back in 2009-ish21:19
lbtand we built on suse's OBS21:19
[ol]I tried to learn source code, but I had an impression that it's easier to reimplement than to understand...21:20
lbtyou need to really use it first21:20
Stskeeps[ol]: secret meetings21:21
[ol]Yes, I've used it for one project, which was already created.21:21
[ol]So I can check in, edit files, add files and commit changes to any package in an already existing project.21:21
lbtStskeeps: modern equivalent of the HP garage :D21:22
lbt[ol]: subject to acl21:22
*** fmunozs has quit IRC21:22
[ol]Yes, of course, I'm talking about a project I have access to.21:23
lbthowever ... we've kinda moved on from that21:23
lbtnow we tend to use automation to link OBS to git repos21:23
[ol]But I still have no idea about what remote OBS is.21:23
Stskeepsobs has a communication protocol in it's api to connect to other obs'es21:24
lbtremote OBS is kinda like OBS over ftp.... you can't just "ls" it21:24
lbtbut you can use ftp in scripts to pull stuff in when needed21:24
[ol]Does OBS track changes of packages in remote OBS?21:25
lbtit's not yet at the point where there's an OBS equiv of fuse-ftp21:25
lbtyes, it uses a link to the remote 'events'21:25
lbtkinda like RSS for build/checkin/publish activity21:26
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Stskeeps looks like a nice use for mer mips port21:50
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